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10 Cheapest Fighting Games Boss Battles

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With rage moves, projectile attacks and invincibility frames, some fighting game bosses just don't play fair. Here are some of the hardest. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Retr0J (1 year ago)
Hello all you rusty lumps and foreign clumps! It's another list! But this time with added rage! I mean Peter! This time we're looking at cheapest fighting game bosses (I mean you've read the title you know the score) But what we want to know is, what bosses drove you to punching your screen? Well let us know about them here or on Twitter: Jules = @Retr0J Peter = @ThatPeterAustin As always big love to your mothers and thank you for watching - we hope the video filled you with anger. High kicks and sack flicks, Jules xoxoxox
Brian Russo (2 months ago)
Retr0J ii
Vanossgaming Fan (5 months ago)
Retr0J ok let me say this right now, I beat Shao Kahn in about 5 tries for the fight with Lui Kang, and I'm only 11
Joey Pegg (6 months ago)
He is also a tank
Joey Pegg (6 months ago)
Brainiac from injustice 2, he has a combo game that gives you a lethal Heath eating combo every two hits and has a combo that takes out a quarter of your hp. It is even more annoying that you have to kill him twice, with different heroes. Batman is the hero I am best at hero but does not help with the fight
TheMi9tyT (11 months ago)
The secret akuma fight when you beat the tekken 7 campaign
dbztrunkslover98 (11 days ago)
So, cheap basically means overpowered?🤔
bossboy191919 (18 days ago)
Mike tyson was in video gaming and real life one of the hardest bosses you could face
A. T. Smith (19 days ago)
He's not technically a boss but Starkiller in Soul Caliber 4? Pissed me off in ways, I didn't know possible.
Sir Kinsella98 (12 days ago)
He’s a mini-boss.
Shade Beast (23 days ago)
I found Pinwheel from Dark Souls 1 to be extremely aggravating. Not because it's difficult but because in a game like Dark Souls I expect a challenge, Taurus Demon, and Asylum Demon I understand being pushovers. But Pinwheel is a boss nearly all players fight after Anor Londo. I tried fighting him right when I reached Lordran but he was still a pushover.
Sir Kinsella98 (12 days ago)
Shade Beast Not a Fighting Game.
babygangster77 (1 month ago)
Yea my brother would alwayss get bored and jus fight mike Tyson every time while I was getting knocked out by the sand man and shit...
Josh Struble (1 month ago)
Lol no s/o to Gill for just refilling his health whenever?
Stevon Ray (1 month ago)
Magaki from KOF XI was definitely no pushover.
DecentDrums (1 month ago)
Gill is from third strike, not from new generation, wtf? know your facts
Friskygamer (1 month ago)
Azazel isn't hard to heat you just wmrun him theses combos
CameraLamb (1 month ago)
I honestly hate Azazel SO MUCH. He made me rage more than any boss ever has and his huge hitbox doesn't make him any easier to hit if anything it makes it harder not to mention his cheap ass blocking and super armour
Olivert Jacques (1 month ago)
Beeko (1 month ago)
I remember azael, I hate him
Mike Está Aqui (1 month ago)
Azazel is WAY more cheap than Jinpachi
Farasat Farrukh (1 month ago)
Where's shin akuma In Tekken 7
Gage Lyons (2 months ago)
Azazal was a breeze for me and I was in second grade guess I just had a knack for him
an ice cream cone (2 months ago)
I unsubscribed cause of this video and how they ranted about tekken get fucking good at the game faggots
Michael Gordon (2 months ago)
Didn’t even mention Gill’s resurrection technique when you knock him down below a considerable amount a health.
DKN117 (2 months ago)
What, no Alpha-152 from DOA4?
Anvir PrimeDargon (2 months ago)
Azazel even on the hardest difficulty is child's play, Akuma on Tekken 7 however, now that one's cheap
Steven Powell (2 months ago)
Now I need to watch the mighty boosh
YuivaanFever (2 months ago)
I just came here cause i saw tekken's boss
Lord Satan (2 months ago)
What about Brainiac from Injustice 2? He ain't THAT strong, he's just extremely annoying to fight.
