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Pillars of Eternity 2 outdoes the original at every level | Josh Sawyer interview @ E3 2017

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Rich sat down with Josh Sawyer from Obsidian to talk about the grand scale of Pillars of Eternity 2. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (131)
lsditto (6 months ago)
Can leitar, Josh
Victor Lawless (7 months ago)
Turn based Tactical! I hope they don't nerf the spellcasters , they are the stars of this kind of game. Tanks are basically the armor for the spellcasters.
Mwelwa Chilombo (7 months ago)
Josh Sawyer without his glasses geez 😂
Katie Egervari (8 months ago)
As for being burnt out - I think so... I'm totally up for playing the best game in this genre at least once per year. I would appreciate less filler writing and backstory during the prologue and companion dialogues though - I think the game is so long, that this extra padding just wastes the player's time. That really hurt Tyranny's tightness and focus in my opinion... so much writing that didn't pertain to the plot, the quests you were undertaking, etc. That stuff needs to be cleaned up if you want a larger appealing game.
Katie Egervari (8 months ago)
I think Tyranny didn't sell well because it wasn't marketing nearly as well as Pillars... and was marketing less. Even the marketing that was there, I think it misrepresented the game after I got a chance to play it and beat it. The game I played was different than what the marketing said... and I think if they aligned the marketing with the actual game itself, it might have sold better.
koffinkat666 (8 months ago)
Genre fatigue? Kiss my grits and suck my tits........They could release 10 Pillars games and I would play them ALL!!!! (Fanboy)
Erin Wegner (9 months ago)
I am so excited for this game!!!!! I just think it's going to be such a blast. Ship battles, more in-depth character customization, bigger map (I assume)... I just can't wait. Love Obsidian!
Qnam21 (9 months ago)
Loved the interview! Asked alot of deeper questions I wanted to ask!
Brian Ogilby (10 months ago)
As a big enjoyer of the first Pillars I am glad to hear this. Ofcourse Obsidian are awesome consistently.
Sephtar (10 months ago)
josh is my favourite game dev
Gasko Gaskovich (11 months ago)
josh sawyer looks so much like a turk I cant bring myself to believe he is from us xD
Gary Sanders (11 months ago)
I think Divinity 2 proved in hindsight that there isn't a fatigue. Tyranny was simply because it was cut a bit short at the end, and quite honestly wasn't too well known (possibly because of that). I'm very excited for Pillars of Eternity 2 personally, and I hope it does well. Obsidian is an amazing company, and I believe deserves it.
Andreasfisk (11 months ago)
Josh looks so young in this interview. What happened in 6 months? :) Light is everything
MHD 73198 (11 months ago)
I really really hope this sequel does for PoE what BG2 did for the original BG
Grant Wallace (1 year ago)
Loving Pillars 1....
Hebruixe Artman (1 year ago)
Josh and his crew at Obsidian give me hope for the future of gaming!
Shawn Fulford (1 year ago)
Can you still donate to this? Just started the first game and love it so far. Would like to contribute to the 2nd game
ScribbleVicious (1 year ago)
I wish they would make a game like this but turned based. I'm not a RTS person, but I am enjoying Pillars on PS4 anyway. If it was turned based it would probably be one of my favorite games.
Yan G (1 year ago)
But did they add any actually competent writers?
Michail Gumbs (1 year ago)
Coming to consoles as well ?
CRK 1142 (1 year ago)
Hey, I LOVED Tyranny!
Aksel Karlsson (1 year ago)
Nice Botox Josh, you look 26 again.
Halo Toto (1 year ago)
Fatigue? What Fatigue? We barley get these types of game and pillars IMO is te best of the recent CRPG that we have seen. Divinity is also very good and will be a long time tell we see another shadowrun.
Timpu Andreas (1 year ago)
Anyone knows what watch Josh is wearing?
