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Why Dwarf Fortress started killing cats - Here's A Thing

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In this week's episode of Here's A Thing, Chris Bratt explores one of the weirdest Dwarf Fortress stories. It involves a startling number of dead cats. Listen to Chris' full interview with Tarn Adams: https://soundcloud.com/chris-bratt-1/interview-with-tarn-adams-why-dwarf-fortress-started-killing-cats Nookrium's Dwarf Fortress tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXSwxQYrSB0 Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (437)
SmevMev (1 year ago)
All that beer left them feline a bit sick. Maybe it'll give them paws for thought, next time they fancy a wash.
Codfish246 (1 year ago)
HiEv z
Hafelord (1 year ago)
Kill me.
HiEv (1 year ago)
0xFFF1 - Usually, no, they don't exactly respond to Pavlovian conditioning. However, if an action exposes a dwarf to things which sufficiently change their mood, they may stop doing whatever they're supposed to be doing because they now feel the need to have a good tantrum, slip into depression, or simply walk around dazed and oblivious instead. This can have a knock on effect, which causes other dwarves to become upset too, leading to a fortress destroying tantrum spiral, where they keep upsetting each other so much that the fortress' society crumbles into anarchy.
SmevMev (1 year ago)
+· 0xFFF1 Either way, the cats were dying instantly, so I don't suppose it would help curb their cat-astrophic drinking habits ;)
· 0xFFF1 (1 year ago)
Does Dwarf Fortress have accurate Pavlovian behavioral mechanics? Will creatures decrease the frequency of behaviors that cause negative consequences?
Champagne Panda OG (12 days ago)
im the 233,444th view
Catcrumbs (17 days ago)
I don't believe cats can get drunk in real life. They can certainly die of ethanol poisoning though.
Captain Tofu (24 days ago)
This is amazing. I love DF.
TheFryerKSpore (1 month ago)
Those dead cats could kill the fortress, a dead pet can trigger a dwarf depression, that leads to the tantrum spiral, that can trigger other spirals till the fortress implodes emotionally
Yammo Yammamoto (1 month ago)
That one is great... one of my other favourites is the random deaths of butchers. ...turned out they were being killed by pieces of sheep(iirc)-hair that, when embarking to an -evil- FUN area, would re-animate and attack the closest dwarf - i.e said butcher.
Bluemilk92 (1 month ago)
Still hands down the best game ever made
guido vijverberg (3 months ago)
hehhe the av joke hehhehe
White Fang (4 months ago)
Lol, that is hilarious.
Matrix29bear (4 months ago)
Could you stop the bloody music? -- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B3KBuQHHKx0
S L Koch (4 months ago)
And that's why you should never screw with time travel. "Unforeseen consequences, Mister Freeman."
Cat Persimmon (5 months ago)
I wonder what sort of impact this would have on the Thermonuclear catsplosion...
Mingonaut (5 months ago)
Zuviel komplexe Mechaniken sind auch nicht gut, wie man hier sieht 😅
tumamaencosplay (5 months ago)
I know there are some mods to kind of make the game more digestable graphically, but I wish somebody would bother into making both a UX and UI, with a tutorial that people can grasp in less than 50 hours And no, having to read through lots of wikis is not a solution, not everyone has time to RESEARCH how the hell a game works just to try it out.
Perry Stroika (5 months ago)
Features like this are the best thing about Eurogamer
DF is fucking amazing, too bad the bar to entry is so high.
KeroK (5 months ago)
Here from game maker's toolkit !
Havokman 48 (5 months ago)
Holy shit this game is in-depth.
Urist The Dwarf (8 months ago)
Well, the butchers gotta be kept busy. That is why Armok gave us cats.
Speedytyperman Answers (8 months ago)
My take on this. Cats have the lowest in game stats. Their stats is soo low that it caues them damage such as that when they consume things like mead or beer or brew. And why would cats consume that? Because like all other npc units in game, cats too are program to look for food and consume them. Alcohol is in game consumable item, thus when other units find it, they will consume it so does cats.
Graknorke (6 months ago)
No the description in the video was pretty on the nose. Cats don't seek out food at all they just ended up imbibing it as a side product of cleaning, with the bug being that it counted as a full drink unit of alcohol each time. And alcohol tolerance is more to do with body size than any particular personal stats.
wesleyfilms (8 months ago)
I remember a story where a giant mosquito sucked the blood out of a dwarf (basically 90% alcohol) and promptly puked. Never laughed that hard since.