The King in the North (2 months ago)
MK2 Shao Kahn was a real bastard
EB Agent J (2 months ago)
Maria from Skullgirls. It doesn't matter what difficulty you're on, whether you're fighting with a character that specializes in short-range attacks, long-range attacks, or even someone like Parasoul who can charge up to have an entire army fight for her, she's going to wipe the floor with your face. Several times. I've only ever beaten her once, on the easiest difficulty, using Peacock, and employing some pretty cheap strats of my own. She has projectiles, she has close-up combos that can trash your health bar in seconds, and she also has multiple phases so you have to fight her with a full health bar repeatedly while the game doesn't have the mercy to refill your own health bar after she recharges. Maria is actually one of the most requested characters the devs have been asked to add to the roster, and they have consistently said it likely won't happen. Why? Because they honestly can't figure out how to balance her to make her not just a cheap win for whoever battles with her. (And she won't have an arcade/story mode since, being the final boss and all, she's kind of important to the game's overarching story.)
Shantanu Kumar Singh (2 months ago)
what about galactus from marvel vs capcom 3...??? that battle is prime example of cheap...
Nuno Fernandes (3 months ago)
Azazel was not a cheap boss, neither was jinpaichi, you just couldn't go and trash them with just your combos like any other character, but with some focus, they are pretty easy to beat and i beat all tekken games in second hardest mode (could never compete with the cheap juggling abilities of the hardest mode) cant judge devil kazuya, didn't play tekken 7 yet
Retroツ (3 months ago)
HEY! TEKKEN 6 ISNT CHEEP it's actually pretty good
Retroツ (3 months ago)
Jesse Ayala (3 months ago)
Are you sure you meant to title it Hardest boss battles
Carløs Palomino (3 months ago)
Really? I found Shin Akuma a looot more challenging than Ultimate Rugal 🤔
Andre Rose (3 months ago)
Jin in tekken 6 is more difficult than azazel
Richard Bright (4 months ago)
Pff Azazel is a bitch compared to Jinpachi. Hardest 4 bosses imo are: PARACE' Ivan Ooze GENERAL Magaki
Advent Of Sloth (4 months ago)
No Persona 4 Arena Ultimax with a Final Boss made of the Cheapest of Bullshit. Hi-No-Kagutsuchi has no visible health bar, invincibility frames (which are active for basically %90 of the fight), your only solace is that it has very few moves but each can nearly one shot you... also your locked into playing as Yu Narukami (except in episode Adachi).
Advent Of Sloth (1 month ago)
No it's not worse than General but it should have been at least an Honourable (or Dishonourable) Mention for it's Grade A Bullshit. To be fair you are a Human with some Powers vs what is basically a God that is a giant fucking monster surrounded in fire that looks like it was ripped from God of War.
FutileExistence (1 month ago)
what the fuck is this boss? Haha, it can't be worse than general though ;)
Alvaro Turci (4 months ago)
You guys are just jealous of night terrors power since it’ll be a fun after use the cheat code to play as him and destroy nightmare and abyss
M T (4 months ago)
where is guilty gear?? i fucking hate that bitch i only beat her 1 time when im using AXL
Deadly Raver (4 months ago)
first of all.................No SNK bosses? None? Second, When it comes to cheap fighting game bosses, Karnov of fighter's history fame would like to have a word with you. And that word is FIRE!! FIRE!! FIRE!! FIRE!! FIRE!!
FutileExistence (2 months ago)
General >>> all
King Ghidorable (4 months ago)
What about motaro
Butter 5layer (4 months ago)
Azazel... Yeah that one drives you insane... Until u find out you can beat him and scream your heart out for how easy it is. XD
LoLLo Ibbrido (4 months ago)
Oh cmon its the easiest thing to do .. best night terror i always do ... but how the hell do i unlock amy .. im trying from 2 months 😭😱
You didn't even mention the worst part about Gill. If you KO him when he has a full super meter, he can resurrect himself to full health (unless you hit him beforehand)
Lord Yopo (4 months ago)
I've beaten Azreal once. ONCE. AND I COULD NEVER DO IT AGAIN!
-Tokusatsu Man- (4 months ago)
Try playing Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix until you met the boss called Akuma Shogun it can 2 shot you
Hero Xero (4 months ago)
Gill's fucking resurrection is annoying
David C (4 months ago)
I hated Azazel because he gives guards damage.
