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Cyberpunk 2077 – official E3 2018 trailer

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Watch the E3 trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 — the role-playing game of the dark future from CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Cyberpunk 2077 is a narrative-driven, open world RPG set in the most vibrant and dangerous metropolis of the future — Night City. You play as V, a hired gun on the rise, who just got their first serious contract. In a world of cyberenhanced street warriors, tech-savvy netrunners and corporate life-hackers, today is your first step to becoming an urban legend. Cyberpunk 2077 is set in the same universe as Mike Pondsmith's classic pen & paper RPG system, Cyberpunk 2020. Find out more at: https://www.cyberpunk.net https://www.facebook.com/CyberpunkGame https://www.twitter.com/CyberpunkGame https://www.discord.gg/cyberpunkgame “Spoiler” DJ Hyper Authors: Guy Hatfield, James Cocozza 2014, Ayra Recordings
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Text Comments (38180)
YourEdm (41 minutes ago)
nice sound i jump over lil bit
Emhyr var Emreis (49 minutes ago)
They will show us the demo that will be awesome and then downgrade all animations and graphic to Andromeda. Fuck U console gamers.
Ozan Doruk (1 hour ago)
People there had metal in their heads.
StrangeReality (2 hours ago)
YES. PLEASE. CDPR!! (though I'm a BIG dreamer..)
Karisto SC (3 hours ago)
hmm looks good. but i'm not really interested in a cyberpunk RPG in first person view. hope CD Project will make a new Witcher game after that. Or maybe in near future more DLC's for Witcher 3 ;) ..because Witcher 3 is my best game of all time
Ozan Doruk (1 hour ago)
I would strongly recommend watching someone who has sawn already gameplay at e3 booth. They said it has blown their expectations and that the first person view would fit perfectly.
rock tooth (4 hours ago)
it is like hell for feminists
notso rekt (5 hours ago)
Release this piece of shit so they can work on GTFO please.
Daniel Morrall (6 hours ago)
"Not Human" by Elegant slims is the perfect soundtrack for this game
Drivertilldeath (6 hours ago)
Where can I buy a model of V’s car?!?!?!?!
John Doe (10 hours ago)
Please keep real world politics out of this game, all SJW, and Political Correctnes, should NOT be in this game , in any way shape or form! And by that I mean do not make all NPCs black or muslim or what ever. Don't do what BioWare and Dice, have done, or many other Gaming Companies. Do not let real world politics affect the entertainment of tomorrow! You will only end up disenfranchising at least half your audience! CD Project Red has a VERY good reputation among gamers, keep it that way. Keep the politics of today out of the entertainment of tomorrow! Also it might risk hurting sales, and also you will get a very bad reputation... You could have some real world representation, i.e. look at the population percentage that is White, Black, Asian, Indian, Latino and so on, and account for the real world representation, like how many people in america are white and black and so on, and then take in to account the number of characters in Night City, and have an fair and equal representation of america today, or the fictional america, from the Cyberpunk universe which is not that different from what america had during the 1980s and 1990s, in the real world but in the past. EA, would definitely make white people a minority or something like that, or just make white people evil... Just look at the ethnic demographics in america during the 80s and 90s, and go from there? Or you could go full SJW and Political correctness...but please don't.
Iluminus (12 hours ago)
https://chat.whatsapp.com/IaOoFihKRD5FKrUUt5d9qt It's for cyberpunk lover's too It's a group about general information and smart talk, we are sjw free, the goal of the group it's to spread information, and talk about everything.
Sniper Squid71 (13 hours ago)
Love the way the game looks it has just the right amount of technology
k1 (13 hours ago)
cris rose (13 hours ago)
I really like the car though...
cris rose (13 hours ago)
game looks great. too bad we have to wait 59 years for it to come out :(
Giovanni Foulmouth (14 hours ago)
Only 59 more years left until release! Yippie!!!
Firestarter (14 hours ago)
V-tech still around in the future? No wonder they're doing so bad.