Siavash Darkfield (1 year ago)
"Just because we wanna make something doesn't mean people wanna buy it." Sacrilege! As long as it's RPG we're all gonna buy it!
Bhall (1 year ago)
Question is, did they fix the horrible loading? It was constant in POE I.
Joel Gabriel Anghel (1 year ago)
as long as they don't get biowaresjwstyle i will like them i hope for the best
Matthew Elliott (1 year ago)
Slicer777 thorn (1 year ago)
What about Characters and Story?? They where the biggest disapointments in the first one!!!!
Quarter (1 year ago)
Something I always love in role-playing games, especially role-playing games like Pillars, is armor variety. Mainly variety in its appearance. I felt that in Pillars 1, the armor selection, appearance wise, was lacking. I think the more you can customize your players' armor, face, hair, etc., the more the player becomes attached to their character. Being able to add my own small touches to my character makes me feel much more unique compared to other characters. Regardless of whether this is added into Pillars 2, I am still going to buy it.
Kikoo Kikaboo (1 year ago)
Why PoE wasn't perfect: - empty lifeless cities - empty (boring) zones - lack of variety in landscapes. In BG2 you could explore crypts, desert, underworld, lizardmen city, Amn that was HUGE, elven cities. The scale and variety of PoE was too small, too bland.   White March did provide a very good evolution with more interesting zones to explore, more variety in the zones, and more care in providing extra cool content. I LOVED White march. But the WEAKEST point of PoE was it's Endgame. SPOILER ALERT. By the time you reach the Trial, things go slowly. Little by little you understand things. Then, after the Trial EVERYTHING GOES SO QUICKLY!!! In less than a couple of hours of gameplay the ENTIRE plot is thrown in your face. No. NO! NO!!!!! It looks like the Endgame was rushed while it's sooooooooo cool. You understand your previous life. Your connection with Thanos. Your love in your previous life with a woman that will be the turning point in the events of PoE. That's soooooo cooooooooooooooooooool. but no. It would be like you read the two first tomes of the Lord of the Ring and instead of reading the third tome you just have a one pager saying "after the fall of Isengard, Aragorn gathered the Rohirims, went to claim the support of the undead to go and destroy the Mordor army that was sieging Minas Thirith. As the siege was broken Aragorn gathered all Rohan and Gondor survivors to face the Mordor armies at the Black Gate in order to allow Frodo to pass freely through the gorgoroth plains. Thanks to that Frodo threw the the ring in Mount Doom, was picked up by the Giant eagles and with the death of Sauron the Mordor troops died as the land was opening beneath their feeth. The End." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Aisu (1 year ago)
"went to claim the support of the undead" afaik that's not even in the book
James Deal (1 year ago)
I hope they learned their lesson on Steam. Now, get a new engine and create new game mechanics. It's time to take the curve into the future.
Love Josh Sawyer and Obsidian, can't wait for this game.
Peter Hoogeveen (1 year ago)
What a stupid question "Is there genre fatigue?". No of course there isn't. There's only been a few new cRPG's on the market in years and there is a LOT more to cover. Tyranny sold so poorly because nobody knew it existed and probably also because it is/was €45 when it's a pretty short game.
Erin Wegner (9 months ago)
If anything, we need MORE crpg's/isometric games! Can't get enough of them!
Veeus (1 year ago)
what about consequences? what about meaningful decisions with a huge impact during your playthrough? what about multiple endings? what about fulfilling crafting and alchemy?
Chris J (8 months ago)
someone’s a witcher fanboy :)
Veeus (1 year ago)
played tyranny and enjoyed it, but there is room for more and for better. here's to hoping they give us a legend!  :)
Logen M (1 year ago)
Veeus bruh... they already did a good job with that in tyranny, their last game, (from what i hear). So best believe its a given in pillars 2.
Krishna Chaitanya (1 year ago)
Pillars of eternity 1 is your answer if you like that this can only be better
Ailantan (1 year ago)
I supported PoE2 only so i can see Tyranny to be expanded and story continued on. Im excited for new content for Tyranny.
