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Dark Souls 3 (PS4) Review: Has Souls Been Perfected?

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Text Comments (159)
Lorenzo S. (9 months ago)
In Dark Souls 3 The Fire Fades edition on Ps4 do you need PS Plus to play the DLC's? No, right? Please help
Not My Name (10 months ago)
I played DS1 for about 300 hours, about 10 builds... Not a game to be ran though.. play it... Live it
SIM R (1 year ago)
I thought this was jontron at the beginning the voice is similar
xnp doc (1 year ago)
i love this game!!
Felix Liang (2 years ago)
You sound like cultofmush
Koeras (2 years ago)
Hm yep took me 25 hours on my first play through. Great game, great review.
DARK DRAGONITE (2 years ago)
Some of the bosses are really stupid..... Looking at you Wohlnir, Crystal Sage, Acient Dragon, Yhorm The Giant. It’s sad... considering two of them are Soul of Cinders.
AugusTinus12 (2 years ago)
you gotta admit wolnir scared the shit out of you the first time he shows up
CaptnxKnuckles (2 years ago)
im new to DS is the third one open world?
CaptnxKnuckles (2 years ago)
Green Blossom (2 years ago)
No it's linear but each area is dense and detailed
Peter Tost (2 years ago)
Personally i think some of the bosses were very disappointing
Dark Persona (2 years ago)
Dark Souls 3 is the game I was expecting and more. I really love the combat, the lore, the environments, the music and of course the bosses. Such an excellent game!!
Alucard8319 (2 years ago)
on some places... but on some parts they added a bit too much monsters. Kinda annoying
TTimesTwo (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for making a review that doesn't include spoilers. That seems to be unique nowadays
Grandmaster Kush (2 years ago)
My copy arriving tomorrow, hardcore fan of DS1 & 2, i know this will not dissapoint.
THAC0MANIC (2 years ago)
The games have not been perfected what so ever ... Honestly the game still has huge problems with Balance, Only in extreme the other way around Tactics and such have pretty mucheen the same and remain that way (Easy if you use Range/Magic) Yes they nerfed Magic ... hardcore WHY Tho can they not just BALACE this aspect? Why? Becouse ppl like You and many others beleve Melee is the only way you should play RPGS and These type of Games ... Wrong style of thinking.
THAC0MANIC (2 years ago)
+Tenebrousable Problem I have honestly is not that you cant perfectly balance a game (Hard/impossible to do) its they IGNORE how Range combat worked and just punish thouse who like to explore or experiment.
Tenebrousable (2 years ago)
+THAC0MANIC ToHitArmorClass0, others destroy this game with magic, others with melee. It's only hard if you don't know how to do it. And the idea that every play style should have the equal challenge is stupid anyway, we experiment and find out the best/what works for us. Making everything equal/balancing destroys the incentive to experiment in the 1st place. You seem to want them to balance everything up to the same level as the most OP, and the most boring playstyle, so they can too be boring? That's the wrong style of thinking. I had that for a while playing wow 12 years ago. -"oh noes they nerfed my OP warlock, why couldn't they just boost everyone else to my level". Because it would have been stupid.
Johannes Barkemeyer (2 years ago)
+THAC0MANIC i don't know, but at least for me melee feels much easier, because of nearly infinite stunlocks with ultra greatswords...i've been doing strength builds since dark souls 1 and I didn't have any problems, i actually made myself a Challenge with a pure Magic run in ds2, and for me it was very hard cus i had never used magic...so i think the decision whether magic/Range or Melle is harder depends on you and not on the messed programming of froms
THAC0MANIC (2 years ago)
+princeminato Someone whos still a child good to know.  Please try to explain with a Mature attitude how that is even a DECENT comment? Cant coz its a troll comment,  The question Is trolling for attention or just trolling coz your bad?
Mark Johnson (2 years ago)
I don't get what's all the fuss about about fps. The game is 10/10 for me
Mark Johnson (2 years ago)
I always love a good powerpoint presentation 
Electro Duck (2 years ago)
no FPS Dips on PC = 10
Gabriel Martinez (2 years ago)
Best review yet. Nice job.
XmarcX92 (2 years ago)
Using the same content is called fan service now? Oh you silly fanboys.
Google Name (2 years ago)
Kevlar616 (2 years ago)
Good review. Can't wait to play this.
