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Jump Force Trailer, E3 2018

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Trailer for Jump Force from E3 2018 For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com
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memoxD (6 hours ago)
Porfa pongan a naruto verde :"c
memoxD (6 hours ago)
Esta mierda se va a descontrolar
Matt Mims (8 hours ago)
We need some bad ass sailor scouts in this game lol
Roy Perez (10 hours ago)
naruto es el más fuerte de todos ningunos se comparan a él
Tyler Gore (14 hours ago)
This is basically an Xbox version of Super Smash Bros.
gaming buster (16 hours ago)
Where's my hero academia
Demarkus White (17 hours ago)
Dataolf 547 (18 hours ago)
Axolot (18 hours ago)
We need saitama
Dr Ukato (18 hours ago)
Octo Ninja (19 hours ago)
We need: Edward Elric Deku and All might Kaneki Ken (After his hair turned white) Kirito Saitama (he'll have to be nerfed though) Eren and Levi Ichigo Kurosaki and Lucy Heartfilia
Miguel Morales (19 hours ago)
Looks like I’m buying an Xbox
FizzyElf (21 hours ago)
Well where's Cory in the house Bandai? and Scooby Doo hello?!!!
1:39 surprise real estate
Crazy_duh (1 day ago)
I want souma to be in this game he will kill everyone with his food
Chris Wincek (1 day ago)
I am hoping that the game going to have some Rosario Vampire and buso Renkin characters.
Anime Gamer (1 day ago)
Who else freaked out when they saw Light and Ryuk at the end?
Dusty Dust (1 day ago)
Halfway through the trailer: *They should add Light Yagami as a joke*
محمد طياوي (1 day ago)
Super cool a wish to play these game now
P3DRO (1 day ago)
Austin Squires (2 days ago)
I really hate how they gave us the old characters can we have boruto aged naruto and sauske can we have goku In is god gi and vegeta can they be in blue and red forms . I mean damn they gonna be nurfed anyway at least give us the updated look we had j stars and every game like it in the past I want something new . This game looks great it just gives us old stuff in a new skin
M King (2 days ago)
When ur boi Goku enters ss 1 (-_-)
Big Guy (2 days ago)
It’s only on Xbox why?!
joshua amos (2 days ago)
wow no bleach kinda upset
NEXO Fury (2 days ago)
Holy shy the detail in Naruto face are those whiskers scars?? Cause it kinda looks like scars
Will of D (3 days ago)
R.I.P Frieza
Abdou Bouzenad (3 days ago)
Shut up and take my money!
Pablo Plays (3 days ago)
Espero que este juego salga para switch y que salga izuku midoriya
MrNobody1987 (3 days ago)
I need Kaneki, Eren, Gon, Saitama, and Shinichi in this! God plz
Donotcallmelexywexy (3 days ago)
Holy Fuck.
Yorsh Martell (3 days ago)
Light, maybe you wanna write like a bitch
Nono V (3 days ago)
Kaneki Ken plssss
Biu Game (3 days ago)
Tengo miedo de que el villano sea solo frezzer porque sino seria una cagada porque goku ssj le gana a frezzeer imaginense con luffy y naruto a frezzer lo hacen miércoles :v
dude nooo (3 days ago)
Everything looking solid af, only thing I'm worried about is balance
Nate'sLifeStyle (3 days ago)
Can this please come out for switch and ps4
Matty (3 days ago)
godenot e godenot jr (3 days ago)
Fuckkk youu
fret gaming (3 days ago)
JDx Scorpion (3 days ago)
2019 why? Not now!!
Galileo (4 days ago)
was gonna play it, then I saw naruto. Fuck naruto.
Alexandre (4 days ago)
Naruto is gay
Bawks Sonic (4 days ago)
I'm just waiting for Shrek to be announced.
aiden benussi (4 days ago)
Is this going to be like onepiece burning blood or narto: road to boruto
Sonic Fx (4 days ago)
If Natsu is not in this game and LIGHT IMAGAY, is then I'm gonna be P.O.
Thank all my money i need that game
michael anonymous (4 days ago)
epic af
VicGamer 15 (4 days ago)
Para que consola es ya va ser para pley 4
Ndusk (4 days ago)
O_O WOW...this is awesome already. I know this made the creators for Naruto & OnePiece VERY happy, given their inspiration from Akira Toriyama. Though I feel sorry for Tite Kubo, because everything he did was part of that inspiration too - if only Bleach was a part of this game, that would've sealed the deal for me. But no...we got fucking Death Note. -_-
Rajiev Ramjatan (5 days ago)
Light is that you xd
TheZombiesReanimated (5 days ago)
Re: Creators the game.
