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【Dex and Daina】Rivers In The Desert - Persona 5【VOCALOID Cover】

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I finally finished this game and completely loved this song so I decided to make a cover. It came out kind of bad but I am bad at Vocaloid so... I can't fix it.
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AeonicButterfly (1 year ago)
Some critique from a somewhat expert in Vocaloid: Besides some flat notes on the chorus and bridge (Rivers in a dry land) , you also need to look into all the parameters. Dynamics is probably one of the most important things, especially when you want two vocals to sound like different people. You also need to add in slight pitch variances to make it sound more human, it's really hard to describe, but no one sing's perfectly. And yes, you need to work on both vocal's parameters separately for the best results. I haven't posted anything Vocaloid on my Youtube in an ancient long time, though I have some newer stuff that's just practice that I might post. I too own Daina and Dex, but also Avanna and Luka. :) https://soundcloud.com/midnightmode/fire-area-night-vocaloid-cover One of my more recent works. I have two singers singing the same lines, but adjusted differently.
Astrobadgr (1 year ago)
AeonicButterfly thank you so much!😂 I have a lot to learn😳
kurumi061213 (1 year ago)
Hi i also do vocaloid related things i subbed to u sub back to me please

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