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Fallout 4 - Advanced Base Building Techniques (PC gameplay)

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In this base building tutorial for Fallout 4, Ian expands on the tips he delivered in his Base Building for Beginners video and shares his top five advanced techniques that should help you make the most of your settlements. Watch Base Building for Beginners, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvgEA2LDNWM Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (1205)
40 seconds in and im like i cant even set prefabs up right
Juliet Kenton (19 days ago)
PC Gameplay (on Xbox)
hello xd (25 days ago)
Where are the comments
KirkeGaming (1 month ago)
Very helpful
kevin wilson (2 months ago)
Thank you for the building tips.its very usefull
Brick Builder UK (3 months ago)
"advanced"!? how to lay a foundation block 🤔
TheWhoGivesAShitChannel (3 months ago)
i just wanted u to show us how u built that tree house in the thumb clip!
Λυris (3 months ago)
Floor clips-in but cannot be placed. Bathesda is annoying.
Kevin Layaoen (4 months ago)
effin' hell that tree house was siiick!
Story Time (4 months ago)
Can someone tell me what the name of the song is in the background
Jason Roark (5 months ago)
Love the super mario
Arturo Perez (5 months ago)
Andy Lawrence (5 months ago)
Good tips. Been playing ages but didn't know half of that stuff.
bunt cucket (5 months ago)
Meh.. modz
Grand Moff Tarkin (5 months ago)
I will never have the patientience for any of this.
Jaratewagen (5 months ago)
About the settlement size: If you run out of space, and you have scrapped everything visible, just take a crapton of weapons, drop them, and store them in the workshop with the editor. They will remain unharmed and you will have a load of building space.
Tira halsey (5 months ago)
I used place anywhere mod😂
W Oin (6 months ago)
Very high-quality video! Thanks
litbolt (6 months ago)
... I have almost 500 hours in this game and I never knew about the height and distance adjustments...
Jeff (6 months ago)
Bro thank you, I laid a unleveled fence at the Red Rocket i'm about to fix😂👍!
optimus moose (6 months ago)
How do I enter building mode
Goharjio Nico (7 months ago)
really helped me improve a lot in building. thx a lot bro! keep doing videos like this! I subbed u btw.
Karol Franczak (7 months ago)
Thx for this tricks!!! ;)
cainerbator78 (7 months ago)
A lot of good stuff but i tend to stay within the realms of physics. A 50ft stair case with no foundation or virtually floating house are just cringe
Notsaying (7 months ago)
one trick to non stop building without mods, is storing the powerlines between two pylons. It's the same as removing an object. The powerline can be reatached afterwards, then rince and repeat.
E Lee (7 months ago)
TheDiamond Ninja (8 months ago)
When you find the cure for cancer in fallout 4 with just your bare hands. Intelligence 1000000
Nothus Deus Vagus (8 months ago)
I'd like to add my thanks to the many already posted here... Your video is clear, concise and most importantly, relevant... Well Done!
Sapo Tonto (8 months ago)
Likes if you are watching this video and bother you that my november 2017 ps4 is Gold and Pro hahahaha... Loosers!!
Will Endowed (8 months ago)
Hey, I put a similar pixelated Vault Boy in my game, but then I had to edit it, and not use an outline, because it looks weird in-game.
Spearbeare (8 months ago)
Sorry this is not a good vid, hardly advanced is it
thegamerdog 123 (8 months ago)
Good bagrund Music
Siege is life 0340 !? (8 months ago)
Vault 88 dlc gives thousands you must set up supply lines from there to sanctuary or where ever u plz
Marvelous Marv (8 months ago)
Just bought this on Steam. Glad I ignored the salty reviews. Great game loving it. Great video!
Ronny LP (9 months ago)
Can I do something to place as many things in my settlement as I want to? Can I use commands?
Jellobat (9 months ago)
Ah yes 'advanced' tips for those who don't know what the concrete foundation is or how to move objects. So advanced.
Derkeethus the Argonian (9 months ago)
Aren't these the basics?
David McConville (9 months ago)
One tip you forgot to give is bringing in new junk to scrap. You see, every time you scrap something, your build limit bar goes down, even if the item in question was brought from the outside. This is a good way to increase your building limit beyond what the game initially gives you. So, you can make a small settlement like the boathouse indefinitely bigger so long as you continue to scrap materials at that location.
The Legend (9 months ago)
honestly settlements are the only good thing about fallout 4
Thanos (9 months ago)
This was amazing thank you very much
Jodie L Lorenzo Bruhn (10 months ago)
Or Y'know. Use mods and cheat.
TheArmyRC Channel (10 months ago)
Thanks dude for this video
Blixsa (10 months ago)
Well its not really feels like real some pillars maybe? :)
DeadlyRadiant Gaming (10 months ago)
You are really truely awesome
Truth Dante (11 months ago)
Please, can someone....anyone agree with me that HATES the 'building' settlements part of this fantastic game?....
Because the branches will get in the waaaaayyyyyy.
von carmichael (11 months ago)
basic for him maybe but that tree house is bomb as fuck lol
Dine's Diner (1 year ago)
Thatdeal79 (1 year ago)
I've been playing this for a year & a half & never knew that treehouse tip.
