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9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

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Here's 9 things we wish we knew before playing Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. Subscribe to GR+ here: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1
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Kid_Arceus (3 days ago)
I started playing HZD 2 days ago but yaaaaay... lots to look forward to.
Kamakaze D (3 days ago)
Loved this dlc supper depressed there wasn't more
As the first point goes about "is much more difficult" the video show attacking with physical lance? -______- maybe don't have enough imagination with all the resources you have???
Dismal Cascade (11 days ago)
Yeh its really hard to kill the daymon
FortniteGod (12 days ago)
I killed that first boss at level 15 lol
b16 (13 days ago)
Waiting to install problem on the DLC wtf
Amudov Georgi (14 days ago)
What a shitty Video
adrian Robinson (15 days ago)
I thought HZD was the best game I have played in 35 years. The expansion continued that level of quality. However, the expansion put in those 'puzzles' where you direct the light to open the locks. I hate stuff like that, and (mercifully) didn't see any of it in the main game. I really hope they don't plan on doing more of that in HZD2.
Master Mind (15 days ago)
There's nothing I wish I knew for me. No regrets for buying this amazing game!!
JonathanB117 (15 days ago)
I beat the frozen wilds after not playing since release at level 40 it was fun.
Anthony Tonelli (16 days ago)
This narrator's voice is not mixed at all. Horrible editing there
Gamer Rant (16 days ago)
Level 50 cap...I'm level 51.
BH Ramsay (21 days ago)
Also certain sidequests and missions reward Aloy with powerful mods. The outfits can be upgraded to the point where they have almost as much durability as Shield-Weaver and weapons mods can turn your bows into one hit kill generators even on ultra hard. Visit the Hunting Ground, for one thing finishing the missions there results in one of those powerful mods I mentioned Another character hangs out there who also has a powerful mod as a reward if Aloy completes her mission. But the absolute best reason is because no less than the awesome Jennifer Hale aka Commander Shepard runs the Hunting Ground. Technically Frozen Wilds is post game DLC since you likely won't hit the level necessary to avoid getting jolly-stomped until then however, if you're bold try visiting after your mission to The Grave Horde ends. Frozen Wilds will actually change certain lines of dialogue in the main game and should you wait until you've visited Sunfall and the Zero Dawn facility beneath Aloy will reference her growing knowledge of the Terraforming AI Subsystems. Plus one of the characters from Frozen Wilds will join your final battle against Helios and The Eclipse. Another somewhat dubious benefit of completing Frozen Wilds before the final battle (I'd recommend right before visiting Gaia Prime ) you'll find out information about Sylens which he'd clearly prefer Aloy didn't know.
Peacock fly (22 days ago)
are the banuk weapons better than the ones in the hunter’s lodge?
aidah msa (22 days ago)
When HZD Complete Edition was released, playing the complete edition gives us more choices completing the game. We can play the standard base game 1st then the DLC. We can play the DLC during base game then completing the game. I realised there are a few more additional dialogue.
aidah msa (22 days ago)
When The Frozen Wilds was available to explore, I was eager to find out. When I reached there I was surprised. Eventhough it was a tough environment, but I got better rewards, one of them is the higher experience points. It's a good place to levelling up & unlock new skills. After I completed The Frozen Wilds, the journey to completing the main mission is much easier after bringing all the new rewards & weapons. Good Luck & Happy Hunting newbies :)
Tim Tams (23 days ago)
Yeah, I thought I would be alright after finishing the main game. Had a go at the Frozen Wilds at level 40 and got raped by the first fire machine at the top of the cliff
Benjamin Myles (27 days ago)
Definitely disagree about overriding the control tower versus destroying them, I didnt find that the shock wave it sent it after being overridden was all that useful and then when the macheine recover you’re stuck in the middle of the fight instead of being able to shoot from a strategic height/distance
Ero Alduin (29 days ago)
Eh it was ez But then again I was playing on normal and finished everything (almost) before going to the frozen wilds
robert Jones (1 month ago)
Maybe it was hard for you I was actually below 30 and it was not hard
Gabriel Ramos (1 month ago)
I was literally shooting the tripcaster at the machines.
Mayank Sharma (1 month ago)
Harder is a wrong word ,, challenging is good!!!
