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PS4 PRO Best Budget Samsung 4K UHD LED With HDR - Horizon Zero Dawn

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The Samsung KU7000 is a Budget LED with Great Features. It is good for playing video games Because of low input lag and the decent HDR performance. It handles fast motion decently and it feels responsive when playing video games also great color accuracy. Supported Resolutions: 1080p @ 60Hz 4k @ 30Hz 4k @ 60Hz 4k @ 60Hz /4:4:4 Input Lag: In 1080p Not more then 24 ms In Game mode In 4k not more then 21 ms In 4k + HDR also 21 ms Inputs: HDMI - 3 USB - 2 Component In - 1 Digital Optical Audio Out - 1 Analog Audio Out 3.5mm - 0 Tuner - Cable & Ant : 1 Ethernet : 1 Basic Spec: Series 7 Series 4K UHD TV Edge-lit LED CEA 4K UHD Certified - Yes Resolution - 3840 x 2160 Motion Rate* - MR 120 Color (Quantum Dot/Active Crystal/PurColor) Active Crystal Color HDR (High-Dynamic Range) UHD Upscaling - Yes Speaker Type - Down Firing w/Bass Reflex (2 CH) Built-in Wi-Fi with - Wi-Fi Direct Processor - Quad-Core Smart TV with Apps and Full Web Browser Please share your thoughts and leave a comment also Subscribe Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (440)
National antheM (2 days ago)
Ya nada me sorprende yo tengo una tv con imagen similar y no es lg ni samsung ...es sony ✌
Mark Davenport Jr (5 days ago)
DAMN! Cant wait to get my new 4k tv next month for my bedroom/office gaming setup. :)
Mato (6 days ago)
Is it 60fps that?
XBOXGaMerS (7 days ago)
4k fake
Hesty Gusman (7 days ago)
How much price that tv?
adamo higo (7 days ago)
Rise of the tomb raider got better graphics then this
Living Dead Paradox (2 days ago)
I have been a fan of tomb raider for almost 20 years, but Horizon Zero Dawn has better graphics overall. Unless you're talking about Rise on PC.
jase12354 (8 days ago)
Series 6 UE40MU6400UXXU has crystal colour not youtubeing click baiting to get ppl to sub this model has false hdr is not hdr 1000 is best rgb mode auto picture rez auto hdr off deep colour off crystal colour makes up for false implemented not full hdr try these settings even in full rgb mode while hdr is off will know colour is not same when hdr is on it destroys the colour gamat
carlos caicedo (12 days ago)
Las tv gama alta de Samsung no tienen comparación
Alexus Low Budget (12 days ago)
imput lag, 60hz, 50ms of retard,1440p upscaling to 4k, 30 fps not good
pavlos380 (15 days ago)
Xbox 1 X or whatever..... Go home your drunk PS4 PRO WINS the fucking gaming experience!!
Julian Chein (16 days ago)
Imagine the possibilities with a pc...
vevo Lf (16 days ago)
ggggggod pis4pro. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 😉😂😢😢😢😘😘😘😍🥇😤☺️😗😂🤣😄🙃😱😁😱😁😴😁😴🙃✌🏼☺️😁☺️😴☺️😉😉😉😅😉😉😅😉😉😉🤣😱😴😜😜😎🙂😞🙂🤓
Michael Bovens (18 days ago)
mkat490 (18 days ago)
i am gojmg to buy this tv
No 4k ! 1660 HD MAX
ashan geeganage (19 days ago)
Perfect (^_−)☆
Sabrina Anaya (25 days ago)
Rodrigo Santos (26 days ago)
No fake Gastro (1 month ago)
Fejk 4k....xbox one x have 4k....
Dibaizin (1 month ago)
I can play this shit on my PC!
Amar Durani (1 month ago)
He is not even playing it. That's the gameplay video of officials.
Dr. Simi (1 month ago)
4k scaled
RGaming (1 month ago)
Adam Morrell (1 month ago)
Samsung KS7000 is a monster 4K HDR 10 bit panal at a decent price 👍
Vexx (1 month ago)
Robot dinosaurs ? Srsly? Lmao
super NYAR (1 month ago)
Chris Redfield (2 months ago)
awesome video dude!!
Pottato killer plays (2 months ago)
Just going to say; to show real quality stop pointing the camera at the tv and invest in capture card or something cause from the camera point of view it doesn't show different between 4K and normal HD.
Miguel Garcia (2 months ago)
how about mu6100 is much worse than ku7000? for ps4 pro 4k....
yousef elbrolosy (2 months ago)
How much is this tv?
