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All 29 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update | Nintendo News

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This week 3 May 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games announcements and release date update. Which one of these games do you like? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ TOP 12 Upcoming ACTION Games On Nintendo Switch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkdJLCp0oyc -Follow Us- Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (3 months ago)
(NEW!)TOP 12 Upcoming ACTION Games On Nintendo Switch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkdJLCp0oyc
dathip (3 months ago)
Wild Mage phantom Twilight, gunvolt luminones X, and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate look very interesting! Thanks switch planet. Didn't hear about mage phantom and gunvolt luminous x
KiDKeYz1000 (2 months ago)
Every time I watch one of these videos I shed a single tear
Game Playerr (2 months ago)
nice video 💗💜💗
Chase The Great Palmer (2 months ago)
Whats up with all these shitty broswer and play store tier games?...
Gark Khai Ming (2 months ago)
Can’t wait for monster hunter ! Does it come along with Chinese Version ?
WARG games (2 months ago)
Gente eu acabei de criar uma página no Facebook, nós trataremos sobre o assunto games, de qualquer plataforma deem uma olhada lá https://www.facebook.com/WarggamesBr-2232091980164287/
Adriano142 Blabs (3 months ago)
I don't like the indies
Adriano142 Blabs (3 months ago)
Like if you think that smash bros is overrated
El PeckosS (3 months ago)
no news on Shin megami 5 ? :( sad, i am ...
issaciams (3 months ago)
I like warriors orochi games but why orochi 4? That is a 7 year old game. Why not a newer one!?! Anyways, there are now a lot of games I want for my Switch and a good amount of indie games look very interesting. Decent update here.
You[']r[e] wrong (3 months ago)
A warriors game on the Switch? Yeah!
David Phillips (3 months ago)
Whine and whine people shut up!! Omg!! The switch is great . omg doesn't have cod omg doesnt have this or that. Companies decided to not put their time into the machine. & now because of an absolute massive success 3rd parties are joining so it takes time to rewrite codes etc. Programming all of it. Its all about the $
casey arrow (3 months ago)
So anyone else get the domestic violence add I wonder if they'll ever do one where the woman is the one instigating the violence or abuse fucking tards
Patrick Koller (3 months ago)
90% are Shit!
Abdulimaguli (3 months ago)
lol Shinbi
Seniku Moonjewel (3 months ago)
Mars Horizon!! Day one buy!
s vargas (3 months ago)
More Indie crap...
Leon Munchen (3 months ago)
We just want Oblivion for Switch!!!
Dakota Howell (3 months ago)
Fucking Nintendo needs to put effort into the console all that is released on it are games that could probably be played off a fucking 2ds, instead of just porting old games put effort into big games that keep people interested. I have only had my switch since February and already want to sell it for lack of decent games don't get me wrong a few have come out but nothing amazing other than the story of Xenoblade Chronicles 2
César Guazzelli (3 months ago)
I'm regreting the decision of buying a Switch.. Why i did that?
That Nigga Venom (3 months ago)
Is that shinbi lol
Nevarnost (3 months ago)
Name of the intro song?
Hüseyin Alpsar (3 months ago)
Exclusives is powerful on switch but if we are talk about the third party games there is just garbages :(
SamuCosmog (3 months ago)
E3 (maybe fortnite) will be the life saver for the NINTENDO SWITCH
Daniel Natale (3 months ago)
Why you gotta betray me DXXX use a shot from MHW on your thumbnail photo for the video only to announce HMGen on the switch DXXX. Don't get me wrong I love MHGen but Fr all your thumbnail photo show these awesome looking high quality NEW big games or New games people know about which many know of as games on other consoles only to see nothing but small indie games (Love indie btw) as the content for the video. come on.
Daniel Natale (3 months ago)
Yes but that photo is from MHworld
Melonator (3 months ago)
Daniel Natale Teostra is also from mhgen
King B (3 months ago)
Looks like a bunch of old ass ports and multiplats lol.
