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How to install an SSD - clone your boot drive without losing a thing | Hardware

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Switching from a laggardly hard drive to a modern SSD will make a huge difference to the responsiveness and performance of your gaming PC. But starting from scratch is a pain, so here's our simple guide to cloning your existing Windows installation to a new SSD without missing a beat. WinDirStat [https://windirstat.net/download.html] Macrium Reflect [https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree] ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (306)
Suhail Greene (1 day ago)
bro i looked all over the internet for a working method and i finally found one thanks
XABY (4 days ago)
big help!
Tommazz Masi (6 days ago)
well I followed your instruction and after cloning mi Samsung 960 Evo m.2 it would not boot up unless I reattached my original drive, I even tried a new Windows install and it wouldn't allow me to pick my Samsung SDD it is recognized in the bios and Windows setup any help would be appreciated. I have a ASRock Z370 Taichi Thanks
Tommazz Masi (5 days ago)
opps i Mean't it has to be GPT Partition to install windows
Tommazz Masi (5 days ago)
Well I updated the bios, the sdd card does show up in the hdd option but when I boot up with it won't load windows. I also have tried to update windows no luck than I tried to do a full install and it won't because it says the ssd drive is a GPT partition, after I cloned the drive it says that it succeeded but the source has a difference of 6 gigabytes from the source (56.20) compared to the destination (48.92). any help would be appreciated Thank You
PCGamesN (6 days ago)
Probably an obvious question... but does it show up in the BIOS boot / HDD options? And is the BIOS fully updated?
PCGamesN (6 days ago)
Tommazz Masi Hmm, very strange. The Taichi is specced as being able to support NVMe boot drives. Have you tried it with no other SATA cables plumbed in and just the Sammy 960?
Tommazz Masi (7 days ago)
Anyone know which M.2 slot to use on ASRock Z370 Taichi for Windows 10 Plus 6 hard drives and Samsung 960 500MB Thanks great video
PCGamesN (7 days ago)
Tommazz Masi They should all support NVMe drives as they offer x4 PCIe 3.0 support across the board, though this is a caveat from the specs sheet: "M2_1, SATA3_0 and SATA3_1 share lanes. If either one of them is in use, the others will be disabled. M2_2, SATA3_4 and SATA3_5 share lanes. If either one of them is in use, the others will be disabled. If M2_3 is occupied by a SATA-type M.2 device, SATA3_3 will be disabled." That may only be if import if you're using a SATA M.2 in the slot, but it might be worth noting if you're plumbing in lots of drives into the SATA slots.
cbrmango (8 days ago)
Thanks so much this helped me so much
Billy Badass (10 days ago)
hey if somebody could answer this. does anybody have their Steam running thru their SSD while their games are running thru their HDD if so how did they get that to work?
Brandon Avellano (14 days ago)
Spent 6 hours between yesterday and this morning testing and making sure i dont mess up the migration of OS! YOUR video has been the simplest, easiest and straight forward tutorial i have seen! also thank you for recommending Macrium Reflect, will purchase product int he near future for my other 3 desktops!
Pugglus Vk (15 days ago)
one question my ssd is only 250 gb, I have a 2tb hdd for main storage how would I get program files (x86) to the 2tb hdd, pfx86 is where steam is stored, or should I just move the steam folder into the new hdd
James Welch (18 days ago)
I currently have a 111gb ssd and I will be replacing it with a new one that is 512 gb ssd. Should I worry about the software messing up the partition?
ToxRozzx (18 days ago)
Thank u so much this was the best tutorial i've done!
LazyyyPanda (27 days ago)
Thank you very much for this vid really informative and help me setup the new SSD to a boot drive
jean (27 days ago)
idiots ! you go to fast ! this not a F1 race ! idiots !
PCGamesN (27 days ago)
jean - not going to get into name calling, but there is a pause button...
jean (27 days ago)
PCGamesN (25 days ago)
jean your what?
jean (25 days ago)
PCGamesN my pleseare
PCGamesN (27 days ago)
jean - insightful, thanks for your contribution.
Mohd Fitri (30 days ago)
hey i have a problem during the cloning process its keep pop up ''the disk structure is corrupted and unreadable''
Beatzley HD (1 month ago)
When i did this my ssd will not boot on my computer?
Fexisepic (1 month ago)
I just spent two hours waiting for my shitty Australian internet to download macrium effect and the it just didn't work. Help
Xtenchen (1 month ago)
can you use a ssd as a boot drive and also put games on it?
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Xtenchen so long as your SSD has enough space on to add your game files then absolutely :)
Brendan Stubbs (1 month ago)
You forgot how to install MS-DOS
Austin Gante (1 month ago)
You cloned your HDD to the other HDD. This does not help!
