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Product Unboxed : Razer Tartarus V2 Unboxing Video Taken : 11/4/2017 Unboxed By : Razer-Jack Soundtrack Originally By : instrumental trance techno (2012) * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=228OIsm12vU
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Text Comments (114)
iiToxic (26 days ago)
I could use this for osu! keypad
Danzoe (2 months ago)
2:21 ASMR :DDD
Salesi Teisina (2 months ago)
I'm sitting here waiting on some speech. Was mute the whole video.
Spectrum (4 months ago)
still working?
Joaquin Estrada (5 months ago)
MaXGTS1 (5 months ago)
6 months later and my Tartarus v2 is a total fail. Two of the d-pad directions no longer work with very light use. Keys get stuck repeating. "Mechanical" keys are not truly mechanical. It's some gimmick Razer came up with using a small metal piece under the keys that creates a fake mechanical sound. Overall a poorly designed product. Good thing I still have my Nostromo.
Koy ____ (5 months ago)
Can this product be used on ps4?
lim long (8 months ago)
guys can i ask at the keyboard function got this enable turbo does what ?
Him Lu (8 months ago)
Made in China?
Vince Friel (9 months ago)
Is it as good as a g13 yet?
Soap (9 months ago)
Now if Razer made a palm rest out of pleather like this for the Orbweaver, That would be awesome!!!
Alex YT (9 months ago)
It's convenient for playing minecraft?
Erwin (9 months ago)
Can i also use it on a ps4 or xbox one?
Warrentheo (9 months ago)
The old Nostromo N52 had problems with the "Space Bar" style button, on this one it is labeled button 20, it is the one thing I liked the V1 for over the N52... When they went back to this style did they revert the button back to the old sticky, have to hit dead center or it will bind up style button? The D-Pad on the V1 was only good if you actually used it for direction of your character... If you used WASD like normal, and the D-Pad for secondary controls like I always have, the new D-Pad on the V1 just sucked, almost totally unusable... And the "Alt" button just above the D-pad, at least on mine, was terrible and intermittently flaky... I am VERY glad to see the old D-Pad design and "Alt" button make a return on the V2... Is the thumb stick in the middle of the D-Pad still removable like on the N52? I am surprised to see the return of the Faux mouse wheel... I always just used it as another button on my N52, and usually didn't program the wheel function to anything to avoid actually rolling it to something when clicking that button... Is there anyone that used regularly for anything in their loadouts?
Warrentheo (9 months ago)
To be honest, I wish they would release a version that moved the "Alt" button to the center of the D-Pad, and re-did the 8 buttons consumed by the D-Pad to be a 3x3 array of normal buttons... Similar to an MMO mouse...
Patryk K. (9 months ago)
F You Razer, - left handed guy....
Lucifer Deathdig (9 months ago)
The orbweaver chroma is very uncomfortable shitty now I have to buy this!
Tyler Su (9 months ago)
i need this for osu!
Andrew (10 months ago)
i think this thing would work much better if it will have an onboard memory so that you don't need to get synapse everytime you need to use it other laptops
Boomermav (10 months ago)
How does razer not hear their fans? Put an analog stick on the thing!!! Not this annoying directional button.
Boomermav (9 months ago)
v ln I see what you're saying, but one poor execution of an analog stick doesn't mean all of them will be bad. There are even mods on YouTube to add an analog stick to these.
capo mt (9 months ago)
i hope not. look at logitech g 13 theres an analog stick and it sucks
Isak inti (10 months ago)
sexy as hell
Posh Jesscott (10 months ago)
:( even with synapse 3.0 beta. macros still wont do scroll wheel commands :( Ill pass on this model. Orbweaver chroma has that extra button where the scroll wheel took over anyway. Why resurrect the Nostromo anyway? Cause that is essentially what this is. The Nostromo Chroma . Anyway, I hope synapse can catch up with the potential of Logitech's software someday.
Ghostdog_AUS (10 months ago)
sold out :(
Nalaidion (10 months ago)
cant be the only thought that there headphone jack was dodgy with that background muaic? can i?...... :3
Kyris Eiden (10 months ago)
Is Mecha-Membrane a hybrid thing? And is it good?
