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Top 10 FREE OPEN WORLD Games For Android in 2018!!!

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Open world games have quite the enjoyment no othe game genre has they give you quite a rush for exploring new areas finding new ways of doing mission, doing other things than stoy mission so I have compiled a list of open world games for Android in this video for you to enjoy and best things about this list is that all games are completely free to download. Games List :- 1) Ark Survival Evovled Android :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studiowildcard.wardrumstudios.ark 2) Talion Android :- https://apkpure.com/talion-unreleased/com.gamevil.talion.android.google.global.normal 3) El Salvadors Android :- https://apkpure.com/el-salvador-unreleased/com.GalaGlobal.ElSalvador 4) Ice Lakes Android :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iceflakestudios.icelakes&hl=en_IN 5) Morphite Android :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crescentmoongames.morphite&hl=en_IN 6) Sword Of Glory Android :- https://www.taptap.com/app/50860 7) Tempest Android :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.herocraft.game.tempest.lite&hl=en 8) Code-Survive Android :- https://apk.moboplay.com/download-code-survive-apk-55648.html 9) Radiation Island Android :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.atypicalgames.radiationislandfree&hl=en 10) Dead Rivals Android :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftWOHM&hl=en_IN
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Text Comments (190)
Martynas Mrwdrue (4 hours ago)
10:24 Sea Of Thieves
Is dead rivals offline??
lutfi nirwansyah (13 days ago)
Bait meeeh
Rangg ard (21 days ago)
Name song is? 5:30
Nori Medina (20 days ago)
darude sandstorm
Taimoor Hassan (25 days ago)
Leave this s*** video and download gangstar new orleans It is INSANE
cheng jason (26 days ago)
code survive i cant download??
MaxToThe Volt (26 days ago)
Thumbnail: Ghost of Tsushima, For PS4 and Probably PC.
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
When people click for the thumbnail and not reading the title...
5k subs 1 video? (28 days ago)
Got an ad for Red Dead Redemption 2
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Got an ad for a credit fucking card
Atsui Kami Ivan (28 days ago)
Using Ghost Of Tsushima PS4 Exclusive game as clickbait nice
shael singh (29 days ago)
I like morphite music
baby metal (1 month ago)
What the name thumbnail image? I thinks thats like ps4 game n i wnt it
Harold Lacra (1 month ago)
What is the Offline Games in the list??
Sapik Skak (1 month ago)
talion is online / offline ???
Werder Bremen (1 month ago)
GTA is missin'
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Zero Name (1 month ago)
Ghost of tsushima
Kaonashi (1 month ago)
Is code survive playable?
Salty Spring (2 months ago)
Best list to bad im ios but some of the game are for ios to so im glad I wacht this vid
Momo Ahin (2 months ago)
Talion is 10/10 but its before its 3gb now its 4gb
Bloody Leagend (2 months ago)
Morphite use to be called something similar to no mans sky but they changed it
Faizal Abrahams (2 months ago)
How about pokemon ☺
Zayn Malik (2 months ago)
Fuck u classless YouTuber !!!!!!!😡😡😡😡
Ken FromPh (2 months ago)
ark survival are not compatible on my android device
Andrews Andrews (18 days ago)
Ken FromPh same
FAMILY GUY (2 months ago)
If u are going to go all the way to make a blog about this then u should at least show us what we've never seen b4. Watching this video has been a total waste of my time
b ig (2 months ago)
Mother fucker I fuck you mom every all family fuck you son of bitch
Fire Lord (2 months ago)
Whats the song called
Reza Walker (2 months ago)
the song?
Random Gamer (3 months ago)
Ark Survival evolved is not for Android yet
Random Gamer (2 months ago)
Matchi ohhh...
Matchi Official (2 months ago)
Random Gamer there is mobile version for ark
mari bachaliashvili (2 months ago)
Random Gamer yes it is
sungjin008 (3 months ago)
Sarita Singh (3 months ago)
TheNoobKing 144 (3 months ago)
Quick tip: add Info about it being online or offline and also the android version or iPhone version and the downloadable site.