LindleKindle (2 years ago)
can you tell me why from software have added a sheathe please?
Majestic Gaming (2 years ago)
SO. HYPED. Collectors edition arrives Tuesday and I am off from work for 8 days starting then. Praise the sun!
Primordial Bias (2 years ago)
+Majestic Gaming I envy you, I need to wait an extra week to get my copy of the collector's edition.
Geert Matthys (2 years ago)
Runs like shit on consoles guys, don't waste your money
Justin Nichols (2 years ago)
Demon souls roll :)
Knight Solaire (2 years ago)
I don't think fps issues should be counted towards the final review, as From Software have not released a day one patch for the game which will likely solve the issue either completely or quite significantly. But if it doesn't detract from the entire experience it should not count negatively towards the final verdict regardless.
Vattghern95 (2 years ago)
4:29 So glad that the Faraam armor is back. Love the way it looks.
Ronark (2 years ago)
Holy shit. A DS3 review in which the reviewer doesn't talk shit about DS2. Thank fucking christ. Lol... I swear. People just love to bitch about DS2.
XIII Hearts (2 years ago)
+x6land For bosses, I agree that every game has its good and bad ones.  My main problem is that too many are giant humanoids with similar move sets and a lot went for the "more enemies to make it difficult" with no real care or thought put into it (looking at you Belfry Gargoyles).
x6land (2 years ago)
+XIII Hearts I actually enjoyed DS2 more than DS3. Maybe it is because I played DS3 offline (I dont want spend 50 euros on PS+). World Areas: Agreed with the routes to some area that dont make sense. But atleast it had some varied and memorable places (Iron Keep, Dragon Aerie..) just like DS1(Ash Lake, Anor Londo...). Unlike DS3, which all areas had this atmosphere making every place look the same, with the big cobbles, exessive amount of graves, and most enemies being 2heads bigger than you making you feel like a dwarve. Most of the time i was sprinting through the areas. the only places I will remember is Archdragon Peak. Characters: I partially agree. There is not much work done in DS2. But here too I will remember and liked more the NPC from DK2 (Lucatiel, Darkdiver Grandahl) than from DK3. Story: Agreed Weapons: Agreed Bosses: This is the same for me in every DS game. There are some good and bad boss battles.
XIII Hearts (2 years ago)
+Ronark While I don't think DS2 is a bad game, there are some elements that drag it down for me to list it as the worst Souls game. I've invested over 150 hours into the game, so I have a good grasp on what it did wrong. Here is my breakdown on DS2. World Areas: Individually there are some really good levels with Dragon Arie, The Lost Bastille, The Forest of Fallen Giants, and all the DLC areas. Unfortunately many connected areas follow this mindset of "follow this linear path with little to no variation" like the Tower of Flame, the Black Gulch, Drangleic Castle, Shrine of Armana, Harvest Valley, and the way you get to some areas don't make any sense whatsoever. The most infamous if the Iron Keep, which is a castle submerged in lava that you get to by taking an elevator above ground into the sky. There are two more notable areas like this; the first is No Man's Wharf, which if you look closely as you descend from the Tower of Flame, you can clearly tell that you go below sea level, and since the area is an open mouth cave, that entire area should be flooded. The next one is the previously mentioned Dragon Arie. If you pay attention, from the elevator you take to reach it, the positioning should lead you to believe that it is over Aldia's Keep, but there are no pillars near or even going through the Keep to validate that claim. There are also things like seeing the Tower of Flame from Majula in a position that you shouldn't be able to reach from and a small easily climbable pile of rubble blocking the way to Drangleic Castle (Seriously? While DS1 had an unopenable door that you had to kill the four lords in order to open, a small pile of rubble constitutes me killing four of the most powerful beings in Drangleic?) that just kind of kills my suspension of disbelif for the world of Dark Souls 2. Characters: I personally do not remember most of the NPCs in DS2 other than Lucatiel. Nearly everyone you find immediately returns to Majula and they stay there unchanging for the rest of the game. They don't do anything interesting, they don't give much if at all any new information on the world, and all around just felt static and boring. The worst example is the blacksmith and his daughter, who despite sitting mere yards away, never actually decide to talk to each other. I remember Solaire and his quest to find his sun; I remember Siegmeyer and how we helped him throughout Lordran; I remember Lautrec and killing