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Xbox UPDATE - Brand NEW Xbox On Hosts!?

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We have a huge Xbox On update for you guys! Our HQ is going to be a lot busier as not one, not two, but THREE brand new hosts are joining the family. Come and get to know the new team and wish them a warm welcome! Xbox On is YOUR home for everything Xbox. Join Benny, Leah, Sam and Charleyy as they bring you all the latest and greatest news, games and updates in the Xbox world. If you want to catch us live, then head over to mixer.com/xboxon and follow to make sure you never miss one of our daily live streams. Exclusive live gameplay, community multiplayer streams and a shiny Show of the Week are just a taste of what to expect! Never miss a moment and hit http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe now! Want more of the team? Benny twitter.com/BennyCentral instagram.com/BennyCentral youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Leah twitter.com/leahviathan instagram.com/leahviathan youtube.com/c/leahviathan Sam twitter.com/samuelofc instagram.com/samuelofc mixer.com/samuelofc Charleyy twitter.com/CharleyyRachael instagram.com/itscharleyytho mixer.com/itsCharleyytho Music courtesy of Audio Network
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Text Comments (174)
MrDalekJD (14 days ago)
Xbox On (13 days ago)
Probably down - Benny
Draedrae Richard95 (14 days ago)
Add me everyone draedrae1236126
Rowan Crook (14 days ago)
Same here
Road to world Cup (14 days ago)
Legend MrDalekjd
GR00VYGH0ULIE (1 day ago)
Will be interesting if you DIAL DOWN THE FEIGNED ENTHUSIASM!! Please oh please dial down the feigned enthusiasm!!
TJM Matthews29 (2 days ago)
hello welcome to the team, seems like a funny great new team
A Fox's Tail (3 days ago)
I don't know how this is possible but Sam sounds too English
Karan S (4 days ago)
They got the community manager of the UK on the Xbox On Team!?? Woah! Now I'm hyped for your content. I hope these people stay for a long long time and we guys have a lot of fun. Hoping to see you guys in videos soon!
Chris Massey (5 days ago)
No chance I don't like the new squad Sam is very annoying unsubscribed from channel shame really
Blue Coyote (6 days ago)
I already feel like this channel has lost something even before Lydia left, maybe I'm to old for this crowd.
Enchanted gamer (6 days ago)
Why. I cant sign in to my xboc its a been a week when i sign in they say:temperorary problem with services. Try again. Why fix this
IamKaspian (7 days ago)
noon wheres lydia
Daniel Pemberton (9 days ago)
Leah is peng
Nick (9 days ago)
Talk about try to hard.
meechp123 (9 days ago)
Why did Lydia leave then?
Hi charleyy and leah you warmly welcome tell me if bennys stealing the controller for halo
Daniel Staples (9 days ago)
world's hardest achievements just got more interesting
stavros haramis (10 days ago)
Don't try to hard, instead lay back and chill.
Jucatoru robby 25 (10 days ago)
Wow!! The best squad !!
Majdi Torki (10 days ago)
I'm liking the new squad. Can't wait for more videos.
Jordzyi 1 (11 days ago)
Laughing my ass off 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣so dumb
Humbabah (11 days ago)
I'm here for LEAHVIATHAN!
McGovP (11 days ago)
Benny, get out while you can. This won't end well.
UltravioletGMR (11 days ago)
I want that merch
Ronnie Theracoon (12 days ago)
Can’t wait for those new worlds hardest. #teambennyalltheway
Infamous J (12 days ago)
Where could I get that Xbox jacket from?
KaineCentral (12 days ago)
Everyone seems slightly awkward but that's expected as people need time to grow and become confident. I like the different direction and personalities but I wonder how the videos will work now? I'm just about to start University so I guess I will be in a similar environment of needing to adapt and become more confident. Great start though! XD
THEMrFill (12 days ago)
How long before Benny drives these guys off, like he's forced out Kate, Ellen and Lydia :-P
Majdi Torki (10 days ago)
THEMrFill I hope you're joking.
fack usa
calum duff (12 days ago)
Are you guys keeping world hardest achievement?
calum duff (12 days ago)
Can we keep the bunny joke going for maybe the next four maybe five decades?
Steven Johnson (13 days ago)
It'll take some getting used to 😕
Martin Linnett (13 days ago)
Well let's see if all four are still together in two years time. As for now not 100% sure if I like all off them.
Agumon5 (13 days ago)
Benny won't complete a game, I have him as a friend on Xbox and I don't think he has recently gotten 100% achievements on anything (not even FIFA).
