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TANNENBERG - Official Launch Trailer (New World War 1 Game 2017)

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TANNENBERG - Official Launch Trailer (New World War 1 Game 2017) Get Tannenberg now on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/633460/Tannenberg/ Get partnered with Empire Collective (like me): http://www.empirecollective.la Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (552)
Brutus Mars (3 months ago)
Good game, very fun
Oli Chepa (4 months ago)
Does kuk troops speak German or only hugarian ?
Zellori 1991 (7 months ago)
Better than Battlefield 1
The Rambonxious (7 months ago)
Looks like a lot of fun, my inner historian is aroused
MP P (8 months ago)
How is the Gane Play? Like DoD?
Tellin'ThaTruth (9 months ago)
Would love to play this. But its like with Verdun... No playerbase, no fun. Too bad everyone hypes games like PUBG or CoD..
Zaford Symphony (9 months ago)
History question. At 0:45 and 1:05 the religious pictures had X's drawn over them. Is that an Orthodox thing? Why is that?
Shikam187 (9 months ago)
1:08 ....... is he doing CPR on a man with missing limbs?
1:05 Wait a second... He's trying to make a cardiac massage to the guy with a hand and a leg torn off... Looks legit.
Mr Pointonio (9 months ago)
why this is fallout4 in description of this viddeo?
무스타파 (9 months ago)
very low explosive effect
Will this game go on the Xbox One?
clearmovie (9 months ago)
Na végre! Osztrák-Magyar Monarchia!
Bisma (9 months ago)
Evgenios Megas (9 months ago)
A m a z i n g
Magyar Félvér (9 months ago)
Marilee R Burt (9 months ago)
I dont care about verdun this is what i wanted, Eastern front
Don't wanna complain, but wasn't mustard gas (not accurate) first used in the year 1916?
gimly blyat (10 months ago)
0:51 hungarian lol
Normandy 101 (10 months ago)
What about console
Why in gods name are the Russians using Winchesters? 2:04
Bryant G (9 months ago)
They actually used lever actions.
Big BassSlayer17 (10 months ago)
Will it be on console
Géza Nagy (10 months ago)
Hát rég nem hallotam magyar szót játékban :D
Felix Lund Risager (10 months ago)
Bf1 is better tho
Dallin N (10 months ago)
Only after BF1 was released do other developers make more WW1 games..
Dallin N (9 months ago)
Bryant Guidry who's the one mad around here?
Bryant G (9 months ago)
Wtf Verdun came out before BF1. Don't get mad at the developer for making the one thing they're specialized in doing.
RINAT BADREDINOV (10 months ago)
ну-ка, сука, покажи на что способен
The Zac Martin (10 months ago)
Stepdown Call Of Duty.
orlando kaufusi (10 months ago)
Bodietz stelina
Fanta _K (10 months ago)
this verdun copy paste
Doukan (10 months ago)
I played on closed beta and it was not fun at all:(
XTubo (10 months ago)
It's for Xbox one?
Staudz 11 (10 months ago)
Looks great but too much money and i already have verdun
liquidsnake9870 (10 months ago)
Will the Austrains need to battle hungry wolves in the Carpathians?
Speedy Sphincter (10 months ago)
liquidsnake9870 we can only hope
coolman TV (10 months ago)
Look like verdun
jakerzdd 14 (10 months ago)
Is it on console
Steve Kapitány (10 months ago)
Wow in the Hungarian parts the soldiers actually speak Hungarian great!
The Crusading Slav (10 months ago)
Now , what about tank gameplay? I really wanted that in Verdun
Bryant G (9 months ago)
If there would be a tank id imagine it to be a very rare appearance. It also wouldn't be used before 1916 so only for later maps, limiting it.
moya_ radost_5 (10 months ago)
ого,нихуясебе,где-то за пределом снг вспомнили что российские тоже вели войны в первой всемирный войне)
A-VeryJudgementalGuy (10 months ago)
Isn't this just verdun
Traductor de Google (10 months ago)
welcome to 2008
Mr. Josh (10 months ago)
People complaining about the graphics but they probably can’t do any better
Nevada The Sergal (10 months ago)
ah, the Birth of the URAA charge.
Kim Valenzuela (10 months ago)
Soooo awesome looking I want to play it
Henk De Baksteen (10 months ago)
What cod ww2 should have been
Picolin64 (10 months ago)
A WW1 game that is actually a WW1 game. Looks good!
OFW Schroedinger (10 months ago)
just one question, in one of the scenes russian soliders are wearing gas mask, but in ww1 Russian hasnt any gas masks
Bryant G (9 months ago)
They developed gas masks around 1916 I believe with the Russian Zelinsky-Kumant model. In 1915 they didn't have gas masks and the first gas attack was used at Ypres.
YT (10 months ago)
yeah hungarian heroes :) i love it....
