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Top 10 PlayStation Vita Games of All Time the Best PS Vita Games [4K ULTRA HD]

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Text Comments (168)
白濫 (4 months ago)
Wolf Reviewing (10 months ago)
ok .. there are Hardlt any games with realistic graphics.... uncharted killzone assasin creed they are best looking however if this is meant to be as powerufl as a ps3 why not more???
Bobby Bojangles (11 months ago)
Good video dude. Straight to the point, no stupid intro, no dumb memes. This is the perfect example on how top 10s should be done
Joy Bassy (1 year ago)
Slowly man.....
Cesar Alvarez (1 year ago)
Ys VIII Lacrimossa of Dana, is amazing and stunning graphics!
Pancake (1 year ago)
bac0n oof (1 year ago)
why there no gundam game!!!!!!!!!!
L M (1 year ago)
They were only doing US releases. While you can import Gundam games from Japan none were published in the US. Regardless, for as enjoyable as they are,. none of the Gundam games are better than the 10 mentioned there.
Brian Coley (1 year ago)
Final fantasy type 0 just sayin' . When Sony refused to port this psp title to the Vita it was the first warning sign of them abandoning the platform.
Brian Coley (1 year ago)
A good list but Dragons Crown should be on any ps vita top 10 list, local and online multiplayer plus crossplay with PS3 users .
fredo (2 years ago)
Resident Evil Ps Vita should be on this list. It's amazing!
DR AXE (2 years ago)
How tf anyone can play fps and tps on an controller ...same with vita it sucks to play any fps including killzone.
Stevey TeeVee (2 years ago)
I don't think it's that bad. I played FPS games with a controller for years and years starting with Doom and Golden Eye all the way up until Halo. I could still do it, it's not like it's competitive or hard or uncomfortable, you're playing bots.
Gabriel Fails (2 years ago)
Cult of Mush?
Nic Whitbread (2 years ago)
is this cultofmush?
Sonny Djanggono (2 years ago)
I bought psvita just for digimon cyber sleuth 😂
conpa18dany (2 years ago)
Do people still play kill zone mercenary online????
Spiderfly (2 years ago)
Yes its still very active
Christhebro6 (2 years ago)
Cammy_Mustahce (2 years ago)
+GameCross cult, cult of mush is that you? You you play console games... I'm cool with that :D
Epic Duck (2 years ago)
I agree with everything BUT WHY NoT TERRAWAY!
mr grissom (2 years ago)
take a breath dude.
Andrew Davis (2 years ago)
Can't wait to get a vita, I've been wanting to try Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice Delta for a while now
DaZ Shepster (2 years ago)
If you like that games, get Toukiden: Kiwami too, you won't regret it! :)
ZenTauren (2 years ago)
All these games suck ass.
Ghanim Al-Shammari (2 years ago)
child of light ?
Litemanning (2 years ago)
soul sacrifices story was unbelievable the game play did get repetitive but Noone can deny the story is the best that's ever been released on any portable console EVER
Konpaku Riii (1 year ago)
anthony KhAyat No it's not
Lina (3 years ago)
Best list I've seen so far.
Bryan Lar (3 years ago)
You for got (god eater burst 2)
Brendan Bergmann (3 years ago)
is this cult of mush???
Brendan Bergmann (2 years ago)
+Jackson Linton HAH ikr split personality
Jackson Linton (2 years ago)
+Brendan Bergmann lol i think so when i started the video i almost spit out my food lol!
Mohammad Usman (3 years ago)
Like i have been watching videos and was thinking that shud i just buy PS VITA OR NOT after watching this video i will buy it tomorrow becuz other videos were just show pixel arcade games i will not pay 700AED for ARCADE GAMES lol any ways best list so far
MyNameIsMatt (3 years ago)
i get you bro. thats why so many people dont even consider buying a vita. the indies overshadow the gold hidden. i have no regrets and am still playing it
David Isaak (3 years ago)
Wipeout 2048, Uncharted: Golden Abyss ... the rest is optional.
Neil Sky (3 years ago)
megaman x9 oh wait... huh?
Ezri Hielmi Che Daud (3 years ago)
I love both Freedom Wars and Killzone Mercenary!
+Ezri Hielmi Che Daud ok thanks so much for replying. Really helped out :)
Ezri Hielmi Che Daud (2 years ago)
+i made this account to comment Yes, you can play solo and finish the game (main campaign) on your own. Only, sometimes you'll find things getting harder when you're getting on higher levels. So, playing online does help you in a way.
Do you need to play online in freedom wars? Preferably I would like to play solo
Junel Espinosa (3 years ago)
hello? where the fuck is guacamelee? best game ever
dhiandra (3 years ago)
-dynasty warriors next -dynasty warriors 8 xl ce -samurai warriors 4 -samurai warriors 4 ii -warriors orochi 3 ultimate and all of tecmokoei game for vita is awesome biatchh!!
y no minecraft?!?!
ZachofallTrades (3 years ago)
You're the dude that does top GPUs of the month..
