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Apotheon Review!

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An artistic new game with a retro heart has us journeying through the land of gods. This is a title worthy of the heavens! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Twitch: https://www.Twitch.tv/thedreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy My gameplay channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dreamcastguyplays
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Text Comments (79)
Rocker01ndomablE (27 days ago)
Magnifiently designed game, turns the 2D into an actual advantage. The gameplay is unique & awesome. 10/10
Rita Moss (3 months ago)
amaizng game, really, great great atmosphere, unbelevable how unoticed this game pass through us, I just discovered it
HardWarUK (4 months ago)
Every time you stop for a second, you are looking at a historic Greek vase or freesia. That says so much for the game
Phil B (4 months ago)
Watched your review, amazing as always. Then grabbed this on the steam summer sale for under $3 I think...OMG how had I never noticed this game before??? Its so good...Thank you for the honest review.
rub ber (10 months ago)
tons of fun ...decently deep too
Atomastos (1 year ago)
Thanks man, I was checking this game out on the current summer sale and was on the fence about it. I've Been watching your videos for awhile now, and I trust your opinion is similar to mine. I'd say it must be well worth the $3.74 I'm about to pay for it, lol. May seem silly to some to hesitate buying something for 4 bucks, but I don't want to clutter my library up with junk, or bother attempting the Steam game return process. Also currently have 15 other games in my cart that I'm getting, so was trying to narrow it down if I could. This one is staying though.
Brian Farkas (1 year ago)
Good review. Its a fun game for sure.
ShineSpark (1 year ago)
10/10 really? Calm down with the ratings bro
SomeRandomGuy164 (1 year ago)
I think I played this back at an Expo in 2013 and while I was super impressed somehow I kind of forgot about this game. Just picked it up the other day and it is simply way beyond all my memories and expectations.
shane newman (2 years ago)
very good review sir i will be subbing :D
downphoenix (2 years ago)
This was literally one of my favorite games of last year, it was in my Top 5, maybe Top 3. It is sad that it did not get as much credit as it deserved.
theshiznut (2 years ago)
Are you not entertained?!?!?!
BullCityJimmy (2 years ago)
Looks Soulsy. I likes Soulsy. Is it?
Avery Jenson (2 years ago)
If you are referring to Dark Souls, yes it is... On the higher difficulty at least. The regular difficulty makes the game way too easy.
Spatharios (2 years ago)
This game is a neat piece of art. It's as if an ancient Greek painted vase came to life. Every element in the game, from weapons to artistic depictions to soundtrack music, is faithful to the historical background, except for the storyline of course. Since the game is stylised, it has a specific overall design and animation mechanism, which might not be to the taste of all gamers, but to me it did the job very well and was kind of a fresh air compared to other games today. Would definitely recommend it. 10/10
Zeke Thompson (2 years ago)
I love the art style in this game but it was just so hard for me to get into!
G Kast (2 years ago)
this or Volgarr the Viking?
Yasha (3 years ago)
You convinced me. Now buying this game. Thanks a lot.
CamsEyeView (3 years ago)
Well, I do not agree at all about this review. Now, I think the atmosphere, music, and voice work is good/ However, I found the story generic, you have no real character, the gods have very basic personalities, and I found the combat super clunky/floaty. The levels also didn't feel all that different. it was like the same open-ended level, but with a different color pallet. The game also overstayed its welcome a little bit.  I am glad you liked it and I totally understand, but this game was not for me
sjmzeldaavgnfan (3 years ago)
I really enoyed this game! Gameplay is superb and isn´t too easy. The storyline is a bit overused but still ok. The artstyle is gorgeous. It´s a shame I couldn´t finish this game, since it always freezes and crashes on me.
GamE FrEak (3 years ago)
PC n PlayStation really do go hand in hand
Ronan Ó Coise (3 years ago)
Good review, I'm convinced.
ShadowWarrior42 (3 years ago)
This game is good no doubt but I don't think I'd go so far as to give it a 10 personally. It's a good game, it has a unique art style, a pretty good combat system, good music, great voice acting, and it really pays homage to Greek mythology, but while I'm having fun playing through it I'm just not enjoying it THAT much. Me personally I would probably rate it at say an 8-8.5 just by what I'm getting out of it, but otherwise great review man and I do believe this is a first for me.