Drivertilldeath (15 hours ago)
Back for my daily view. ;)
Sage Fulton (16 hours ago)
o my gawd, i wonder if this is gonna be like a futuristic GTA or something, from the developers who made the witcher, i would guess it would be like open world RPG, overall the musi'cs bad ass
Rorschach (17 hours ago)
0:23 disappearing people (left side) ....but the trailer steal awesome !!!
Rorschach (14 hours ago)
Drivertilldeath agree
Drivertilldeath (15 hours ago)
CDPR said this is Pre Alpha. Still lots to do.
mefisto (17 hours ago)
Maybe we'll meet Gaunter o'Dimm
Spookyiff (18 hours ago)
This looks really cool, just hope its not another dull repetitive sandbox open world.
[*]Next _ (18 hours ago)
5 lat czekania :((
OWERFULL owerfull (18 hours ago)
Za wcześnie trochę zapowiedzieli. Tak naprawdę ta gra znajduje się w normalnej produkcji od 2015/2016 roku kiedy skończyli prace nad Wiedźminem. Dlatego Ja sobie liczę od tego momentu.
Darth Vader (19 hours ago)
That car is fucking lit
Hasan Akbar (19 hours ago)
Available in 2077!
Marek Nowak (19 hours ago)
Ta gra zapowiada się prze-kurwa-kozacko! ESSA!
SoIoCreep (21 hours ago)
This get my juices flowing so I can get her juices flowing, that's sex. - Scooter
Daniel Coetzee (21 hours ago)
Everyone that disliked must have half a brain cell
Polly (23 hours ago)
czyzby w koncu jakis dobry fps nie robiony przez seppo rzabojadow szwedow czy ruskich
Sir Daniel Fortesque (23 hours ago)
6M more views until Cyberpunk 2077 trailer hits 20M views
Marek Nowak (1 day ago)
To jest wykurwiste ESSA!
Starbodektrek (1 day ago)
i waiting for this game...
Fovez (1 day ago)
14 Million views! . . . . . . Watched it x9999 times since it came out
Gamerul IT (1 day ago)
14 million views
PROJECT Y (23 hours ago)
Any Ghost in the shell fans here?
OWERFULL owerfull (18 hours ago)
Of course :D
Michael Wang (1 day ago)
14 million PogChamp
Baffling Tick (1 day ago)
*"you can wait a few more years"*
Baffling Tick (1 day ago)
No I can't
BeataNova79 (1 day ago)
Teaser - 13 mln views in 5 years. Trailer - 14 mln views in 1 month. Yass!
Dávid Székedi (1 day ago)
14 million views!
Drivertilldeath (1 day ago)
CDPR please put Mike Pondsmith as a NPC in this game !!!!!!!!
Drivertilldeath (1 day ago)
14 Million !!!!!!! Well over 9000.
Ed_Duran1 (1 day ago)
14 Million
Ozan Doruk (1 day ago)
*14 million unlocked*
SrogaPoziomka (1 day ago)
Po zobaczeniu tego traiera... Sam nie wiem. Zobaczę jak się gra rozwinie, ale póki co hype ze mnie uleciał w całości.
Armeezy Official (1 day ago)
Hype wise this will be the Gta 5 of 2019🤦🏾‍♂️ just watch
Bryaneytor (9 hours ago)
it has nothing to do with it, this is an FPRPG, nothing like GTA or Saints Row or any other sandbox game that ever came out also its made by CDPR so this is going to be even better :)
Ozan Doruk (1 day ago)
no... its Cyberpunk.
Armeezy Official it's Deus Ex and Witcher 3 mashed together nothing like gta
Blaine Wheaton (1 day ago)
Everything about this screams Shadowrun to me, and it’s amazing. The only thing missing is the magic.
Spectalys (1 day ago)
NPCs disapear @ 00:24 bottom Left
Spectalys (19 hours ago)
nice, thanks you
Lasse Egebo (23 hours ago)
Ozan Doruk (1 day ago)
thats maybe the smallest problem fixed in a second.. but hell yeah, its really the in-game engine. looks so nice.