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Good one :)
Sovyattl (3 months ago)
every video has same games, kys
j rg_13agpi (3 months ago)
I love how people click on this video because of the thumbnail:):):)
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
PL.BITN0725 TPNG0725 (3 months ago)
Woo good
gRcLaNnn (3 months ago)
Where can i download ark on android
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Boruto supreme Uzumaki (3 months ago)
I just got a cringy ad
Josue ayala (3 months ago)
Desde que salió forniet o pug móvil se a vuelto loca la gente no saben que crear osea nuevas ideas no solo esa clase de juego o arena como le llamen puede ser mejor
Anar Aqamirzoev (3 months ago)
What is music name
The Dank USSR Hunter (3 months ago)
lol your clickbaiting is suck
ABCDE GT (3 months ago)
The ark says its not compatible in my device:((
Sapik Skak (1 month ago)
download in apk pure
True Dreams (3 months ago)
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Ynex.FireRange Checkout this game also !
Torrential Lemon (3 months ago)
I meant it you are clickbaiting bro or sis
Torrential Lemon (3 months ago)
I meant it you are clickbaiting bro or sis
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Read the title and see if its a click bait
aco (3 months ago)
Is mmorpg sh*t not open world
Aniket Minz (3 months ago)
So you clickbait people with ghost of tsushima damn you cunt
Milan Le Goff (3 months ago)
Big clickbait
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Pay attention to the title
Jordan Brown (4 months ago)
Dang it! That thumbnail was clickbait!? I thought there was actually going to be an open world Samurai game on this list!!!!
Masaneh Ceesay (20 hours ago)
That's the sole reason I clicked on this video.
Deadly Bruiser (29 days ago)
Most of the videos about "openworld Android games" Have fake thumbnails.
VegetaMODS (1 month ago)
Jordan Brown play jade empire download in youtube or chrome cause it cost money in play store
Ashroc DenarKo (2 months ago)
+Farhan Putrayeah I have it it's a great game very gruesome
Farhan Putra (2 months ago)
The thumbnail is from a game named Ghost of Tsushima
Ramon Telesforo (4 months ago)
Nice vid bro keep it up
Enu Rodrigues (4 months ago)
HOPE LESS (4 months ago)
Ark in android??? (edit) sadly its not compatible in my device =(
Rhei Fatah (4 months ago)
Really helpfull , thanks for the list man , i'm an open world type gamer , that's why i keep searching but didn't find any great games , but after watching this video , i got some great game such as morphite and tempest
Peter Simarmata (4 months ago)
I wish i could blocked all these android channel with fake thumbnail, so i wont see clickbait like this
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Lol u pay top much attention tp the thumbnail Read the title m8
jhgnlex (4 months ago)
Why did you put Ghost if Tsujima in your thumbnail?! Clickbait!!!!
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
I came here cuz the title said *"top open world games"* and i wanna play some open world games.. How about u.. U came here cuz of the thumbnail? If ur so familiar with that game (on the thumbnail)... And its only for pc, xbox or whatever... Why are u here? Just to comment *"clickbait"*?
koz4k (4 months ago)
Good music!!!!!
Kelvin King (4 months ago)
Daniel Guerra (4 months ago)
Wow very good, i don't know that Ghost of Tsushima released for android hahahahaha, fuck that
Kaonashi (4 months ago)
All the good games are non english
Mahar Dika (4 months ago)
Gila grafisnya bukan main😁😁😁😁😁
Kiệt Trần (4 months ago)
What is the name of music ? 3:55
Milanisti Rock (4 months ago)
Click bait with ghost of tsushima
Hruven Seven (4 months ago)
None of da games can be found on playstore
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Cuz its not compatible on ur device
Hruven Seven (4 months ago)
Gameplay is waaaaaayyyyyyyy too long!