Joel Gabriel Anghel (1 year ago)
me too
Acsabi44 (1 year ago)
Turn based strategy pls!!
crv (1 year ago)
Im pretty sure the only "Genre fatigue" floating around out there are FPS games and anything with assassins in them...
Cyco Miles (1 year ago)
A random guy that ends up imprisoned for god knows what reason and ends up as the saviour of all of Tamriel.... Not to mention the constant killing of RPG elements and Emils stupid writing and Tods lying. Yeah, its not fatigued at all.
Shalltear Bloodfallen (1 year ago)
The Elder Scrolls isn't fatigued! Millions are asking for another. But you probably meant Assasin's Creed. :P
Dragon Tein (1 year ago)
Oh man im so craving for fallout 1\2 special encounters
Wft32540 (1 year ago)
Definitely NOT getting fatigued with this type of game. There are few good ones, really there are only Pillars and Divinity. IMO the rest are bad.
Narold Hixon (8 months ago)
Underrail is great, and Tyranny is also great but its definitely not as good as it could have been.
Tyler W. (10 months ago)
iron mask of hell Tyranny was good but it felt really rushed and incomplete compared to pillars. Damn shame
Mik Mak (1 year ago)
include pathfinder kingmaker! its a good one too
iron mask of hell (1 year ago)
I heard underrail and tyranny were good.
AlexIncarnate911 (1 year ago)
Wft32540 Try Age of Decadence. It's hardcore though
triluve (1 year ago)
2:55 Yeah, it was a big mistake to go BG-style in PoE1. BIG mistake.
molotov (1 year ago)
You know what I would like to see? A top down RPG with survival aspects, there is none in the market, and people love that stuff, remember Skyrim survival mods? People did an entire skill tree for that.
The Peoplz Show (1 year ago)
molotov I won't play Skyrim without those modded expansive trees. SkyRe, Skyrim Reborn etc
Michael Thorton (1 year ago)
i want alpha protocol 2, now !
Crazy Kobold (1 year ago)
Genre fatigue?! Where did that question even come from? These games only just made their return and there are still so few of them in a world of unending shooters, boring sports simulators and copy/pasted MMO's, (who either don't suffer genre fatigue or march on despite it). That just seemed like making up a non issue.
JFOV (1 year ago)
Brent Ryan are you larping right now dude ? you sound like yoda
Brent Ryan (1 year ago)
The inequity for that comparison is great; As Tyranny is a.) significantly different from PoE or any other Isometric game. b.) Tyranny was actually produced by Paradox Interactive; That is who took the money from my bank account after I pledged in it's crowdfunding. Perhaps Obsidian was asked to distributed the game by P.I.; Because they fail to really be known for player driven stories in crpgs, suggest do I. As Crazy Kobold said, it feels like an astroturf as well, feel do I. In addition, even expecting a crowdfunded game to have the same numbers as the traditional model is outrageously absurd. Half, or more than half, of their 'expected' sales simply fail to exist because that is who is "pledging" for the crowdfunding. The more they hype the crowdfunding the bigger 'cut' into the game's sales on release.
Dominic G (1 year ago)
Yeah, not to mention completely different genres these types of games can and will play in.
Juan Martín (1 year ago)
It's been discussed before, and Tyranny is the biggest reason why.
Dang dude, I (1 year ago)
Really liking the skills being developed more, especially for dialogue and non-combat scenarios! Thanks again Josh :D
Wft32540 (1 year ago)
I love that the companions will add to your dialogue skills, too! It makes sense from a roleplay perspective (such as intimidating companions).