OutlawsBebop (3 years ago)
I like this game but I REALLY wish the combat was better. I was expecting combat similar to Guacamelee. I wanted some fast, combo based, action combat set in this kind of world.
Avery Jenson (2 years ago)
I think the combat works, but what works against it is the annoying collision/hit detection.
5ick5imon (3 years ago)
Since it was free on PS Plus I gave it a shot, but stopped playing after an hour or so. The combat just had no sense of urgency for me, since it was way to easy. Also the game throws so much exposition at you in form of characters you've only just met giving minute long speeches. That, and the silent protagonist is why I couldn't really get into the narrative. I also thought the art style and voice acting was good, but that's really it and it's just not enough to make want to go back.
Avery Jenson (2 years ago)
+Max Harvey Just to warn you: The characters will have speeches that feel a little too pretentious at times. They happen every once in awhile, but what makes it worse is that you can't skip them.
Avery Jenson (2 years ago)
I'd say give it a second chance. The regular difficulty really isn't enough. Playing it on the harder difficulty makes the game seem what a 2D Dark Souls would be like. It's not perfect and feels a bit like an overglorified flash game you could play on Newgrounds, but it's still worth playing imo.
Max Harvey (2 years ago)
+Kamikrazee A silent protagonist is a plus to me. I'm kind of over super heavy dialogue at the moment and just want something to play that completely relies on game play. You think this would be a good buy?
Kurt Roundstone (3 years ago)
Also, I scrolled through your channel's activity, and it seems you enjoy fallout. However, all of the fallout games until now had silent protagonists
Kurt Roundstone (3 years ago)
Raise the difficulty
mercedeslanderkittie (3 years ago)
Hey. I really loved this game and I am so addicted to this, BUT I don'`t know if it is just me: after latest update (to fix bug in PS4) I can't defeat Ares (Crest of Ares), he even fight against me, only keep walking like I was not there -.-
Vonet Vonet (3 years ago)
Looks like crap to me
rihasanat rofolo (3 years ago)
Hm, I think I'll put my trust in this guys hands rather than doing so with those stupid IGN sluts. 
Plague Doctor Seth (3 years ago)
My only problem, ONLY problem with the game...you can kill hundreds of people, thousands even, and the hold you have to pay a guard only be...20 gold.
Hanizaida Mat Yassim (3 years ago)
theULTIMATETetris (3 years ago)
The worst boss in the game to me is Poseidon. I had to restart that fight 5 times, because he'd hit the boat into the air and It wouldn't come back down.
Rocker01ndomablE (27 days ago)
The worst was the Hades stage trying to outrun the rising lava.
Avery Jenson (2 years ago)
I hate Artemis. The controls for the deer are terrible, and she just teleports wherever she wants. Once she's being hunted, trying to attack her is awful as well. It's fun, but made me want to pull my hair out.
phar0ahad3 (3 years ago)
This game is awesome 2d god of war with souls
jtaigman (3 years ago)
Great review. Subscribed!
okay sure (3 years ago)
Yo dreamcastguy have you played any dark souls games? I think this game pulls alot of inspirationg from the souls series. From the way combat works to the way you traverse areas. Anyway i just want you to try bloodborne when it comes out cuz you've become my favorite channel and i want to invade and pwn u
theinsomniacartist (3 years ago)
good thing the plague Zeus bestowed apon you did not stop your review of this anti Zeus movement game :-) fun video by way
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
Not even the gods can stop me from reviewing, wmahahaha! :P
Hogo69 (3 years ago)
Free for ps plus members right now. Downloaded it and can't wait to play :).
chirkolo (3 years ago)
great rev bro ! u r my favorite reviewer straight & clear good job as always.cheers from Croatia !!
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
Thank you for the awesome comment! :D
o0o0o0sam0o0o0o (3 years ago)
though I respect your opening about the Game, but I really do disagree with you! there is no depth in to the Story, The main Character is really flat ...the Art is Cool unique but Simple and Simple is != Perfect , the Control is really (sometimes) is  Annoying AND at the end it doesn't Leave you withe an emotional experience Like many other masterpieces I'll keep it short at this point and I must apologies for the bad English but I hope that you can understand what i mean Greetings from Germany
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
Thanks for the cool response! I respect love hearing other people's point of view so thank you for taking the time to write this!