Ilham Alfiansyah (4 months ago)
This is offline? Or not??
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
What game
Dev frost (4 months ago)
not again! clickbait, this game on thumbnail is only for ps4 not for android
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Why bother coming here? Also were here for open world games
Lapak Gaming (4 months ago)
Dev frost wow... 15 Game android terbaik sepanjang masa :o https://youtu.be/2jKQG0ZKB2c
NaveCore (4 months ago)
why the hell ghost of tsushima on the thumbnail
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Lol read the title... Dont pay too much attention on the thumbnail U came here cuz u wanna play open world games.... And if u think that the game on the thumbnail is on pc, xbox or whatever... Then why clicking this video just because of that?
Valiant Radius (14 days ago)
For clickbait
KillerBlades259 (3 months ago)
NaveCore It's called click baiting buddy.
NaveCore (3 months ago)
LANCE ANDREI dr o stein yesn't
ABCDE GT (3 months ago)
NaveCore can i play that on android
Davis Nashif (4 months ago)
Gua orang indonesia
Lapak Gaming (4 months ago)
Davis Nashif wow... 15 Game android terbaik sepanjang masa :o https://youtu.be/2jKQG0ZKB2c
Davis Nashif (4 months ago)
Lapak Gaming (4 months ago)
Davis Nashif wow... 15 Game android terbaik sepanjang masa :o https://youtu.be/2jKQG0ZKB2c
Winter Max (4 months ago)
Witch one are online game and witch one are not ? Just type the number plz
Mick Lin (4 months ago)
Try to play Aurcus Online. It was rpg game online.
geoo zeii (4 months ago)
Yay a ps4 game that was annouced at e3 as a thumbnail U should try harder
EL Guapo (4 months ago)
Are most cellphone games pay to win?
hikaryu 619 (5 months ago)
all this games online or offline ?
YouGames (5 months ago)
Some are online
Ed Sanders (5 months ago)
I hate it when people click bait like this!!! It’s just so frustrating As if graphics like those could ever be on phone
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Lol when people only pays attention to the thumbnail.... And not reading the title *calling it clickbait*
Ed Sanders (4 months ago)
Im gonna add on that im not saying phone graphics will never be this good, but there’s a reason consoles and PCs are pretty bulky. It’s hard to make the hardware smaller
Rusdik Bin Mahmud (4 months ago)
Yeah soon pc game will be on phone Or high quality app like heck
Well from tetris, bounce and snake we have got till gta sa, modern combat and pubg. So dont be surprised to see these high graphics game on more advanced smartphones very soon
Razzle Dazzle (4 months ago)
You'd be terribly mistaken :)
Arish! Kumar (5 months ago)
Bro where you get these types of thumbnail please reaply me✔
Can you see other players in Ark?
ABCDE GT (3 months ago)
IHadNoIdeaThatGoogleAllowedYouToChangeYourNameIntoSomethingSoRidiculouslyLongAndStupidLikeIDidHere wtf your name i stoo long
Ya mum's Hairline (4 months ago)
IHadNoIdeaThatGoogleAllowedYouToChangeYourNameIntoSomethingSoRidiculouslyLongAndStupidLikeIDidHere yes
I'm *héö* (5 months ago)
Superb bro nice collections and nice music MORTALS perfectly suitable for every video !!
Kobeni (5 months ago)
is ARK survival offline?
VegetaMODS (1 month ago)
ツXenoRide offline and online bro :)
temsu jr (1 month ago)
both.. but i think you already knew that according to the time of you're comment
ツXenoRide (4 months ago)
Nekozilla 323 Yeah ! :) For the moment i wait that my friend install it and i'm gonna play with them :)
Nekozilla323 jhonzon (4 months ago)
What are you serius!!!
Seven Gaming (5 months ago)
hate the background sound everyfuckingone is using it
funny cat (5 months ago)
Hey bro ARk onl or off
Blue (3 months ago)
TÚ Đàm offline
YouGames (5 months ago)
glory glass (5 months ago)
i cant download the ark survival,why?
