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Octopath Traveler Demo Review! Retro Final Fantasy? (Nintendo Switch)

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This is one of the best demos I have ever played in my life. Project Octopath Traveler is an RPG that seems to be playing on the roots of retro Final Fantasy. The harder combat, wonderful pixel art graphics, and dark story is all amazing! Let's dive deep in my DEMO review of Project Octopath Traveler! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3. The Nintendo Direct just ended with a trailer and teaser showing gameplay, story, and combat of Project Octopath Traveler. Now we can even install a special demo to play as Primrose and Olberic the warrior.
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DreamcastGuy (1 year ago)
I try not to upload in the middle of the night but this demo was just so amazing I had to talk about it! Thanks for watching/liking. :D
Deemz Dreama (1 year ago)
kuma138 i was able to recruit primrose in my party in the oberic demo so i do believe if you know where they are you can recruit all characters.
Frozen gamer (1 year ago)
DreamcastGuy I got my butt kicked but overall the game is promising
kuma138 (1 year ago)
DreamcastGuy hey man, do you think all 8 of these characters end up in the same party eventually and the beginning is differrent depending on which character you choose?
Androzz Senpai (1 year ago)
It's made by the same team that made Bravely Default, wich is basically an old school FF, great artstyle, great music, great story, great battle system with that retro RPG flavor. It's beyond me how people demand a good FF or turn based RPG nowadays but ignore these gems, shows how if it doesn't have FF in the title or it's in a handheld people straight out ignore it.
Nicholas Hildenbrand (4 months ago)
I finally realized...he talks through his nose.
Joel Abraham (4 months ago)
These types of games are my favourite when done well. Hope this studio keeps doing it. 3 hits in a row.
Adrian Oneil (4 months ago)
Will you be doing a new review with the new demo?
Harley Keiner (4 months ago)
why do none of the characters have expressions???
Harley Keiner (4 months ago)
characters look so generic... what a waste
Danmackers (4 months ago)
Seems like this is basically a spiritual successor to Live-A-Live on the SNES
mickdapaddy (4 months ago)
How hard is it, sounds off putting
Terry Dolphin (4 months ago)
From the demo alone, this will likely be one of my top games ever. Holy God this is good.
Ocean DeBarros (5 months ago)
I did primrose's Story and then the other guy's story and only when I went to the guys campaign, I realized that boost could be stacked up, which made the final fight in primrose's campaing really long and hard.
Kyle Woodowens (6 months ago)
It's like a cross over between Final Fantasy and Bravely Default. For sure going to be a top seller
theshadowcult (8 months ago)
I love this 2.5D art style so much, i want to play every game this way! Especially some kind of dark souls/metroivania game!!
Asmo (9 months ago)
Sieken densetsu 3 - Secret Of Mana 2. Was different depending on which of the 6 starting characters you chose. This game reminds me of that.
Kings Gambit (10 months ago)
I really enjoy turn based strategy and was really surprised when I died. It's been years since that's happened. Even after my second fight with the boss it came close. Had me hooked then left me with the to be continued........ I will keep this one in mind.
Spyros Desyllas (10 months ago)
Amazing game just complete the demo and I can say this game is the most anticipated for me next year, combine JRPG awesome with wonderful pixelated modern art, this is what switch needs
Autism Family (11 months ago)
Very much looking forward to this game!
Seth Hall (1 year ago)
dang it. I came just for a ?/10, not to get everything spoiled.
Ewolf5150 (1 year ago)
I'm a bit disappointed in the attack animations. I know they were going for an old school feel, but having characters idly stand there when they attack and such is lazy to me. The combat seems pretty basic, stuff we did 20 years ago In RPGs. Maybe add a few twists to the combat. Also, random encounters is a bummer. Worst part of old school RPGs. Everything else is pretty cool.
michael stillwell (9 months ago)
i always preferred random encounters but some more variety in attack animations would be cool
Voan Siam (1 year ago)
Pretty sure that once the full game is out, that will be change. For the demo, they are merely just doing it to get feedback on how to improve it.