Viktor Vojtek (2 months ago)
Never again Samsung. Piece of shit, (sadly i know) just japanese tv! Panasonic ,Sony ,Sharp.
Marco Almeida (2 months ago)
Like if you’re not watching this in 4K
The Royal Memes (2 months ago)
I use the same tv in my tv room but in the living room i have a samsung qled.
Ден (2 months ago)
Did you say budget?
Şehinşah'ın Balisi (2 months ago)
this can only be my dream :c
Edward (2 months ago)
Battlefield 1 ?
maytomy amiko (3 months ago)
gan udah gw subscrab...subback ya gan...salam sukses bersama...tks yg dikoment boleh sub gw juga,,nanti gw sub balik..salam sukses bersama...tks
Ronnel Calagui (3 months ago)
look the graphics so bad but on 4k no ambient occlusion shadow look set on medium and texture filtering on medium texture on high but that game on pc look so fantastic set on all ultra @ native 4k 120fps
Pei Laz (1 month ago)
Your retarded. Enjoy 30 fps peasant.
Maries van de Fliert (2 months ago)
Dark Gamer good luck playing this on pc :p Enjoy 4k 120fps minecraft
Victoria Vilmann (3 months ago)
ps4 po no 4k
Hunter Thomas (3 months ago)
Got a roku 43" smart TV with 4K HDR10 for 300$ even. At best buy.
calceto man (3 months ago)
Mustafa Çetin KAYACI (3 months ago)
the best 144p
The james channel (3 months ago)
Mohd Rodzane (3 months ago)
What this is movie?
ache H (3 months ago)
luis gonzalez (3 months ago)
You don't need a 2160p tv for a 1440p console 😑
deco983 (3 months ago)
Very nice!
Markus (3 months ago)
Wagner Santos (3 months ago)
Could you please provide the settings that you have put on this TV?
Audile Dante (4 months ago)
Skyrim spinos (4 months ago)
just absolutly beautiful
Martin VR (4 months ago)
Looks fucking amazing dude, I wish I could afford a hdr tv to play this amazing game with hdr mode.
Miiso Rif (4 months ago)
Gutemberg Costa (4 months ago)
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Gutemberg Costa (4 months ago)
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Jose Fredes (4 months ago)
I dont like me HDR. First, is false color and second, excess of saturation
Daniel CABR (4 months ago)
1440P não é 4K
Yukimura (1 month ago)
Daniel CABR a TV dele é 4k
#M4L3F1C (4 months ago)
When te compras por fin la ps4, y tiempo después sacan la ps4 pro >:''v
the one who started all (4 months ago)
Once i got this set of ps4 ill dropout from school
Elver Gatiesa (4 months ago)
Ando jugando ahora horizon zero dawn en ps4 fat, en el video es normal no aprecio la resolucion al verlo desde el movil pero si noto mucha mejora de colores con el hdr se ve espectacular
Javier Santa Cruz (4 months ago)
em1ownerify (4 months ago)
I got the 55inch ks9500. It’s a badass tv!!
Tiago Leite da Silva (4 months ago)
SSD upgrade 50%
Kannaya Suman (4 months ago)
this game is awsome on samsung hdr tv
SauciestPrince6 (4 months ago)
Hmm this kinda looks like the same gameplay Sony released when they first showed horizon on the PS4 pro.
MrAniMo (4 months ago)
Jan3k (4 months ago)
forgot to say 30fps :) called "cinematic experience"
Enrique Cabal (4 months ago)
4K ps4 pro jajajajajajajajaj Xbox one x like
Jorge Velasco (4 months ago)
aha.. how much fps?
Mücke Mischa (4 months ago)
Looks godd
ramon jd (4 months ago)
ZELDA BOTW looks better in all aspects- goty 2017
jordan holm (4 months ago)
Terrible angles
Angelo Enrico Santos (4 months ago)
Wat is the refresh rate on this?
Diego B (4 months ago)
no se ve tan bacan 😪
Zeta Balkin (4 months ago)
amit chouhan (4 months ago)
Over sharp colours.. Not good..
Ikram Ramli (4 months ago)
I'm Fucking Poor!!! give me a Job.. T.T
Marcos Cerutti (4 months ago)
Que desperdicio de juego para una consola de mierda como la ps4
Liam Featherstone (4 months ago)
So how the fuck can any phone apart from a couple watch this in 4k when the phone doesn't support it apparently but yet I'm watching in 4k... I smell bullshit rules are down the line
KRZYSIEK KANE (5 months ago)
Ok guys questions?.I have ps4 with 4 TB sshd and old samsung 45' lcd 1080p tv.For me it's great.Are is the big quality different between my setup, and ps4 pro with 4k tv?.THANKS.
shakil you (5 months ago)
i just gave my dad my 55inch uhd 4k tv for his living room. Going to pick me up either 55inch or a 60inch hdr tv for my ps4 pro 2morrow
Wrobellito TV (5 months ago)
Hello. Can anyone help me and give me the best settings for the KU6400?
jack smith (5 months ago)
Whats the smallest inch they do in this type of tv please?