Russell Williams (4 months ago)
I agree azazel is tough so tough that even if your on the easiest difficulty he can still kick your ass. Trust me I know I rented the game to see how tough he is and wasn't surprise but azazel will never be as frustrating as dural from virtue fighter I hate dural the worst thing about dural is if you lose you have to go through the entire arcade again just to face him.So basically Dural is my most frustrating boss I ever dealt with in my life.
ramblecampbell (4 months ago)
I've never even heard of Kaiser Knuckle until now...
Chidori723 (4 months ago)
You know what's hard? Bison from Street Fighter Alpha 3. As a boss he's pretty hard to beat, even on a relatively easy difficulty (what more on hardest difficulty). Walk speed, TELEPORTS (that are so ridiculous that it swaps sides and you don't know, which direction to block) smart AI, and most of all, his SUPER COMBO... and it's SO..FREAKING..CHEAP!! (you listening WiiDude83?), Megaton chunk of damage almost beyond half-life, and nasty chip damage.And you can't seem to jump over it either (you'll still get hit), so there's pretty much no choice but to block, but in vain because..CHIP DAMAGE. Especially when you're one jab away from defeat. The super is also kinda unpredictable. When Bison's got full meter, you have to be really careful not to let your guard down. Even so, it just comes out unpredictably that most of the time you still get caught and get hit and unless you've got full health and you've got some chunk of damage, your dead. F•ck Bison. Anyway, you're channels nice. I suggest you put more lists about fighting games.
W1NT3R (4 months ago)
Devil kayzuya isn't that hard.
Tom Docouto (4 months ago)
Winner is retr0j
Figgy T. Piggy (4 months ago)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Bison?
Figgy T. Piggy (4 months ago)
Azazel is pretty easy.. ACTUALLY
ToonStar Inc. (4 months ago)
I’m surprised Tabu from smash brawl isn’t on this list seeing as he has an attack that is a literal insta death
Rikku Hatsune (4 months ago)
As soon as i saw that sexy dark elf..i know this list is legit
SuperMandibleclaw (4 months ago)
Although it's not a boss fight, the handicap match vs scorpion and quan chi
Hector Jarvis (5 months ago)
Issac fucking Frost nuff said
chuck norris (5 months ago)
I laughed my ass off when he said a puddle of sauce
Corey Patterson (5 months ago)
I'm guessing this is final bosses only, otherwise Shao Khan would have to give up his slot to his MK3 bodyguard, Motaro.  Motaro is the fastest character in the game, has cheatingly high priority on all his attacks, has a sweep attack that reaches half the screen, teleports, and his body auto-reflects projectiles.  Motaro actually beats Shao Khan 7 matches out of 10 in VS play.
kstanni87 (5 months ago)
I'm surprised that Akuma from Tekken 7's special chapter wasn't on here. Kazuya was a joke compared to Akuma. Akuma is capable of teleporting, outspeeding you, locking you against nearby walls, block your attacks and beat you down quickly or spam Hadoukens. took me 30 retries to learn his pattern in one sitting and defeat him. He is difficult, even on lowest difficulty it seems that the game says screw you and has a hidden difficulty spike setting for this one level.
Lumine Bioangel (5 months ago)
I need to fight Night Terror. I've only fought Abyss in SC3.
MC_Playz 725 (5 months ago)
You prounounce that as a-za-zel
Elias Ainsworth (5 months ago)
I beated Azazel once-
Andy Torres (5 months ago)
f**k u Azazel you stupid cursed god forsaken Nile Crocodile!!!!
TH3_AV3NG3R_03 (5 months ago)
Seriously, FUCK AZAZEL. He kicked my fucking ass EVEN. ON. EASY. FUCKING. MODE.