Larry Collins (1 year ago)
Still waiting for final fantasy tactics 2
Fido Kitsune Fox (1 year ago)
Getting a lot of Romancing SaGa vibes from this, me likey.
LiangHuBBB (1 year ago)
this game reminds me of the good old soleil RPG days on SNES with it's art style and FF tactics combat downloaded the demo today and it's rly fun
Ewolf5150 (1 year ago)
LiangHuBBB no shit Sherlock! What else could it remind you of?
Leanne B. (1 year ago)
"This is one of the best demos I have ever played in my life." couldn't agree with you more on this. i spent over 5 hours on this demo XD
Drycell 611 (1 year ago)
Loved the game loved the art style
T00 POINT 0H (1 year ago)
actually, both characters can make it to the other's town, meet up, and explore an extra dungeon
Benjamin Beltran (1 year ago)
Those brigands are also human. There's no excuse to have two different art styles and anatomical proportions for different human characters just because some are enemies and the other protagonist. Whenever that happens in JRPGs i find it so fucking jarring. It's a real turn off for me. Specially in a current title.
pdraggy (1 year ago)
Did you speed up your gameplay or did I miss some option somewhere? Walking through dungeons and towns is SOOOO slow. Also hate that you can't skip cut-scenes. I mean I keep dying at the boss (cuz I never do the R thing) but whenever I do I have to watch the WHOLE cut-scene over and over. 1st world gamer problem I know. I'd also like if all the characters were instead coming together to BRAWL. I mean Suikoden (among others) did the multiple characters thing I wanna inadvertently equip and level the 'bad guys' to make the final brawl.... interesting and frankly an emotional roller-coaster. Anyway they'd never do it but it'd be cool if they did.
NANGSTAGRAM TV (1 year ago)
Best game
Gerardo Uribe (1 year ago)
There are no words for how beautiful is this game.
Nandy H3 (1 year ago)
I just played the demo, man! The only disappointment was finding out this is releasing in 2018. I am so hyped for this game.
Nota Robot (1 year ago)
HARD??????? WTF?????
Navi Ovarb (1 year ago)
I played 2 hours of the demo... and got this classic ff6 feeling. Oh man... I feel reborn.
Long Pham (1 year ago)
3:37 The technical term is Depth of Field. https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/PostProcessEffects/DepthOfField/
Gotham Paladin (1 year ago)
Question for the game, if the enemy still has a shield, can you do damage to them? Or can you only do damage when their shields are depleted?
Andy Garcia (1 year ago)
Gotham Paladin you still deal damage but when the shield is broker, the enemy will take way more damage. It’s a perfect time to use a powerful attack.
Soraya T (1 year ago)
At First Glance this really looks more like Saga-series.
Mauricio Aguilera (1 year ago)
Is this a spiritual succesor to the "SaGa frontier" franchise? With all the different protagonist and gimmicky combat?
6Anonymous6 (1 year ago)
Your section on combat is incorrect. You gain 1 BP per turn no matter what. Breaking your enemies reduces their defense and makes them give up a turn. It does not give you a BP.
theinsfrijonds (1 year ago)
Shouldn't this guy only focus on new Dreamcast titles?
TheOutkast4ever (1 year ago)
If only they made something similar like this for PS4.
The Raging Reject (1 year ago)
Seriously Dreamcast guy you have an odd way of talking and you seemed like just another YouTuber that does these types of videos when I first found you, but you are one of my favorites now. And you put out more videos more often and have great topics. Great job. I'll try to thumbs up as much as I can.
The Raging Reject (1 year ago)
This was 10 times better than that abomination called Final Fantasy 15 and was just a demo and I only played as the dude. Actual challenge, actual unique looking.. Story does it's job
Alan Lee (1 year ago)
Definitely will buy on the very first day of release!
1hr each? Did you miss the post boss side quests? After the boss you can keep exploring (extra town, dungeon and a few areas), recruit the hero you didn't pick as a buddy to follow you and do roughly 4-5 side quests from memory. They aren't shown in menus, they only flash at the bottom left when you first activate them and they give no obvious directions. Also hitting the weakness doesn't give you boost points, you get 1 boost per turn regardless(if you hit but no weakness, defend or use item). Surprised you didn't mention the hero path powers (allure & challenge).