AlphaWolf (1 month ago)
This game was fun to play and one hell of a great adventure game..
Ben Rajan (1 month ago)
The frozen wilds slaughtered me.
Kenny M (1 month ago)
Cuz u suck.
Pierpaolo Canero (1 month ago)
I wish I didn't get there at lv 15 at very hard mode, finish it with standard carja arch and find out just wen I ended the frozen wild about the more powerful weapons...
Steve Bourque (1 month ago)
So far im not digging it, to many puzzles which i hate in games
Sans The Comic (1 month ago)
W8 in FW There Is over lv 50?!?!?! FW Is wat i neeeeeed
Sans The Comic (1 month ago)
Yay!!!! I have lv50
It's Scar (1 month ago)
Am doing the frozen wild at level 21, but am on easy mode
ELYSIUM (1 month ago)
You just aren't very good
Den Ver (1 month ago)
I was in the middle of playing NG+ UH and decided to get the DLC... then went exploring. Everything is so hard. Plus side is that I have learned the importance on weak spots. Downside Hunting Grounds is next to impossible to complete ):
Sad but True (1 month ago)
I love horizon so much. The music and battles and story. Excellent excellent game
You know that the level cap in the base game is 40? With the Frozen Wilds DLC it’s 50.
Matthew Kunz (2 months ago)
Base game - 50, Frozen Wilds - 60. Level 58 right now.
AiMT 15 (2 months ago)
Wow thanks this rally help me 😆😆
2041LearnFromLife (2 months ago)
Damn, wish I new some of this stuff
Katrina Mitchell (2 months ago)
All of these are obvious, and I went into the wilds as a solid level 40 😂😂😂 the best advice I can give u is that the machines have a range/area limit and if you can get far enough away to see them but still shoot them, then u can shoot them with a powerful precision bow and they won’t ever come after you/notice you. This is how I’ve gotten thru the game as well as using stealth, it’s also amazing for in the wilds (climb on top of a mountain by jumping or onto a nearby building) And using traps have been fun as well for easy/quick damage :)
phusionhead (2 months ago)
You’re incorrect about the pouch upgrades. You don’t get more ammo for existing weapons, just new pouches for the new weapons. I doubt the narrator has ever played the game, so there’s that...
SvenTviking (3 months ago)
I had the expert carver skill, but had to wait until the 75th rabbit kill to get a fucking skin! Didn’t bother with the rattler.
Hrishikesh Kashyap (3 months ago)
Damn.... you mean we can't hide among the tall grass as long as we want????????
Barry Watts (3 months ago)
Did she say " cunt"
steve wotton (3 months ago)
Pretty common sense stuff really, if you've got to level 50 then you're going to be able to adapt i'm sure. Thought this would be more like missing things that you can only revisit by restarting game/dlc.(like the bobblehead in the fallout3 enemy base, blow up the base with no prior save, and you'll not get it without restarting) Or activating dlc so it changes base game. (Skyrim: you only have to install new dlc, and your character is getting attacked by high level vampires etc in 'safe' towns) A good guide to the dlc though
Moonlit Wolf (3 months ago)
Oml, when I found that rail part I had to stifle a scream, I love getting up close and personal with a spear (most of the time) and also now I know that Banuk and better than shadow, ty
Joel Baker (3 months ago)
How do i unsubscribe.. so i don't hear this voice of the annoying a$$ chick
Joel Baker (3 months ago)
Yea ok chick. Nice job reading off a paper.. But wait there's more!! 😅 THAT'S U .. THAT'S WHAT U SOUND LIKE . But wait there's more.. stfu java. i beat it in like a hr or 2.. waste of $
stefan catania (3 months ago)
started that dlc at level 19....was surprised at the difficulty at first bot once you get use to there muves it's just one huge bossfight XD....and i am on normal hahaha,good luck for those on harder difficulty XD
Keanu Pence (3 months ago)
Nice vid! Your voice is very relaxing:)
Nicholas McCreaner (3 months ago)
“Way harder” pffftt... this gameplay isn’t even on ultra hard mode...
mdredheadguy1979 (3 months ago)
The only thing I didn't like about Frozen wilds, is that it came to an end so darned fast! I wish there were more side quests and such to do in this game!
