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FALLOUT 76 - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo (Bethesda Conference)

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Presents FALLOUT 76 - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo (Bethesda Conference). E3 2018 Bethesda Game Trailers & Gameplay - on Meteorite Games. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe to Meteorite Games - https://goo.gl/ZXhdgT
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Text Comments (184)
Adrian Maksimi. (1 day ago)
Seriously they must have paid that screaming girl to scream! "Only online" WOOOOAAAH!!! like wtf!
XxcjxX67 (3 days ago)
its online for co op stuff guys btw its not like you can lose all your stuff after you die in it also if theirs a troll just change the server also get friends to play with u
Jada Williams (3 days ago)
Did anyone else stop watching after 3:24 ?
Emmanuel Liriano (3 days ago)
I'm screaming like a little girl right now
Ramona Pope (4 days ago)
Oh boy!....look at that pip boy! I need more SKYRIM!!!!!!!! HE,HE.....!
Angry Devil Gamer (4 days ago)
Looks good also i enjoy running around Fallout like its an amusement park well a very explosive amusement park blowing shit up and raining hell down on super mutants
jeanluc305 (4 days ago)
Could that annoying fat chick just shut up already...
Liberty Trump (4 days ago)
I hope this time the Creation Engine is optimized properly
lawrence (5 days ago)
fuck everyone bitching about the game
HomerPimpson (5 days ago)
Why am I the only one in the comment section excited for it
Rafael Spix (5 days ago)
next year fallout 77
Nookie (5 days ago)
Fallout mmo rpg
Why people hate fallout online? Because they can't add mode?
Lewis Macleod (5 days ago)
I dont have friends and people online are decks
Socialism is for F*gs (5 days ago)
Seems more like a spinoff so hopefully they don’t do multiplayer in main games
Counseledpath (5 days ago)
So now I have to worry about getting fatmanned while doing a quest😢😭
KERCHOO Osteoporosis (5 days ago)
The gaming community has the biggest bunch of bitches man.
T_G (5 days ago)
Criminaljustice79 (5 days ago)
Nothing epic excitement followed by epic disappointment. Also...love the lack of cheers when he said online only and one person yelling “wooohooo”. Lmao
LM Gaming (5 days ago)
No mods
Joseph Jacobs (1 day ago)
LM Gaming mods have been confirmed to come later in the game
Donatas Kazakevicius (6 days ago)
This pastor talks gibberish
Charles Smith (6 days ago)
I don't understand why everyone is bashing online without trying it. People were the exact same before fo3 with an fps game- now we've come to love it. I say give online a try.
Crush3D (6 days ago)
Darth Howl (6 days ago)
Fallout, fallout never... oh wait, fallout has changed(cue theme)
Dan Rye (6 days ago)
So, no VATS then I take it
Brad Tuffrey (6 days ago)
Dope. Can’t wait
Anthero Zoldyck (6 days ago)
Online yeah right , see yaa
Anthero Zoldyck (6 days ago)
Crush3D i know i can solo ,the online thing it's the problem dude :v
Crush3D (6 days ago)
Sergey Kozlov (6 days ago)
Ура! Новый fallout! Только что за педик и пиздун делает обозрение!
Animations 2.0 (6 days ago)
Vault 69 sounds like my kinda vault
sir nope (6 days ago)
Dibs on backwoods cannibal.
Lýn (6 days ago)
i like how so many people are just a salty sack of sadness ... it's OK, you can still play it ALONE in your moms basements
SnowyThePyroBear (6 days ago)
Lýn But we will be able to TRUELY play it alone?..in our mum’s basement? >As in, will we be able to not play against other players.
Kasper Kaae (6 days ago)
this is going to be so bad, will never play this crap. thats how you ruin a game series.
Travis Francis (6 days ago)
Cautiously pessimistic
Local Trap (6 days ago)
Lmao fans cry about fallout not having online. Once it finally comes out everyone start bitching lol FUCK YALL. 76 Online FTW.
Local Trap (6 days ago)
Fallout 76 entirely online? TAKE MY FUCKING MONEY.
Yusuf GoFukYouself (6 days ago)
Goodbye Aloha Ciao Arrivederci Au revoir Auf Wiedersehen
PineappleGamer (6 days ago)
Yet another rushed video game...