Lochlan Hanham (9 months ago)
Cats are very susceptible to alcohol poisoning in real life
TYKUHN2 (9 months ago)
Cat's can't drink alcohol? Gotta make sure their drunkenness is simulated correctly!
Data Raven (9 months ago)
So what you're telling me, is that if I cut someone's eyelids off in adventure mode... They won't be able to clean anything off their eyes? XD
Graknorke (6 months ago)
It's alright, just wanted to make sure you weren't going to be going around taking people's eyelids off IRL without understanding the consequences.
Data Raven (6 months ago)
Graknorke lol, 2 months later, and I just realized how stupid my comment sounds XD
Graknorke (6 months ago)
... Well yeah. If you cut someone's eyelids off they're not going to be able to blink, that much is pretty obvious.
Furymgs3 (9 months ago)
"There is the possibility that in someone's playthrough, at somepoint, somewhere, there's a series of events in which a cat plays an oddly significant role and leads to the next extraordinary Dward Fortress tale." I think one of the significant reasons why Boamurdered fell was because an insect got caught in the mechanism of a gate, wasn't it?
LifelessHawk (9 months ago)
it was an attempt to negate the *CATSPLOSION*
TheDarkGenious (10 months ago)
oh god. HEY! df players, have any of you ever had a forgotten beast attack your fortress, only to be repelled without too many casualties, but it happened to leave zombie/thrall/husk creating dust around, which cats happened to step in and ingest while cleaning themselves, leading to an outbreak from now-undead, life hating cats attacking their owners?
Victor Sundström (10 months ago)
I really thought it was more like curiousity that killed the cat
Nick Daniels (11 months ago)
this is funny
RiotHouse (1 year ago)
When I first started playing Dwarf Fortress I "controlled" the cat population by making "kitten biscuits". They are both tasty and it keeps the fortress from having too many furries running around!
mychannel (1 year ago)
What do you mean "here's a thing"??? Where's a thing?
1969 ford f100 (1 year ago)
don't cats have nine lives.
YoshiThe1st (1 year ago)
I should really start to read the 236 pages. May I mind (and sorry for the editing) but at this moment the video has less comments then pages there are in the tutorial book.
WindowHero (1 year ago)
7:32 It's a dead cat!
Angry Marine (1 year ago)
This is DF. Everyone must vomit.
Sheait (11 months ago)
I found a giant hamster. I shot it in the stomach. All it did was vomit for five minutes straight until it finally died.
Cid Alderlaine (1 year ago)
If the title of the game is to be taken as a Hint, I assume the "Fortress" is run by Dwarves, the fantasy genres most heavy-drinking race, I don't think it'd be too strange for them to think of feeding their cats some alchohol in one form or another during one of their deadly intoxicated blazes. Heck, I'm sure some drunks in real life had poured drinks for their pets.
Requiem100500 (1 year ago)
2050 update notes: Dwarf Fortress is now Matrix with Dwarves. Everything up to elementary particles is emulated. The graphics are still non-existent, though.
Pokemario Fan (1 year ago)
I was sent here by a man who supported local business
Dr John Zoidberg (1 year ago)
This is what the internet should always be used for drunk cats
Matthias Tan (1 year ago)
I came here from nerdcubed and I love dan for sending me here
GhostShipSupreme (1 year ago)
Lmao, this was like what happens if you ask Siri "why are fire trucks red"?
fishpop (1 year ago)
Is that a Masterpiece Grimlock above his left shoulder? Cool!
Mp Extory (1 year ago)
what the fuck am i watching
TheChicken1337 (11 months ago)
Mp Extory Dwarf Fortress.
vikass02 (1 year ago)
Algernon Papadopoulos (1 year ago)
Excessive Body Heat = Melted Fat Bomb
Cool Rune (1 year ago)
Hello Procrastinators.
TEZ Videos 33 (1 year ago)
A giant police officer sent me here!
Grandfather_Paradox (1 year ago)
I thought this was going to be yet another story about the notorious "Cat-splosion". I left this video far more entertained than I originally expected.
Charles H. (1 year ago)
I have seen the video in which the first Dwarf Fortress footage appeared in. No, not EVER, but in THIS video.