Wendell Caldeira (5 months ago)
simply incredible !!!!
THUGNASTY- 310 (6 months ago)
Im going for the LG C7 model just for red dead redemption when released ps4 pro
THUGNASTY- 310 Did you get the screen burn in? ×D
I love Mallorca! (6 months ago)
Xbox one X 4k
Akistalale (13 days ago)
Xbox with Horizon? Nah..
pavlos380 (15 days ago)
Xbox is a real type piece of shit! What are you going to play on that Microsoft kind of shit forza or gears of war remastered come on mate..
Wizteriardz Gaming (18 days ago)
dnmukhra this is about ps4 game Horizon Zero Dawn, why you fangay talk about Xbox one x, ohhh I'm sorry that your X can't run this game on 0p and 0fps Idiot.
NemesisUnknown (1 month ago)
dnmukhra "Piss4 Pro can't produce native 4K" uhm yes it can, just on a select few games, like the Xbox One X.
NemesisUnknown (1 month ago)
Chris SkyWalker The One X isn't even native 4K.....its still checkerboard rendering nearly every single game like the Pro 😂
Anand YogPeeth (6 months ago)
Can anyone give me the link of this tv
Anand YogPeeth (6 months ago)
Ultimate Gamerz thanks for the link and I have subscribed your channel
Ultimate Gamerz (6 months ago)
virgen virgen (6 months ago)
great image. I would lower the backlight luminosity so it looks a bit more photo realistic
vikrant karnveersingh (7 months ago)
the best budget yes
Ashleybradbury (7 months ago)
is this the UE49MU7000 tv?
betonman9 (8 months ago)
ks7000 has shit hdr
gmshawty (8 months ago)
i wish i could see this in person because from my screen the game looks way to saturated on the tv
Kenny Bman (8 months ago)
Attention samsung 4k hdr tv owners!!You ve been livin in a LIE ! The only way to enjoy your TV is to change your hdmi to pc mode then your ps4 rgb range to full and hdmi black level to normal THEN only then you can finally have the most accurate image possible , playing it normal with hdr+ mode or just game mode its just crap, i hope i saved some lives, thank me later
jok theone (9 months ago)
Hello nice vid i have the same tv and today i bought the ps4 pro but i have one question for the 4k i dont know the differnce between 2160yuv420 vs 2160rgb who is better for tv??
jok theone (9 months ago)
What settings u have ?? And u play with game mode on or off? Thanks for the answer and help
Ultimate Gamerz (9 months ago)
Ryan Stoned (9 months ago)
I just got the pro and a 55mu6300 from samsung. The motion rate is distracting for me at the moment. Hoping I get used to it otherwise it's going back to best buy before months end for an exchange. If anyone can recommend a better tv in that price range please let me know.
Maries van de Fliert (2 months ago)
Ryan Stoned try and find a ks7000 (eu) or ks 8000(us) last years premium model. Better picture same price :)
Net Coralde (9 months ago)
you are watching not playing because this gameplay i see this in intruduction on ps4 pro
Karin Blum (9 months ago)
if this tv isnt that good for fast paced games what should I buy? I searched and searched but there are too many and I can't keep track. Can some one give me some suggestions for a good 4k tv for my Ps4 pro and that 1080p game will look good on it too, at least 43 inch in size (can't have a bigger one), with good response time, the less input lag possible, and just so it will look good?
Ddd Bbb (9 months ago)
Karin Blum there are better options but expensive like LG OLED TV's and Samsung QLED TV's and Sony 2016 HDR 4k tv I think this tv in the video is the best option for the money and it's doing a great job for its price see other tests for this tv people were trying and testing games with high FPS and this tv can holds its ground
Slynell1 (9 months ago)
Garbage machine can't run true 4k. get a job and buy the One X
Lonewolf14704 (2 months ago)
Slynell1 garbage guy get a brain and say things with facts
Benjamin Leikvangen (2 months ago)
Why not get a PC with 1080Ti :3
Gjon Doda (2 months ago)
Slynell1 Why do I need a trash Xbox one X when I can play it's games on pc? At least ps4 has awsome exclusives that are only on ps4
Twixtor Gaming (2 months ago)
good joke
alphadog708 (10 months ago)
is there really much difference between 8 bit hdr to 10?

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