Dekuman (1 year ago)
I want this game and also have Final Fantasy VI remake look like this.
Luke James (1 year ago)
This art style really reminds me of FF6, which is what makes it catch my interest. Not sure it's enough to make me get a Switch, but it has me thinking about it, at least!
xblowsmokex (1 year ago)
"Combat" "Most important part of rpgs"
CSSLZT13 (1 year ago)
As much as I want to get excited for this game, it looks like the latest effort in the SaGa series, and that series was known for being so bloody disjointed, each game suffered for it. I hope this game doesn't go down that same path.
michael stillwell (9 months ago)
ive alrdy played 2 demos n multiple hours i dont care about skepticism or comparisons its just good smooth fun n a solid balance from what ive played...and since this demo released its been 5 months n they've addressed numerous complaints n made multiple quality of life tweaks.... besides this game feels more like FF VI then anything else...as a gamer for nearly 3 decades ive learned never to judge on what an upcoming title may look or appear to me as at first glance...as one would say never judge a book by its cover..this is a 16bit pixel art classic rpg which feels more in line with a classic Final Fantasy more then anything im esp liking the more adult tone n earth tone color scheme n soundtrack is nice n solid as is the combat with alittle more polish n tweaking i can only see it becoming better...in other words i dont see how they could screw it up when they've already got so much right of course its too early to make or come to any conclusion but what ive seen n handled so far im really liking
BrutalSax (1 year ago)
Played the demo last night. Gotta say, REALLY digging the artstyle, such a beautiful game! Story already has me interested, and the battle system is amazing, and we haven't even gotten a taste of it!
Snowypods (1 year ago)
I will give it a go, but i truely would love to see ffVIII
Vernon Benton (1 year ago)
Maxed out my level(15) and even then old man in desert whooped my ass... On first attempt
David Becerra (1 year ago)
I really want a Switch!
Voan Siam (1 year ago)
Simply one of the most gorgeous RPG ever for the Switch and I can't wait for the full game.
David Applebaum (1 year ago)
The Game is fucking AMAZING!!!!
TechDude594 (1 year ago)
Never been into RPGs, just never really liked the combat. But this game is different! That old school aesthetic (and difficulty), the unique boost / shield mechanics, interesting story, and beautiful and expansive world make me want more! Definitely thinking about picking this up when it fully releases!
LuciousShowcase (1 year ago)
Yupp this demo was phenomenal. I'm beyond stoked for this game
LionHeartXII (1 year ago)
I'm really loving the visuals they're using. 3d backgrounds with 2d sprites. I want more games like this.
durkadur27 (1 year ago)
it's reeeealy good
Herowebcomics (1 year ago)
OMG! I am SO looking forward to this game! It looks so cool!
Kemal Sunal (1 year ago)
The demo is epic. I can't wait for the final game.
friedpinnapple (1 year ago)
Mild correction boost points are acquired at the start of every turn. Theres also a few side quest that can be attempted after finishing the story
Brian Williams (1 year ago)
Do you think it will be a Nintendo switch exclusive? I'd love to play this
Brian Williams (1 year ago)
Andrew The YouTube Noob yeah I'd love to play it but I'm not going to go buy a switch just to play it.
Brian Williams I see...the way you worded that seemed as though to say that you hoped it would be a switch exclusive.
Brian Williams (1 year ago)
Andrew The YouTube Noob no, I don't have a switch. I'm using my brotger in laws Wii u to play BOTW.
Brian Williams so you're saying you won't play it if it isn't an exclusive?
Brian Williams (1 year ago)
Antonio Yepez I could only hope.
The Dingle House (1 year ago)
I love it, there isn't enough new turn base RPGs out there!