Jorge Sanchez (13 days ago)
Leah is beautiful
FishBee Productions (13 days ago)
4 people so they have a complete Battle Royale squad. Smart!
Usman Habib (13 days ago)
What? Benny actually cheats? I thought Lydia was just messing around with him!
Usman Habib (13 days ago)
Xbox On I don’t think your peers differentiate between the two. They’ve already made the decision, Benny
Xbox On (13 days ago)
Benny says 'I don't cheat, I bend the rules'... we'll let you decide. ;)
Chris Summers (13 days ago)
Leah looks a bit like Chloe Grace Moretz but way more pretty
Fatih Muhammet Özkan (13 days ago)
Im here for Leah! Hello everyone!!
Chris Summers (13 days ago)
Good God. That Leah chick is gorgeous 👌
Ricky Ingleby (13 days ago)
Had to get three people to replace lydia? Sounds about right..
cmasterd (13 days ago)
This reminds my of a 90s morning show with ant and dec.
Hitesh Dahiya (14 days ago)
This indicates a hell lot of fun and we might witness some chemistry between the team too. Looking forward to the chaos you guys are going to make together playing squad games. 👍
Hitesh Dahiya (13 days ago)
+Xbox On Is it mere coincidence that your name (Leah) rhymes (almost) with Lydia ?? 🤔🤔
Xbox On (13 days ago)
We're glad you think so, we feel the same way! - Leah
Oliver S. (14 days ago)
Getting too old for this I guess :(
SOQS (14 days ago)
I can't wait for new members
Christopher Phillips (14 days ago)
Already dislike this Sam guy. I can see why Lydia decided to leave. I used to enjoy watching Xbox On videos with Ellen and then Lydia but if this is what's to come, I'm disappointed
Majdi Torki (10 days ago)
Felicity1able You can't call them kids then talk about "relevancy".
Felicity1able (14 days ago)
Yes l agree, just a bunch of young kids trying too hard to be relevant. Can’t stand the new guy.
Ragna Z (14 days ago)
Yes, i know yu still miss Lydia.
xxnatedawg92xx (14 days ago)
Where is Lydia?
MegaHentai00 (14 days ago)
Jeez, it takes three people to replace one Lydia! Still, looking forward to seeing how the new direction goes, and hoping there's some sort of team element to WHA now.
TERRY. W (14 days ago)
Bring back. Lydia.
The Master (14 days ago)
A Hipster nightmare...
Codename: Felix (14 days ago)
Charleyy would give up first, hands down. So will World's Hardest Achievements switch to duo achievements now?
Mr Awsomeness (14 days ago)
So....how long are they gonna stay until u again change up the squad?
Mr Awsomeness (12 days ago)
+Xbox On let's hope so ;)
Xbox On (13 days ago)
We plan to be in it for the long haul!
JIGGA MAN (14 days ago)
How do I join the XBOX on team 🎮🎮🎮🎮🤔🤔🤔🤔
Amir playz (14 days ago)
Alejandro Paredes (14 days ago)
This new team is lovely and so much fun! :)
Dan Jones (14 days ago)
Anyone one else notice sam getting closer and closer to leah? 😂
Load¡ng (14 days ago)
Benny got a stable now 😂😂
Carlos Staller (14 days ago)
Everybody in a good mood, nice chemistry, seems promising . Best of luck for the new hosts
Bigsteelguy4 (14 days ago)
I will miss Lydia though
Bigsteelguy4 (14 days ago)
Leah is my sister's name, great new group, and I approve.
Niki Lauda DK (13 days ago)
The 'H' is a complete waste 😉
DEADPOOL (14 days ago)
How long they gonna last for, I say 6 months at a push
meehanuk_ 1987 (14 days ago)
Why can't we have normal funny people like PlayStation access seems like these are trying way to hard to be funny and its unnatural. The questions should of been about xbox games.
JAG 555 (14 days ago)
Jacen Shan (14 days ago)
Charleyy would give up first
Aiden B. (14 days ago)
Is this the “direction” Lydia meant? Maybe she didn’t like cast members or something
jackkoffin1 (8 days ago)
Agumon5  Exactly, that's why I think Lydia had to have had some actual personal reason why she couldn't continue at this job. It would seem much less suspicious if Ellen hadn't left in much the same way, but at least Ellen found another studio to work for first.