Nathaniel Shelnutt (10 months ago)
Looks like a different, better verision of Verdun
kolton ruvalcaba (10 months ago)
holy fuck can no one make another great modern shooter?
armymanscott (10 months ago)
It looks like it was made using the source engine and SFM film maker
Andre Tennis (10 months ago)
This is basically a remake of Verdun
Penguin Fred (10 months ago)
1:03 Out of all things he could put pressure on, he goes for the chest. Not the ruptured veins in the arms or the legs
roxboto fletrty (10 months ago)
Is this verdun 2?
Just Alex (10 months ago)
I thought this was Verdun
Last Strike Mapping (10 months ago)
LUMOS 974 (10 months ago)
And when you play the game it's only fuckers hiding behind trees.
l Little Shy l (10 months ago)
verdun 2 lol
Heksu 5 (10 months ago)
Tim Neyman (10 months ago)
Dark-ShaDowK 117 (10 months ago)
This game can go in ps4?
Tamás Márk #GK (10 months ago)
NEm hiszem el hogy a magyar katonák magyarul beszélnek benne....
Lanas7512 (10 months ago)
It's cool but it look just like Verdun
miserable (10 months ago)
why fallout 4 i dont get it.
Michel Drucker (10 months ago)
1:05 let him die
Sebastian Daneli (10 months ago)
Looks like the game is lagging.
Bryant G (9 months ago)
That's your phone lagging.
John nyboy (10 months ago)
I love ps3 graphics...sooooo modern and immersive...
Emperor Shōwa Hirohito (10 months ago)
2:02 "Oi, cyka!"
stinger mchayride (10 months ago)
Verdun with more campers 13355685487/10
Gábor Pető (10 months ago)
Éljenek a Magyarok!!!😀😀
Ryan Deitch (10 months ago)
A Verdun repeat?
Birdeee (10 months ago)
*Copied Battlefield 1* jk
Sir Capulet (10 months ago)
Verdun 😂😂😂
Peridot (10 months ago)
Battlefield 1 is Better in my opinion
䶚鑳Human (6 months ago)
I don't understand why people would hate others for having a different opinion
Mr Waffles (9 months ago)
The Amulet How dare you have an opinion on the internet that is illegal. is a joke
Sir Capulet (10 months ago)
TheFlying Mark5 True
RAM3N TV (10 months ago)
this is verdun... DLC?
Lets AnimateIt (10 months ago)
1:39 would have loved to use the şmiały in combact
Lets AnimateIt (10 months ago)
lol that train is literally my pp
YeBoiLongSmell G (10 months ago)
Revolverous Ocelot (10 months ago)
lots of Russians? 1945/10
Horsedick.MPEG (10 months ago)
1:47 thats some nasty slap
Santiago Vásquez Gómez (10 months ago)
Looks like a polished Verdun.
Osmanlı Tokadı (10 months ago)
Verdun 2 lol
Verdun ебаный
ааа,ну-ка это истина) если у тебя кушать можно поиграть
Макар Николаев это "сарказм". Игра классная.
отчего же?
ken block (10 months ago)
Only for PC?
Michele Merlo (10 months ago)
Balogh Martin (10 months ago)
Lewis Brown (10 months ago)
That death seen at 1:30 though. Great animation guys
shotya (10 months ago)
wow hungarian words are hungarian <3
TomeOfBattle (10 months ago)
In before I can't play as the Romanian Army, and in the Carpathian missions, too. Typical...
Guaguadeath (10 months ago)
I was about to say where's some blood?? *Sees guy missing a fuckin arm and leg in pool of blood. Nice
Dutch Van Der Linde (10 months ago)
0:50 sorry, but that was funny
Dutch Van Der Linde (8 months ago)
Cheeky Elf (8 months ago)
HAIDER IBRAHIM (10 months ago)
fuck graphics we need more fun games
MrFergendensin (10 months ago)
Love how the guy is applying pressure to a wound, completely ignoring the fact that his leg's been blown off...
Truong Lam Lo (10 months ago)
10/10 very russia would ura again
Eduardo Kiryu (10 months ago)
Hope gameplay is good
Thats Nodildo (10 months ago)
i need it
Jovan Lee (10 months ago)
I hope it is a WW1 strategy game because Battlefield 1 already ruled WW1 FPS
cyka blyat (10 months ago)
Jovan Lee If you want a WW1 strategy game, I suggest you get the game Making History: The Great War, or get Hearts of Iron 4 and install the WW1 mod
HFP Play (10 months ago)
Please come to Xbox one!!!
thedickfromtheinternet (10 months ago)
Looks like verdun but reworked
萊爾富 (10 months ago)
Still can't beat Battlefield 1 lol!
Pickleijm 43 (2 months ago)
This is a real ww1 game
Mr Waffles (9 months ago)
Yiannis G. Uhh actually BF4 beats BF1 since Bf1 is complete garbage.
Yiannis G. (10 months ago)
Nothing can beat BF1!
Kitty Panzer313 (10 months ago)
Still has a better story than Battlefield 1
Alessandro N (10 months ago)
Why is no one wearing helmets by 1916?

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