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COMPLETE 28 New Switch Games For NOVEMBER 2017 | Nintendo

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Nintendo Switch gather a lot of momentum on its release day. Today we will take a look at all 28 new Nintendo Switch games that will come out in November 2017. ◆ Games List ◆ (After SwitchPlanet Approved, sorted by release date) ⇒ L.A. Noire ⇒ The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim ⇒ Resident Evil Revelations collection ⇒ Doom ⇒ Sonic Forces ⇒ Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 ⇒ Tiny Metal ⇒ Batman The Telltale Series ⇒ Snipperclips Plus ⇒ Farming Simulator ⇒ Heroes of the Monkey Tavern ⇒ Rime ⇒ Ben 10 ⇒ MXGP 3 ⇒ Ittle Dew 2+ ⇒ Syberia II ⇒ Superbeat Xonic ⇒ Aqua Moto Racing Utopia ⇒ Snow Moto Racing Freedom ⇒ Poi: Explorer Edition ⇒ Lumo ⇒ Touhou Kobuto V ⇒ Monopoly ⇒ Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires ⇒ Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada ⇒ Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate ⇒ Lego Worlds ⇒ Nobunaga's Ambition Taishi Which games do we recommend? SwitchPlanet Approved of course! ◆ Follow Us ◆ Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (354)
SwitchPlanet (10 months ago)
LOADSSS of games! and anyone count how many physical release in this video? ^_^ Share with your friends and have fun guys! ^_^ ◆ Don't Miss Out On ANYTHING! ◆ 12 GAMES TO BUY IN NOVEMBER ⇒ https://goo.gl/ruJTvE COMPLETE NOVEMBER GAMES ⇒ https://goo.gl/QMLKgb NEW GAMES ANNOUNCED ⇒ https://goo.gl/SLmrpC NEW GAMES RELEASE ⇒ https://goo.gl/hg9sjn UPCOMING GAMES ⇒ https://goo.gl/qK3ivh TOP SWITCH GAMES ⇒ https://goo.gl/hLhVLe
Gamer ZX8 (10 months ago)
SwitchPlanet were rocket league
Israel Rodriguez (10 months ago)
SwitchPlanet I'm looking at this cuz Ima ask for a Nintendo switch for christmas
Patrick Terry (10 months ago)
SwitchPlanet Make That 29 I Heard That WWE 2K18 Is Supposed Be Out On November 30th
Lil Cheesed (10 months ago)
SwitchPlanet you forgot rocket league
Sunset Shimmer (10 months ago)
I want Batman but the Arkham Collection
Golden Freddy (5 months ago)
I am the guy ho likes free roam or adventures action like Marvel superheroes 2 but i like Batman series.
Fazreeq Ali Aznan Ali (7 months ago)
My favourite game 1.doom 2.warriors orochi 3 ultimate
Perfect Enrager (8 months ago)
I am watching this channel since 47 subs... you guys r growing and happy to see that.... :-)
SwitchPlanet (8 months ago)
TQ for the great support!
Younes Ten (9 months ago)
I want Free games
jay c (9 months ago)
I really want L.A Noire looks so cool
iDark Gamer (9 months ago)
Hello i'm new !!!!!!!
Knivy LP (9 months ago)
You forgot rocket league
why Nintendo
vedi0boy (9 months ago)
You gotta love those friggin' Japanese games where one sword swing kills like 50 guys.
Ryley Vasquez (9 months ago)
Why is Ben 10 a game on the switch. You know what this means people 😢🔫
drus (10 months ago)
There’s like a few decent games but 90% of this shit is trash. I really want to buy a switch but don’t feel like buying a $300 system just to spend another 120 on Zelda and Mario bc those are the only games worth buying
Cody Hoover (10 months ago)
You didn't mention Rocket League?! That game is amazing, it deserves to be up here with the rest of them.
Desy Ferizqa (10 months ago)
Can we connect it to tv?
Vault-Boy Dan (10 months ago)
PS4 owner here, but I'm really happy for switch owners to get lots of games, it's so good for gaming in general that switch succeeds 😉.
Mundoblog (10 months ago)
Rime should be 3 dollars too
Mundoblog (10 months ago)
Farm should be free or 5 bucks horrible
XcomGuy18 (10 months ago)
Damn. I gotta go start driving for Uber again for extra uhh gaming money.
TheFrenchy82 (10 months ago)
So you "Approved " Rime ? great .. so you never review any game at all... it's a total MESS (and i'm polite here..).
TheFrenchy82 (10 months ago)
my mistake ... Yeah not "approved"...
SwitchPlanet (10 months ago)
I don't know why you say rime is "approved" while it clearly is not. 06:52
Akina Speed Stars (10 months ago)
Im a PC gamer, so I dont need a console system, but the Nintendo Switch its very tempting, its one of those forbidden fruit.... I must resist, but it just getting better and better.
SwitchPlanet (10 months ago)
even greater line up next year!