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Impressively your comment is 100% wrong. In the demonstration above, using the Macrium Reflect software, we cloned a 1TB Seagate HDD to a 750GB Crucial SSD. But if we had cloned a HDD to another HDD it would have still been helpful as the actual cloning process is exactly the same regardless of drive technology.
Suprem Hatchet (1 month ago)
You guys are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for such a straight forward explanation and tutorial
Jose Garcia (1 month ago)
Doesn't work. I keep getting an error code 0xc000000e. Anyone have a fix?
Jose Garcia (1 month ago)
CrowF48 really..I don't know what to tell you. Your situation doesnt make sense logically.
CrowF48 (1 month ago)
Jose Garcia I had done that in the uefi/bios and i know for a fact it was booting off of the ssd, but for whatever reason after formatting the hdd and restarting my pc this came up off of the ssd. Well i came to my senses after the panic and the files can still be accessed off of the ssd. Just needed another drive to get the ones I cared about out. Sorta defeats the whole point of this video but I just transfered files and did a clean install after.
Jose Garcia (1 month ago)
CrowF48 was your source/original drive still connected when you tested the newly cloned destination ssd? Becuase Windows will automatically go to the original hdd. Only way that you could really test your new cloned destination sad is to change your boot priority in the bios/uefi
CrowF48 (1 month ago)
Jose Garcia see the thing is I successfully cloned the drive(it booted into windows fine after removing the old hdd). The issue I'm having is in fact the same error, but the problem only occured after i formated my old hdd. So im at a loss because i don't know how the old hdd being formated ruined the ssd....
Jose Garcia (1 month ago)
CrowF48 I found a better solution. I bought me a SanDisk ssd ultra 11 and since SanDisk is owned by western digital. I was able to use Acronis WD edition. I was really simple and easy and the cloning was seamless. I went from a 275gb crucial ssd to my new SanDisk ultra 11 250gb. Please note my 275gb ssd was only using 100gb and so i was able to clone it to my new SanDisk ssd 250gb with no problems. I am going to keep my old crucial ssd as a back up just in case my new cloned SanDisk ssd fails for some reason. But all in all its way more easier than this!!
iShadowPG (1 month ago)
And Windows will stay activated correctly? Has anyone had problems with that?
MrMayapapaya (1 month ago)
Very helpful, thanks guys!
Collected Works (1 month ago)
How can I install only SSD in my computer ?
Collected Works (1 month ago)
Thank you.
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Collected Works less benefit than what? The cloning method we outline here will mean you can copy your existing OS onto an SSD and retain the hard drive storage as extra data capacity. You will still be running your operating system files from an SSD.
Collected Works (1 month ago)
Will I get less benefit then ?
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Collected Works install your operating system on a single SSD and don't plug any hard drives into the system.
shanen28 (1 month ago)
How do you fix this error? "Clone failed - Read failed - 13 - Permission denied - 32" Thank you!!
KD7BWB (1 month ago)
Do lose Windows, as fast as you can. Run anything else. Real easy, have fun, and you'll never have to deal with Microsoft designed-in data mining again.
RC21114 (18 hours ago)
Friggin' brilliant. Why come here and spew that stuff when it has nothing to do with what we're all here for? Keep it to yourself.
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
KD7BWB and lose access to 90% of you your Steam library, and add a huge level of frustration to your day-to-day life too ;)
Luc Poirier (1 month ago)
Here is something that didn't went well. 1- I had a boot drive with a capacity of 750 gigs , that used only 400 gigs of data. I used acronis disk director 11 Home edition , to reduce the partition size to 427 gigs to fit on my kingston UV400 that can hold 480 gigs 2- I forgot to say that before partitioning the 750 gigs HDD I had run defragger,. 3- Using acronis true image 2018, i cloned the 427gigs partitionned to the Kingston SSD. It was successfull. 4- Many programs at startup showed a file or many were missing, and refused to start. 5- Trying to uninstall the programs refusing to start, failed for all. After reinstalling the HDD in the laptop, the same problems occured with many programs refusing to start. Conclusion: Avoid to reduce the size of a partition, that has data on it.
Nebula Demon (1 month ago)
Cloned it and during the boot process with my SSD only, it comes up to a black screen when it should be the windows login screen.
David Stubbs (1 month ago)
happening to me too, any ideas?
Glenn Watkins (1 month ago)
Another very popular cloning software has an "optimize for SSD" check box. Macrium Reflect doesn't have that option. Will it still optimize for SSD during the cloning process ?
Glenn Watkins (1 month ago)
I have no clue but it's mentioned in the YouTube video.
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Glenn Watkins I don't think MR has that option, it just performs a straight clone of the existing drive. What does the SSD optimisation actually do?
Glenn Watkins (1 month ago)
I have two questions. 1) Can I perform the clone using a USB 3.0 Dock connected SSD ? 2) Does the SSD need to be formatted before cloning to it ?
