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12 Best Xbox One Games You Had To Play In 2017!

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Benny and Lydia look back over 2017 and pick their top Xbox One games of the year. What have been your best Xbox One games of 2017? Let us know in the comments! Subscribe to the channel for great Xbox videos all week: https://goo.gl/pqXHjw Team Xbox On lives for Xbox - when we aren’t making videos, we’re glued to the screen. It’s fine, as long as someone opens a window occasionally. Join our Xbox experts Benny, Lydia, Graeme and Matthew for great Xbox content throughout the week, giving you the best access to the biggest games on Xbox. Want more of the team? Benny Twitter: https://twitter.com/BennyCentral Instagram: https://instagram.com/BennyCentral YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Lydia Twitter: https://twitter.com/SquidGaming Instagram: https://instagram.com/SquidGame YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidGame For all the latest news, follow Xbox UK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (581)
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MemeLord 112 (4 days ago)
Where's GTA 5 ??????
MRC MY Life 1 (5 days ago)
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JordanL26 (6 days ago)
This is my first vid of yours I watched, At the start I thought you said xbox one wrong but its xbox on lol
Jack Ligget (8 days ago)
I really like games where i need to make money or earn money to buy stuff like need for speed you need to keep racing to gain money to buy parts, what are some good games i need to earn money in?
Grosvenor Lester (8 days ago)
Just if warthunder was on Xbox might as go to PC or your rival PS
iJustRich (9 days ago)
Destiny 2 gives you nothing you wanted.. AND less.
Panda Gaming (15 days ago)
Fortnite Rocket league Call of duty WW11 Farcry
Chris Brown (15 days ago)
im gettong sonic mania, forza 7 and maybe a lego game
A L (16 days ago)
Seriously!!! Actually they were all 12 worst games
Randall Lucas (17 days ago)
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Matt Bell (18 days ago)
Destiny 2... How much did Bungie pay you to include that...
84reaper (19 days ago)
Xbox needs to do a better job at getting more exclusive games instead of giving us more console features or giving use these low budget indie/16bit games if I want to play a indie game I will buy a old Sega
InfamousAbel (21 days ago)
Bruh they really put pubg on top 5 .. the game is terrible on Xbox and anyone who owns it, knows it .. wth
Jan Michael Vincent (24 days ago)
Why is FIFA on here??? It got less than 2 stars
Lauri Wong (30 days ago)
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pametuglavu ? (1 month ago)
Didnt soviets took berlin?
The Logo (1 month ago)
Um...destiny 2... I'm insulted
Captain Rex (1 month ago)
Those games are actually trash lol
TI[G]ER (1 month ago)
Really !! Sonic Menia !!??
TI[G]ER (1 month ago)
Really !! Sonic Menia !!??
Dragon_ BloodBeast (1 month ago)
Tefoooo for spoiler ELERT!
Richard Mills (1 month ago)
Y'all literally have no idea what games are actually quality.
Richard Mills (1 month ago)
I feel like y'all don't even play these games. Destiny really... Y'all must be getting paid by these developers or Xbox to include some of these titles
Joe (1 month ago)
My fav game ever is fallout 4
Ethan Dunn (1 month ago)
Thx dident know what new games to get
RagedArmy 2217 (1 month ago)
Skylar West (1 month ago)
So, im going to get some games. Any recommendations??