Fraydizs (6 days ago)
I like that it's multiplayer BUT it's NOT an MMORPG. Seems to me like they focused on the single player aspect first, and then added the multiplayer afterwards just to enhance the experience for those who would want to play with others. Remember guys people modded multiplayer into skyrim for a reason. Sometimes single player experiences can be enhanced by experiencing it with someone else. To pass on this just because it has a multiplayer aspect is ignorant.
tut28Angel (6 days ago)
I'm okay if it's like 7 days 2 die online co-op. Hell even ark with ur own severs. But I'm not getting it if it's pure online no own server type thing.
Marcus Moustache (6 days ago)
I'm happy of their decision. It is an experiment, maybe it will be a shit, maybe a wonderful gamr
Paul B (6 days ago)
folks, I'm pretty sure this game will have both PVP and PVE servers to cater for everyone. PVE servers will have friendly fire disabled so other players cannot pwn you
Dermot Torres (6 days ago)
3:21 Bored now.
Fraydizs (6 days ago)
Dermot Torres k...
yrc (6 days ago)
And the fucking engine from stone age , get over it Bethesda !
Classy African (6 days ago)
I think I'm going to stop watching fallout videos now. Community turned shitshow and toxic very fast.
CorderashionC4 (6 days ago)
Lark88 (6 days ago)
For a company that we know still values single player games, are they never allowed to make multiplayer games now? People are making it sound like Bethesda is never going to make a single player game ever again.
Rondell Beats (6 days ago)
Fallout RIP
erectiledysfunction (6 days ago)
Everyone needs to chill, it's not completely online, think of state of decay 2, u can put an option of people joining you if u want, damn people always looking for an excuse to complain
MrSuperkillen (5 days ago)
yes i found it now but it will be released later after the game =d
erectiledysfunction (5 days ago)
MrSuperkillen there's private world's bro they said it not long ago
MrSuperkillen (5 days ago)
it is just online no offline check it out
erectiledysfunction (6 days ago)
MrSuperkillen There is bro, he said it straight after they shown the trailer
JW Runciman (6 days ago)
No thanks, i like to play fallout by myself
JW Runciman (5 days ago)
Again the fallout experience is best done alone, the last thing i want is to have an internet connection to play a game....
Fraydizs (6 days ago)
SnowyThePyroBear meh no ones forcing you to play with anyone else. worst case scenario you encounter someone doing the same mission as you and they're in your way, or helping you for a few minutes until you part ways...
SnowyThePyroBear (6 days ago)
Fraydizs Solo isn’t Single Player, Solo is you by yourself joining a server with other players.
Fraydizs (6 days ago)
JW Runciman you can set it to play solo lol
Dave Brohman (6 days ago)
"Here's all the cool stuff you can do in Fallout 76! Oh, and did we mention some 13 shitlord griefer can wreck it all in half a second while calling you a fag?"
Dave Brohman (6 days ago)
And FYI folks, the proper response to "the map glows in the dark" is "neat, I guess", not losing your fucking mind and pissing the seat with excitement.
Karczma Graczy (6 days ago)
Cross-platform? I want to play it with my wife. :(
Mungo (6 days ago)
If they are about to make game that is going to suffer from being infested by scum focused on killing other players - I am not interested. Anyway, looking at some monsters - silver sword will be available (note: Witcher's universe)?
Lark88 (1 day ago)
I was watching an interview with Pete Hines and he said that they are putting in game mechanics to prevent that. He said that in the regular games, a Deathclaw won't follow you all around the map, so they don't want other players to be able to do that either. It also sounds like they are trying to put mechanics into the game that will discourage griefing. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcxXzHcLNlM&t=1s
Mungo (2 days ago)
Well, but you can deal with the NPC ones. You can also avoid them - they do not follow you over the map, ambush you wherever you go. As far as I know - there are unfortunately many online games that were ruined by toxic PK-community. As long as they do not apply at least Karma system - thus notorious PKs will be stained by bad karma and it would be very difficult to "wash it away", my interest is very limited.
Lark88 (6 days ago)
The only difference is that the scum will be real people raiders instead of npc raiders.
Jeffrey Croft (6 days ago)
Does this mean no more mods?
Fraydizs (6 days ago)
Jeffrey Croft I would assume so, since it has a small competitive aspect. But remember ESO is multiplayer and still has mods to a certain degree.
Arnoldoo Kabuum (6 days ago)
shit ,shit shit :(
Notorious Incognito (6 days ago)
I don't know how all of you missed him saying that the game would be able to be played offline and single player.
Notorious Incognito (6 days ago)
MixedBusiness oh shit didn't realize that. Now I'm annoyed at the game.