Glarbsttentenford (1 year ago)
Me as well :) it was amazing to have the options available :)
Marth Koopa (1 year ago)
The crappy camera is still stuck in the 90s. No reason for it to be so flat and restrictive. Makes the game look and play like ass
Marth Koopa (1 year ago)
I don't play EA games kiddo. Lighting my money on fire would be more enjoyable and worthwhile
Kikoo Kikaboo (1 year ago)
That said Marth Koopa. You like 3D? Fine, GTFO of here and go play the shitty Dragon Age franchise. It's fully in 3D. You'll be happy enjoying a crappy game. Oh, and BTW. Sorry but PoE with it's isometric view is MUCH more goodlooking than Dragon Age
Kikoo Kikaboo (1 year ago)
Faster Loading time? LoL. OMG. I can't even imagine what it would have been then! Loading times where HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. Don't get me wrong. I LOVED PoE (not as much as BG, but I loved it). Having a demanding job, a wife and 2 kids who are my absolute priority I really don't have a lot of time to play, and yet, I finised PoE with White March 1&2, which means a LOT: PoE RULZ and Marth Koopa should get back playing Dragon Age Inquisition if he's not happy.
digdigdigidy (1 year ago)
I wouldn't say its cutting corners so much as playing to your strengths. If you don't have the money and your dev tool isn't as strong than you have to make with what you got. They've only about 4 mil from backer funding and are building in unity. even assuming they match every dollar they've earned that's a budget of about 8 mil. Fully 3D rendered backgrounds would raise the cost man hours needed and probably warrant writing an entirely new engine which there just isn't enough money for. Plus I think the isometric backgrounds look pretty good honestly.
Marth Koopa (1 year ago)
So it's good because it's cutting corners. Gotcha
Radfox (1 year ago)
Josh is hot
Joe Newham (10 months ago)
omg i totally scrolled down to say exactly this
Marky (1 year ago)
Black Knight what? lol.
Hitler (1 year ago)
Radfox ew gay
crv (1 year ago)
Radfox Yes.
frogmoth (1 year ago)
Please, please: not a Skyrim-Clone!
frogmoth (1 year ago)
"on par with Morrowind's spellcrafting system in terms of complexity" While i liked this system in Morrowind, especially for playing and fooling around, i again wouldn't say that actually "using" the spells in this game isn't particularly fun most of the time, again because of the shooter-gameplay. "Elegant complexity in gameplay matched with branching narratives, great dialogue and choice & consequence galore" Lot of demands and a goal that is hard to reach. You can see PoE attempting this, but you can make out enough cracks in the structure. That's why games like for example Legend of Grimrock (1 or 2) are so great: they knew exactly what they wanted to do and realized a clearly defined vision. This makes for wonderful gameplay.
Wicked Voxel (1 year ago)
I'll point out Lichdom: Battlemage's spellcrafting system as a great example of first-person action depth, on par with Morrowind's spellcrafting system in terms of complexity, yet approachable. There are many examples of "Elegant complexity" in all sorts of games that could add "Elegant complexity" to an open-world RPG. Similarly, I'll point out Fallout 4's weapon and armor modification systems as well as the robot crafting of the Fallout 4 DLC Automatron as "Elegantly complex" We optimally want "Elegant complexity", i.e. Approachable depth. There are a lot of examples in terms of crafting from different games. We also want for the first-person real-time action to have tactical depth. I'm going to be controversial and state that every non-diplomatic skill should level up as you use it, á la Skyrim, with unlockable upgrades in the open-world vein. I also want game-changing perks and traits beyond that. Furthermore, diplomacy-based skills should level up by "Diplomacy XP" like in the Persona games, not to mention that a few feats/abilities should be solely unlockable by completing certain quests, engaging in dialogue with specific NPCs or visiting certain locations (Like Skyrim's Dragon shouts.) There must be "Called shots" in combat and great melee, including great unarmed. I'm thinking the full gamut of combinations from first-person and third-person melee/hack-and-slash games. I could go on tangents when it comes to "Settlement mode" in Fallout 4, but the main gist seems to be "Learn from The Guild 2 and Dwarf Fortress" But the golden rule is probably "Elegant complexity in gameplay matched with branching narratives, great dialogue and choice & consequence galore"