Matthew Bolton (3 years ago)
Get better soon!!
Plural (3 years ago)
Speaking of excellent video game soundtracks, I was listening to the Radiant Historia (NDS) OST yesterday just because I can’t get enough of “The Melody Connecting the World.”  Lately I’ve been listening to the music from Transistor and I have found the Divinity:  Dragon Commander soundtrack to be extremely energizing.  It’s awesome when soundtracks are bundled with downloads!
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
I just got Transistor myself actually, now I am eager to hear the soundtrack on it! 
thehoeslaper (3 years ago)
holy shit that game looks beautiful. i'm interested and a 10? get well soon friend, don't die.
dariel mella (3 years ago)
+DreamcastGuy Bro, you know you can summon skeletons,birds,wolfs, and love arrows that turn enemies into allies if you hit them. By the way awesome review!!!!!!
thehoeslaper (3 years ago)
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
I will live and review as long as possible :P
GadgetGirlKylie (3 years ago)
Hi DreamcastGuy, This is my first time seeing one of your videos and I really enjoyed it. I have subbed, liked and will be sharing it on twitter. I totally think you deserve more subs and attention. I will be giving it a shot today, really looking forward to playing it :) Thanks for the great review! 
Miguel Gil (3 years ago)
+DreamcastGuy same here
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
Thanks for the compliment. Watched a few of your videos and they are good stuff! Following you back on twitter so I get the latest updates from you :D
John Citizen (3 years ago)
Get well soon, Dreamcast Guy. Good Review as always!
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
Thank you! I got better thankfully :P
ActualDazChief (3 years ago)
I saw this on the PS Plus page but the images didn't look too interesting so I didn't bother downloading it. I think I will give it a look now though! I'm not sure if you have reviewed Tales of the Borderlands yet but it would be cool if you would. The game is absolutely amazing, perhaps the best Borderlands game made!
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
I reviewed the first episode of Tales of the Borderlands a while ago. I really liked it!
Earnest Bunbury (3 years ago)
Skill? in video games? This is not the way of my people. 
Earnest Bunbury (3 years ago)
Real men hammer face! Actually the last time I used a controller was on a Sega Genesis. I'm not agin em, just find wasd bettah!
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
I prefer to just hammer my face on the controller until the credits roll.
Nathan Overton (3 years ago)
Amazing review to an amazing game. But one thing. You actually can upgrade weapons. In the market. It upgrades the attack and speed ect.
Nathan Overton (3 years ago)
You could like upgrade the type of weapon. "Upgrade axe to lvl 2"
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
Oh no, well I was running around with bad weapons this whole game then haha. Thanks for the correction! 
Darius Whited (3 years ago)
NOOOOOOO. YOU CAN'T DIE! No one else gives as good or expansive reviews as you!
Plural (3 years ago)
Die and rise again Phoenix Christ.
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
Earnest Bunbury (3 years ago)
Expansive? Who are you... William F. Buckley?
HungryGhost57 (3 years ago)
I'm so glad this was on the free ps+ games list, never would have found it otherwise.
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
Free games make everything better! :)
PH CLANK (3 years ago)
Dude, I recently found your channel and I gotta say, awesome reviews! I really enjoyed the ones I've seen so far. Just a question...is Dreamcast your favorite console of all time?! Lol...sThe Sega Mega Drive is mine. I have the best memories with it. Anyway, keep up with the excellent reviews! Peace.
Plural (3 years ago)
Video gaming peaked with the SNES.  Ever since games have just tried to imitate movies.
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
Dreamcast is my favorite console of all time! I own every dreamcast game ever released in North America and still play it all the time. It just had so many cool/strange titles, though I must admit the Mega Drive has a lot of cool games too :P
mjs141822 (3 years ago)
I'm loving this game. I will buy it for ten, well worth it.
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
This game exploded my brain. I had zero idea what this game even was before I started playing it haha. Games like this are what keep me happy to review games :D

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