Morning Glory (1 year ago)
They never really explained the combat in a clear way so I couldn't even get past the opening battle and there was a crap ton of boring boring dialogue where the characters repeat "I see" over and over and over again. They got irritating after about five seconds. I love that they are making these kind of games but the demo kind of ruined the fun for me, playing the opening battle over and over again and being able to skip dialogue. A game needs to start easy, CLEARLY lay out the mechanics and then build up the difficulty from there
Mavoc (1 year ago)
You are wrong about boost points. Each party member gets one each turn regardless of your actions. Also, the demo doesn't end when it says it does. Keep playing and you can do a harder dungeon with both characters in your party and several side quests.
Mavoc seems like he rushed it; half baked review and misinformation.
Remy Kamermans (1 year ago)
I didnt fully understand the combat mechanics and completed the primrose demo, yes some enemies and esp the bosses have a lot of hp but i wouldnt call the combat hard. Yust use a healing item when needed, you can use as many as you want in combat.
Rafael Parungao (1 year ago)
Sucks it won't be out on the 3DS
Rafael Parungao (1 year ago)
Sucks it won't be out on the 3DS
Fiend News Network (1 year ago)
I played this demo an absolutely loved it. The SNES was the greatest era for RPGs and I am beyond stoked for the full version. I only played the Dancer's path so far, and am going to keep the Warrior's path to be a surprise at release. Great review
Fiend News Network (1 year ago)
While the PSone is amazing on the RPG front, I think the SNES wins out. I will say that I never got into Lunar though, so I cannot speak of those. I also don't like FF8 at all, but 9 is my favorite FF of all time. I also didn't care for Legend of Dragoon.
Soraya T (1 year ago)
PSone is the best in RPGs.😁
B Wild (1 year ago)
I was looking forward to this game but it seems like from you footage there are no combat animations. That's a little disappointing.
PikaPlayzHD (1 year ago)
it's in development, this is just a demo, they have asked for player feedback to improve the game
Androzz Senpai (1 year ago)
It's in development, you can send your feedback to Square Enix so they could improve it.
Michal Jakubowski (1 year ago)
Demo of this game sold me, it is awesome, and tbh i wouldnt mind final fantasy 15 in this style on a switch
Rigo Lemus (1 year ago)
Michal Jakubowski To be honest I wish they would make it turn based, but alas square wants the same game on Switch.
auberondreaming (1 year ago)
I love this demo! Looking forward to this one, curious what the final name of the game is going to be. Got killed TWICE on the boss for the knight. Really had to learn about the systems to beat the first boss. You didn't mention being able to interact with every NPC! The knight can challenge ANY NPC to a duel, I beat the snot out of a grandma!
The Raging Reject (1 year ago)
I died three times. His ultimate attack I didn't pay attention to how much damage it did and had to learn to look out for it. Was fun!!
LivingRegiment (1 year ago)
Played the game 4 hours straight when the demo dropped. Apparently, I maxed out leveling up for Primrose...for the demo at least. Such a good game and a day one buy for me.
thehoeslaper (1 year ago)
shit just makes me wanna play Grandia 1
Vyse195 (1 year ago)
I had my doubts, but now it's a day one buy.
Gilbert Renaud (1 year ago)
I am so, so hyped for this game and the demo is awesome !!
Zac (1 year ago)
Final Fantasy? I think the concept of the game is more close to Live-A-Live, also by Square.
Emufreak (1 year ago)
I think this game looks amazing I cannot wait to play it. This how good retro style graphics look like and the combat system seems very promising it is like a mix of Bravely Deafault and Persona.
breadordecide (1 year ago)
The switch is killing it with the third party support.
Mauro Sanna (1 year ago)
It looks gorgeous!
Feras Angel (1 year ago)
the game isn't finish hopefully it will keep its adult tone not like other JRPG
breadordecide (1 year ago)
Feras Angel what is an adult rpg?
prizna123 (1 year ago)
I know its just a demo but how was the performance?
Aaron Dostal (1 year ago)
I love the hell out of this game already also if they do ever remake final fantasy vi I want them to use this style
Eduardo Naveda (1 year ago)
I take it you never played bravely default?
Androzz Senpai (1 year ago)
For the looks of it, he never heard of it.