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
+JP dalicano hey i have 3 gb ram and i cant play it... What other requirements does it need?
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Ur phone probably not compatible for the game. Like me :(
JP dalicano (20 days ago)
The developers said it is incompatible with devices with less than 3 gb of ram
ABCDE GT (3 months ago)
glory glass yehh i cant play ot tooo😕
glory glass (4 months ago)
MineGar YT yeah maybe it is
Canadian Magd (5 months ago)
31st :D
Aziz electro (5 months ago)
Dude please next video top RPG games like ravensword and exiles... Please
Mateusz S (5 months ago)
Too long section
JACKFLAME FireKING (5 months ago)
Really great choices at least better than poor ign
1 million Subscribers (5 months ago)
Terrible video...
ACE Plays (5 months ago)
Can i play ark offline? Or its online
Marc Boo (3 months ago)
ACE Plays you can play online and offline (single player) :3
YouGames (5 months ago)
It’s online
WYOU (5 months ago)
Ark survival in ram 2Gb lag??
VegetaMODS (28 days ago)
Thrilling Hazardous i am just trying to be nice sorry if i am wrong
Thrilling Hazardous (29 days ago)
yehh why not test it out. Dont such a bs if soneone says jt cant just accept that it cant. And if u are really desoerate then why not try it on your own
VegetaMODS (1 month ago)
WYOU hey this is my second channel i am 4gb space hmm i think it may work why not test it out?
WYOU (4 months ago)
4gb SPACE!! But Ram is 2 gb
WYOU (4 months ago)
4gb SPACE!! My device is 7.0.0
LOL B (5 months ago)
To day is my birthday so can we hit 9000k likes for my birthday
minato the yellow flash (5 months ago)
can you make a list about charecters making games like sims and such stuff i will really be happy btw amazing list dude
Curse (5 months ago)
Bro i subbed and im not regretting it. Your upload sched and games are amazing!
STUPID IDIOT TUBER (5 months ago)
Can i play ark on android?
Steve Bricks :D (13 days ago)
Depends on ur device
CAIDYN BENDER (3 months ago)
If America, you cannot
CAIDYN BENDER (3 months ago)
What country do you live in?
STUPID IDIOT TUBER (5 months ago)
YouGames Thanks
YouGames (5 months ago)
Yes links are in description
Clarence Bernal (5 months ago)
awesome vid but can you make a vid about applications or websites that you can download paid games for free
Clarence Bernal (4 months ago)
Jen Estravillo yes
ItsMystic l\/l (4 months ago)
Clarence Bernal like aptoid and ac market
Youtube Skatilsa (5 months ago)
Clarence Bernal yes
Clarence Bernal (5 months ago)
Youtube Skatilsa do every games here work fine??
Youtube Skatilsa (5 months ago)
Unruly King (5 months ago)
Bro where did u get the instrumental song at 1:00?
Loopydrugs • (5 months ago)
Yaas Zen (5 months ago)
يا اخي انته مبدع
HogsEmperor_HD (25 days ago)
+Canadian Magd talk about urself not ur country, if u did that, then u will find urself useless in this world so shut the fuck up
Canadian Magd (5 months ago)
Aziz electro we acctually respect by country..and canada is a part of america and america invented many..
Aziz electro (5 months ago)
Canadian Magd what about you are you get respect or invented something
Canadian Magd (5 months ago)
Aziz electro dude mind this rule you get respected if you made the world better but u never get it when ur useless..am not offending you by the way
Aziz electro (5 months ago)
Canadian Magd no matter what you invented the point is... I have no word to say
Aditya Baskara (5 months ago)
Fvck U
Davis Nashif (5 months ago)
Like 1
Davis Nashif (5 months ago)
Yes first
GaMeR s2 (5 months ago)
Good video bro
Davis Nashif (5 months ago)
GaMeR s2 nooooo why you fisrt

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