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Glenn Watkins Hope it goes well for you :)
Glenn Watkins (1 month ago)
Thanks so much. I'll be cloning tomorrow and this is the first time for me.
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Glenn Watkins Yes, you can just use an adapter, that's especially good when cloning a laptop drive. And no, you don't need to format the drive as it copies over the partitions whole and would wipe it anyways.
Romefeller (1 month ago)
Okay so i bought a SSD from my cousin recently it has windows 10 on it. My current HDD has windows 7, i want to upgrade to the 10 anyways. Do i just plug in the SSD go into bios and boot from SDD then have the HDD as the secondary then just pull over the files i want? i dont mind having to re download all my programs either
Romefeller (1 month ago)
Oh my thank you okay i will ask him about the license.
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Romefeller it depends if your cousin's is still using his Windows license. Then it might be deactivated on YOUR new SSD, so you will need to buy a new license and activate it. But you should be able to just boot from that drive and Win10 should find your HW drivers and start up. And yes, then you can have you old drive as a data store.
X (1 month ago)
audio is very quiet. hard to hear you
Jenn Graham (1 month ago)
Really nicely presented. It would be helpful to have more detail surrounding the bios changes, though. That's the part that scares me. So after cloning, disconnecting the HDD, do you then immediately have to boot into bios to update the order or does it do that automatically since there's only one drive attached (the ssd)? This is the part that gets confusing. Also, as mentioned by another person, do you first have to make sure the formats are the same? I guess another video with more details would be awesome ;-) At least for noobs like me (in my defense, I just crapped out my old computer doing upgrades...I don't want to blow my new HP Omen too ;-)
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Jenn Graham Glad it went well! And glad we could help too. Just give it a little while to make sure your machine is working as it should be before wiping your back up just to be safe :)
Jenn Graham (1 month ago)
All went smoothly! Just a note, the Samsung SSD required smaller screws to mount directly into the tray than the standard screw. Luckily, I had purchased an adapter plate (thinking I'd need it) and the smaller screws were included there. So they were expensive screws! ;) I ended up switching the SSD and the HDD sata cables after cloning, so I never had to go into the bios or direct any programs where to save or pull files. Eventually, I'll reformat the HDD, when I'm sure the SSD is well settled in. Thanks so much for the great vid and the support!
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Jenn Graham No worries! If you have a spare SATA connection and power cable then you should really use that, it will generally be faster than using a SATA - > USB adapter (they're just more convenient).
Jenn Graham (1 month ago)
OMGosh, seriously I hope this is the last question! I just went to start the install of the SSD and the pictures show them using a SATA to USB cable. Er...I was assuming I could just add the SSD directly into an empty bay, connect with SATA and power then use one of the cloning programs to transfer from there. Do we need to use the adapter cable?
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Jenn Graham We aim to please! You can switch SATA connections, but these days it's not going to make a huge difference. Some boards will have different SATA controllers to deliver extra ports, but generally as long as you're using ports 1-4 they'll be the ones directly connected to the chipset/CPU.
AnnoyedWithChat (1 month ago)
Seriously amazing it worked in no time step by step EZ PZ You guys ROCK! <3 <3 <3 <3
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
AnnoyedWithChat PCs are easy! When you know how... Glad we could help!
Mao ikki (1 month ago)
"clone your boot drive without losing a thing " and the guy proceed to uninstall games and stuff .... Dude i don't want to uninstall my stuff
z1522 (2 months ago)
Don't blithely gloss over the realities of generational changes here. NVMe looks dandy - except it only works on the newest motherboards. SATA even may be newer than the old standard fogies might still be running with. I have a compact Dell desktop, and still have room for one 3.5" and one 2.5" drive, so can a) alternately clone a new drive from the old one; b) separate all data files onto the slower, larger drive, with just the OS and programs left installed on the typically smaller SSD; c) clone the SSD to a backup partition on the larger drive, as a safeguard; c) add other bootable partitions on the larger drive as well, but usually boot the SSD OS.
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
z1522 to be honest this was designed to be a simple guide to the cloning process for people to quickly get going with a new drive. It's not about the ins and outs of the last 15 years of storage interface changes. But if anyone's still stuck on the ol' PATA ribbons, good luck to you ;)
justcallmewhip (2 months ago)
I want to clone my OS from a HDD to a SSD for a faster boot but retain the HDD for extra storage. Once I clone the OS, how do I change the boot priorities/BIOS in the old HDD so my PC doesn't use it to boot anymore? Edit: Running Windows 10x64bit on Acer Aspire E5-575G. This model has an extra drive bay for SSD addition to 1TB HDD.
justcallmewhip (1 month ago)
Jenn Graham (1 month ago)
Hey @justcallmewhip, what worked for me was to swap the SATA cables between the HDD and SSD AFTER cloning and testing the SSD alone. I never had to go into the BIOS. So far, fingers crossed, my computer is performing seamlessly.