Stuart Pot (3 years ago)
Some of my favorite vita games are Gravity Rush,wipEout 2048,Freedom Wars and LBP Vita. I plan to get Persona 4 Golden +Dancing All Night soon. Plus the danganronpa games
Play random gamer (3 years ago)
nice guy
EM Nemesis (3 years ago)
God Eater 2: Rage Burst and God Eater Resurrection would be nice if Namco Bandai made an English version.
Shirako Takamoto (2 years ago)
I'm from the future lol But yes its already being done :) Ressurection is done and on psn and rage burst comes soon.
pr0xy (3 years ago)
We can hope
Epic Troll Internet (3 years ago)
I brought hatsune miku project diva f in  a big sale, and that is my third favourite game (after persona4 and danganronpa)
Matte Crystal (3 years ago)
disgaea 3&4 should be somewhere on this list its they're ultimate portable game.
Divinity Ryder (3 years ago)
I think this is the first list I've seen that didn't have P4G at the top spot.
Luke Patterson (3 years ago)
Squirtle Squad (3 years ago)
when will tearaway get some respect?
Iris Rodriguez (3 years ago)
is killzone mercenary a good game to get in to the FPS genre? I'm pretty interested but I'm not sure if it's a good one to start with.
SnoppPanda (3 years ago)
Actually just get Killzone Mercenary if ur aiming for a PS Vita heard a lot of good things about it.
SnoppPanda (3 years ago)
Oh sorry xD WorldAtWar is on PC so sorry....
Iris Rodriguez (3 years ago)
+Papaion Thanks, I'll pick it up when I get a vita in a couple weeks
Iris Rodriguez (3 years ago)
+土MinakiThee水 火Legend金 Oh.
SnoppPanda (3 years ago)
World At War COD
Jack Crane (3 years ago)
I love gravity rush
IanWasHere (3 years ago)
I bought a PS Vita just for Danganronpa. I may also get into the Persona games.
IanWasHere (1 year ago)
Melvin Ayson I did that before I had got a PS TV (and then got it on Steam after they announced it). I really wanted to play DR2 though, and the fan translation for the PSP version of the game got cancelled after it was announced for a North American release on PS Vita.
Melvin Ayson (1 year ago)
lol you can play danganronpa on psp too and if you have a psp emulatot you can play it in mobile of your own 😂
Ohime-sama (2 years ago)
Literally same. I got it for all 3 and P4G. I'm now looking into more games just so I don't end up never looking at it again XD
Sara W. Dahl (2 years ago)
Lol me too
Nikke (2 years ago)
+IanTheMerman ok
Stefan54 (3 years ago)
You all forgot Helldivers!
Kapambewe Musonda (3 years ago)
Nice perfect exactly what I would rate and once again nice
mohamad dandashli (3 years ago)
Mush is this your second channel? I thought I heard a familiar voice.
dola miah (3 years ago)
J stars should be on the list (bitch)
DaveSeven28 (3 years ago)
Good video cheers for uploading, I think Persona 4G definitely gets the no 1 spot in my opinion. Games you're missing are Dragons Crown, Borderlands 2, Child of light and Need for Speed MW. I have every game on your list apart from 2 little big planet and freedom wars I might just pick them up after watching this video. Also I'm in interested to hear a review on the football games available on the vita. I love playing Fifa on my PS4 and always have done one previous ps
Noah Andrew (3 years ago)
How good is Dragons Crown on Vita?
Amirul Faisal (3 years ago)
killzone mercenary should be no. 1 P4G no. 2 and freedom wars no. 3. and where is tearaway? every vita exclusive should be enjoyable in my opinion
Collin Douglas (3 years ago)
Where is Borderlands 2, you have ports like persona 4 golden, so where is borderlands
Litemanning (2 years ago)
a game like that should be played in 60 fps it was wayyyy to slow
Isaiah McDonald (3 years ago)
+Ponaru Hmm RAM is Random Accessible Memory  All Games require a certain amount of RAM to be able to be played Adding more RAM to a games usage can either speed the game up by a small percentage or do nothing at all... In this case it does something Now my question is do you know how RAM can be applied? Another example is: I had a netbook with only 1gb of RAM I bought a 4gb RAM stick and swapped it out with my 1gb of RAM  Not only did  most of my games run better but so did Windows OS and Internet Browsers
pr0xy (3 years ago)
You have no idea what ram is do you?
Isaiah McDonald (3 years ago)
+Ponaru Lol does this *Placebo Effect* *I know what it is*  Add 77 more MB of ram for more stable fps 
pr0xy (3 years ago)
Placebo effect
Chua Shao han (3 years ago)
Even with persona 4 golden not being #1 it should at least be #2, don't see any point that killzone mercenary rank higher than it
pr0xy (3 years ago)
Because Killzone Mercenary is an amazing game built specifically for the Vita. Not to mention the best example of First person shooters on a handheld to date.
Dhruv Shejpaul (3 years ago)
Persona 4 golden>>>>>LIFE.
Donjrey Cuthbertson (3 years ago)
Do a lot of people tell you that you sound like cultofmush?
PJman33 (3 years ago)
Where the hell is borderlands 2?
pr0xy (1 year ago)
Yeah its our fault the Vita wasn't properly supported in the west because we didn't cream our pants over half assed ports... Tell me, are you clinically retarded or do you just play so on the internet?