AMWJVHA (1 year ago)
This was exactly what i was looking for. Thank you!
jake Bob (1 year ago)
pro tip mods mods and more mods
Zachary Knobloch (1 year ago)
nice framerate
W0lfbane Shika (1 year ago)
Concrete is really hard to get hold and will run out fast! Not likely, if you actually look around you'll find so much concrete you'll wish you could trade it for copper instead, there's plenty of concrete bricks all over the place and I rarely use it: because funnily enough I only use wood and metal for the majority of my buildings, anything involving concrete I just end up using those foundation blocks to prop up a turret next to a gate or wall, it's funny because I usually end up spending more time surrounding the place with metal walls only to end up building around 4 turrets in each settlement concrete is the least used for me atm.
Fall Out 2017 (1 year ago)
1st I wish I had your accent 2nd you need to name your background music 3rd I LOVE your channel
c0mmanderKeen (1 year ago)
Hey, this was useful. Thanks!!
jeremy debraccio (1 year ago)
I'm glad the elevated houses is advanced. I always felt like a cheaty git haha
Mr.Pokemon Fan (1 year ago)
I think Ian Higton is the best voice actor out there!
0Djentleman0 (1 year ago)
concrete is always expendable with modaroni's
hidden mask (1 year ago)
Awesome video, it helped tremendously
CJ89paratroop (1 year ago)
No where near advanced building tips.
DrIzZiT50 (1 year ago)
nice 1. thanx.
TwoDoubleOhFour (1 year ago)
Level 273, seems legit.
bogus guy (1 year ago)
thanks for the techniques
grungeisdead (1 year ago)
THERE IS A WAY AROUND THE SIZE LIMIT!!! Im tired of people complaining about it, but don't go posting it everywhere and I find a patch that fixes this next time I play... Take a crapload of weapons, drop them, and store them in the workshop. Simple as that, works amazing. Do that as many times as you need.
grungeisdead (1 year ago)
Only useful and non-obvious tip was the last one.
Jason Victor (1 year ago)
that tree house idea is kinda dope I'm Gunna try my out now and scrap my shity house lmfao
NooZzleZ (1 year ago)
Uhhhh I may have accidentally killed everyone at Abernathy farm...
None of your Business (1 year ago)
THERE you go! Concrete parts in the WOOD section! No wonder I didn't find that! It clips into the ground, too! My attempt at walling in my settlement along that eastern slope was a nightmare, and ugly a s fuck to look at. Now I know how to do it all over again properly! This is SO helpful! I wish I could give you TEN likes! Thank you!
coldfrost dodde (1 year ago)
screw your size limit drop your weapons open the workbench and store them do this a few times and look at the size bar go down and you can build more just trick the game *wink*
geo dude (1 year ago)
who gives a fuck what youre name is.
Hairysteed (1 year ago)
"PC gameplay"?! What are those buttons then?
Morten Johnsen (1 year ago)
great game, did bye the game a long time ago but saw how lage it was and waited... i only now have time 4 it
Karaseenya (1 year ago)
Ryan Murray (1 year ago)
You my friend are a fucking life saver 😂😂
Athree (1 year ago)
jo eurogamer I love your vid but i need help in house designs. I know the basic stuff but everytime i try to make a house/base i fail. i want to make my house look lore friendly and realistic with depth and texture and contrast. can you make a vid like that pls
다됴타 (1 year ago)
Thanks~ it will be many help~~
Adam Dobrocky (1 year ago)
Well, i got pretty much all of my settlements built up and I should be doing my history essay, but I am watching this. I need help.
Henrik EN (1 year ago)
Thanks fore the tips and tricks
Eurogamer (1 year ago)
You're welcome! - Ian
The Typical Bat (1 year ago)
Actually I made my own tree house
Septfox (1 year ago)
So none of these things are explained at all in the game, right? It's not just me being stupid and missing the tutorial somewhere? It's mind-boggling that they would create such a neat, potentially flexible settlement building system, but wouldn't pay someone's wages for a few hours to create a tutorial. It wouldn't even have to be a _good_ tutorial, just a tutorial beyond "hey you can scrap things and place stuff with the Use button, have fun" would have been a start.
I Steal Your Toast (1 year ago)
need to give us shovels that can dig with
John Keat (1 year ago)
Why no rug glitch?
Yamaha Rider (1 year ago)
thanks this helped a lot
Patrick Leonforte (1 year ago)
Yeah mirrored what you did in the video and it won't allow the first or second deck to clip into the tree. I don't know if this is due to the newest update or what. I did try just one story. Then just the second story. Neither one works.
Nancy Scott (1 year ago)
i have 5 settlements and i built something like this in sanctuary and im currently murding the courser which is a pain in the ass
Mux (1 year ago)
is next fallout game going to be RPG or they Changing it to full action fps :P
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PeaceDeliverer (1 year ago)
best tutorial I have seen 🖒
also if you drop a bunch of guns on the floor then store them you can get the size to zero it works
oDraftz Editing (1 year ago)
this was exactly what I needed. thanks a bunch!
Eclipse Owner (1 year ago)
yo these kind of vids are very helpful
Dane Hall (1 year ago)
wait you can share resources between settlements w local leader 2?
Adam Dobrocky (1 year ago)
Dane Hall you just need the 1st one.
Dirk Aulbur (1 year ago)
Really well done, superb. Thanks. I subscribed with best regards and wishes.
Cave_Canem (1 year ago)
Great video, keep it up, you just got another subscriber
Casey Crosser (1 year ago)
level 17 LEGIT SON!
Tanner Gooch (1 year ago)
are you a little kid
Chatoyant Reverie (1 year ago)
Settlement building is literally the best and worst part of this game
Sam hunter_1 (1 year ago)
Labyrinth of Coral Caves I know, your like "building is da best *(10 mins later)* ITS TAKING SO LONG!!!!!"
TheNukite (1 year ago)
Awesome, thanks.

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