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Jump Force Trailer, E3 2018

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Trailer for Jump Force from E3 2018 For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com
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Text Comments (6933)
Suuuuuuuuuuperb I wanna have a fatal 4 way match in this game One Piece Vs Naruto Vs Goku Vs Frieza it will be awesome
Delta Unova (15 hours ago)
Needs Love Live Characters
Delta Unova (15 hours ago)
Needs LL Characters
Divyajeet Sarwan (1 day ago)
Where's natsu @kotaku or any fairy tail members
Dr.OverPowered (1 day ago)
robert vergara (1 day ago)
Add rem..
X Raven (1 day ago)
Death note ay!
Aishwarya Vaidya (2 days ago)
Where are Kaneki and Natsu?? Also koro sensei would be awesome!
Reece Bar (3 days ago)
How many animooz are their in dis game boi?
Zer0 Sk11LZ (3 days ago)
Super smash weebs
MysteryZac Killer (3 days ago)
pls pls pls add thanos
Celrek_Lonebomb (3 days ago)
Would've been better if all of the lines were said by different characters that will appear in the game.
W. K. (3 days ago)
I'm maining Corey, Idc if hes SS tier im maining him.
zach lor (3 days ago)
This better be for PS4 also
ansontbe _ (3 days ago)
Where’s Shaggy?
Johan Jikukan (4 days ago)
I thought Avengers should coming..
JChristian 25 (4 days ago)
Goku is my favourite
When saitama is not in the game Saitama: --_-- souka
TYEREK MAYNARD (4 days ago)
this is gonna be the best fighting game All year round
Ikan Tongkol (5 days ago)
Elijah Bragge (7 days ago)
But tf is light supposed to fight people like naruto and goku?? He's either gonna write down their names and they will die. Or if they catch wind of what he's doing they'll kill him instanly..
ROBERT (8 days ago)
Ira pues
Hunter Magier Alex (8 days ago)
If Fairy Tail is not in the Game, i will not buy the Game. Seriously, Death Note?! I do not want to hate, but Light can not fight. That's why Fairy Tail should be characters in this Game. And when is finally a Game for Fairy Tail?
*When Goku goes mastered ultra instinct* Frieza: he is too strong. Luffy: gum gum! shit. Frieza: hey straw gum hat? Luffy: yes? Frieza: wanna team up? Luffy: Sure. *20 seconds later* gets shitted on. *both are on the ground* Luffy: there is no way to beat him, im sorry, we have to get up. *man approaches* Light Yagami: one of you take my refill and the other take my drink...... 🙄✏️📓 *Goku has fallen* Light Yagami: have a nice day.
*Thanos Joins the Battle* Thanos: Kills everyone Light: joins, you thanos? pick a letter H-A-S Thanos: H? Light: alright one second. *Thanos has fallen to heart attack*
vince ng (9 days ago)
This is like new Japan pro wrestling and super smash is WWE
Master Gaming (9 days ago)
never watched DBZ can someone explain to me all of goku's forms andwhy there so strong
bleachbleachBLEACHER (9 days ago)
I just realized this is Re: Creators in a video game.
Yusuf Gazi (9 days ago)
Shonen Jump? Didn't notice til now
LilZombieGurl (10 days ago)
OMG.....my jaw dropped....
Fust for x box ?
Life (11 days ago)
Where my boy asta at?
alex mendes (11 days ago)
! O my gote ligth yagamy and shinigamy ! 😲
Boss baby dlc
Pac Max (13 days ago)
Jotaro better be here
Re- NAH (13 days ago)
lol death note... gg
TheBeckster215 (13 days ago)
*sigh* looks like wahluigi didn't make the cut for this game either
Mr. Med Kit (13 days ago)
Anyone want deku?
000000000 (14 days ago)
А Рюк и Кира здесь что запамятовали?)))
Kaneki ken (14 days ago)
Kaneki ?
sam adam Chalhoub (14 days ago)
Devilman would be amazing in this
Dean Winchester (14 days ago)
Needs at LEAST Yusuke Urameshi and Ichigo Kurosaki before I buy it.
Axl Freak (14 days ago)
Que verga hace la estatua de la libertad en namek?
deimos996 (14 days ago)
SCR GAMERZTM (15 days ago)
*i like the's game*
Violent Talent (15 days ago)
next trailer: from the shadows and rubble a man lurks forward... softly we hear "Cory Baxter, American business man."
Julianna Policarpio (15 days ago)
fx Gamer (15 days ago)
where is Emperor Lelouch?
kuungen93 (15 days ago)
Oooohh i always wanted a game like this
EineKartoffel (16 days ago)
Can't wait to see Light Yagami punching Goku.
the exo shroom (16 days ago)
I shit my pants so hard😐 and this better be on fukin PlayStation or ima cry
Gaby Lopez (16 days ago)
Ese juego va a estar perro😈😈😎
I AM Legend (17 days ago)
I want nutsu fairy tail
Sebastian Jack (13 days ago)
Ngweza Van-dunem (17 days ago)
Richard Torrente (17 days ago)
YESSSS!!!!!! LIGHT YAGAMI!!!!!!!!!