Julian Gan (1 month ago)
The BIOS menu is different for every brand of motherboard you have. You're best off hunting down a manual for your mobo and look for instructions on how to navigate its BIOS. It ought to be pretty straightforward.
Mo786 Vlogs (2 months ago)
Does this method oem recovery partition as well?
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Mo786 Vlogs aye, you just need to make sure you copy across all the relevant partitions to your new drive.
Sophisticated Diglett (2 months ago)
What does shrinking the partition actually do? Does it just compress the files? I'm going to be picking up an SSD at the end of the month, (500gb one) and I've cleaned up my current HD to only use about 200gb of space, is shrinking the partition something I'm going to have to do, because that all looked a bit complicated.
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Sophisticated Diglett No worries!
Sophisticated Diglett (2 months ago)
Ok thank you very much for the help!
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Sophisticated Diglett yeah, I'm pretty sure the software will automatically adjust the partition as there will be enough free space. Just make sure to copy all the partitions over as there will be about 4 (the main one and 3 relatively small ones) on a standard Windows OS installation.
Sophisticated Diglett (2 months ago)
Ok i think i understand, so that means i won't have to shrink the partition? It'll just slot right in with space left over?
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Sophisticated Diglett No worries, it's really easy and doesn't affect the files at all. Shrinking the partition just cuts off the excess empty space on the drive to fit. So if you previously had a 1TB HDD, for example, and you're moving to a 500GB, the fact that your used space is just 200GB means the partition will comfortably shrink down to fit the new SSD without doing anything mean to your files.
Unicorn Workhorse (2 months ago)
Very good tutorial!
Karl Walker (2 months ago)
Fantastic I am glad you have explained to the PC community in general the cloning of a SSD system you sir have demystified the migration process and I commend you, PC ownership is as far as I am concerned to many as TRICKY but if you continue producing video containing content like this more people will dip their toe into what I call the best platform into technology I can think of. well done please continue
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Karl Walker also, if there are any topics, or guides you'd like us to cover let us know :)
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Karl Walker dude, thank you! We're really trying to show people that messing around with your PC doesn't have to be scary. We think the PC is the ultimate platform and want as many people as possible to have a play.
Mar A (2 months ago)
Would I then need to uninstall my OS on my HDD? if so, how would I?
Matthew Treadway (1 month ago)
he explained at the end that once you are confident that the OS is being loaded from the SSD that you can format your old HDD with the original OS image, and then just use it as a normal HDD
Sean Moore (2 months ago)
What if my boot drive is a usb thumb drive?
Unicorn Workhorse (2 months ago)
Sean Moore oof
sligen (2 months ago)
My issue right now is that my 500GB SSD is opening up with the same space as my previous SSD which is 128. I even increased the partition to fill the unused space and tried to redo it. It still only shows as 128GB instead of 500GB.
sligen (2 months ago)
Mar A Lmao Yes I got a 500gb SSD, I already fixed this issue. I was placing all my partitions into my new SSD so when I went to maximize my primary it wouldn't let me. Not realizing I had to maximize it first before placing my final partition. Now I got it working.
Mar A (2 months ago)
Or putting it into the right drive?
Mar A (2 months ago)
Are you sure you got a 500gb SSD?
Yasin Omidi (2 months ago)
the PC in the vid looks like mine, same fan,GPU and powersupply w/ cables
Dragon1676 (2 months ago)
ok so i dont want to but windows on it even if its better i just want my ssd to be a storage device for my games and btw can someone send a link or something do teach how do to something like that cus i have tried but didnt work
Dragon1676 (2 months ago)
So if i get a new one ill throw the old one out the window
Dragon1676 (2 months ago)
PCGamesN well i guess i coud use a new one
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Dragon1676 unfortunately it sounds like your motherboard is not well :(
Dragon1676 (2 months ago)
PCGamesN well the ssd is plugged in and its working but my motherboard isnt detecting it its in a SATA4 port in my mothetboard I cant use 1,2 sata ports cuz then forsome reason my motherboard thinks my harddrive ia not plugged in
Dragon1676 (2 months ago)
i dont know how old the ssd is but the motherboard is old well its good for me atleast i can play some games ill just try plugging it in the other port
Ivan Vasilev (2 months ago)
Thanks mates !!!!!!!!
Where did you get the background from? :-)
DrZw0 (2 months ago)
I think it's a Craig Mullins painting.
Gerard Samaniego (2 months ago)
Hi I'm noob when it comes to hardware and need to clarify some things, If I have a 2tb HDD w/ partition drive C:(with OS) and D:, Can I clone only my drive C: as long as its used storage does not exceed the capacity of SSD? and without losing file on my drive D:?
