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11 New Upcoming Horror Games 2018 And Beyond | PS4,Xbox One,Switch,PC

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Here 11 of Bests New Upcoming HORROR games 2018 and Beyond will release for Ps4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Pc . please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (78)
Crispy Skeleton (2 months ago)
I want another slender man horror game
Jon dow (5 months ago)
30 rock season 1
Jon dow (5 months ago)
Until Dawn
Dunkler Titan (5 months ago)
waht is with evil within 1 and 2 ?
Massimo Triggiani (5 months ago)
all first person.... bleah
Stop Play (6 months ago)
Why Outlast 1 and Outlast 2 here???? First Outlast in 2013, outlast 2 in 2017! WTF
F Game Killer (6 months ago)
yes, but they are new for nintendo switch owners
Speckhals 1980 (6 months ago)
world war z looks like a game from 2000
Shubham Sharan (6 months ago)
Madison is a copy of Resident Evil 7.. they even copied the interiors of the house... Shame on them.. these new companies are copying the content instead of bringing something new
Justin Osborne (6 months ago)
Horror games are filled with stupid puzzles and figuring out what to do next. I hate those type of games. Are there any horror games without puzzles?
THE OTHER SIDE (6 months ago)
Justin Osborne not really a horror without that stuff
Savannah Dye (6 months ago)
the forest looks very similar to ark ?
moist faucet (6 months ago)
wow..reborn.....only pc ?
The Flash (6 months ago)
Bruh gotta play the new walking dead and GMFO
ISAAC FONTES (7 months ago)
can't wait for Reborn
Lady Oda (7 months ago)
"Consume the flesh, spice it well"
QTA PRESS (7 months ago)
Mention Genre to each game next time.
Jeremy Smith (7 months ago)
5:33 LMAO at the child that runs straight smack face first into the wall LMAO
Jeremy Smith (7 months ago)
Craig Adams it's worth it lol
Craig Adams (7 months ago)
Jeremy Smith did it warrant two lmao's? And in all caps?
Jeremy Smith (7 months ago)
Egros? I thought it was visage? Damn make up your mind on what you want to call it lol jk
Jeremy Smith (7 months ago)
First one looks like something Activision should take notes on if they want COD to go back up on charts, and resident evil 7 has nothing on that game. Btw what console's will reborn be on?
Markos Aggelakis (7 months ago)
Αλλ skata
Siddhant Patil (7 months ago)
Outlast1 and 2 is old game
F Game Killer (7 months ago)
+Siddhant Patil they are New for Nintendo switch
XxIcy GodXx (7 months ago)
holy sh!t reborn getting it
Jeremy Smith (7 months ago)
HardCore Gamer I'm all the way with you
Green Bow (7 months ago)
Bring it on.
Lord Shrek_26 (7 months ago)
Lol I thought there was a new outlast game at first. Just the Nintendo switch version...
lew leary (7 months ago)
everytime they say upcoming, i just think yeah sure, another amazing game that will not be released lol. I remember videos like this back in 2012, still waiting on the releases from back then. Just game teasing propaganda
Josh Mucci (1 month ago)
lew leary we happy few got released but Idk about the rest
Jeremy Smith (6 months ago)
WingChunNun and most of them like Alison road, are made by small groups. Not a full time company, and their games never come. Although I do like that new witchfire and reborn... both look interesting, I've always been big on horror games lol.
lew leary (6 months ago)
Jeremy Smith exactly bro lol wtf happened to Alison road ? And we happy few ? Or visage ? Lol it’s all just nonsense
Jeremy Smith (7 months ago)
WingChunNun well even though I love these new " so called 2018 releases ", I agree that I sometimes myself get pissed. I mean..... what happen to primal carnage Genesis?
Mark Shiell (7 months ago)
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And agony?
CHaotiksY GaminG (7 months ago)
jean04100 (7 months ago)
jean04100 (7 months ago)
TBA ?,i don't understand
jean04100 (7 months ago)
ok thank you
Kedge Whiteeye (7 months ago)
jean04100 you mean you don't know what "TBA" stands for? It means "To Be Announced"
Andrea Di toma (7 months ago)
Fuck the first person ... It sucks
Carrion crow (7 months ago)
Reborn looks insanely good
Tanzim Tuber (7 months ago)
S Suresh (7 months ago)
I hate shooting games
TaniX 1P (7 months ago)
Too many pt clones but any of them surely coming out or not?
김원영 (7 months ago)
장난아니게 멋있다 ㅜㅜ
SuperScorb (7 months ago)
5:32 xDDD
toni bryant (7 months ago)
Nice list.
Max Ulrich (7 months ago)
Reborn looks promising, I'll play it for sure....
Donta Roberts (7 months ago)
The forest
MindsAblaze2 (7 months ago)
Sweet you put GTFO in your video! Good job!
F Game Killer (7 months ago)
+MindsAblaze2 ty ^^
sebastian lorrek (7 months ago)
where is visage??? Not coming 2018? :( :(
Jeremy Smith (7 months ago)
Another P.T disappointment perhaps?
Ers Zen (7 months ago)
sebastian lorrek also still waiting...
Riku Honkanen (8 months ago)
Cool, didnt know that Outlast would come to Switch, very nice thing. Would be nice to play those on the go #airplane😀
Marcello (8 months ago)
ahh world war z the game awesome
Imat Hikmat (8 months ago)
over kill the walking dead like movie im legend
Daniel (8 months ago)
I want the action of the shooters from Uncharted's saga in Walking Dead
Austin Rodarte (8 months ago)
I'm Excited for Agony and Reborn!
P.B. Horror Gaming (8 months ago)
Reborn looks fcuking insane, i need to play it!
Jeremy Smith (7 months ago)
P.B. Horror Gaming makes resident evil 7 look like a bitch
Austin Rodarte (8 months ago)
P.B. Horror Gaming Yeah! That one is the only one that interested me!
Cj Taylor (8 months ago)
For the forest they should add the actual act of being cannibalizes you’d get your limbs eaten until rescued and you can die if they take too long and when your rescued if your limbs have been eaten you can get prosthetics
Karl Santos (7 months ago)
street food Asian
Karl Santos (7 months ago)
stteet food
MADiSON Videogame (8 months ago)
Thankyou so much for featuring us in your video!
Two Eyes (5 months ago)
MADiSON Videogame I saw SwingPoynt play the Madison demo and I think it looks absolutely fantastic and unique. I’m excited for it to come and I know many others are too. Keep up the good work.
MADiSON Videogame (6 months ago)
Shubham Sharan The development of MADiSON started in 2015. We created our entire world as we wanted too. Anyway, thanks for the comment.
Shubham Sharan (6 months ago)
MADiSON Videogame sorry but u have just copied whole concept of Resident Evil 7. Totally! Shame....
F Game Killer (8 months ago)
sure ^^
Zunknown z (8 months ago)
leon4545 (8 months ago)
Walking simulators are a total waste
Paulo Lameiras (7 months ago)
You don't personaly like them, so they are a mistake. Very mature...
leon4545 (7 months ago)
Na wait till Cthulhu Rpg kicks in, that universe is dark and terrifying. If you really read Lovecraft and the n get into movies its a different kind of fear (when you whats really happening in the world). IN my Opinion anyway.
TaniX 1P (7 months ago)
So far the only best horror games that boils the tension are outlast and amnesia dark descent... re7 also joins the league
PapaSmerg (7 months ago)
zombie games are worse

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