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Best Online Drag Racing Game

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One of the best Online Drag Racing Games. Download link:http://www.StreetChallenge3D.com/signup.aspx?referal=justinpaul1 (youtube messed up link so you have to copy and paste the link) Song:Over by Drake
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ofsoundminds (5 years ago)
this game is fun for about 2 days. then you get irritated with the innacuracies of the times and trap speeds. example. 600hp supra posting 11 second flat at 103mph.... wtf is that shit.. all the cars have a top end that doesnt even make sense. cant tune anything worth a damn and you cant crash etc..... its fun for 16yr olds that cant drive... other than that, its a basically worthless game
ofsoundminds (5 years ago)
you must suck then, took me one day to get a 7 second dragster with no money into it, just points.
Burning Buds (6 years ago)
eny know how to get unbanned
justin frakes (8 years ago)
this is the dumbest fucking game ever made no one download it can race anyone just have to race and whatever time u get in that run people race ur time its no heads up racing it junk

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