hom for killing the Firekeeper; I remember Logan and how he succumbed to madness in the Duke's Archives; I remember Patches and how he tried to kill us for his own gain; the list just goes on and on. I know there were NPCs in Demon's Souls who just stayed in the Nexus, but even then they felt more fleshed out as you see how they react when new people come and how they seem to act as you draw closer to the end of the game. I just wish DS2 had more interesting NPCs. Story: I found the story to be a mostly boring retread of the first game with the linking the fire business. This is especially sad because the trailers up until the first release of DS2 made it seem like it would deal with the theme of forgetting, people losing grips on their past as they hollow. This could have been interesting, but Lucatiel is the only major example of this, with her journey through Drangleic making her slowly but surely lose her mind. This should have been the major theme, but they instead went the safe option of "doing what the first game did" except worse with the disjointed and dull world and bland characters. Weapons: The sheer magnitude of armor and weapons allows for some really creative and unique builds, but the problem is that they are about as sturdy as a piece of paper in water. I would have weapons near breaking between bonfires (and considering how close bonfires are, that is not good) and multiple times weapons would break during a boss fight. This was made worse in the SOTFS edition, where with the 60 FPS rather than 30 FPS and that weapon durability was tied to the frame rate, weapons degraded even faster. Yes, there is a ring to slow degradation, but it shouldn't even be that bad in the first place. Bosses: There were bosses that I enjoyed, like the Fume Knight, Sinh, The Ivory King, the Darklurker, the Demon of Song, the Mirror Knight, Sir Alonne, and Aava. The rest ranged from meh to bad. A lot of times the bosses were just a variation of a giant dude in armor with similar movesets. The dudes in armor mentioned above have something that makes them stand out, like having a weapon buff or moves unique to that certain boss. Many others like the Dragonriders, Flexile Sentry, The Lost Sinner, Old Dragonslayer, The Last Giant, The Giant Lord, The Smelter Demon, The Pursuer, Velstadt. and Vendrick who had too similar movesets to make any one of them feel unique, and other bosses like The Duke's Dear Freja and The Congregation whose only challenge lies in the sheer amount of enemies those fights throws at you, and others like the Covetous Demon that just flat out sucks. Soul Memory: The one thing that practicably everyone can agree was bad, Soul Memory can very easily screw other people over in matchmaking because if you gain too many souls, you run the risk of being unable to summon anyone for help.
Ronark (2 years ago)
+Mike the Man Fine. I'll bite. In what ways was DS2 a bad game? You seem to love sharing your opinion.. so hopefully your reasons make some sense... go on then.
Lukas D (2 years ago)
I like that it learned from bloodbourne but didn't replace it
Boba Fett (2 years ago)
Replace it ?
basicsyphilis8 (2 years ago)
I'm so fucking hyped for this game ultra great sword here I come baby!
El Duderino (2 years ago)
I see countless people saying it plays much faster, but I feel like it looks the same. I always play as a light build though so maybe they just lowered the requirements for a light build.
tehCostHD (2 years ago)
It's feels about like demons souls. You can tell things are slightly faster than dark souls 1 but it just feels like a souls game haha
Transparent Games (2 years ago)
Why is the fps drops worth .5% if it's not a big deal. If there were not any fps drops would it be 10/10
MayonnaiseOreo (2 years ago)
If it was only dropped 0.5%, the score would have been a 99.95/100. He took off 5% of the score.
DestroyingProductions (2 years ago)
PC all the way :)
KVNE99 Beats (2 years ago)
Is it going to have co-op story and if so how many people can play together
daniel hood (2 years ago)
So I assume you've never played a Dark souls game before? Dark souls is both single and multiplayer. If you want to co op, you can with a max of 4 players. But if you don't then you don't need to. You can't couch co op though, but that's pretty rare these days anyway.
Valkyrie KC (2 years ago)
Lol! I was somewhat confused when you were wearing armor from dark souls 2. Game is amazing! Cant wait to play it
Kachun Yue (2 years ago)
Why is it look so smooth in YouTube than when I actually play on ps4?
Yummybutter (2 years ago)
People can render it to make it look better on YouTube than what it actually looks like
daniel hood (2 years ago)
+TheLangeLange Okay Bub, we understand you're a big boy. You have your big boy pants on? Got your big big juice? You feel proud now? That's good.