Brian Coley (1 year ago)
pr0xy those people who criticise ports like Boarderlands 2 are responsible for developers dropping support for the vita, I hope you all feel very satisfied with yourself.
Epic Duck (2 years ago)
+squareboy33 There was a borderland ON THE PSVITA WHAT!
pr0xy (3 years ago)
Its a horrible port of a great game why would it be in this list, and if it was why would it ever be #1?
SkillHut (3 years ago)
I know right! I was waiting for number 1 like "yep here it comes" and nothing. This list is kind of a joke withought it
Dangansona (3 years ago)
Would of switched 3 and 4 with 1 and 2
Devin Bracamonte (3 years ago)
Sao hollow fragment
Ansity (3 years ago)
I thought freedom wars was really boring, in my opinion.
Litemanning (2 years ago)
Yeah not only that also very complicated for no reason the game could have been really deep and simple but they chose the overly hard and complicated way
GodlyDemi (3 years ago)
sword art online hollow fragment should be added to the list
山田春 (2 years ago)
+Yiori Yagami  ;)
Yiori Yagami (2 years ago)
+山田春 my Life Is Perfect
山田春 (2 years ago)
people that like sao need to like ...see the world, there are far more better animes and games
Yiori Yagami (2 years ago)
In my Opinion SWord art Online HollowFragment is Amazing The best Game Of Vita. lol okno... xD
MyNameIsMatt (3 years ago)
that game is terrible. shit battle mechanics imo. but the sequel hollow realization looks promising
Hi Im Micku (3 years ago)
I have 7 of those titles, the ones I'm missing are Uncharted, Dangan Ronpa and Wipeout2048... i haven't found the chance of getting those :(
Hi Im Micku (3 years ago)
Thanks, i probably will
Dangansona (3 years ago)
+CaprimexicanoWiiPSP Make danganronpa your first to get!! You won't regret it!
Vinatsu (3 years ago)
Should I buy ps vita I have a 40% discount for all Sony products and idk if there's any good games I'm just thinking of ps vita cause of the jrpg
ly taylong (3 years ago)
I just buy it 3 days ago
RosesAreBlack (3 years ago)
+piratatrillo trillo lol YS moc was the main reason why i bought a vita, once i heard that there was a YS on the vita i went straight to the store and bought one, i love the YS series, especially YS seven
Nope Noperson (3 years ago)
Do it.
خالد جمال (3 years ago)
The nintendo 3ds xl is great its got wonderful games and there is an amiibo support but you have to wait ubtil autumn to buy the nfc reader adapter 3ds xl is perfect I got one and its perfect
Gordon Heeman (3 years ago)
I miss The binding of isaac
kai mulholland (3 years ago)
+Stealth Nuke Ninja .wait uts off the store?
Stealth Nuke Ninja (3 years ago)
Yaz me to but I still got it on the vita
Mark Abell (3 years ago)
I love Vita
ForsakenAbyss (3 years ago)
depends how much u like the anime i personally loved it
Ansity (3 years ago)
+nemesisdevil98 Is Hollow Fragment worth it?
Brandon x22 (3 years ago)
I love it too I'm selling my 3ds cause my vita is the best
ForsakenAbyss (3 years ago)
+GamerX Gaming especially sao hollow fragment
Tom Is a Door (3 years ago)
My top ten games: Persona 4G Need For Speed MW Sly Cooper Thieves of Time Guacamelee! WipeOut Killzone Mercenary Tearaway HyperDimension Neptunia BlazBlue(all of them!!!) Assassins Creed Ninja Gaiden sigma plus Playstation all star battle royal Dragons Crown Hotline Miami(both) Rayman Series there are more of them that are always being talked about, in our really small community
Majid Zamel (2 years ago)
+Tom Is a Door don't you think that Ninja gaiden sigma 2 plus is better than sigma 1?
Tom Is a Door (3 years ago)
OHHH lol got carried away xD
Freyja Vinter (3 years ago)
+Tom Is a Door You started your sentence with 'my top TEN..' but you named 15 games :D thank you although I believe I'll buy a ps vita to play some of these games
Tom Is a Door (3 years ago)
whats that?+IAmDavidBlayne
IAmDavidBlayne (3 years ago)
+Tom Is a Door do you know how to count to ten?
Zemerax (3 years ago)
Well this is an eye opener, who knew vita has games?
pr0xy (3 years ago)
Anyone who isnt an idiot...
Cody Grimm (3 years ago)
Yeah I just bought one and honestly I'm shocked haha
pigdot (3 years ago)
I only have 1 game on this list.. lol rip. Anyway very good top 10 i would agree on the majority of them :) Awesome video man
Shinku (3 years ago)
Toukiden Kiwami should be on the list, is a more solid A-RPG than Soul Sacrifice and has even more content than Delta, you should check it out
Shinku (3 years ago)
it isnt a  sequel perse, its like age of Demons+ like monsterhunter 3 tri and other interations lt just released this april
ForsakenAbyss (3 years ago)
+Shinku isn't it called toukiden age of demons or is there a sequel?

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