Jeeses99 (1 month ago)
Man this console is sad. Why can't they just focus on games instead of power. And even worse the Xbox fanboys defend the console and the joke that is the Xbox one x. It'll probably be better 2018. But for now it's slightly worse than the ps4 and no where near as good as the Switch
Rare Edits (1 month ago)
so i have about $300 to spend on games so idk what to get😂😂
Isaac 08 (1 month ago)
Who else has an Xbox and wants to friend my Xbox live account my Xbox live account name : isaacboy08 if you friended me reply to me and tell me your xbox live account so I can accept
matt David (1 month ago)
Il save you some time the best games as of 01/01/2018 are Far cry 4 Skyrim remastered with mods Fallout 4 with mods GTA 5 Battle field ww2
TropicalGamer 34 (1 month ago)
My list for top six games 1.Rainbow Six Siege 2.Grand Theft Auto 5 3.Call of Duty World War 2 4.Fortnite 5.Madden 18 6.Black Ops 3
Donald Berglund (1 month ago)
Can you buy me assassin,s creed origins jk me got assassin,s creed unity
MVP REBEL (1 month ago)
i sold my xbox and i want it back
Kyle Svir (1 month ago)
No wolfenstien 2 wats wrong with world u get to fight the kkk
Edi Joaca (1 month ago)
Why did you fu*king put Sonic on this list? Is 2017 not 1997..
James Booth (1 month ago)
These are truly the dark ages for xbox
Sarah Dams (1 month ago)
Where’s fortnite
CerealKiller (1 month ago)
where's Fortnite?wasn't that a popular game?
berrlett (1 month ago)
You know the library is dry when a racer takes 2nd place.
Black yoshi kills (2 months ago)
Cod and assassin creed
Beterraba Frita (2 months ago)
and watch dogs 2?
Micah-David Saunders (2 months ago)
I'm happy to see a YouTube channel acknowledge that Wildlands is fun to play. I got the game the day it came out and just casually progressed through it with some co-workers for months. We finally finished the story missions in December. My only disappointment is that the pre-launch videos suggested that each mission could be done stealthily or loud, and that's not the case. Other than that, I love the enormous size of the map, the amount of weapons to choose and customize, and just the thrill of playing with a team. It gets even more fun on the Extreme difficulty, because that takes away the colors from your minimap that indicates enemies in your general vicinity. Plus, you go down in like 2-3 shots.
itz._ rhxys (2 months ago)
Resident Evil 7 Is A Really Good Game :)
Dragie The Wolf (2 months ago)
WHERE IS ARK?????????????
Trevor Davis (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who can't stand the females voice?
Terminator T-X3 (2 months ago)
Am I the only person that plays horror games with the lowest brightness because wow, that Resident Evil 7 gameplay is so bright, lol.
Gamer Tube (2 months ago)
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Icecream man24 (2 months ago)
Fortnite where is that
Gamer Tube (2 months ago)
Icecream man24 Reviewing the scariest games of all time!!! The GAME is FREE!!!!!!!😜😝😛Watch this!!! https://youtu.be/X1lQfuMwflU
ROAM (2 months ago)
Did he really say 2017 was a good year for Xbox it wasn't even a good year for gaming period actually i would say it was one of the worst and this list is just sad
Dandeliøn (2 months ago)
I don’t really like CoD WWII since it’s all American! It ignores the fact that not all of the soldiers American
KhazeUlrich (2 months ago)
where is black ops 3?
Gamer Tube (2 months ago)
KhazeUlrich Reviewing the scariest games of all time!!! The GAME is FREE!!!!!!!😜😝😛Watch this!!! https://youtu.be/X1lQfuMwflU
G-Prime008 (2 months ago)
Lukas Smart (2 months ago)
cris bob (2 months ago)
why is fortnite not in there
Cutter and Cole (2 months ago)
That’s a good list! other than destiny 2.. I think we can all agree destiny 2 is dead
Alex Skene (2 months ago)
Why is destiny on this list
stonebrooks 12 (2 months ago)
I eat bubblicious gum while watching this HO
Kaylee& Kira (2 months ago)
At the end I was like, “Where the heck is warframe?” It has amazing graphics, amazing story lines, and a super fun game overall! Plus it’s free, works on Xbox 360, 1, 1s, And 1x. I’d suggest that.
KSI Magicz (2 months ago)
God that girl sounds so annoying idk how that guy does it
Maverick McFarlane (2 months ago)
1:01 *Alligator, not crocodile. Game is in Louisiana and no crocs are found anywhere in the US besides the Everglades in Florida.