Surendra Beniwal (3 months ago)
For some reason , i dont feel like playing this. Completed zero daen and loved that.
Cons Mercado (4 months ago)
what the fuck! is this true even if u selected easy mode? i have not played it yet coz im not finished with the base game. but will all ur skill progress carry on or start over again?
Eric S (4 months ago)
1 Don't rush a machine with your spear maybe?
Ricardo Tejeda (4 months ago)
Very nice voice. Loved the voice on this video!
miguel hernandez (5 months ago)
Are side quests worth doing in the main story and DLC because. I didn’t do many in the main story to prevent getting bored of The land scape. I’m not interested in platinum trophy. However if doing the side quests in the DLC make a significant difference I’ll do them
Nick Mangaroo (3 months ago)
MiggMurder Tv side quests do get tedious in some games, but I enjoyed playing the side quests in this one.
Edgar Friendly (5 months ago)
#1 thing I wish I knew? That it added nothing new to the game except more of what was already there. It was ok, but in hindsight I'd rather have the money instead.
S117 Oracle (5 months ago)
... Didn't even notice much of a difference fighting the bandit camp lol, apart from it being pretty big. One thing I wish I knew ahead of time was that the new elemental guns get an upgrade. Probably would have spared a lot of hair pulling when doing the hunting trials x.x;;
iBeFloe (23 hours ago)
S117 Oracle Same lol When she said they were smarter I was like “they are??” I didn’t find out about the gun upgrades until after I finished the game. Booo
Young Mimbo (5 months ago)
Only thing I wish I knew is that I was dealing with bloodborne all over again with these goddamn scorchers
Lilly Potter (2 months ago)
Young Mimbo if you hit the powersupply on the very back it creates an explosion that will either stun or kill them depending on how much health it has. Took me a while to figure this out because I was always running around and dodging too much when fighting it to slow down and scan it properly
Chazile Yo (5 months ago)
Voice is annoying
roof pizza (5 months ago)
Not sure if I'm gonna get loaded up for my first try (will buy when the price comes down). Currently, my game is new game UH (not new game plus) with no mods beyond green (to give me a challenge and I don't use shield weaver armour). Also, I have a rule where I dont buy potions or resources just armours and weapons. Hit two Bellowbacks and then Scrappers and then hit a convoy of Watchers with Shell-Walkers. Backing up the Scrappers respawned and so did the Bellowbacks and then Glinthawks spawned before I could finish out the Shell-walkers. Was intense to say the least. Was almost surprised cultist didn't show up to join the party.
Repth (5 months ago)
Was disappointing with the DLC but loved the original game, if i wanted to spend combat rolling around trying not to die I would have played Darksouls. Story is a copy and paste from the original and each of the main combat experiences were basically arena style. I just preferred strategy, planning and all that.
Maks Hope (3 months ago)
Repth agree. Once i started tfw i kissed my traps, tripcaster and ropecaster goodbye. Also the war-bow has proven itself useless. Freezing + bombs + arrows were all i needed for the whole dlc. Also overriding the towers is useless since the send only one impulse and it doesn't stun big guys long enough...
Be Good (5 months ago)
Is this dlc worth it? I don’t have hzd yet but should I buy the complete edition for this dlc or no
SiMo (4 months ago)
jaylove (4 months ago)
Brian G yeah it's totally worth it... I have the collectors edition.
Ariana Rose (5 months ago)
Doe this come with the complete edition? Anyone answer please
stevebrownrocks (17 days ago)
Chris Harlin (5 months ago)
Ariana Rose Yes it does. Along with a code for the soundtrack
Luv2sploose 85 (5 months ago)
Thanks for the tips I haven't played yet
mrs paws (6 months ago)
I did it at 20 alot of deaths lol
JoWaffles Diaz (6 months ago)
I played the whole game on hard with the hunter bow and the sharp shot bow until I realized before the last mission u could buy better weapons
Mechele Erb (6 months ago)
I had no issues playing this at all.