RaZeR - JaCk (10 months ago)
You have to try it at one of your nearest Razer Resellers.
jarcdday (10 months ago)
I feel the 20 key, (I assume for the SPACE BAR) is waaaaay too far from the other keys, of course it must be a little far, but not to much....
Yarrick68 (10 months ago)
So after years of making fail game-pads they went back and redid the Nostromo.... well it is about time... this should be called the Nostromo V2
GluttonousDragon (10 months ago)
fuck this one looks so much better than my orbweaver. I love what they did with the thumb directional wheel and thumb space bar. Everything about this one owns Orbweaver
Rambobino QGN (10 months ago)
Can you remove the round stick on the 8-way directional thumbpad ?
Rambobino QGN (10 months ago)
TheOoberToober (10 months ago)
I'd like to know as well.
Fritz Asuro (10 months ago)
That key 20 for thumb looks uncomfortable. I hope Orbweaver gets an upgrade.
Kyle Coates (11 months ago)
i think they are counting the up down scroll because you can macro the scroll button plus the up and down on the scroll.
Parade (11 months ago)
So would you recommend it?
Rodrigo Fernety (11 months ago)
Wait these are not mech
MyAcer20 (11 months ago)
dimentions please razer does not show them on tear site
HeyItsMeJustin (11 months ago)
They really did listen to RocketJumpNinja and added more stuff for the thumb!
raxXxus (11 months ago)
I'll get mine this Monday 😍
Aelaid COS (11 months ago)
where are they getting the 32 buttons, counting the dpad and the wheel click im only counting 30.....are they counting scroll up/down as "buttons" or does it click left and right as well?
Aelaid COS (11 months ago)
well aware of the use use of macros and all that but that doesnt answer where the other 2 buttons are
Kyle Coates (11 months ago)
Aelaid COS with hyper shift you can macro all 19 keys twice plus scroll, space bar and tab button.
CG Bro-army (11 months ago)
Mike - (11 months ago)
you need to show yourself using the spacekey, not just taking your hand off the rest of the keys to actuate it. Does the spacekey feel natural for your thumb just like a spacebar? Also, the eight way switch, does it press in or just eight different directions?
Mike - (11 months ago)
Kyle Coates great to hear....thats the big thing for me
Jenkyl (11 months ago)
Space bar is easier to use than on a keyboard. Your thumb is naturally right there resting on the joystick/space bar.
Mike - (11 months ago)
Kyle Coates not the directional pad....im talking about the space key. The key that's closest in resembling a spacebar
Kyle Coates (11 months ago)
not sure on direction as i macro'd mine to wasd
Kyle Coates (11 months ago)
Mike - yes more than a keyboard thats for sure
Jenkyl (11 months ago)
Finally an upgrade from my orbweaver. Best product i have ever found for WOW.
Jenkyl (9 months ago)
I had not tried that. It definitely has a much more solid and precise feel than the joystick.
GluttonousDragon (9 months ago)
Kyle Coates did you remove the top on the thumbpad tho or did you keep it on? Btw I find it impossible to use the thumbpad on my orbWeaver for movement. I always used thumbpad for extra hotkeys and on the orbweaver its hard to hit the right one since it's round and not 4way
Jenkyl (9 months ago)
After using it for a month I would say the joystick is not as good as the one on the orbweaver, it just isn't as smooth but not too bad. Also i don't like the jump/shift key nearly as much and find it to be the biggest problem with it. It plain and simply is not as responsive as the one on the Orbweaver. I have had no problems with the keys even though i am used to using the mechanical keys on the orbweaver. I have my orbweaver on my other PC which i can use at any time and I am still using this so i would say it is still ahead for me personally. I feel you need to be using both your mouse and joystick to move around effectively with this unit. I am quite used to this style of movement (I have been on an Orbweaver since they came out) so i have no problems in a PVP or a raid environment but it does take some getting used to.
GluttonousDragon (9 months ago)
@Wendy Diep I forgot the most important thing. Tartarus v1 does not have that extra scrollwheel and the thumbpad is AWFUL. Tartarus v2 for the WIN!