CJ WANTSTOPLAY (5 days ago)
Where is Midorya,Natsu,Gonlike if they were in there this game would of been the best game of 2018 like if u agree
TheMafia Kid (5 days ago)
Lame add Xbox
TheMafia Kid (5 days ago)
Wtf is it on lame add ebox
It would be sooooo COOL if light yagami was the main villain of this game and they all teamed up to stop him from Kiraing it up
Adam Abdallah (5 days ago)
You add saitama and everyone is dead
M.M.Y (5 days ago)
Theres a discord for jump force, they post all new news from different sources like japanese magazines and websites. and if you guys wanna talk to other fans and what not. discord.gg/62MAWK7
Reianna (5 days ago)
Athena Noodle (5 days ago)
The graphics look amazing!!
señor hēirén (5 days ago)
hopefully the characters added are from a wide variety of anime, except the ones in deathbook because, you know, but hentai characters would be a nice plus;)
8 Minutoz (5 days ago)
Naruto Hokage VS. Goku Black Fighter imposible ?
Henrique Veloso (5 days ago)
Saitama ??
ElShaboPants (5 days ago)
No JoJo No GoGo
D2K Prime (6 days ago)
**throws money at the screen**
RETROGAMER PLUS (6 days ago)
Why did they show Light Yagami and Ryuk at the end?
Luvante Varner (7 days ago)
They merged this shit with death note. That's player
Dadideivid Dadijuegos (7 days ago)
Like si quieres que este kaneki por favor
Papyrus (7 days ago)
Y’all niggas better add jotaro
Zarade (7 days ago)
I'm a simple man no jotaro = no buy
Miguel Mif (7 days ago)
My wallet is telling me no But my body MY BODYYYYY is telling me yees
I'm looking forward for Natsu vs. Naruto fight!
Leo Stefanov (8 days ago)
Will this be a XBOX exclusive? Because I have a pc and a PS4 and I whould love to play this and I can't get a XBOX they don't sell them here(no joke)
NocturnalState OfMind (8 days ago)
A Weeb`s wet dream.
Call Me J. R. (8 days ago)
So goku just gonna kamekameha birth Naruto and juffy , and their just gonna forget about him? 0o yea goku not doing nothing but about kamekameha us.
Tamara Kim (8 days ago)
Ohmygod Light and ryuk
Holly Carpenter (8 days ago)
Goku, Naruto and Luffy should also team up with other shounen heros like: Inuyasha, Edward Elric, Eren Yeager, Izuku, Asta and Ichigo! That would make an epic squad IMO
LadyCeag840 (8 days ago)
Spoilers: I didn't blink until I saw Light and Ryuk!
Priya M.B. (8 days ago)
Freaking AWESOME!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!
Mlvluu (8 days ago)
I know they were inspired by SSB.
Lelouch better be in this
ok78sa 2004 (9 days ago)
Хочу поглядеть крышка игры где участвует основной герой тетради погибели :D Want to see the end of the game which involved the main character death note :D
Kibo Toishi (9 days ago)
Ryan Pham (9 days ago)
Marvel: “Avengers: Infinity War” is the most ambitious crossover event of all time This game: *exists*
Mighty Raccoon (9 days ago)
Cory Baxter is in the House.
Ace Ainsworth (9 days ago)
Josuke and Kira Yoshikage in this game please
daleketchup (9 days ago)
Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine! Mine!
Figg Amaterasu (9 days ago)
Arrepiou o pelo do meu cu
Brieonni Johnson (9 days ago)
God loves me today 😄😄😄😄😄😄👏👏👏👏👏
Fredrick Bates jr (10 days ago)
Carl the Llama (10 days ago)
Awesome!!! But how will ryuk fight? He is a invisible and immortal god of death. All he needs to do is to write their names in his book.
Mysterious Gamer (10 days ago)
I'm telling you , if they add tsuna from katekyo hitman reborn I will be number 1 in this game
TAPARDIAN (10 days ago)
I swear if tobi is in this I will pay a million for this game
SAMARTH CHANDRA (10 days ago)
i liked only becuase of introduction of light yagami..and the fucking ruk......!!
Zatiel.D LaBrie (10 days ago)
Well, there may be some Seiya but no Edward...
Josh Ricaforte (10 days ago)
What is happening
Aiden Butler (10 days ago)
More than likely light will be a villain
miles perrine (10 days ago)
Only for xbox?
jonasinn at the movies (10 days ago)
Well all of you guys in the comment section you already know this is how we going to settle our beef from now on
Mr_black 96 (10 days ago)
Mugen and Jin in this would make me so wet.
L.c. Luis (10 days ago)
Donde mrd esta SEIYA :V
JCR Rikari (10 days ago)
Whats light gonna do in this game? Write them a ticket? its hit or miss with him

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