MixedBusiness (6 days ago)
Notorious Incognito no he said "solo" which means you can play alone against 24 other players
Richard Ziminski (6 days ago)
What if it goes for a dark souls invader kinda deal that would keep you on your toes you never know when some fun is gonna show up..... Or it could fall apart entirely because fallout isn't supposed to be online.....
Richard Ziminski (6 days ago)
MrSuperkillen that's what I'm thinkin. I'm interested how they will save data on different servers. Or if it will be like mine craft where you can build a friends world up but when you leave your stuff is left behind....
MrSuperkillen (6 days ago)
think u play on a server with like 20-40 different players u can meet and team up or fight or it can be 100 player like ark
Martin HJV (6 days ago)
Reckon its sick tbh. People all worked up because its online but bethesda has time for their single players and give zenimax to manage eso. Its not that bad.
Anthony Franco (6 days ago)
I wonder how they will implement VATS
jeffsupersaiyan (6 days ago)
sweet i cant wait. i wanna be a big boob stripper chic
Lalit DrawingStuffs (6 days ago)
More like Witcher
Казалось бы, при чём тут Украина?
Knee Ger (6 days ago)
Matthew Hedderwick (6 days ago)
They need to ad a tactical visor and when you activate it. It says I got you in my sights Kill me
Zoddric (6 days ago)
So it’s like Elder scrolls online but fallout? Lol
Zoddric nah not at all, fallout 76 will have servers of maybe a dozen players, ESO has thousands online at the same time, ESO is an mmo, F76 is not
Ace Of Spades (6 days ago)
They did it. Fallout RIP
Celestialz (6 days ago)
I can already imagine the micro transactions to come...ohh the horror!!
Celestialz there wont be its not an mmo
LordDeraj (6 days ago)
John Pinkerton (6 days ago)
So, a Fallout focused pretty much entirely on nuking other players' bases. Yeah there will be quests but we all know everyone will just be nuking each other for no reason. Ugh.
"Nucular"... Sigh.
Fraydizs (6 days ago)
take good care of the forest, dewey I noticed that too, I played it back to make sure I didn't hear him wrong lol.
Grand Moff Tarkin (6 days ago)
Man, fuck this shit. I play Fallout games specifically because I *don't* have to deal with other people. Now you're telling me that I *have to* play with other people... no. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.
Jacob Ivey (6 days ago)
Is it me or does tod look like he's a little pissed.
i think he´s on some beta-blockers to calm his nerves
Grand Moff Tarkin (6 days ago)
That's the look of a sellout.
Derp Derp (6 days ago)
Multiplayer. Entirely online. Well guess Im waiting for whatever comes after fallout 76
Derp Derp (5 days ago)
Adam Burgess you're literally that guy who everyone else in the room asks "why is he here?".
SnowyThePyroBear (6 days ago)
Derp Derp Hopefully it does have a Single Player option. I know Todd said completely online. But we’ve got til November 5th, so maybe it’ll be added in favor of popularity as a option.
Adam Burgess (6 days ago)
Derp Derp lol lad you got a single player fallout 3 years ago pipe down. And that’s what’s next from BGS anyway so quit complaining. People are recreating fallout 3 etc into the fallout 4 engine anyway so.
Derp Derp (6 days ago)
Adam Burgess hey thats great. Too bad we're talking about Fallout you braying moron.
Adam Burgess (6 days ago)
Well if you watched the conference dipshit they announced two new entirely single player RPGS. One's pretty big, you know, heard it's called skyrim 2.
ThatLazyGamer (6 days ago)
Online nahh
David Moreno (6 days ago)
Pinewoodpine (6 days ago)
I only want to know one thing... Can we still use the console? The last thing I want to deal with is a broken main quest *cough*Dragonborn*cough*
Otis Lundahl (6 days ago)
As soon as you add online to a game with building, there will be penises. Cant wait.
MicahDatBoi (6 days ago)
I would like a pve coop mode
Hawthorn owl (6 days ago)
It's not a single player game, that really sucks
Enrique Carrizales (5 days ago)
Hawthorn owl im glad its also a multiplayer game, you really need to open your mind more, better yet be greatful they even are making a new fallout
Crush3D (6 days ago)
Hawthorn owl You can play Solo...
Iori Yagami (6 days ago)
Online??...I'll pass..
Anthero Zoldyck (5 days ago)
CorderashionC4 i think he know it can be play solo ,but online ,with slow connection or down u unable to play it ,and also rip free MODS
CorderashionC4 (6 days ago)
Iori Yagami You didn't see the full video, he says that you can choose play with friends or alone
crimson mangabat (6 days ago)
Just give me new vegas.