Aiden B. (13 days ago)
Chris Summers on her channel she seems about the fact that she just wants to run her own channel like she already has but put all her effort in her channel instead of xbox on. but I don’t understand why someone leaves a stable job on Xbox for YouTube. Maybe purely passion
Turn Left (13 days ago)
I can't speak for the direction of the channel but Lydia left before Leah got the job. It's nothing to do with the new cast.
Felicity1able (13 days ago)
Chris Summers What a crazy thing to say-you have no idea why Lydia left.
Agumon5 (13 days ago)
No way, she was making way more $ working for Microsoft than she will be making independently for many years. I also think Lydia had trouble with censoring her real opinions on certain games.
brian mushaukwa (14 days ago)
Shambles mate 😅
revistinha1 (14 days ago)
Do they run at native 4K60? Microsoft big announcement to counter Spider-Man's release
James Reynolds (14 days ago)
What I want to know is when is the Avatar update coming
Daniel Romero (14 days ago)
Anybody else think that this was a video about an update to the Xbox one?
Majdi Torki (10 days ago)
Daniel Romero No, you're just new to the channel.
hilde. (14 days ago)
Charleyy will you marry me
itsCharleyytho (14 days ago)
obvs yes
KonTro113d KhaOZ (14 days ago)
Wow...unwatchable.... I'll visit when Phil is on tho
dgm123x (14 days ago)
KonTro113d KhaOZ (14 days ago)
Annoying, to be honest...
Tyler Hoffmann (14 days ago)
Nothing brings people together like making fun of Benny.
The Invertabarian (14 days ago)
Not gonna judge without giving the new team ago but the channel seems miles away from the one i subscribed too. With that said Good luck to you all.
Luis Enrique Esteve (14 days ago)
When is Worlds Hardest Achievements coming back? It is my favourite show on the channel.
DutchArtworks (14 days ago)
4:50 ok enough internet for today
jeandré engelbrecht (14 days ago)
I love Xbox on and I love the direction its going I love to see that Benny still stays at xbox on #teamBenny for life
DutchArtworks (14 days ago)
Sam’s laugh is so funny😂😂
mpforshaw71 (14 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Benny, the humble cheater 😂
Federico Guendel (14 days ago)
In love with the new team ❤️
dave4string (14 days ago)
Wow I just opened the video for what I thought was an xbox update annoucement but was greeted by loud laughing and shouting!
Felicity1able (14 days ago)
Not a patch on Lydia or outside xtra
Carl Fordyce (14 days ago)
Like the new team. Looking forward to the crazy shenanigans and new worlds hardest achievements.
TheDarkNinja144 (14 days ago)
Rip Benny
Sean Gahan (14 days ago)
Sam's head looks like broccoli
Bone (14 days ago)
Glenn Robertson (14 days ago)
Oh dear
Chuck Towers (14 days ago)
Good times are coming.
MarsProbe (14 days ago)
OMFG it's Leah! I think it should be a good laugh with these new hosts. Good for Benny to have more people to bounce off of.
Savage X NR (14 days ago)
Squad up 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Andy Mcleish (14 days ago)
And benny... The root cause, and solution, to all the answers
Immortal Deed (14 days ago)
Damn Leah.. I thought she fell off the face of the earth
Nikolaj Buur Edvardsen (14 days ago)
? She actively streams on Twitch. She actively posts on Instagram. Her latest YouTube video was posted not more than a month ago? I'd love to play hide and seek with you, because it seems like you didn't search for her at all.
Tech UK Gamer (14 days ago)
I’m from the UK where do you get your Hoodie from ?
Klumsy Kameleon (14 days ago)
Yes the crew has been formed with Benny as the leader! Can't wait to see all the chaos they'll be making!
The Salty Guy (14 days ago)
The old hosts where better tho
Adam fortnite speler (14 days ago)
I like Charley
Stef A (14 days ago)
Do you really write Charleyy with two Y's? Hmmm never seen that before. Anyway nice to see the new team 😀
Xbox On (14 days ago)
itsCharleyytho I will - Sam
itsCharleyytho (14 days ago)
yyeeeaaaaaa, prepare for sam to mock that every episode ;)
IAMLEGEND (14 days ago)
Chris Wilson (14 days ago)
It's not the hosts why you can't get subs it the fact its the official xbox chanel and every outlet gets the news before them
explosivebomber (14 days ago)
Judging by this video, this is gonna be a lot of fun. Can't wait. Also for the 2nd question, I would like to point out the Ori will of the wisps stream from Gamescom where Benny refused to stop playing
Alan Fuad (14 days ago)

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