Ivan Sheh (3 months ago)
where did Nintendo announce these games? I didn't see from Nintendo official website
Wet Dream (3 months ago)
This is why I unsubscribed but for some reason YouTube still sends me notifications for this shitty channel
Syfyky (3 months ago)
I like how the first game is using the character model (Shinbi) from paragon.
xdecemberguy1 (3 months ago)
As usual crap.
Zachary Foster (3 months ago)
The Legend of Mage: Breath of the Wild Twilight Princess Phantom Hourglass
D Daniels (3 months ago)
Zachary Lowe (3 months ago)
So that first person in the wild mage game is totally Shinbi from paragon
piratatrillo trillo (3 months ago)
Oh o.k!! so, the switch is the Vita 1.5? got it!!!
David T (3 months ago)
piratatrillo trillo yeah didn't know Vita had big games like Wolfenstein 2, Dark Souls and crash. It git one COD game and that's it!
joosunkmybattleship (3 months ago)
These developers are really charging full price for these games you can get from the app store for 2.99
Sam Smith (3 months ago)
It's shinbi !!
enemyofyourface (3 months ago)
I think a lot of you cannot read or comprehend, the title doesn't say "29 totally awesome games announced" it says "ALL 29 games announced..." MEANING ALL GAMES ANNOUNCED, not the ones they think are good or bad, not games they think you will like, its ALL FUCKING GAMES ANNOUNCED YOU INBREDS!
John Evans (3 months ago)
I bought a switch because at first it seemed 3rd party developers were on board and there was hope Nintendo would bounce back. After a great first year now all we get are ports of old ass games! Then a shit ton of mobile games or indie games that don’t look appealing at all! I think the hype train is starting to slow down on this system! I didn’t pay 300 bucks for a system that only plays phone apps and ports of old games!
David T (2 months ago)
KiDKeYz1000 casual!
KiDKeYz1000 (2 months ago)
John Evans I feel your pain.
David T (3 months ago)
Forgot my name yeah because Vita had the third party games Switch is getting. The two of you are complete idiots and btw, The Vita was a good console with good games so I don't know how that's a bad thing.
Forgot my name (3 months ago)
David T sounds like the vita
David T (3 months ago)
John Evans give me Blazeblue over Splinter Cell any day. Be gone dude bro!
Ice 2 (3 months ago)
This channel isn't for me, more success to you guys though.
David T (3 months ago)
Ice 2 thank you for admitting it, au revoir!
Janiel (3 months ago)
Hello Neighbour on the Nintendo Switch? Physical release? Great!
90% trash
Billy Gil Music (3 months ago)
ew no thank you...
Jules Dedoro (3 months ago)
20 Nintendo Switch games 1.Lego X-Men 2.Lego Avengers 2 3.X-men Legends Collection 4.Marvel Vs Capcom Anniversary Collection 5.Marvel Heroes Omega 6.Bloody Roar Collection 7.GTA V 8.NBA JAM 9.God Of War Trilogy 10.Dragon Ball Fighterz 11.Megaman X9 12.Megaman X10 13.Tekken Tag 2 14.The Last Blade 2 15.The King Of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match 16.The King Of Fighters Neo Wave 17.The King Of Fighters 2005 18.Samurai Shodown 6 19.Capcom Vs SNK 2 20.WWE 2K19
Spr0nt (3 months ago)
I'm can't wait till Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate
Yuzu Aihara (3 months ago)
For Wild Mage Phantom Twilight (the first game shown) it looks like they took a character from paragon and re-skinned it here lol. If it is the case, then I'm glad the paragon assests were sent to the public for free
nivlek (3 months ago)
so... a bunch of 2d games and reboots...this is why i bought a 250 dollar switch..."sigh"
David T (3 months ago)
Ant eater eating man YS 8 SNK Heroines, Valkryia Chronicles 4, Disgea 1, Guilty Gear, Valkryia Chronicles 1, Shinning Resonance, World Ends with you all come out this year. Monster Hunter too.
David T (3 months ago)
nivlek they are good. Not Nintendo's fault you don't like Nintendo exclusives or Japanese/ indie games. You should have researched the product more. Everyone knows Xbox is for those types of games that you want.
