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WTF? - Vines Compilation February/2017 Updated

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200mph / 321.8kmh My life in a vine Happy valentine's day :))) Me Every Monday Morning. Weekend Happy Monday My life in 6 seconds Weekend! Really wtf ? Baldness treatment fail Amanda Cerny When your crush texts you first tsunami Omg! !! Opss!! What's the purpose? What? The best place to relax is on a mother’s face Do you trust your friend? People in Amsterdam be like This is what i want to do in traffic jam Surprise Don't trust boys whenever... When i sing foreign language songs We are best friends forever... That's why nobody likes teachers f*ck Just an ordinary day in Russia Hi honey Who wants to try this? I'm ok How to get rid of traffic jam Let's do it together When i'm at home alone and someone knocks on the door Fearless daddy It's ok First rule of being a dancer: - go to toilet before dance! I love my work Would you like to try? Because i'm so hungry... Omg Relatable Unidentified Flying Object! This girl is on fire... Is this real or fake? wtf too long, isn't it? Because we are best friends Human bowling Happy ending funny cows Best way to give up smoking All we need is relaxation... Don't forget to close your windows Amazing football Amazing pool trick Someone is late to a meeting So coool I want this girl☝ Is this real or fake wtf Mom smells lovely Thank God, friday at last! I love my brother sooo much Nice trick wtf I love sports Scare cam wtf omg! wtf Come On And Dance wtf i'm gone wtf Who would like to try this haha
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Text Comments (5403)
Ferdy Kartawireja (48 minutes ago)
anybody knows whats the song title in 1.46 minutes? please help. thanks
EL JEFE DE LA TRIBU (1 hour ago)
2:25 como se llama la canción?
Warren Asher (1 hour ago)
26:04 what is that!!!
Roch Cabler (2 hours ago)
17:28 is my friken ANT!
Roch Cabler (2 hours ago)
she says they were all small and she was not ok after she was infected and that was a big one idk HZoW THEY GOT THAT ON CARMRA
-N o u s- (2 hours ago)
8:45 song?
Boop (2 hours ago)
23:48 F&$K THIS $?!T IM OUT!
จอน บามา (3 hours ago)
10:23 เเม่ไอ้ อนัน
Cata kawaii (4 hours ago)
6:34 OMG
MysticalKatGaming (5 hours ago)
9:02 LOL
MysticalKatGaming (5 hours ago)
8:19 his reaction tho
MysticalKatGaming (5 hours ago)
7:45 I knew it was gonna be a dog lol
Kix Review (5 hours ago)
16:19 ( pauses)
Kix Review (5 hours ago)
16:18 (when i realize i have my science exam and i haven't studied at all)
Linda Jones (5 hours ago)
Kate Alexander (5 hours ago)
Heck she shouldn't be swearing like that tho
Penguin Lover 0605 (5 hours ago)
For the snake one u can see the shadow of the man with a fishing pole dealing in the FAKE snake 🐍
Shawn9070 Vs Gaming (6 hours ago)
16:15 was funny
Shawn9070 Vs Gaming (6 hours ago)
14:35 is adorable
lambsauce locator (6 hours ago)
Whats the song at 2:50
Jaime Ibarra (6 hours ago)
25:29 me chingaste jajaja tengo ese tono
Gabriel Melchor (6 hours ago)
At 20:39 it scared me
IJust Sqwid (6 hours ago)
10:04 I need this alarm clock in my life
8:44 me
7:31 lol
Nogxs _ (7 hours ago)
Esse canal e br ou inglês
DAN1E9 TM (7 hours ago)
1:24 BR
jokar elsfa7 (7 hours ago)
w t f 26:08
Enzo Delgado (8 hours ago)
Guillaume Comeau (9 hours ago)
8:44 my life in a nutshell.
Autumn Turner (9 hours ago)
That dude thick tho.
FatRakoon (10 hours ago)
13:23 - Selfie ( 13:28 - Pause here for the money-shot ) Quite possibly one of the cutest doggie vids in a while.
Charlotte McElroy (10 hours ago)
Wait did that guy at the start in the elevator explosively shit on someone
will 1990 (10 hours ago)
4 24 its sooooooooo cute
Jeremy C (10 hours ago)
What is that at 26:04
Jimin's Suga Kookies (11 hours ago)
2:42 *wHEEZE*
King Savage (11 hours ago)
Right on target, Perfect landing
Dobe is my doggie! (11 hours ago)
1:24 what even is that stuff? Poop? Or somthin?
Eliana Strong (11 hours ago)
Clothing? 24:37
Anna Wangler (11 hours ago)
21:50 ich krieg mich nd mehr 😂😂😂
Tender Sheep (11 hours ago)
*Some of these make me say "WOW!" Some make me say "WHYYY!?"
Sommer Plays Games (11 hours ago)
90% are just fail videos... SIMPLE FAIL VIDEOS ARE NOT VINES FFS!!!