Alex Sampson (2 months ago)
These games are all very fun, except the sonic mania game. The sonic mania game is way to retro for me and there is no way that game is popular because it looks to old and there is no story line to it.
yousuf hridoy (2 months ago)
Jawad Bashir (2 months ago)
where is GTA V bro
AJs Gaming (2 months ago)
yall put fifa over madden..smfh
Nate Balls (2 months ago)
something about these people bother me, maybe cus they are reading from a script or not gamer idk
Steven Walsh (2 months ago)
Nate Balls yeah what they say especially the bloke sounds very forced I was sat wondering who are they trying to convince the viewers or themselves, as for the games there not all bad games but there certainly not the best games of 2017 I can think of at least 10 that deserve a mention or even a spot in the list
Temmis (2 months ago)
DoppleQ (3 months ago)
all those games sucked
Bbv Bhf (3 months ago)
Respect to the people. Who fought in WWII.💪💪💪👏👏👏
Where is Prey?!?
Harry Butcher (3 months ago)
Wheres fortnite and overwatch
Adam Press (3 months ago)
pubg is just fortnite battle royale but battle royale is better
Jameelinater (3 months ago)
Need for speed payback is one of my favorite racing games
Foxy (3 months ago)
My favs are 1. Roblox 2.hello neighbor 3. Minecraft
AntonBro (3 months ago)
Lydia has better picks than Benny
Hamza Phoenix (3 months ago)
The girl really has a nice accent 😍
James Sanchez (3 months ago)
You picked COD over Battlefield. You suck!!!
xx x (3 months ago)
I'm kinda bored of every game out there :(
Rose Cox (3 months ago)
Mine is for honor
lil Broomstcik (3 months ago)
Boi pubg sucks on Xbox everyone says that do u even play these games
Ultranoob 74 (3 months ago)
Americans didn’t fight in ww2
hasan poer (3 months ago)
Xbox have No exclusives games !!! Pomp the thumbs up !!!
hasan poer (3 months ago)
Xbox is trash i own a xbox But its trash No exclusive games only Gears And halo
hasan poer (2 months ago)
Rook Valentine 2 games lol Maybe xbox have 2 exclusive games But PlayStation 4 have alot exclusives Over 15 good exclusive games
Rook Valentine (2 months ago)
Exclusives are cancer. They need to die out. Making someone buy a bs $400 console to play two games is mental.
Tj Hurst (3 months ago)
am I the only one that didn't like origins?.. guess so
thebiggestGster (3 months ago)
How is forza 7 on there it’s trash and f1 2017 isn’t 🤦‍♂️
Luke_ (3 months ago)
Just cause 3 is better than Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon in my opinion
NightKoreGaming (3 months ago)
I only have 1 game on this list... Forza 7 Motorsport
Will Carrick (3 months ago)
Destiny 2 wasn't good at all... in my opinion
Waddle Dee (3 months ago)
my top 3 favorite: 3: sonic forces. 2: sonic mania. 1: CUPHEAD!
Bork bakker (3 months ago)
The aesthetic of destiny 2 reminds me of no mans sky who agrees
Gage H (3 months ago)
I knew this list was bad when I saw destiny 2😂
Maxima Gang (3 months ago)
I promise you guys Assassins Creed is easily game of the year. EASILY one of the best games Ive ever played in my entire life. Its amazing.
Mxtallix (3 months ago)
WWII sucks
Jesus 214 (3 months ago)
What a WWII spoiler
Dandeliøn (3 months ago)
I hate WW2 It’s all American! It forgets all history of other countries! It’s horrible.
John Doe (3 months ago)
How is cod that low on the list?
EvilMrBigEYE z (3 months ago)
I hate xbox
Get strangled by homer
LucasisFamous (3 months ago)
Fifer 18
Tamimount Ghaleb (3 months ago)
what about minecraft

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