David T (3 months ago)
Ant eater eating man and I want the Pacman game on Switch, looks decent.
David T (3 months ago)
Ant eater eating man get Dragon Quest Builder's, Attack on Titan 2, Lost Sphear, Bayonetta 1 and 2 if you haven't played them and Blazeblue, Octopath Traveler comes out next month and if you're a weeb, you'd like No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again.
Ant eater eating man (3 months ago)
David T nope i love xenoblade chronicles 2, botw. On my ps4 my goty is nier automata and persona 5. I am more of a weeb and i am complaining because i want more of these quality games from nintendo. You cant deny that the first half of 2018 nintendo is flooded with indies ports shovelwares androids and ios.... I had a fking NINTENDO SWITCH for god sake. A console that handled 2017 GOTY........ i dont use this fking thing for clash of clans, stickman legends, zombie avenger. I dont use this thing for candy crush or any 16bit 8 bit Atari style eyesore graphics minigames.... For games like these I use my fking Mobile phone. Whats next? Nintendo tetris? Pacman HD?? Super whack a mole?..galaga!! Are u content with games like these??
dicksucking slut (3 months ago)
Pokèmaster14 (3 months ago)
That first game uses Shinbi’s model from Paragon. Miss that game so much
Weedy Sneedy (3 months ago)
circasurvive shines (3 months ago)
I am starting to regret buying a switch. I mean it's just ports and indie games really Nintendo. I heard no virtual console is coming to this system that's bullshit I am really disappointed in Nintendo
nowonmetube (3 months ago)
Stop bitching, the second year has just begun and I don't even have time to play all the games. The big games are still about to come out! Some of them even this year and you're still complaining. I'm sick of this. Moron.
TuNonSeiTu (3 months ago)
Mate, the e3 is round the corner. They can't announce game now
Forgot my name (3 months ago)
Donaldo alvares I don’t want to hate Nintendo but most of these games look like a they came from the iOS store
Donaldo alvares (3 months ago)
circasurvive shines yeee I wanted GameCube game to play on my switch cuz my pc sucks ass and I'm not doing to bought 100$+ rare games like fire emblem Path of Radiance
Aubrey Moseley (3 months ago)
Getting better .. sloooooowly ,but getting there a few good games on this list..
Ryuko Gaming (3 months ago)
You should dedicate a video to the otome games that Idea Factory just announced on the 10th. It’s awesome that they’re finally coming to Switch. I knew they would! I pray they’ll be localized.
Ryuko Gaming (3 months ago)
I bet the first thing in the comments section is the obligatory “too many indies” comment.
Romel Watiwat (3 months ago)
The mhgu is an exception from those trashy games
You Don't Know Me (3 months ago)
New monster hunter coming to the switch!!!!! Im happy now
You Don't Know Me (3 months ago)
Ant eater eating man me too
Ant eater eating man (3 months ago)
You Don't Know Me i expect at least a 60fps upgrade
You Don't Know Me (3 months ago)
Ant eater eating man Doesn't matter if it bombed in japan, i know for a fact i'll this
Ant eater eating man (3 months ago)
You Don't Know Me nope just a straight up lazy port from the japanese 3ds version without any upgrades extra contents. Btw the japanese version of this game on switch bombed reaaal hard.....
yosmany cardenas (3 months ago)
i hate my switch...i want my money backkk
Dragoner Productions (3 months ago)
Hu I didn't think they would bring the new warriors orichi here. Monster hunter generations thou, very nice. Midnight sanctuary is also pretty cool. Also stop putting boring ass indie games here, half of these are shovelware.
Robert Gibson (3 months ago)
Monster Hunter!!!!!
Natsu4Fairytail Flame (3 months ago)
Best line up in a while! !!!! Excluding the indie..
Mike Dayton (3 months ago)
A new Gunvolt game, hit damn
roberto guilhon (3 months ago)
Milanoir? Realy?
Power Cyclone (3 months ago)
just some more trash,keep supporting indie developers nintendo we'll see how you far it'll get you
Forgot my name (3 months ago)
David T That’s your opinion
David T (3 months ago)
Forgot my name Mario Odyssey has out sold every PS4 exclusive. I think Mario Kart 8: Deluxe and Zelda: BOTW has too.