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
holynevil we'd recommend living with the cloned drive for a few days to make sure it's stable, and then you can format your old drive when you're sure you won't need the backup.
holynevil (1 month ago)
so after I cloned the partition C should i just deleted everything in the Old C:
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Gerard Samaniego yes, you can choose which partition to clone, but to maintain the new drive's use as an OS boot drive you'll also need to clone the other, smaller partitions that were created during installation. They'll be the little ones on the drive in front of the main C: partition. You can leave the D: partition intact on the HDD (the cloning process doesn't affect the original drive) and once you're sure the new clone is working perfectly you can use this same software to expand the D: partition to take up the entire drive.
KKpz (2 months ago)
Why the guy in the red look like a chipmunk 😂 😂
BeamerBoy (2 months ago)
Solitaire hackers (2 months ago)
after i copied to my d drive which was 1 tb , it changed to the space of my ssd which is 118 . how do i make it back to 1 tb?
Solitaire hackers (2 months ago)
How do i increase the size of a partition
jeremiah kelso (2 months ago)
the following drive is in use
Jodie Palmer (2 months ago)
Hi, When I connect my 3rd Samsung SSD in my computer, it knocks out my games SSD. e.g I have 1x Samsung 120gb 950 evo (OS), 1 x Samsung 500gb (steam games) and 1 x Western Digital 1tb Black HDD. This current set up works. Connect another Samsung 500gb SSD and my steam games SSD does not show up in the Computer. I think my HDD does not show up either. I have Asus Maximus VII Hero and Windows 7 installed.
Jodie Palmer (2 months ago)
Thank you for your reply as you are the first person who gave me feedback on my query. PS it was the position on my power cable that was kicking my first SSD out as I was using first L spot and not the any of the others below the SSD spot. Plus, not initializing the SSD as well.
Jodie Palmer (2 months ago)
I found out that I had not initialized the SSD. Once I had initialized the SSD it finally showed up on my computer. I first went to Disk Management to see if it shows up there (it did but as unallocated) and then I used Diskpart in command prompt to clean and then initialized it by giving it a drive letter.
Jodie Palmer (2 months ago)
I'll try that again. Let you know what happens.
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Jodie Palmer have you tried putting the new drive in different SATA ports on the motherboard?
Cody North (2 months ago)
Good tutorial but you sped through a lot of information and I had to rewind a lot but I got it and now I’m waiting on the files to clone. Thanks for this tutorial
Shadman Mirza (2 months ago)
A couple questions: Is the migration software free or premium? If I'm doing this on a laptop (2017 Alienware 15 R3) do I need to do anything after installing my M.2 to make the computer recognize that a new drive has been installed? I just ordered the Samsung 960 evo 1 TB that you showed in the video. After migrating, will I have one of those annoying "legacy" folders that essentially has a copy of every Windows file from the original installation, or is it just a clean copy and paste?
Shadman Mirza (2 months ago)
PCGamesN so the clone was successful to a point. The strange thing is that while the new m.2 has 1 TB of storage, in My PC, the drive says it has a capacity of 475 GB (which is exactly what the old drive had) I don't want to format the old drive until I know this drive will recognize the full TB of storage it is supposed to have. Any thoughts on what to do? Thanks.
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Shadman Mirza there's a free version of the software we're using, and it just does a straight clone so there won't be any extra files. You will need to make sure that your machine can definitely boot from an NVMe SSD.
JBinKz (2 months ago)
I have it was way to quick to try to follow! Once I had finished this process, in the end, I could not find them on​ my boot drive. Once I did I booted off my SSD and it was basically broken. So now reinstalling windows :(
Egbert Ludema (2 months ago)
Alright i just bought a new samsung evo 850 ssd 500gb and wonna clone mij old harddisk to my ssd but my ssd hasn't enoughf space. I did install the samsung migration. I only wonna have my games and windows 10 on my new ssd but i dont know how. Can someone help me?
Dancing Knight (3 months ago)
hello , i want to move just my operating system on to my new SSD and Nothing else . I want to keep all my games, softwares and every single file except for OS files on my hard drive, i would like to just move my os into my new ssd and use it as a boot drive , how do i go about doing that
Lee B (2 months ago)
You can only do it if your games, etc are on a separate partition to the Windows partition. I have my Steam Games on D: drive. Minitool Partition Wizard has a Migrate OS to SSD feature. This will only clone over the Drives required to Boot Windows (OS + Boot partitions). If you have all your games, etc on a separate partition, it won't touch those partitions. The only thing you might have to do is reassign the game partition its correct Drive Letter again after rebooting Windows. Sometimes when you clone from one drive to another the Drive Letters get pushed up a letter (e.g. D: drive becomes E:) Easy to reassign them back in Windows Disk Management tool.