Tavo 0o0 (10 months ago)
Tavo 0o0 (10 months ago)
how can you fucking forget that
Sora Gaming (10 months ago)
I would love a nintendo e shop gift card
Lego world's 😊
First portable console to handle tough games
Stephany Fofano (10 months ago)
my favorite of these games is Touhou Kobuto V
The new me 243 (10 months ago)
no batalion wars remasterd very unfortunate
NikoTech TV (10 months ago)
Nice I can play Resident Evil Revelation 2 on Nintendo
jill stanhope (10 months ago)
I wouldn't think that the new mario and mario kart came from the same console as most of these games . not to piss on any ones chips here but some of these games just look awful . I don't remember games looking that bad on the Wii u . I'm looking through the comments and no one else is saying this maybe it's just me but I think that if Microsoft made a hand held xbox 360 all their games would look better than the games on here . I've got a switch but I can't have it untill Xmas.
Serhat Torbali (10 months ago)
"PAL" ? Really ? Are we in 1990 yet ?
Phill McCracken (10 months ago)
I wonder if they'll make a starfox adventure remake
Lil Cheesed (10 months ago)
Nintendo Trynna kill us with all these games in one moth
Seth .E (10 months ago)
Ben ten.......triple A my ass
Jeh76 (10 months ago)
loading . . . Corn_Hub it's the best game on the system
NateTastic (10 months ago)
I remeber downloading the demo for resident evil on the 3ds! Good times... good times
Garrett M (10 months ago)
Did they miss Rocket League?...
Warren Malone (10 months ago)
I thought there was an Archer game for the first few frames of the batman game.
Sooo, I already have skyrim, doom, la noire, batman, farm simulator and resident evil revelations on older platforms. The other games did not managed to grab my attention. I'm thinking that the swtich's line up is really weak this year... Excecept, of couse for mario and zelda which are awesome.
Erik Perez Do I care about games I already beat several times before? Btw I own a switch. I want new games, not old ones at full price.
andrew smyth (10 months ago)
Stick it to the man...well worth a purchase
MrKavimaz (10 months ago)
what a strong line up!
Mimita Chabi (10 months ago)
There is no switch here un m'y country its too bad
Mirko Gigliotti (10 months ago)
Battle Chasers: Nightwar??
Alek Sand (10 months ago)
Aca a ecuador no llega la switch por menos de $750...
John Conor (10 months ago)
all i see are a bunch of downgraded versions of past games and a bunch of old ass titles.
Bigbad Crawford (10 months ago)
I just got mine as an early xmas gift. Recovering after an op and stuck in bed and the mrs bought me a switch with mario kart 8, mario odyssey and Zelda BOTW. I am so excited and impressed with the build quality. I currently own a ps4 pro as my main console. I have a feeling I might end up playing this more. It has the fun factor and great exclusives. I have a feeling this thing will be the xmas best console seller 2017.
Double_Joseph (10 months ago)
Nintendo is stupid for not getting cuphead on the switch. Would be a total cash cow.
Tatogamer2018 (10 months ago)
Hoy is waiting for doom Skyrim and resident evil 😇😇😇😇😇😂😂🤑🤑
apiwatbob (10 months ago)
Just bought Monopoly and my daughters love it so much! great graphics and really easy to understand gameplays. GREAT
Daniel Sánchez (10 months ago)
Forever Batman
Нинтенда, все весьма нехорошо.
Shael Contreras (10 months ago)
i want a gift card plz
ice ruler king (10 months ago)
Matheus (10 months ago)
Samurai Warriors , dinasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi .... All of this games , are the same shit
YourBoiSeal (10 months ago)
Doom, Batman, skyrim and maybe la noire
trumpeter811 (10 months ago)
God damn the list became a total shit show after batman telltale... like 10 good games the rest are absolute shit
BlackSn0wz (10 months ago)
I want Doom, MXGP 3, and SNOW.
BlackSn0wz (10 months ago)
mxgp 3 YES!
junior vallejo (10 months ago)
Shit I want all these games
Erick C!fu (10 months ago)
Dude ur missing rocket league
Angel eyes 6598 (10 months ago)
That's a lot of guke shit
The only games I will buy is Skyrim and doom
le Passionné 54 (10 months ago)
Forgot about rocket league november 14 ?
le Passionné 54 (10 months ago)
Ohhhh okais thanks
SwitchPlanet (10 months ago)
video was published before the release date announcement ^_^
Demétrius Daffara (10 months ago)
Doom, Skyrim, L.A. Noire, Resident Evil Revelations, Sonic Forces, Ittle Dew 2, Rime and Poi: Explorer Edition (that I got digital!) Way too many great games! Doing my best to keep up!
Eing van den Akker (10 months ago)
give us gta v switch
Alec L. (10 months ago)
You forgot ROCKET LEAGUE!!