CM Pork (5 months ago)
In Tekken 7 Akuma in the extra boss battle is far worse imo
Adam Palmer (5 months ago)
Hot elf is mean
Vlad Sacosa (5 months ago)
Belfry Gargoile-Dark souls2 :You know what is harder than 2 gargoyles? 5 gargoyles
Mario Sanon (5 months ago)
10 star difficulty is suicide in Tekken 7 every boss in that story especially Akuma is just ugh😡😡😡, Gill he just bitch ass that regenerate health fully when you in the 2nd round, Night terror instant quit, Abyss from MvC2 is just annoying especially his 2nd form laugh, Onslaught mvc1, Smash bros Hand, Shao Kahn why this character even exist in fighting games, Dural sometimes hard but sometimes easy depends which game, SCV Nightmare, DOA alpha 152.
SantiLokyyo (5 months ago)
Punch out is not a fighting game
memelordistrash (5 months ago)
I beat gill by using infinite health cheat
BreadprickTM (5 months ago)
no Mkx Corrupted Shinnok? he is the worst spammer of them all
just 1 (5 months ago)
I love spoilers
Tager on hell difficulty in blazblue continium shift. Fat strong fast invincuble duting hus attack, can pick you up from the flor so you wont be able to escape. Cheeeeeeep hes not even a boss thou.
Corwin Bethune (6 months ago)
Do you guys find these guys funny?
Groisu (6 months ago)
When I saw parace I was like okay these guys just earned a like few people even know that bitch exists so I'll cave
Sticky Bear (6 months ago)
G. Andore and F. Andore from Final Fight. They just start jumping in the air and landing on you just as you start to get up, without any chance of you being able to attack. It basically stops me in my tracks and the only time I can be at them is through sheer luck. Eff those guys.
Charlie Wade (6 months ago)
where was injustice 2's Brainiac
xexternal Goddessx (6 months ago)
In tekken 7 your forgetting akuma in the special chapter in story mode he still spams kamahamahas
I thought Blaze (MK: Armageddon) and Corrupted Shinnok (MK: X) were fucking ridiculous.
Garrett Thacher (6 months ago)
I'm sorry but you can't have a list like this with our including the magician Faust from the legend of Dragoon series
farid khan (6 months ago)
Azazel.....just dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
farid khan (6 months ago)
That Tekken7 battle.....bad memories!!!!!
Matheo Aubry (6 months ago)
decision individual feature jet face chemical busy officially remaining far.
DJ SonicSwag (6 months ago)
Night Terror is a bummer,and u can't unlock him properly, u need a GameShark
Melon Moan (6 months ago)
OKaiZer0 (6 months ago)
No Parace L' Sia from Arcana Heart 2 / 3?
abyssDevourer18 (6 months ago)
High Quality Outro
Bruce Nickel (6 months ago)
This video could and should be endless
Poison (6 months ago)
sometimes when im drunk i like to smack around my wife
tahu nuva (6 months ago)
Every damn final boss in every damn story mode in guilty gear xx has to take the cake. You can smack them all you want but there always will be some bullshit mechanic that makes it near impossible with normal moves.
BrushedBeet 6975 (6 months ago)
Shao Kahn guranteed!
Hessed3712 (6 months ago)
I can feel the rage .
youeggs (7 months ago)
Lol Azazel is the most BS boss character in any game period
Kodai Young (7 months ago)
God athena and the devil from SNK vs Capcom, never saw them got beaten.
Bloody Marie from skullgirls should of been on the list. Can't hit her with low attacks and the shadows, skeleton grabs, and skull projectiles she spams are F-ing annoying.
thegoldenfret123456 (7 months ago)
7:37 *busts out magnifying glass* ...chest meat...
Great Googily Moogily (7 months ago)
I'm surprised dead or alive 4 wasn't on this list. The boss in story mode you pretty much win by luck because she is super quick and can teleport. While beating her is doable (I've done it and even did all the timed stuff to unlock every character) it is still frustrating to say the least.
SwiftTheHedgehog56 (7 months ago)
oh, please, Azazel is NOTHING compared to The Bitch that is Unknown from Tag Tournament 2
emerick munoz (7 months ago)
I bet fucking motaro is on this list...
suiken (7 months ago)
WhatCulture? More like CasualCulture. How can you make a cheap boss list without ANY SNK bosses, sans Rugal from CvS2 which is a Capcom game?
aiooty19 (7 months ago)
Why wasn't that stupid giant robot from tekken 6 on the list? At least I managed to beat Azazel eventually with most characters. I've NEVER beaten that stupid robot

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