Classy African (6 days ago)
crimson mangabat The fallout 4 New Vegas mod is in development.
Classic Skrt (6 days ago)
Yeah give me my money back!
Zhengkang Vijaya (6 days ago)
Well look like its the race to fat man then....
LegendaryPlank (6 days ago)
I suppose playing the game cooperatively with 1 or 2 friends without being attacked by random cunts is out of the question?
SnowyThePyroBear (6 days ago)
Veres Kasuto János If Invite Only was an option, I’d buy the game.
Veres Kasuto János (6 days ago)
if theres solo mode, there will be friends only/invite only mode, trust me
Capain (6 days ago)
And I am that random cunt
Grand Moff Tarkin (6 days ago)
It's absolutely out of the question. They've basically created Rust: Fallout Edition.
master kenan (6 days ago)
so.. is it going to be like destiny and the Devision ?, like are we going be able to meet player while we r doing the story ? cuz that will be trash
MrSuperkillen (6 days ago)
pvp ,, probably like ark and rust =d
MoonMoon (6 days ago)
every bthesdha games on e32018 look like a games that came out in 2014. what a let down.
SnowyThePyroBear (6 days ago)
MoonMoon In the long run, does it actually matter though?
Fraydizs (6 days ago)
MoonMoon there were some clear major improvements, but I agree, Bethesdas graphics are usually a year or two behind everyone else which is unfortunate.
Gregory Albritton (6 days ago)
Anybody patting themselves on the back saying before hand that 76 was gonna be multi-player. Fuck. You.
Francisco Lopez (6 days ago)
I hate the fake laughs
Patrick Martin (6 days ago)
What I don't understand is that they show pvp and cooperative play but can you play completely offline without anyone in the world space or do I gotta worry about randoms sniping me all the time?
Wic33 (5 days ago)
There are only 12 people in a world 4x bigger than Fallout 4, chill out
Jake Smith (6 days ago)
private servers
Veres Kasuto János (6 days ago)
while the game is always online, u can play alone in solo mode (dunno smt like private session in gta? or friends only "session" )
Grand Moff Tarkin (6 days ago)
Nope, it's always online.
master kenan (6 days ago)
yeah ugh... it will be like rust
Cody Caldwell (6 days ago)
Ha. Cody was the name of one of the multiplayer people because they didn’t make it an integral name in Fallout 4. (Yes my name is Cody)
Coleholio (6 days ago)
So if everyone is real, how do we get quests?
N3WBSS (6 days ago)
Yeah, good point.
Wilco (6 days ago)
it'sMF Juan no one said that. Todd said DOZENS of people, possibly 24.
it'sMF Juan (6 days ago)
Coleholio 12 people per server
Wilco (6 days ago)
Lark88 probably just a voice and no npc, because I saw no overseer room in the vault and that's what I heard from others... sad, actually
Lark88 (6 days ago)
My guess is that the Overseer is an A.I.
Gregory Stephens (6 days ago)
Fallout 76 is entirely online. ... And like that, you've lost me.
Orclover Ogrefiend (6 days ago)
You me and a few others. But they do not care about us, they have everybody elses money already.
Lýn (6 days ago)
how would you know? Have you played it yet? ... Just give it a chance before you flip it
Fraydizs (6 days ago)
Gregory Stephens bye felicia...
Paul B (6 days ago)
No dude, give it a chance. They will no doubt have PVE servers too and just chill out with others who want to build, do quests and level up.
fearless204571 (6 days ago)
Did you not hear him say that you can play offline? what are you stupid? If you don't want to play online then don't, but if you do then do it it's your choice.
noirto2 (6 days ago)
mmo, nooo no more crazy moding as result.
dannlong17 (6 days ago)
Good news mod support is in!
Fraydizs (6 days ago)
noirto2 listen carefully to what he said. It's not an mmo...
Corey Zak (6 days ago)
its not an mmo.
Emilio Samuel (6 days ago)
Why does the overseer sound like the tf2 announcer
MicahDatBoi (6 days ago)
Burny Sanderz (6 days ago)
Emilio Samuel lol
Taloot B (6 days ago)
Game has not been good since part 3
MicahDatBoi (6 days ago)
autism is banned here
XxcjxX67 (3 days ago)
plz halp i can not c
MicahDatBoi (6 days ago)
i love cock
MicahDatBoi (6 days ago)
Pumpkin Assassin (6 days ago)
MicahDatBoi yesh

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