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Eternal Dankness this is a system for cloning entire partitions, so you'd have to delete everything else from your source drive apart from those OS and clone it. But then you lose all your programs. Unfortunately there's nothing I know of that would allow you to just clone the system files over and retain the links to run the bulk of your software on your old drive.
Fadi Hindi (3 months ago)
Where to get screws for the m2 ssd?
Egbert Ludema (2 months ago)
comes with your motherboard.
GnarKills HD (3 months ago)
You guys have really made this simple and easy to go through. This is how I’m gonna spend my Tuesday tomorrow. Thanks you guys
GnarKills HD (3 months ago)
You guys have really made this simple and easy to go through. This is how I’m gonna spend my Tuesday tomorrow. Thanks you guys
Frank Boston (3 months ago)
thank god a decent video on this. nice guys!
Tyler DaSilva (3 months ago)
3 hours? it took me a half hour using my 8350
|〉 TARIQ k. 〈| (3 months ago)
Tyler DaSilva the joke flew over your head just look at the time on the screen took them a little over 20 mins to finish
WOOFGANG BINO (3 months ago)
So to clarify. After I clone. I can unplug the HDD so everything boots off the ssd. Then make sure everything is running fine and then plug back in the HDD to have extra storage space?
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
WOOFGANG BINO Yeah, I'd suggest living with the SSD as your boot drive for a few days to make sure everything is fine, then you can format the old HDD and use it as spare data storage.
mickythumb one (3 months ago)
Big help guys thanks! but would it be better to have games on the old hard drive an just run boot from ssd?
Your Game, It's Over (2 months ago)
mickythumb one, No.... The games need to be held on the ssd to get the better load times etc.
Tom Locker (3 months ago)
Tried this method as described and got message that there was not enough space. My harddrive is 1 tera (about 913 gigs) C: partition is 149 and D: partition is 764. I want to clone just the C: partition to a 240 gig SSD. I unselected the D: partition and tried to move forward and that's when I get the inadequate space message.
Elon Y. Kim (3 months ago)
Do Data and Power Cable normally come with the PC? or Something needs to be bought and installed? I would appreciate your answer :)
Elon Y. Kim (3 months ago)
Thanks for the reply. Do you think would this installation of the ssd drive be possible in a regular dell pc? Yours looks to me your own custom-built model.
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Elon Yong Kim The power cable should do, but the data cable might have come in the accessories / motherboard box, or with your new drive.
Nova Excalibur (3 months ago)
What if my ssd is smaller than the hdd? I have a 120gb ssd and a 1TB hdd and I have little to no internet speeds. If I have to make space for my ssd then I will have to re download all of my programs and games but I probably won't get to because it will take years. #RIPMYISP What should I do?
Frank Boston (3 months ago)
much bigger ssd
Trill uminati (3 months ago)
Awesome soo far soo good. I just have a question about setting the ssd up in the bios. The only options it's giving me for priority is ipv 4 and 6.. I'm confused.
Trill uminati (3 months ago)
Please get back to me asap
Steve Phrasavath (3 months ago)
Alright & thanks!
Pecky Peckington (3 months ago)
Thanks a Lot , New Subscriber :D
ZaeQ (3 months ago)
Do I need 3 hard drive for it to work? 1-OS 2-source 3-destination Or can I use my current OS HDD (source) to transfer new ssd m.2 (destination) Sorry, my English so bad.
ZaeQ (3 months ago)
PCGamesN wow. Thanks. Subscribed.
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
ZaeQ your English is great! And no, you only need two drives, a source and a target drive.
Andre S. (3 months ago)
This doesn't work if you try to clone from SSD to M.2!!!!!!
NirreFirre (3 months ago)
Perhaps check Secure Boot option and CSM options in BIOS/UEFI, that can complicate things I've heard, if you use GPT partitions on Windows that is. I'm waiting for the right time to do this (Samsung 840 500GB to a 960 m.2 500GB) on the family main-PC without disrupting the wife's use.. :)
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Andre S. Will try and give it a go on the Pro Carbon we have in the office. Pretty sure we moved from a Crucial BX200 to a 960 EVO, but it would have been on a Z270 board.
Andre S. (3 months ago)
I tryed it with: Samsung Evo 840 Samsung Evo 960 M.2 Mainboard: Mmsi x370 Gaming Pro Carbon (ms-7a32)
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Andre S. Are you 100% sure? Pretty sure that's how I set up our test 960 Pro and EVO drives.
Baylin M (3 months ago)
2:25 4TB it looks like 1TB
PateDaGreat (3 months ago)
He says it's a "full" TB.....
Ketan Patel (3 months ago)
Hey! Awesome video!!! Btw, how can I do the same process on my laptop? Using the new SSD as an external disk?
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Ketan Patel No probs, happy new year!