SeventeenBall (1 year ago)
Technically, if a cat was punched in the gut, the impact would be absorbed by their primordial pouch (I think that's what it's called) which is there to absorb impacts to cats' guts, it is the reason their belly sways when they run
RD Simmers (1 year ago)
too funny, what a great video! I watched the XCOM cancel and this, now subscribed !! 👍👍 from Bangkok (also 👍👍 for the dead cat mic cover graphic 😁 )
caphalor08 (1 year ago)
Cats have three functions: vermin control, procreation and leather bags. Ideally they do the fir 2 tasks before kicking the bucket but oh well, you still have the leather, even if it is covered in vomit.
dohnut999 (1 year ago)
Ok, so to save you 10 minutes of exposition, here's why the cats died; 1. Cats numbers were made large 2. Cats would be covered in whatever they walked through. 3. Cats would walk through puddles of beer, a lot. 4. Cats would be covered in the beer however it was coded as being 1 beer per puddle walked through. A puddle could simply be a small amount of beer spilled. 5. Cats then clean themselves, ingesting whatever they're covered in (BEER) 6. Cats would end up being covered in so much beer that, when they cleaned themselves and ingesting the beer that way, would experience all symptoms of alcohol consumption very quickly. 7. Cats would vomit at stage 1 of consumption and then other die super quick from other symptoms. Therefore dying covered in vomit as they would not have time to clean themselves of the vomit. 8. Cats discovered by player who is so confused they subject themselves to a 10 minute video full of pointless exposition instead of simply reading this comment. The end.
Blood Fungus (1 year ago)
The first thing that comes to mind is vampire blood.
Feeling Healing (1 year ago)
when a wereanimal transforms, it heals. if a zombie gets a severed limb, both are alive. if a wereanimalzombie is in parts and each part is undead at the time of transformation for that animal, you get clone were animal zombies. It was fixed, but there exist a few experiment logs on the forums.
Peace Master (1 year ago)
Hey, it's Bratters! Why is he dying his eyebrows? He looks like Eugene Levy.
Rune Thief (1 year ago)
I'm so lost to what is being said , this just showed up in recommendations XD
jjj7790 (1 year ago)
I can barely imagine conga line of complete madness that you have to parse through to fix simple bugs in this game.
Fox Vulpes (1 year ago)
Multi-threading T_T
Stephen Ball (1 year ago)
Why would any dwarf waste good alcohol by throwing it on the ground instead of setting the glass/flagon down on the bar or a table?
Thalanox (11 months ago)
That's why it's a bug.
jared (1 year ago)
this is amazing, i love videos like this. good job Eurogamer!
Crunkers (1 year ago)
For me, the realism is broken when I think of the bartender picking up the mug but leaving the puddle on the ground without cleaning it. If I did that at my job I would get fired.
soggymarshmallow (1 year ago)
Why are these cats wandering into such a noisy, smelly, and wet pits of dwarfiness in the first place?
Haunted Astolfo Plush (1 year ago)
soggymarshmallow Cause there owners brought them cause they are best buds
Gamerbids (1 year ago)
I'm just learning about this game and it seems incredibly in depth
TheChicken1337 (11 months ago)
Gamerbids That's because it is.
Tom (1 year ago)
DF,the best game I never find time to play. Been playing rimworld.
kenny ben (1 year ago)
Dwarf Fortress is the best game ever. Think of the most horrendous, gruesome, and evil ways to torture elves, and you can make it happen. I bet a million dollars you could make a few working trap rooms based on the SAW movies. 10/10 would recommend to a psychopath.
Rachel Corbett (1 year ago)
At first I thought it meant real life cats 😧
Voxl Valyx (1 year ago)
Chris Carrigan Brolly (1 year ago)
I liked that bad av joke
Random (1 year ago)
Now I'm curious what would happen if they walked through a puddle of vampire blood.
Ian Alvord (1 year ago)
My dogs in RimWorld have the same problem.