SwitchPlanet (10 months ago)
this video was published before they announce the release date ^_^
Super Nintega (10 months ago)
My wallet is gonna have negative dollars when I get these games
Tagoma (10 months ago)
SwitchPlanet (10 months ago)
this video was published before rocket league's release date announced ^_^
James Keith Tampus (10 months ago)
Only Doom,Skyrim,L.A Noire caught my attention on this list.
Dzian Kolack (10 months ago)
Next from Rockstar I want GTA V Next from Bethesda I want Fallout 4 Next from Konami I want a Metal Gear Switch Collection AND WHEN WILL TERRARIA LAUNCH ALREADY JESUS PIPEWORKS PORT IT FASTER
Leonardo Valle (10 months ago)
The resident looks awesome! but honestly some games looks for childrens but it's ok!
Flick flock Andrew (10 months ago)
Paul Padden (10 months ago)
Fuck how can I get my GF a Christmas gift?
Paul Padden (10 months ago)
I got hired at my job just in time :)
ChrismanFTW (10 months ago)
What about rocket League 😐
Dave Buford (10 months ago)
Wait...Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, AND Warriors Orochi!? Plus, Fire Emblem Warriors was released recently. I'm so glad I have a Switch. I feel bad for my PS4 now.
Felkrom (10 months ago)
and battle chasers: nightwar ??
Skygazer (10 months ago)
Revelations was already on 3ds
Chris of STARS (10 months ago)
Third parties carrying the Switch in November in force.
hjames78 (10 months ago)
How come every time Nintendo shows these party games the person that seems to be losing is smiling the most?
mEmEMASTER nOOB (10 months ago)
thh i hate snipperclips like god now they’re releasing a new on what the fuck Snipperclips fans please dont eat my ass
Eddy Oriz (10 months ago)
Mrkingddx D (10 months ago)
After nobody was willing to give the Wii U 100%, it's good to see that people are really putting some effort into making the switch what it has the potential to be
Denzel Jackson (10 months ago)
I would love to see star fox, metorid and donkey kong also an re releasing the pokemon stadium games as well in the switch counsels to.
Kaguya (10 months ago)
Apparently This Year Is Warriors Games Galore And I Welcome It.
Chris of STARS (10 months ago)
Clifford Mayatt Agreed.
Nier Automata (10 months ago)
Just in time for Xmas. The Switch will sellout for the holidays
Chris of STARS (10 months ago)
Erik Perez I'm sorry you got upset for some reason, but I just find business financials interesting when it comes to videogames. That's it. I also own stock in all three companies Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony so it's of further interest to me. So someone like you really has no business telling me what to do. Now are you finished with your strange emotional rant?
Chris of STARS (10 months ago)
Erik Perez Many people.
Chris of STARS (10 months ago)
Nier Automata Who will win in December, Switch, PS4, or XBox One?
palmerzero (10 months ago)
They should not be full price for games that been out for years. 20 to 30 should be the price
Rapid Sonic (10 months ago)
Sonic forces hype!
El Coki (10 months ago)
Ittle looks good
Malik Crim (10 months ago)
Why did Nintendo force most of the 3rd party games to release in November?
Chris of STARS (10 months ago)
Malik Crim I think some developers are taking advantage of the fact that there are no first party releases in November. It's an opportunity to get that ca$h.
Terry07 (10 months ago)
This is crazy
Mr. Banned (10 months ago)
When are we getting Dragon Quest? 😪
Mr. Banned (10 months ago)
DBH (10 months ago)
I'm interested in Skyrim, L.A.NOIRE Ryme and I'm waiting for Xenoblade 2 in December
NyQuiiL Cold & Flu (10 months ago)
La Noire so underrated and needs a follow up
Random Guy (10 months ago)
I’m totally purchasing Doom holy shit. I was considering purchasing Sonic Forces but the trailers are getting a little iffy.
Marco Peralta (10 months ago)
Wwe ?!
SwitchPlanet (10 months ago)
wwe is fall 2017, might be November or December ^_^
Heng Alvin (10 months ago)
Is Orochi 3 ultimate in English language or JP only
Heng Alvin (10 months ago)
apparently it only release in JP region for now
Chris of STARS (10 months ago)
Heng Alvin Pretty sure it'll be English.
Monsi - Gaming (10 months ago)
It‘s a shame that games like the Resident Evil Revelations collection or maybe even Batman: The Telltale Series don‘t get physical versions here in Europe/Germany.
Randy Cook (10 months ago)
November seems to be the month to trade in some older 360, ps4, ps2 and Wii U games collecting dust that I either back catalogued and haven't played or games I beat or didn't care for. I could probably get 5 or 6 of these on trade in. Woot Woot
Edward Flores (10 months ago)
Did I see Samanosuke? I need another Onimusha game!
Thuggee (10 months ago)
is that all ;)
Ken Kanekyyy (10 months ago)
Were is octopath traveler
SwitchPlanet (10 months ago)
2018 my friend ^_^

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