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Top 15 NEW Upcoming SURVIVAL HORROR GAMES of 2018 & 2019 (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC)

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Top 15 NEW Upcoming SURVIVAL HORROR GAMES of 2018 & 2019 PS4, XBOX ONE, PC | Most Anticipated Games of 2018 0:00 #15 - Dead Dozen Platform: PC Release Date: 2018 2:19 #14 - The Forest PS4 Platform: PS4 & PC Release date: 2018 3:46 #13 - The Walking Dead Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC Release date: Fall 2018 5:53 #12 - World War Z Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC Release date: TBA 2018 6:52 #11 - GTFO Platform: PC Release date: 2018 8:38 #10 - The Last of Us Part II Platforms: PS4 Release date: 2018 11:16 #9 - Metal Gear Survive Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC Release date: 2018 12:40 #8 - State of Decay 2 Platform: Xbox One & PC Release date: 2018 14:53 #7 - Survive the Nights Platform: PC Release date: TBA 2017 16:17 #6 - Days Gone Platform: PS4 Release date: 2018 18:35 #5 - Dead Matter Platform: PC Release date: Q1 2018 19:39 #4 - Hellraid Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC Release date: TBA 2018 21:01 #3 - Dead Island 2 Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC Release date: TBA 22:03 #2 - Daymare 1998 Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC Release date: Q3 2018 24:42 #1 - Last Year Platform: PC Release date: TBA 2017 BONUS: 27:18 # - Project Wight Platform: PC Release date: TBA 29:09 # - Scorn Platform: PC Release date: October 2018 30:30 # - Hunt Showdown Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC Release date: TBA ►NEW CHEAP GAMES: https://www.g2a.com/r/gamesyndrome ►Subscribe now for the latest gaming news: http://bit.ly/2cc8sGt ►Follow our Facebook group: https://goo.gl/MUNA24
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Text Comments (23)
Ryan Jackson Creed (4 months ago)
1:42 BAAAAARRRKING B!!!!!!!!!!!#CH
marko Ulichnie (6 months ago)
The forest I can’t not wait for this game to come out it looks great
OverLoaderz (8 months ago)
00:17 when you turn off sim assist
Zack A. (7 months ago)
OverLoaderz ^ When you turn off grammar assist.
Forrest Jacobson (8 months ago)
the thumbnail is last year i rlly want it to come out :(
Mystery (8 months ago)
I recommend getting #6, #8, #15 and #3! Great trailers and previous games I've played
johnny H (9 months ago)
I'm not trying to be mean but most of these are just zombie games nothing original just the same used crap over and over again. Yeah maybe some of them have a different concept and different game play blah blah blah I get that but still they're zombie games and you can't deny. I wouldn't mind if there's like three or maybe for 2 but there's just so many zombie games that just come out it's like getting shark games all the time ya know. It's sad to think that all we can think of survival horror game is zombies. Resident Evil 7 God bless that you chose not to take the zombie route Listen I don't mind that the Walking Dead's getting a new game I understand that the Walking Dead is a beloved series but Jesus Christ And to end this the only games I like are Last year ( which is basically the same concept as Friday the 13th the game ) Project wight
I personally don't really like zombie games. They're getting kind of old, and they've never really been scary.
Digital Critical (9 months ago)
Gamesyndrome you got the first one wrong, its for ps4, xbox, and pc
Games2Play (9 months ago)
Thanks for the correction! ;)
Digital Wuffle (9 months ago)
wait didn't the forest already come out?
Digital Wuffle (9 months ago)
GameSyndrome Oh
Games2Play (9 months ago)
It's coming out on PS4 in 2018, now it's only available on PC.
Sample Text (9 months ago)
The Forest was already made long ago.....
Sample Text (9 months ago)
GameSyndrome oh
Games2Play (9 months ago)
Yep, it's in this list cuz it's releasing on the PS4 this year! ;)
Dylan Anderson (9 months ago)
I don't think dead island 2 is coming anytime soon
Neither do I... looks good, though.
Games2Play (9 months ago)
There is no certainty for sure, yet we hope to hear more about the game in E3 2018, and if possible to finally get a release date for the game :(
Tabti Belkacem (9 months ago)
most of these games are in shity
Tabti Belkacem ?
Ankit Jain (9 months ago)
Wow survive night
Tabti Belkacem (9 months ago)
Ankit Jain it's a trash game

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