Joon Min Choi (6 months ago)
Da fuq? I platinumed it with ultra hard at 300+ hours game play
Sophie Hitchcox (6 months ago)
Scorcher kicked my ass! Like really kicked my butt! Let's not even go there with fire claws! Oh my god 😢😭☠ loved every moment even when I died like a 100 times and had to drop the difficulty down 😂
Mauro Moens (6 months ago)
Difficult-yes. More deaths no... the only times i died was falling of mountains. Not by fighting machines. So you are bad in combat but dont die along the way. Mine is the other way around
MattyDaddy (4 days ago)
I agree, I play on ultra hard and I died more from exploration than fighting
jp p (2 months ago)
Mauro Moens What difficulty are you playing on ? It can depend. I'm playing on ultra hard and fighting that fireclaw at the end of the main DLC quest was so hard, i died like 5+ times...
Alecia P (6 months ago)
Mauro Moens same I’ve died more falling off mountains than by actual machines😂
Maverick Gaming (6 months ago)
Voice freaked me out!!
lostwitchu (6 months ago)
This is accurate
CZARNYL TABUYAN (6 months ago)
I wish i knew that the content of fw is disappointing, i shouldnt even buy it
GCTFilter snake (6 months ago)
What I wish I knew: I wish someone e told me you have to active the frozen wilds after a certain percentage of story mode, I never saw this new DLC show up in quests so I figured that once you beat the game the Frozen wilds would show up as a option for further story... Nope, I just beat the complete edition not to long ago, did not show up... But New game + did, so I figured I would click on that and frozen wilds would be included, maybe since the game recorded I beat the game that I would have option to play both story or go have the option to carry on the story into frozen wild... So what does this mean? Basically I have to now replay the when story up until very late in game to branch off to frozen wild which is bullshit, I'm just happy I at least get to keep my upgrades and so on
icidragon (6 months ago)
Michael I (6 months ago)
I didn't like it that much but it was good (especially the banuk weapons)
Vladimir Mlinar (7 months ago)
100% completed game :))
Matthew Smith (7 months ago)
why no closed captions??????? pls
meechp123 (7 months ago)
Best Frozen Wilds tips on YouTube
Sam Ksa (7 months ago)
fuck this , with out the ability to control the beasts there is no fun playing it
Ryan Miller (7 months ago)
i just started the dlc and ive been killing all the machines then overriding lol
two number 9s (7 months ago)
Tracer here
katie1456 (7 months ago)
Thunderjaws are pretty easy if you have a set strategy. I just tearblast the guns off of its back and go crazy shooting it with them, 5 minute kill.
Bradders - (7 months ago)
I wish horizon was on pc
roadle32111 (7 months ago)
Anyone have tips on killing the scorchers without ropes?
N7_CrazyBanzai (5 months ago)
roadle32111 Run in circles like a bish with a blast sling xD
Cornelius Dobeneck (7 months ago)
I bloody love that commentary voice! :D
Stalkingwolf (7 months ago)
i started with 36 in frozen wilds on hard and had no problems. i have finished with level 54. yes 3 of the bears at once is a little clusterfuck, but not that hard.
Tonyx gamer (7 months ago)
One thing I really wish I knew before I got HZD:FW was how extreme FrostClaw and Fireclaw is (Those bear like machines thats faster than they look). The flame machine thats charges at you with flame attack was my arch enemy, but now I know how I can beat it without dying so much (my game is in norwegian so that robot is called Brenner, and it means fire and flameable). But now Frostclaw (Or Ice claw. idk what you call it) and fire claw is the worst. If they manage to hit you or jump on you by landing on you with their backs, youre cold dead... But please don't get me wrong, I love the game and I love the FW and I love Aloy. Its the best game and the best story I have ever experienced <3 And I actually like that idea that FW is a little harder than the whole game was.
Lilly Potter (2 months ago)
Tonyx gamer they're called scorchers in english. It took me a REALLY long time and a lot of hunting and then a giant accident where I was panicking and me reviewing the video of what happened to figure out how to kill them efficiently.
Warren Worthington (7 months ago)
fuck this stupid bitch and her dumb list. bitch you dumb.
Lag's Channel (7 months ago)
I love horizon zero dawn and the frozen wilds, but when I first killed that scorcher, I kinda thought I had to be a higher level. The new machines are harder especially the fireclaw. Those things have a lot of health, I'm almost done with the frozen wilds but I just have to kill fireclaws. Even at level 51, I think I'm just to scared to handle it.