Spectalys (1 day ago)
NPC without head @ 00:24 right side to the Yellow NPC
Spectalys (1 day ago)
NPCs without body (only clothese) @ 00:24 bottom left near Green Column
chasegaming (1 day ago)
He’s car gets me hard and his jacket ooooooooooh
chasegaming (1 day ago)
I’m going to be mad if it doesn’t have GTA like mechanics for driving or something similar
United Alliance (1 day ago)
Hey guys, will it be enjoyable on a gtx 1060? i feel this game needs to be played by me.
United Alliance (16 hours ago)
A67 ps5 is slated for 2020. You have got lots of times
A67 (16 hours ago)
United Alliance I was orignally supposed to buy a 1050ti but bought this because of tight budget and high price for the 1050ti
A67 (16 hours ago)
United Alliance As long as games are coming for current gen,I would be able to play them all including Red dead redemption 2 with some tweaks of graphic settings.But I would need to upgrade when ps5 launches and games start coming for it since developers will start taking advantage of next gen console hardware.I will probably be able to play all games that would come till ps4's lifespan ends since current gen console hardware is weak for today's standards.
United Alliance (16 hours ago)
A67 I don't know why but my Gtx 1060 runs on 2000mhz. That's way too fucking high.The Nvidia says Max boost till 1640mhz.
A67 (16 hours ago)
United Alliance I might oc the card
Flix (1 day ago)
Furious Tiger (1 day ago)
Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077 alone will make me broke
Furious Tiger (7 hours ago)
Bryaneytor (9 hours ago)
those two game will be my first two pre-orders
0:44 - вящий фолаут чем заключительный фолаут
CD Projekt Red is so cool lol they started development on Cyberpunk 2077 in 2012 which is close to 2013 which there was a Cyberpunk 2013 game also they're releasing it in 2020 there was another Cyberpunk game, Cyberpunk 2020.
C0LiDe (1 day ago)
Better Graphic please like better looking textures...... dont do the same Downgrade like Witcher 3
Jan Nowak (1 day ago)
Alex Filvet (1 day ago)
Shepard z Normandii (1 day ago)
Cyberpunk 2077 will be Game of the years its releases :D
CloppyFeet (1 day ago)
I just had an orgasm
Shepard z Normandii (1 day ago)
Before 10th of June my bedroom was oragen. Now it's white. Guess why...
Aalok Gupta (1 day ago)
0:19 holy shit
Cyberpunk 2077 has been in development since 2012, that is 7 years and it's still being worked on, gameplay of the game will be revealed at E3 2019 with a May 2020 release date. Cyberpunk 2077 is Deus Ex, Grand Theft Auto, The Witcher 3, Bladerunner and Cyberpunk MASHED ALL TOGETHER! Reason why the game will be a absolute fucking success: The Witcher 3, The Witcher 3 is the greatest game ever created, CD Projekt Red gave us 16 FREE DLC for the game and 2 paid expansions Heart of Stone which was fucking substantial and fantastic! And of course the amazing Blood and Wine which ACTUALLY WON GOTY 2016, it was so substantial that it won a GOTY award now that is fucking impressive! And CD Projekt Red has said expect nothing less from Cyberpunk 2077 than The Witcher 3! So that's already a good fucking sign! Mark your calanders Witchers and Cyberpunks for June, 10 2019 and May 21 2020. #CDPR #IS #THE #BEST!
Shepard z Normandii so the game has still been in development since 2012
Shepard z Normandii (1 day ago)
yes, internet speaks that they were working in a small team cuz they were creating Witcher 3 & dlcs with main team
Shepard z Normandii What no. It's on the Internet dummy
Shepard z Normandii (1 day ago)
you worked there. huh?
Adil H (2 days ago)
GOTY already don't care
TIO SAITAMA (2 days ago)
honjiraa honjiraa (2 days ago)
there's a hidden message at the end. Like the very end.
Reiyan (2 days ago)
ok shut up and take my money
The-PhD-gamer (2 days ago)
"Many people living below the poverty line than anywhere else" i.e. He is referring to people on $1.26 a day - and this is America in year 2077... Wow!
Próximos Juegos PC (2 days ago)
_Con su permiso. Si no les molesta, usare este video en mi _*_Ranking Top_*
Sweg aholics (2 days ago)
tutymek (2 days ago)
Where is gameplay? Its all an illusion.