Eileen Blurrr (1 year ago)
Now I feel like playing my favorite non-existent-UI game again. I still hardly know how to play it though.
woblier (1 year ago)
WOW, just.... wow
HiEv (1 year ago)
My favorite was one that occurred while the developer was testing a new version of Dwarf Fortress where he had added the ability for townspeople to recognize the traits of vampires (extended lifespan, etc.) and thus they would attack or chase off the vampire living in their town. This had an amusing side effect in necromancer towers, which are generally populated by zombies and the necromancer who raised them. Tarn's development log from 06/05/2011 described the result as this, "In bug news, the zombies in a necromancer's tower became suspicious after the necromancer failed to age and he fled into the hills." Yes, that's right, the code meant to affect towns had also affected necromancer towers, so the zombies chased off their necromancer because they suspected he was a vampire.
ABW941 (1 year ago)
I dont get the bad AV Joke at 10:20 What is AV anyway?
ABW941 (1 year ago)
Ah interesting! I knew what AV stood for I just thought it was some game reference about which I didnt know anything, and I was struggling to identify the microphone. I also didnt know that such microphone covers are named dead cats.
Eurogamer (1 year ago)
+ABW941 AV stands for audio visual. The thing you see in the clip at 10:20 is a mic cover, meant to shield the microphone from wind. Because they are furry. They are often referred to as 'the dead cat'.
Denis Bessmertny (1 year ago)
BTW due to dwarf fortress and games are like - argument about simulation makes sense.
Denis Bessmertny (1 year ago)
Same thing for rimworld. Cats just like booze.
Mellow Wuff (1 year ago)
I got a cat commercial to this
the cat a.i. Is becoming sentient. soon it will overcome the alcohol problem and then rule us all.
Echo_Hotel (1 year ago)
I eagerly look forward to the 2035 update for Dwarf fortress that fixes the UI
TherealWinston (1 year ago)
well, wasn't that actually a god thing for dwarf fortress?
Ryan Clemons1 (1 year ago)
Oh yes Dwarf fortress i tried to get into the game but adventurer mode (The only mode that sounds fun to me) seems to lag turns out my pc that has a GTX 1060,i5 6500 cpu and 8 GB of ram can't play adventure mode this made me sad....
Alex Azazel (1 year ago)
Lamest game ever
Zanoth Verin (1 year ago)
Makes me want to try Dwarf Fortress.
Higgs Bonbon (1 year ago)
Once alchemy is introduced, people will have rooms where dwarves purposefully spill buff potions and then have tamed lions walk through them to get around not being able to directly give them potions.
blackgriffinxx (1 year ago)
is their gun powder in the game
Strongpoint100 (1 year ago)
Humans have gunpowder and muskets in the masterwork mod
blackgriffinxx (1 year ago)
well no boom boom cat now this is a super detailed game. still reading on how you would play If this ,sims and Warcraft was roll and balance into one i would be a life taker
Coey (1 year ago)
Nah, sadly not I don't think. You can create tons of deadly traps and weapons as an alternative though if you'd like. Gunpowder would be an incredibly fun addition though; I'd love to sprinkle it all over the ground and then throw fire at it whenever an enemy approaches. Instant victory, Dwarven style.
How the he'll did you fit 'oh yeah cats were dying with vomit on. Turns out it was because they licked themselves with beer on and it counted as a full drink every lick. Haha how funny' into ten minutes
Jordan Martin (1 year ago)
No more dead cats than if they realized we've run out of beer.
Bernard Gilbert (1 year ago)
OK. Beer ad playing while there is a video on alcohol poisoning (in cats, true, but still inappropriate).
Zynthia (1 year ago)
all i see is a fix for the catsplosion xD
Doc Holliday (1 year ago)
If only the game didnt look like absolute shit
Wetgasm (1 year ago)
Save yourself 10 fucking minutes and chalk it up to a glitch.
SnowToad (1 year ago)
Oh god the details....
itsGeorgeAgain (1 year ago)
that av joke made me chuckle. :D
nonameisopen (1 year ago)
Armchair Pilot (1 year ago)
Oh, fantasy cats, not real cats.. moving on.
hesthatguy (1 year ago)
When it comes to Youtube content I ALWAYS prefer quality over quantity. Some of my favorite Youtubers only release once a month.
TheSavageopress (1 year ago)
holly that is a really good detail
Edgebotv4 (1 year ago)
can simulate cat grooming mechanics, cant have a Ui that is from this century ~ such is life for a dwarf.
Thalanox (11 months ago)
Then come up with a better UI that still offers the same level of control, interaction, and depth.
WolfWhisky (1 year ago)
Also, animals like beer... Alot..

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