David T (3 months ago)
Forgot my name Switch has the better games period. Just look at the reviews and sales of the exclusives compared to PS4.
Forgot my name (3 months ago)
David T thanks I could enjoy the ps4 library of game than the switch
David T (3 months ago)
Power Cyclone I'll have fun with goty game's botw and Mario Oddysey etc etc, 97% on metacritic. The best of the best.
Anarchon D (3 months ago)
Wild mage looks cool. Their kickstarter is close to being able to develop multiplayer too with the switch version!
dEvOUr mE (3 months ago)
I didn’t like any !!! 😏
Warriors Orochi 4 HYPE
Noc Fox (3 months ago)
“About time, Capcom” Nice
xXnobu16Xx (3 months ago)
Dinasty warrior in switch WTF?? 0:50
liam bradley (3 months ago)
First don't complain the title promised no specific types of games. Stop complaining like it's Nintendo's fault. Torture and murder occur everyday and you all complain as if not bringing out big games for a few month is a sin... Big games take time to make and obviously they're gonna wait till e3. Why complain when 3rd party companies aren't putting games on them blame Nintendo? There are enough games to last thousands of hours between the exclusives and 3rd party AAA games. I can guarantee there are multiple games you have that you haven't experienced to their potential yet. I bet there are games you'd love you haven't given a chance because you're too busy complaining about indie games like they're all terrible. Yes I get we want huge game announcements, I remove my irritation like an actual rational person. E3 is a month away it's not exactly the time to complain
Ian Crawford (3 months ago)
Whats the song at the front of all the videos? I want to listen to it in its entirety.
guily6669 (3 months ago)
Crash Bandicoot hell yeah!
Silydragon 55 (3 months ago)
they keep adding more and more games similar to Dynasty Warriors... When will it stop???
David T (3 months ago)
Silydragon 55 never probably. Don't like em, don't buy em a wise man once said!
Sijmen Kroon (3 months ago)
Men i love your intro
Paweł Horaczy (3 months ago)
Byeong Gwan Seo (3 months ago)
Seriously, Why the hell did I buy Switch.
KiDKeYz1000 (2 months ago)
I asked myself everyday, the marketing for the switch was great tho
nowonmetube (3 months ago)
Ice 2 shut up
nowonmetube (3 months ago)
Seriously, why the hell have you been born.
David T (3 months ago)
Ice 2 sheep follow the crowd aka you with your mainstream aaa titles!
David T (3 months ago)
Ice 2 none of you sound like actual Nintendo fans either so I don't know why you're on the channel?
James Keith Tampus (3 months ago)
You want a virtual console? Here you go, say no more 😂😂😂 Most of this games are SNES looking game tho. 😂😂😂
James Keith Tampus (3 months ago)
You should better do this on your Switch 9:26. Since mostly of it are trash.
SonicMania999 (3 months ago)
I can't believe there are still all the negative comments here, even in a week with massive games both large and small in this "announced" video. Switch will not be your platform of choice if you prefer FPS multiplayer games or EA Sports titles. But if you enjoy almost any other genre, Switch offers a selection of games as good or better than the other consoles. Look at the other consoles' "announced" lineups for this week.
Shuttzi (3 months ago)
David T Sorry, but this conversation between u two is just stupid Ice 2 have a point, i own all the consoles and for a couple of months there were like 3-4 games that had my attention David u have a point with the switch having some good games but we're talking about the new ones releasing Dont dissagree with each one's opinions with that tide cuz its just ignorant I dont play on PS4 or Xbox anymore cuz im always on the move, that's why i prefer the switch But i dont care how much u will defend it, switch eshop is full of shit rn I want some new Ace combat, a decent spacesim game, GTA V, the release date of ES, new armored core type game, a futuristic racer like RMX and finally, a RACING GAME with OPEN WORLD Even Vita had it I know its a new market for the devs but if they managed to run doom on the switch then give me one reason why wont they just release a NFS hot pursuit remastered or DiRT 3 These games would be fire with the portability of the switch and surely wouldnt be that demanding to run on it like doom thus requiring less time optimising em
David T (3 months ago)
Ice 2 you're all so fucking dumb. I love the videos as I love Japanese and indie games. I just can't take you dude bros. Don't like it, fuck off!