Jackal (2 days ago)
0:20 *goosebumps*
João Miranda VFX (2 days ago)
take my money please!
Кто-нибудь помнит Код Доступа Рай и Власть Закона?)))
Breno Marques (2 days ago)
Pleno 2077 é o cara fumando '-'
Drivertilldeath (2 days ago)
I have to watch this everday. It so fucking good !!!!!!!!!!!!
Watch dogs 2 + blade runner= ciberpunk 2077
Eduardo javier Garcias Fuck off it's nothing like watch dogshit stupid fucking autistic cunt, it's Witcher 3 meets Deus Ex meets Grand Theft Auto
eckhart briones (2 days ago)
this game will come out in 2077? :c
Adrian Labastida (2 days ago)
Isn't that Ruby Rose at 1:12 ? At least she's the type lol
Luke Luke (2 days ago)
I can't wait. I'm hoping it will be like Mass effect. I really wish they could have made Mass effect 4 with shepard instead of andramada. I played that for a few weeks and stopped and never started again.
brandon (2 days ago)
perfect B)
VITOR.E (2 days ago)
Best shit ever!
CristubeK2 (2 days ago)
Any gameplay😔😢?
CristubeK2 (1 day ago)
Thoros of Myr (1 day ago)
Sir Daniel Fortesque source?
Thoros of Myr no there won't, there will be at E3 2019 with a 2020 release date
Thoros of Myr (2 days ago)
CristubeK2 There will be gameplay at gamescom
ReVolTCloud (2 days ago)
Please tell me the niggas from daft punk did the music.
Leah Webb (2 days ago)
YES!! I can't believe a version of "Cyberpunk" is finally in a video game!! I don't know how long I've fantasized about this gameplay coming to "life" so to speak! I can not wait!! Now, if D&D can do the same thing.... I know we already have fantasy games out there, but an actual D&D one, just awesome! And, I know I should not be sharing this, but... FINALLY, me hanging out with my family playing these RPG games isn't so uncool anymore!! YES! I was once labeled a nerd back in High School, but now, RPG is back in the COOL! Take that bullies!!
Seba 03 (2 days ago)
Love the blade runner style or is it in the blade runner universe ?
Worldbrand (2 days ago)
i'm glad americans have this fictional cyberpunk dystopian future to look at so they can get some reprieve from their actual boring dystopian present
Different Vid (2 days ago)
Polska może, nice
I’ve never been so hyped for a game before holy fuck.
Fisstech Is evil (2 days ago)
I can't stop rewatching this trailer. CD PROJECT RED, PLEASE DON'T FUCK THIS UP!!!!
Fisstech Is evil (1 day ago)
Sir Daniel Fortesque ........ I simply wished them good luck, to create masterpiece. I didn't tell anything bad or harming! WFT MAN? HOW OLD ARE YOU?
Fisstech Is evil why you fucking saying that as if they have you stupid fucking cunt The Witcher 3 is the best game ever created and it was made by them are you a fucking noob or something fuck off
QuantumBlazar (2 days ago)
1:06 Dettlaff!!!
Filip Funti (2 days ago)
Can i be a blade runner in this game ?
Bryton Davis (2 days ago)
The car starting up gives me goosebumps everytime
Deem Winch (2 days ago)
1:08 на паузу поставьте, это же Эмгыр вар Эмрейс!
Iadved Czahnaett (2 days ago)
Release date 2077 confirmed
borsuk adam (2 days ago)
It is done by polish people right?
Thierry Saint-Jour (2 days ago)
borsuk adam Right
Tot Samiy Hel (2 days ago)
Вай Соу Ахуенно
卐卐卐Murder (2 days ago)
Omg, it’s crazy, gg
Patriots (2 days ago)
Kelsey Bordeaux (2 days ago)
My Ovaries exploded
NOIR DON (2 days ago)
SPOILER ALERT! Cyberpunk 2077 Will Not Be Released Until 2077!!!! Get your cryo pods ready people, Its gonna be a long wait!

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