frogmoth (1 year ago)
"How can we reconcile the first-person action with depth?" I don't have a problem with that question. It depends on how you define "depth" and concerning which area of the game. My point was mainly about the fact that i like tactical, isometric combat and would vote for more games in that vein from obsidian. Games like New Vegas are examples of games which combine depth in the areas of quests, moral ambiguity and choices & consequences with a (terrible) ego-shooter-like combat system, i won't deny that. But given the chance i would always prefer a great, functional UI (the UI in Bethesda-Games is always terrible, at least noone would deny that) in an isometric game with a great, complex combat system. In that area PoE was okay but improvable (it couldn't reach the heights of BG2) and Tyranny was relatively bad, but all the other areas of the game made up for this. In that respect it was comparable to New Vegas: Weak gameplay, interesting world, story, quests and c&c. While i like these games, as someone who wants to play a "game" i would always argue for good gameplay first. (On a side note: That's also the main reason for me why the Dark Souls games are so great: the gameplay is almost perfect.) Furthermore: games like Deus Ex or the great old classic System Shock 2 are perfect examples of deep games with ego-shooter gameplay and rpg-mechanics. But again: i wouln't want to have a game like that from Obsidian. Also this wouldn't qualify as a "Skyrim-Clone" anyway...^^
Wicked Voxel (1 year ago)
How can we reconcile the first-person action with depth? Seems to me like there's a discussion to be had. A discussion we're for the most part not having.
frogmoth (1 year ago)
"They could do like Bioware did in Inquisition and do both." Oh god, please now! You try to provoke me, right?^^
Radam Smetenskij (1 year ago)
I'd buy a hiking simulator set in Eora.
Concelhaut (1 year ago)
Rich is cute and likeable ;)
User (1 year ago)
Paradox was just making an excuse by takling about "fatigue." There are real other reasons Tyranny didn't sell as many copies as perhaps Paradox hoped it would, and a lot of that is on decisions made by Paradox.
User (1 year ago)
Sorry for the late reply but first and foremost when the budget was done the game was done even though it really could used have used more content at the end, it clearly ends early than maybe they originally planned it to. The whole game needed another six months of development, in my opinion at least. People point to the marketing but honestly I think the marketing was OK. Some of the Pillars fans, who you might expect to be really interested in Tyranny, were turned off when they found out there were only four party members, no friendly fire, and cool down based abilities. I played the game several hours and just was turned off by a lot of the game design decisions. So I think Tyranny didn't sell as well as Pillars or Divinity: Original Sin ultimately because the game wasn't as good as those other games. It wasn't awful, it just needed more time in the oven.
Cyco Miles (1 year ago)
It is what infinity games did as well, spent more time pausing Baldurs Gate 2 than actually playing ;)
Mooferoo (1 year ago)
I didn't want Tyranny as it was repeatedly mentioned that it was a consciously designed shorter game. I like a long play time on my RPGs.
Microphunktv (1 year ago)
decision like not making combat turn-based... i played pillars1.. had to pause every 0.5-1sec to not die on hardest difficulty... basicly watching screenshots.. might as well make the game turn-based combat.. thats why Original Sin was way more succeful :D
wingsrope (1 year ago)
ugh. pardon? i'm just saying that "evil wins" as a marketing slogan did not reflect the story of the game. do you disagree?
Yoarashi (1 year ago)
The lighting here makes this look like when Frodo woke up in Rivendell.
xz0rg (1 year ago)
Ymiraku (1 year ago)
Ivan (1 year ago)
nik Bahtin (1 year ago)
probably talks about pathfinder games
Anthony Sun (1 year ago)
Ivan (1 year ago)
9:01 wherein Josh talks about new titles set in Eora
Anthony Sun (1 year ago)
It's not turn based, it's real time with pausing. Like baldur's gate and whatnot.

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