Camp camp boi (17 days ago)
1:44 death note?
Camp camp boi (13 days ago)
hooligandd[1SA] all this dude light got to do is learn all their names
000000000 (14 days ago)
Camp camp boi yes)
Ossama Zebiri (17 days ago)
It will be better if my mustache boy escanor is in there.....
Mr.Nobody Idgf (17 days ago)
Death note in this bitch
Katacure_ san (17 days ago)
Avalanche-O (17 days ago)
There is no such thing as the perferct ga-
Dark Blade (18 days ago)
Es exclusivo de xbox one?
Rio Keys (18 days ago)
From anime become avengers.
GermanyFan01 (18 days ago)
This is arguably the most anticipated game of the Century! *OF THE FUCKING CENTURY*
danfluffcent (18 days ago)
Add: Dante - DMC Alucard - Hellsing Sesshomaru - Inuyasha Abel Nightroad - Trinity Blood Saitama - OPM Vincent Valentine - FF Ryu Hayabusa - NG Itachi Uchiha - Naruto
Kaneki Ken (19 days ago)
Son: dad can I get this awesome game coming out! It’s called jump force! Dad: whats it about? Son: it’s a fighting game! Dad: is spongebob in it? Son: no... Dad: then hell fucking no
Gaming Ocurence (19 days ago)
What is sanji doing with that wing monster?
Yurihyuga766 (19 days ago)
Add Jiren in this game please. Or the Broly in the new Broly movie.
Tzuyu T-T (19 days ago)
Freeza is dead
husen z (20 days ago)
Gile keren abis
Pakiss Nga (20 days ago)
Poor Frieza 😂😂😂
thanhcutun (21 days ago)
Weeb level : 1000000%
CoryCxmbos (21 days ago)
I hope characters from souleater, sword art online my hero academy. Will be in the game
Ho Hau Liu (21 days ago)
Sigh... Ichigo...
To Dh (21 days ago)
I want this so bad.
Ignacio Rodriguez (21 days ago)
Where is Shrek?? >:v
anju (22 days ago)
Okay but Light Yagami just casually watching the world burn all ominous and shit while a fucking shinigami just howers over him is such a mood
TheTyphoon365 (23 days ago)
Spike off Cowboy Bebop. There, I said it so you don't have to.
The Wandering Samurai (23 days ago)
Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho is what it needs
Raredays (24 days ago)
Fuck off xbox.. is it an xbox exclusive????
TODYS 150 (25 days ago)
Man jamp force vai mt fodaaaaaa
Vincenzo Tapuosa (25 days ago)
They ripped off emudshit
Chance Meza (25 days ago)
Luffy did a Spiderman
Lord Flame (25 days ago)
Hell yes light
VuLThURITiiD (26 days ago)
Marty Sama (26 days ago)
1:43 *death note*
Jose M Villa Gomez (27 days ago)
Better see dante and vergil
CHARROD GAY (27 days ago)
I have a Question Is it possible for Shonen Jump To crossover with other promotions like Marvel, DC, Capcom, Sega and Nintendo etc.
GaminGKev - GKG (28 days ago)
Jeremiah Fry (28 days ago)
Where’s my boys from Fullmetal Alchemist
Sebastian Jack (13 days ago)
He's don't from jump
Flare724 (28 days ago)
Jump Force? More like Jump Freeza with a Gum-Gum Pistol, Resengan, and Kameha lol #freezergetrekt
Jaywolfie (28 days ago)
Tears of joy. So much anime.
C4i3ooze (28 days ago)
I don't know what the limits are exactly but my top 3 picks to add would be Maka and Soul from Soul eater, Saitama from one punch man, and Alphonse/ Edward from Fullmetal alchemist.
Strom 0 10 (28 days ago)
Je veux se jeux
sora dragonheart (29 days ago)
Keep the game just gimme the music to this.
PheenX (29 days ago)
Watch us all get hyped and then they announce a paid DLC which gives you Saitama
Toxxic Chainsaw (29 days ago)
Toxxic Chainsaw (29 days ago)
Toxxic Chainsaw (12 days ago)
Sebastian Jack Look it up
Sebastian Jack (12 days ago)
+Toxxic Chainsaw is from shonen magazine , this game is for shonen jump character's
Toxxic Chainsaw (12 days ago)
Sebastian Jack It is, actually
Sebastian Jack (13 days ago)
He's don't from jump
Kendall (29 days ago)
I screamed when I saw Light Yagami. Jump Force fuck me up!!
Enchantingbjiscool _YT (29 days ago)
Homer Burns (29 days ago)
hype hype hype

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