David T (3 months ago)
Ice 2 Pokemon, Smash Bros, Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, Shin Megami 5 just to name a few. What the fuck are you talking about man!? Stick to Xbox, as you said in another comment, you obviously don't belong here.
David T (3 months ago)
Ice 2 Blazeblue isn't an indie, you weapon!
David T (3 months ago)
Ice 2 you're the basic one who sticks to all the same games all the time. Broaden your horizons man!
Craig Morgan (3 months ago)
Idk 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Craig Morgan (3 months ago)
nowonmetube the reason I said I don’t know cause I mix reviews on some of these titles on this list of games
Craig Morgan (3 months ago)
David T I swear u a stalker man, what a loser
David T (3 months ago)
nowonmetube he is very stupid. He writes stupid crap in nearly every video.
nowonmetube (3 months ago)
Craig Morgan why do people write "I don't know" when they actually mean "I don't care". Are they that stupid??
sans the skeleton (3 months ago)
What hello neighbor
Joey Gaus (3 months ago)
I love how the character model for the very first game is shinbi from paragon...
Ant eater eating man (3 months ago)
*facepalm* unbelievable just what happened nintendo. Indies?? Ports!!!?? IOS and Android !!!??? Its 2018 for fk sake just dropp all of that 8 bit retro like minigames. God damn i didnt buy a switch just for it to turn out to be another Android phone!!! Look up OUYA pls nintendo and learn something... These games here made GBA games look GOD TIER Masterpiece.....
Ant eater eating man (3 months ago)
Clyndy Lumayag exactly a powerful high end portable gaming console well designed but plays android and ios games. My SMARTPHONE plays the same thing......
David T (3 months ago)
Ant eater eating man this is why you'll forever be an idiot. Stupid ridiculous comments like that.
Ant eater eating man (3 months ago)
David T yeah i said it some are good but they look unappealing. Get it. They look liek SHITZ btw (8 bit???!!). Bloodstained.. castlevania good yes but hey its 2018. Metroid fusion was back in 2002 Something and it look a million times better. When a game looks liek shitz dont matter how good they were, people get turned off by it and end up not buying it.
David T (3 months ago)
Ant eater eating man most of the indie games are not bad. There's a lot of good ones alone in this video. You are just judging with out any actual experience of the game and just judging harshly for no reason. Bloodstained is a good game and so are a few other of the indie games in this video.
Ant eater eating man (3 months ago)
David T because most of them are bad....and even if they are good they look unappealing regardless.
vicente Schultz Solano (3 months ago)
where is HOLLOW KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!?
The Vegan Punk (3 months ago)
Bloodstained curse of the moon??? WTH is that?? It looks like the first Castlevania! WTH happened to ROTN??!
SonicMania999 (3 months ago)
Curse of the Moon is a "side project" 8-bit style game that they made originally to give something free to kickstarters of ROTN. It now seems that they will let everyone buy it if we are interested. ROTN is still coming out later in 2018 (no specified date).
Dysth Ymia (3 months ago)
"about time capcom" 😂
assi ate (3 months ago)
Stop. Get some help
Jordan Williams (3 months ago)
Instead of having an thumbnail of a game with amazing 3D graphics, just put an image of an indie game, because that is the majority of what these 29 New Games are.
Wes (3 months ago)
Yea ur an idiot. First, indie games don't count as "omg look at all these new awesome games coming out". Second, u literally showed 1 good game in this entire lineup. If i were Nintendo I'd be trying to shut ur channel down. The only thought I had after watching this was "yep, not getting a switch yet"
nowonmetube (3 months ago)
Wes fuck you! Crash Bandicoot and Bloodstained are also awesome!