GluttonousDragon (9 months ago)
@Wendy Diep Im just sayin that you will regret it later. I was in the same boat as you with the Nostromo that only had 3 rows of keys. Having that extra row of keys really helps because you will use it for other things than just one game. Also you can reprogram all keys to whatever you want including macros.
Fo0t_Soulja (11 months ago)
Thank god they finally made the spacebar not retarded... I hated it on my tartarus.
Jose Billini (11 months ago)
Great Unboxing man, props!
H -Arts (11 months ago)
Still a no go for left handers
hkharpster (11 months ago)
So I'm hoping they are making a Orbweaver V2 with their speed switches and all the features they put into this thing. Scroll wheel, actual analog stick with the same ergonomic design but with adjustability and maybe 2 thumb buttons.
PeinReviews (11 months ago)
The only thing i want to know before i buy it (kinda stupid, i know) is, can i use the Static effect but have each key to light with a different color, like, some green, some red, some blue and so on? I am 99% convinced in buying it, i just want to know that.
Kyle Coates (11 months ago)
yes you can do any color any key
Didj Terminator (11 months ago)
you just need to use the software
Jake Stinchcombe (11 months ago)
PeinReviews yeah man all the keys are individually backlit!
Legobiy24 (11 months ago)
Kudos to you for having the first unbox of the V2 on youtube 👏👏
Lorenzo Runco (11 months ago)
Ace Skyheights (11 months ago)
Nice extra features like scroll wheel, 8 way thumbstick and the reworked spacebar but still got the same issues with the latest orbweaver and no adjustable button positions. With our standard asian hands those upper buttons are hard to reach. Its cool but I doubt it will fit my hand. Thnx jack for this video.
Dat Fish (11 months ago)
do you do expensive things such as the Razer phone?
HeyItsMeJustin (11 months ago)
Even the preorder havent started yet!
Hellios 遊戯王 (11 months ago)
Work on mac ?
Hellios 遊戯王 (11 months ago)
Thanks :)
RaZeR - JaCk (11 months ago)
Yes, it is - http://drivers.razersupport.com//index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=2626&nav=0,343,239
mape (11 months ago)
naga trinity?
jundossantos (11 months ago)
How's that thumb button compared to the previous version? Is it an improvement?
Anthony Nunez (5 months ago)
Does it have a click in button feature on the thumb button ?
Kyle Coates (11 months ago)
i liked the original intially better, but after a few hours i didnt notice a difference.
Green Foxes (11 months ago)
This is why I am buying this one over the previous version. I have tried two different game pads for WASD thumb control and the V2 is supposed to be the best choice for that. If you want real awkward and unplayable for FPS, get a G13.
Joshua Flores (11 months ago)
Can you use it as a substitute for wasd? especially for mmorpg? previous razer keypads reviews said that it was awkward to use.
RaZeR - JaCk (11 months ago)
Yes, the mechanical click has better tactile feedback.
FlauschigesNeyo (11 months ago)
Do Naga Trinity
Young Sinatra (11 months ago)
I dont understand how to use a gamepad and for wich games...:(
Mark Panado (9 months ago)
Maksim Momcilovic I used it on my laptop when playing League
Cyk4 Blya1 (10 months ago)
Maksim Momcilovic ITS A KEYPAD ITS MORE FOR MMOs BUT YOU CAN ALSO USR IT FOR OTHER GAMES BUT ITS TARGETED TO MMOs like wow (i just can recomend it for wow but you will need a naga )
sumptinmagic (10 months ago)
GluttonousDragon (10 months ago)
@nikkodogz hey its great for any games to tell the truth, I have both nostromo and orbweaver. but I just found out this one is not mechanical, so I take back my initial statement about it. I might have to test it out in a store to see if I change my mind. But one thing is for sure the thumb setup on Tartarus V2 is exactly like the Nostromo and its far superior to Orbweavers imo, too bad that its not mechanical.
nikkodogz (10 months ago)
Its great to use for First person shooters and mmmorpg games. Wish they made a cordless version that would be sick.
Pyro (11 months ago)
Thanks for the sound test
Cae-On (11 months ago)
pretty cool
Zades (11 months ago)

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