Banana Mylah (12 hours ago)
LOL 25:57 THAT HAD ME DIEING!!!😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂
Call me Sir (12 hours ago)
16:19 Uhhh F***
zaiko omega master (13 hours ago)
4:04 su puta madre
Broseph701 (13 hours ago)
How long much has he been drinking 4:28
Tobias W (13 hours ago)
10:02 That Simone Gertz. A YouTuber, check her out. She's awesome!
Song in this minute 1:43
Shay Vassallo (13 hours ago)
Toth Csaba (14 hours ago)
What is the meme called at 3:47
Rusa Kei (14 hours ago)
КАЛЯН МАЛЯН (15 hours ago)
16:52 please song
Annika556112 MSP (15 hours ago)
13:45 XDDD
soledad machado (15 hours ago)
tender pesadollas
Clifton Dean (15 hours ago)
And somehow I am turned off too by 1. clips stolen from others (many of which are reversed in this video); 2. clips which show people or animals likely getting hurt; 3.clips from video games; 4. photos that are obviously altered electronically simply to shock; 5. brief commercial clips (movies, etc.) I quit before I get halfway, but won't try to give a second thumbs down. I'd like to.
Viktoriy Ryabkova (15 hours ago)
4:03 я аж вздрогнула
Nicy Rolle (15 hours ago)
People and animals got hurt
Clifton Dean (15 hours ago)
0:14, like certain other clips (such as those that include certain bodily emissions and functions--both human and animal), is simply disgusting with no reason for inclusion in a video which is posted as entertainment.
star fox (15 hours ago)
lol 5:30
CheshieD (16 hours ago)
12:12 yoooo is that real?! Did this dude really have a seizure?! If that's real that's messed up that someone would post that online as a vine cuz that's not funny at all.... I mean I've been in a class when someone had a grandma seizure (which is like the worst kind there is) and it's scary af and I didn't even actually see them seize just heard and saw them fall down out of the chair and the chair falling. The girl across the table from the kid gave up her jacket to prop his head up and the entire class had to go to the lunchroom. Entire school went into code blue and an ambulance had to come (though with any type of seizure the school will call an ambulance just to be safe).
Alexander Yarov (16 hours ago)
What's the song at 25:16 ?
25:25 wtf 😂
Michael Hallman (19 hours ago)
I like to jumping like a horse
Michael Hallman (19 hours ago)
What's the part at 16:59
HigherLevel (19 hours ago)
2:18 they're speaking my language, literally
Some Random Dude (19 hours ago)
20:42 Wlf?!?
maki (19 hours ago)
1:36 Super PUrsuit Mode :D 20:21
انا مؤمن اني بطيرر😂😂😂
Gwilym P (20 hours ago)
Gf: Babe come over. Me: i can't. Gf: I'm home alone. Me: 16:58
陳誠 (21 hours ago)
Nicolas (21 hours ago)
I neeeeed 20:11!!!!
Aris Al (23 hours ago)
3:06 wtf
Crystal Porter (1 day ago)
The cow one got me I thought I was getting a call 😂
Yuliana Vega (1 day ago)
Dragonball god (1 day ago)
what's the song at 26:17
kayden wangen (4 hours ago)
I'm lookin for it too, lemme know if you find it!
Vinay Pai (1 day ago)
9:50 is the best
Aku Uwu (1 day ago)
13:41 c mamoh XD
XxFernTail (1 day ago)
13:11 I’ve always wanted to do that!
jesus faces (1 day ago)
28:28 ¿Cancion?
Deonna Bowie (1 day ago)
Idk why but 20: 37 scared the shit out of me
gustavo g2a (1 day ago)
WTF This?
Juan Gama (1 day ago)
16:16 We'll excuse the F-bomb this time! lol
Juan Gama (1 day ago)
7:56... LiL dude can SING... lol
Wolfycrystalmoon (1 day ago)
4:06 ahahahaha
alice love (1 day ago)
Friend: sings girl on fire Me:on fire Friend:what the heck it's just a song Me: sorry your the one who told me to Friend:*shakes head*wow your so stupid Alice
27:13 yo quisiera que mi novia y yo pudieramos hacer eso ;D
Ninja Cat (1 day ago)
I knew every single one of these vines like the back of my hand.
Marsh Disease (1 day ago)
15:03, did anybody here that crack?
Vieiku (1 day ago)
we como se llama la canción del minuto 26:46
Florian Königs (1 day ago)
Florian Königs (1 day ago)
BrutalDoomGuy (1 day ago)
I died at 20:30 omg
Alan Zaid (1 day ago)
Serentos Godtose (1 day ago)
I shouldn't be laughing but I can't stop
min min (1 day ago)
12:30 alguem sabe a msc?
Viddy Man (1 day ago)
fuck this this got recommended to me for about a month, why?
Snowiee 06 (1 day ago)
2:18 is fake you can see him with the fishing pole lollll
Erika Tapia Farías (1 day ago)
jaja yo tambien puedo hacer ese paso de gimnacia
Artur Keen (1 day ago)
6:50, did anybody knows where is it from? I wanna know wtf is he thinking about when he decided to do this xD
28:19 hop hop hop on that horse you better hop on that horse😂

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