Gary Bravo (1 year ago)
I want this game for the Story of it but im really not a fan of turn based combat, confuses the life out of me stacking attacks etc. Looks great aswell 🤔😕
Aeladya (1 year ago)
I really like it, even if I have to spend some time grinding. The characters out of combat abilities like allure remind me of Golden Sun in a way, using special abilities to solve puzzles.
mattress (1 year ago)
Hell ya
Bomb Tombadil (1 year ago)
Do you do auctions?
Desmond Botros (1 year ago)
My sentiments exactly. Played the demo for 3 hours and can't wait till the full release next year!!
backup368 (1 year ago)
"HD2D" was a thing in the mid 2000s with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
Julien Andrew (1 year ago)
backup368 Pretty sure the only uses of 2D in that game were the character/pokemon sprites, the ground, and grass.
Bahamut Lagoon (1 year ago)
We never get good turned based games anymore.. I'm sooo happy about this. I hope turned based RPGs become a trend again on the switch cause we ain't getting love nowhere else.
Goodness Gracious (4 months ago)
*violently coughing* PERSONA 5
MedIevalCyrax (7 months ago)
There's a new Dragon Quest coming,so don't worry.
Bahamut Lagoon (1 year ago)
Thats actually what i was afraid of, but im that issue will be fixed with Lost Sphere.. Im hyped for that one.
Bahamut Lagoon I am setsuna is fun but it never changes locals. ..it is literally all snow covered areas. ..I didn't finish it because I got tired of the atmosphere despite it having a decent story.
Bahamut Lagoon (1 year ago)
Strange enough i haven't. As much as its exactly the type of rpg i usually go for, something rubbed me the wrong way. I think it was the atmosphere of the game always being dark & snowy, but i can't say for sure cause i haven't actually played. I'm not saying its bad though. Its probably fire! After i seen Lost Sphere on the switch coming i decided to wait because i can get backed up. Honestly, let me know if its worth grabbing and if it has a good story that holds attention.
Francis June (1 year ago)
My most anticipated game for the switch.
MouseLord (10 months ago)
Gerardo Uribe (1 year ago)
The Raging Reject (1 year ago)
Francis June Same
R.L. H. (1 year ago)
I was so blown away by the demo myself that I had to check YouTube to see if anyone else felt the same way. Glad I found your video. This game is excellent. Squre Enix still got it.
Whiskra (1 year ago)
To me it felt like the demo would never end, but then again I explored pretty much every nook and cranny that was available in the demo. Really liked this demo, and it's most likely a day 1 buy for me.
The Raging Reject (1 year ago)
Whiskra I played 1 character and stopped after I got the you beat the demo screen. I'll save the above and beyond stuff for when I buy it
Doug E (1 year ago)
I'm getting more Saga Frontier vibes from it personally
TorkManix (1 year ago)
Been playing the demo for over an hour. How long do I have to wait til someone takes my money for the full version?!
Nicolas Marr (1 year ago)
I'm so happy with this game.
shaka_lutherking (1 year ago)
Goddamn it.. is this Switch exclusive?
Rigo Lemus (1 year ago)
sergiorubalcava253 Not a good one but yeah at least from what I last heard.
PikaPlayzHD (1 year ago)
Mobius uno (1 year ago)
domdon950 When, Is there even a switch emulator?
domdon950 (1 year ago)
shaka_lutherking yup It'll come to PC via Emulation tho
Vyse195 (1 year ago)
shaka_lutherking yep.
5persondude (1 year ago)
Primrose is my new waifu
Bao Nguyen (1 year ago)
5persondude Aren't cha quick eh? Get in line mate, ya not the only one here.
wolveric0 (1 year ago)
Holy shit i love the graphic style!!! + the gameplay looks nice too!!!
Crocosaw Doomlord (1 year ago)
DUDE! This looks super rad!
Kenneth Ayoob (1 year ago)
This looks like a fun game. Hopefully the final version has a better name.
Gerardo Uribe (1 year ago)
I like the name. It is catchy.
Vyse195 (1 year ago)
Kenneth Ayoob in the direct it did say "(working title)"
Toby Peralta (1 year ago)
the bloom effects really bug my eyes and the battle transitions feel like a placeholder, I think theres a survey after being the demo so feedback would really help them!

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