Aaron Azzcalibur (7 months ago)
Do i need to complete the main story?
syteanric (7 months ago)
Aaron Azzcalibur you don't have to but its advisable as dlc might mention things in the main game you haven't done and spoil it.
Aaron Azzcalibur (7 months ago)
Thats the position i am in.
Deku (7 months ago)
what if i have finished the game and started a ng+ which i m not through yet (not even far into at all) , will I have some restrictions??
Cody Sorem (7 months ago)
Aaron Azzcalibur you should. No reason to play dlc's before the main game. Dlc role is like the seasonings to your dish, not much on there own.
Gimpler Da Happenin (8 months ago)
Difficulty - yeah. The first enemy I encountered was bloody hard....waaaay harder than most enemies in the regular campaign. And... I wish they would just remove the flying enemies altogether. Those things make the game very frustrating for me to the point of not playing the game any more. Seriously. What the hell is the trick?
Gimpler Da Happenin (7 months ago)
My problem is when they are directly overhead...can't see them.
GamesRadar (8 months ago)
Great tactic, we can confirm that works very well!
meganclare7 (8 months ago)
Gimpler Da Happenin glint Hawks are easy, slow mo a tear arrow, it blows off the chest piece, then switch to a hard tip arrow or something with high piercing and hit the chest in slow mo untill it explodes, it should be mostly dead then
k Kindred (8 months ago)
I forgot until the very end of the DLC that you can load 3 arrows in one shot..... you can basically one shot some machines that way.. on reg game mode anyway, haven't made my way to ultra hard yet >.>
Jolyon C (8 months ago)
It’s easy. Since I platiumed the game
The Fetch Prince (8 months ago)
"Bandits are harder" *headshots*
Jaded Old Joe (8 months ago)
I don't understand this game's scaling. Does it even have balance? Why did I do level 20 quests with level 35 bosses? Why can't I one-shot enemies 20+ levels beneath me? What's the point of having level suggestions on quests if the shit doesn't match? Look, I love this game (scored it an 8.75/10), but the combat is its weakest point, IMO. And before people drop the age old favorite "get gooder" on me, no. I'm not complaining it's too hard, I'm complaining it's unbalanced. I can't even imagine trying this on ultra-hard. Seriously, mad props to anyone who beat this shit on ultra-hard.
Michael I (6 months ago)
When you get banuk weapons and do ultra hard on ng+ its really easy.
Luke Greaves (8 months ago)
*10 things I wish I knew before playing Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Number 10: Don't play on New Game + Ultra Hard. Managed to complete everythingexcepts gold Hunting Grounds. But it was a pain in the neck especially facing 2/3 Frostclaws at the same time.
Chiafade now (8 months ago)
Banuk weapons are better than Shadow but are they better than lodge weapons?
T C (4 months ago)
Chiafade now I was wondering the same thing
meganclare7 (8 months ago)
Chiafade the(base) handling is still better on the lodge weapons I think, and that about it.
The Rat's Cast (8 months ago)
I was level 50 and still died a ton!
Kuhnin 816 (5 days ago)
Matthew Stokes "you're just bad at the game". "I fell off a mountain". Shut up, kid.
Matthew Stokes (19 days ago)
Then you either don't have the shield weaver, or you're just bad at the game. I didn't die once through the whole playthrough besides a time that I fell off a mountain.
Ben Howell (8 months ago)
You said that you can mod your spear with handling, tear, damage and elemental mods. The extra bars in the inventory info on the spear suggest that this is the case. I have not however found any mods except damage for the spear nor have I seen any on YouTube. Has anyone at gamesradar or other viewers found any. Perhaps these are planned to be added in a later patch?
Viljo Vaan (8 months ago)
I am lvl 49 playing new game+ hard am i ready for the dlc? Na i start it today been waiting for so long. I was at the end of game when frozen wilds launched and i saved the dlc for new game+. I wish i was further in main story so syles would speak to me(just getting to know him in new game plus). So should i play the main story further for the best dlc experience or am i good to go? I did get the better spear from dlc quest in my first playthrough of the game but did nothing more.
NightOwl (8 months ago)
The new place is awesome!

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