Base Revolt (3 months ago)
Wes yeah I agree. All this does is to attract a few people while boycotting most of those who bought a switch for amazing games and not indie games. Gives more reasons for haters to hate on switch, though in a retarded way.
liam bradley (3 months ago)
Clyndy Lumayag maybe because games take time to make and they're holding off I'll E3?
CLeendee (3 months ago)
Amazing console-- stupid games. They already know what we want. Why won't they just give it to us!? ;((((
Mega 12345 (3 months ago)
Whats the gane in the title pic
HonorVoided (3 months ago)
Mega 12345 Warframe. It's out on PC, Xbox, and PS4. Sadly there are no news of it coming to switch, so don't give your hopes up.
Jennifer Cushman (3 months ago)
Now that was a waste of 10 minutes. I am really not that interest in any of these games. Well maybe next week it will be better.
Spencer B (3 months ago)
N++ is a gem you def should pick it up
Gaivs Valerivs (3 months ago)
Im hyped for Mineko's night market
jracer876 (3 months ago)
OMFG!!!!!! I lost my shit when I saw monster hunter generations ultimate. What took so long capcom? Finally decided you needed money?
nowonmetube (3 months ago)
jracer876 yeah... A little bit
narutofox180 (3 months ago)
HOLY SHIT MINEKOS NIGHT MARKET! I emailed the creators and told them I'd absolutely buy it on switch but if they didn't I would seriously buy a PC to play it. Needless to say, I'm responsible for getting them to put it on switch lmao kidding, obviously. So hype tho
Epic Sans (3 months ago)
The only thing missing is a list but good job
chulobombastic (3 months ago)
disappointed rubbish...
Dizzy Dee (3 months ago)
Wow, it just gets worse and worse.
nowonmetube (3 months ago)
Dizzy Dee they're a ton of fighting games for the Switch already. Granted they're mostly retro. But which fighting game isn't actually?
nowonmetube (3 months ago)
Monster Hunter Generation, Crash Bandicoot, Bloodstained... Yeah purely "worse"
Base Revolt (3 months ago)
Dizzy Dee to be fair, you'll not get anything BIG weekly no matter how you twist it, hence "it gets worse". I don't see why people expect a big announcement in this videos especially when E3 is near. All you get is some indie games in this videos. The fact that you compared this weekly indie games announcement to bigger titles such as Zelda, Doom, and Skyrim makes me think that you think this is what the switch is currently all it is in for which it doesn't. Big games takes years in development, two years is the least to have an amazing game.
Chun Wong Yip (3 months ago)
Well then it just your case not switch become worse I have fun with xenoblade 2 ,splatoon 2, doom,Dragon quest builder,binding of issac and each game spend me a least 150 hour gameplay
David T (3 months ago)
Dizzy Dee that's the problem. Hate you fucking stupid dude bros!
8MoneyIzmyMission8 (3 months ago)
After the first four games and MHGU, almost everything else was pure trash on here. Can you at least separate cheap pixel nostalgia indie shit with the games that at least try?
CLeendee (3 months ago)
bootyeater 69 Okay
bootyeater 69 (3 months ago)
Clyndy Lumayag Nintendo has nothing to do with these games
CLeendee (3 months ago)
8MoneyIzmyMission8 Sad truth about nintendo... All we wanted was Solid RPG story adventure action games, but they just won't give it to ya
Nu Z (3 months ago)
Only game I liked was Blood stained Curse of the Moon
Jeeses99 (3 months ago)
Don't expect much out of weekly games guys
CLeendee (3 months ago)
Ice 2 Wiwiwiw. Good for Wii U. I'll be having my Switch next week that's why i was worried what game titles i should buy.
Ice 2 (3 months ago)
Clyndy Lumayag tucking Nintendo sheep, even I brought a switch on launch and can admit the Wii U had more games by this time, they even had an assasins creed game.
CLeendee (3 months ago)
Jeeses99 The PS4 is not a waste because even if it gets indies, the overall games are great. #truth
Ice 2 (3 months ago)
Jeeses99 this is not the best current gen console, stop. We all love Nintendo but don't lie.
Jeeses99 (3 months ago)
Clyndy Lumayag Then the ps4 must be a waste too because it also gets weekly indies.

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