Ketan Patel (3 months ago)
Thanks! Happy New Year!!!
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Ketan Patel Thanks for watching! Yeah, that's the only way you can get that working with a 2.5inch drive, with an M.2 or mSATA you can plug those in first. Plug the 2.5inch SSD in via an external connection (USB to SATA) and go through the cloning process. Then you can open the laptop up and replace the HDD with the SSD and it ought to boot as normal.
Kallum Lewis (3 months ago)
Hey, once everything was finished I took out my old HDD to boot purely from my new SSD but all I get is a black screen constantly after the Microsoft logo has popped up for a few seconds. Any ideas? Thanks
Kallum Lewis (3 months ago)
PCGamesN okay I had been into the BIOS and it was booting from the SSD but hadn't taken it off Windows Boot Manager so will try that now, Thank you! :)
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Kallum Lewis It might be worth going into the BIOS and making sure it's definitely booting directly off the SSD. Maybe take it off Windows Boot Manager as a boot priority and just go straight from the new drive.
Drewsk11 : (3 months ago)
Nothing is loading fast for me
Drewsk11 : (3 months ago)
Nothing is loading fast for me
Charles Leffew (3 months ago)
OK just a bit of FYI, if you are using a B350 mobo and if you are cloning from a HDD to an NVMe/PCIe M.2 Western Digital SSD, change your old drive to the GPT format first using the MBR2GPT disk conversion tool, then clone your drive, shut down, unplug your old drive, boot into bios, change everything to prioritize UEFI , Enable network stack, save changes and reboot, and Voila!!! it worked!! did not loose a single file!!, it only took me 13hrs to figure it out!!!! so pissed!! Do not have anything plugged into SATA 5-6, or M.2 will fail. You only have to convert the primary MBR boot drive to the GPT format, all other drives will still operate normally, but you will want to get them over to NVMe asap. Don't waste your money on SATA SSDs, go for the NVMe tech, 2000mbps max/ 850mbps min vs 600mbps max SATA. still SATA SSD is faster than platter drives. Samsung has its own software for all of this but most do not, and I wanted 512GB straight transfer of everything. Good luck.
Angus M (3 months ago)
Any chance you know if you still need to convert to GPT if the M.2 is SATA rather than NVMe/PCIe??
Matt Nicholson (3 months ago)
I have a 1 TB drive with 100 used GB, and I want to move it to a 275 GB SSD, when I click copy selected partitions it says I have no space. Should I be editing the partitions to “minimum size” or is this bad? Also since I only used 100 GB, can the rest of the SSD be utilized to install new things?
Matt Nicholson (3 months ago)
Also reconnected the HD and it’s not showing up in the bios. Idk what happened
Matt Nicholson (3 months ago)
Now I removed the HDD, however windows isn’t booting from the SSD after cloning it.
Matt Nicholson (3 months ago)
PCGamesN update, I got it to appear in the “my pc”. Thank you
Matt Nicholson (3 months ago)
PCGamesN the cloning finished, however the SSD is still not appearing under “my pc” however it appers on the bios
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Matt Nicholson Hope we helped!
kotari_da_best :D (3 months ago)
I have a samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd, and now i'm trying to migrate windows to a samsung 960 evo m.2 ssd, but it says that incompatible disk thing, but as you guys showed in the video, you can migrate windows from an 2.5" ssd to a samsung 960 evo ssd, please help. Do I need to reinstall windows 10?
kotari_da_best :D (3 months ago)
Okay thanks.
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
kotari_da_best :D yeah, that doesn't sound too positive I'm afraid. Make sure you are on the latest BIOS version, but if it's appearing as a boot option, but claims there's nothing on there to boot from it might well be incompatible. Maybe check with the Gigabyte support forums to see whether it is supported.
kotari_da_best :D (3 months ago)
yes as a boot drive option, but if i choose it, my pc just tells me to select a proper boot device and so on, so at least the pc recognizes it. Idk what's the deal here. I guess it's just not compatible :(
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
kotari_da_best :D it looks like it should be possible on that board, though you might need a BIOS update. Is it showing up in the BIOS as a boot drive?
kotari_da_best :D (3 months ago)
Where could I check that? I have a Gigabyte z170x- Ultra gaming motherboard.
Zfast4y0u (3 months ago)
really nice, just tipp for u in future, zoom a bit into screen so we can see what u are doing without problems.
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Zfast4y0u thanks! Pro tip :)
AlwaysMakesAFive (3 months ago)
Thanks! Very helpful video.
Nate Prefer (3 months ago)
Ok, so I’ve already cloned my os onto my new ssd and booted it without the old hard drive, so I know it works, is it ok to clear out the old hard drive now so it’s completely blank?
immDroidz (3 months ago)
Yeah, if its booting from your ssd and you are absolutly sure everything is working correctly, you can format the old drive and start using it for storage (Or throw it out if you dont want it, your pc can run of the ssd now.)
