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13 Games Like Call Of Duty For Android

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We all love Call Of Duty, we have all had some amazing funny memories on that game. From the small kids screaming at us, to the amazing killstreaks, it's a great game. However, today I wanted to make a video on the best games like call of duty, except this time with a little twist. I wanted to make a video on the best games like Call of duty but for Android. If you like android games make sure to check out the rest of my channel for some of latest android inspired gaming videos. For now, here are three of my favorite android videos: Best Android Games Ever Created - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q6fZOwl1Bk&t=2s Best Android Survival Games - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFbSHGTzvjY&t=8s Top 12 Best Open World Android Games - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFIkgPNxL7M&t=3s If you want to learn how I get all of my games for a HUGE discounted price make sure to get a copy of my guide - https://gift.101nootropics.com/cheap-game-guide/ My Gaming Blog (for even more game ideas) - https://gamesalike.com/ Guide to getting millions of views on YouTube - https://blogo.co/guide-to-millions-views-youtube/ If you have any games you want to add to this list just make sure to leave them in the comments below! Oli.
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Amma Amma (7 months ago)
Where is brother in arms 3?????? It is also like call of duty.
GamesAlike (7 months ago)
thanks for mentioning it :)
ANDROSPACE BY ARBAZ (7 months ago)
Dead effect 2 and world war heroes are the best game ever created for android but after The Walking dead series
OrangeOmar (8 months ago)
Kenyan Coins (9 months ago)
Because of my busy lifestyle I prefer games that I can play on my phone. I will definitely download the game and am sure I will enjoy it.
Alma May Bacarrisas (9 months ago)
The Legendary online game ever! I see Call of Duty as one of the top-notch games to play. It's awesome!
bolt uzumaki (9 months ago)
I prefer my shooting game to have more substance. Doom is an example of that. However COD is a legend on itself which explains all these imitations.
Erza Scarlet (9 months ago)
I would rather stick to the PC on this one. A comment said it best shooting games are enjoyed better by a company. Can I even play with the gang on my phone?
Barb Christine (9 months ago)
Players should make a strong defense to win this game. Try siege bot as your best ground unit for attack. Oh, don't forget to maximize your defenses.
Maury Cheskes (9 months ago)
Cool list. It's the social aspect that makes these games so fun. Plus you can never run out of ideas when it comes to warfare.
Del (9 months ago)
Gonna download the zombie ops. Kinda feels good popping out zombie heads. Aside from that, yeah, It's good developers are considering mobile platforms for anytime anywhere gaming.
Nyasir Anne (9 months ago)
I am glad my android will come in handy for this shooting game. I however have to get a gang to enjoy call of duty. Its just more fun that way.
Captain Ussop (9 months ago)
It is nice to see that developers are taking mobile into account for games. These are good but nothing beats the original.
mico robin (9 months ago)
I do not get why shooting games are still blooming despite their obsolete formula. A story mode can change that but games like this does not have it.
Jade Abenes (9 months ago)
I really recommend Sniper Fury and Critical Ops. They are the best alternative for me. They have wide varieties of maps and the graphics are amazing!
jaau acer (9 months ago)
Awesome video! I'm really looking for a list of recommendation as an alternative to Call of Duty. Your video is right in time :)
victor Vandamme (9 months ago)
COD has sure come a long way. It even has copies now!!! I just do not know what more can be done in a shooting game though?
Rahne Sinclair (9 months ago)
This is good news for phone users, The question is how will they play it on a small device?
Emu Hojo (9 months ago)
I have long since out grew shooting games. It tends to get old pretty quick when you are all by your lonesome.
Hanaya Taiga (9 months ago)
Good to see that Android will finally have a PC experience with this one, As for me, I am sticking with the original.
Sarada Uchiha (9 months ago)
I have somehow out grew shooting games. However, this will be a nice thing to visit time and again.
Sasuke Uchiha (9 months ago)
This is cool. I can finally play games in this format on my phone? What are the specs though? How do I shoot?
Faith Nakajima (9 months ago)
Call of Duty: Black Ops are one of my favorite alternatives for Call of Duty. The controls are easy and the graphics are amazing.
Faith Marfil (9 months ago)
First person shooter games are my favorites. Not to brag but, after months of practice, I can say that I'm not a noob definitely.
Maureen Opondo (9 months ago)
Amazing games, but what really got me is how you grabbed my attention with your fast versatile narration. Your review is short and to the point. I love that.
Rain Santos-Ocampo (9 months ago)
Cool video however I use iPhone so I hope you can make a list for iOS! Just specifically for iOS for users like myself can super relate as well.
Ravemaster Haru (9 months ago)
They say IMITATION is the highest form of FLATTERY. This is not that surprising if anything it is the shooting game formula that needs to change.
Jubilation Lee (9 months ago)
I do not like COD going for the zombie vibe!!! It seems very far off from its core. This is a shooting game not zombie.
Milan Srbulovic (9 months ago)
cool video bro!

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