Adam Zomborsky (3 months ago)
i have full 1tb hard drive and i would like to get an m2 ssd with 240gb in which i would like to install or "clone" windows and my most used applications and leave all the movies photos etc. on my old hardrive - thats what id like to do, but if i want to clone it i would have delete 760gb of storage from my old drive so it fits on the new one? or i can just clone windows and add all the applications a want after?? thanks :)
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Adam Zomborsky yeah, unfortunately you can only clone partitions with this method, not pick and choose the folders to go along with your OS. Your best bet would be to do a completely fresh install on your new 240GB M.2 drive. You can download Win10 from Microsoft and use your current license to allow you to start afresh with a clean operating system.
Kill-Switch 85 (4 months ago)
Hang on, would the new ssd not just have everything it? What about just having the operating system on it not all files?
EliazGamez (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for this tutorial!
Ruiitan (4 months ago)
what can i do if the cloning process fails
Glenn Watkins (1 month ago)
Format the failed drive and start over
Jenn Graham (1 month ago)
Good question, I haven't seen a response yet though.
Gekko Gear Gaming (3 months ago)
same. its so frustrating. noones helping me and there no solutions that work
Perrynoid the Great (4 months ago)
The Lunatyk (4 months ago)
I tried this with no luck using other software. Reason being is that my ssd won't show up in Bios.
Allive (3 months ago)
That may be because you haven’t installed it correctly try plugging it in all over again and see if that work👌
izwabbit (4 months ago)
so im using a HDD right now and my sis gave me a SSD and i dont need to do it from scratch but just use this program? someone help!
Nakx95 (3 months ago)
I made it. I had an external sata case that for some reason wasn't working with my crucial sata ssd, not allowing me to clone directly on it as you do in the video (with the only difference that I want to swap storage on a laptop). So what I did was cloning the partitions on a spare hdd that I have at home, then I replaced the ssd on a old laptop and booted Ubuntu from an usb stick. Once booted I hopped on a terminal and cloned the external hdd to the internal ssd with the fdisk command. Now the last thing I gotta do is replace the ssd in the new laptop.
Nakx95 (3 months ago)
PCGamesN basically im trying to use fdisk from Linux to create similar partitions and copy them over to the ssd.. Are you guys on discord?
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Nakx95 do you have any spare capacity on any of the partitions? You might be able shrink some down to make space for all 5.
Nakx95 (3 months ago)
PCGamesN Ive cloned the internal hdd to and external hdd. It says there are 5 primary partitions. We can only have 4 how do I know which one actually isn't?
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
Nakx95 I have to say I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. Can you be a bit more clear about what you want to do?
Webb walle (4 months ago)
And how are i suppose to se what you did on the screen?
Jenn Graham (1 month ago)
Yes, I'm having problems with that too.
Lindokuhle Mathope (4 months ago)
wow new this will be very handy when i get a SSD
Feegert (4 months ago)
0:04 "Hello I'm rich" I'm excited for the day that I have so much money that I can introduce myself with my financial status.
NAME NAMENAME (4 days ago)
You expect that to happen?
Marco Saenz (1 month ago)
yes, the lovely assistant.
Unicorn Workhorse (2 months ago)
Deathshuck (3 months ago)
cheeky little fucker, aren't you?
Kris Grimes (4 months ago)
Question: I paid for Acronis True image 2018...it says it's "copying files and making disk bootable", but rebooting onto the SSD, it says "not bootable"....any idea what I'm doing wrong?
PCGamesN (4 months ago)
Kris Grimes I'm not that familiar with Acronis, but maybe check whether all of the partitions from your original boot drive have been copied across, and also whether your motherboard will definitely boot from your new drive.
Tamás Tóth (4 months ago)
Very useful video, thanks!
nobody6856 (4 months ago)
How do you disconnect your old harddrive?
PubPlays (4 months ago)
unplug the sata data cable from the back of it
sanji kaneki (4 months ago)
after i clone the os partition there will not be enough space for my D drive since i will keep both my new ssd and old hdd what should i do with the data+programs from D clone them to a external hdd and then later reclone them back or simply backup my data and reinstall my programs after formating old D????
911epic (4 months ago)
i moved my os like you did in the video to my new ssd, but i somehow cannot boot from it when selecting it in bios. It says please select proper boot device or start from cd
911epic (4 months ago)
Thank you for answering. did that but it didnt change a thing, i ended up just reinstalling both os`s on the new drive and used cbd, win 7 and 10, both working like a charm now
Aslan Khan (4 months ago)
u have to change the BBS in bios probably. there are 2 settings to choose from. 1 is the standard boot device and the 2nd is the priority. it needs to be the SSD in both options.

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