Kachun Yue (2 years ago)
+TheLangeLange get a life, and grow up, your dead mom is disappointed
Gracen Long (2 years ago)
I am a die-hard fan of the souls series as well as Bloodborne, but I felt that DS2 was missing something. I don't know what miyazaki adds, but all of his games avsolutely nail atmosphere, and number two, having been developed by a different team, felt oddly dull. I am so excited to see the little something that was present in DS1 and Bloodborne present in number three.
Never played a Souls game before, but interested in the Sorcerer class, is it worth it in this game, or will I get my ass kicked ?
Redeye gaming (2 years ago)
+Boba Fett in this game I think it's possibly the worst for beginner's the standard knight seems like the best choice in my opinion anyway
Boba Fett (2 years ago)
+AbdelGhafour Mohie El-Deen Pyromancer is the best for new people
Lol, but it it weaker than the standard Knight ?!  There is also Pyromancer
tehCostHD (2 years ago)
You'll get your ass kicked regardless lol
Native Blood (2 years ago)
I'm jealous I won't be getting this day 1. great review tho! prob will wait a month or 2 and get it for 40$ 😏
Alex B (2 years ago)
+Native Blood Will the price go down that soon? I was thinking it would still be full price by Christmas.
Spectre Paladin (2 years ago)
Don't..Get it Early..I'm so hyped!
Rodger Arnold (2 years ago)
I really want to know about how the covenants are, but I guess maybe you couldn't test that out because you didn't play online?
Chirag Narsaria (2 years ago)
you guys finished the game already???
tehCostHD (2 years ago)
+eddie emerick I go to university of Colorado Colorado Springs. I see plenty of sun. I just spend a lot of my free time gamin because it's a passion of mine.
Edward R. Emerick (2 years ago)
+tehCostHD I'm not judging anybody. I'm simply giving advice because it's not healthy to be that sedentary. What school do you go to?
Edward R. Emerick (2 years ago)
+tehCostHD I'm not judging anybody. I'm simply giving advice because it's not healthy to be that sedentary. What school do you go to?
tehCostHD (2 years ago)
+eddie emerick did I mention I also play soccer for my college? Yeah maybe try not to judge next time.
Edward R. Emerick (2 years ago)
+tehCostHD Go outside, feel the sun. Our bodies are not meant to sit in one spot for that damn long!!
juliopiotti (2 years ago)
Are you sure this is ps4 footage? I heard that it ran 1080p 30fps on ps4 and the video maxes out in 1080p 60fps. Idk if I'm true or not, please tell me, Thanks!
Scitch2781 (2 years ago)
+Kachun Yue a lot of games are 60 besides 30 is no problem only todays young ones seem to be obsessed with frames i grew up with 8 bit graphics haha you have no clue of the struggle everything looks and plays fine to me on ps4 :) is all im saying
Kachun Yue (2 years ago)
+Scott2781 just no lol, ps4 is 30fps
Scitch2781 (2 years ago)
its ps4 , the s4 can run 1080 with 60fps if you care / have amazing eyes to see that sort of thing
Kachun Yue (2 years ago)
+Gaming4Dayz wait until the new cards are out, and better play it on pc, because 60fps on action game is much better and responsive :)
juliopiotti (2 years ago)
+GameCross OK thanks, I also have another question. I am planning on building a better pc this summer, and I already have a ps4. Should I wait until my pc is finished and then buy the game, or should I just get it now on ps4?
Kevin Dang (2 years ago)
Hey so i'm new to dark souls and was debating if i should get it on the ps4 or pc. I generally prefer ps4 over pc, but i have friends who brought this on pc. So i was wondering: Is there any multiplayer function in this game? If so, is that like a big part of the game? Like pvp
daniel hood (2 years ago)
PvP is like 50% of the game, so yeah there's multiplayer. But about which platform to get it on, I'd Say get it on whatever your friends are on. Don't listen to the people who'll drop by and say '__ because it's better then __'
Skazzze (2 years ago)
this footage wasnt from ps4 tho...
Scitch2781 (2 years ago)
it was moron
Skazzze (2 years ago)
Dras Leona (2 years ago)
+Skazzze when rendering to 1080@60fps the youtube encoder allocates more resources to be availeable to allow 60fps footage. if the footage is 30fps you will experience less of a drop in quality for each frame as its not compressed to 30fps standards but 60. so this will look better than other footage at 1080@30 on youtube due to youtubes compression
Gage Muir (2 years ago)
+GameCross rekt
GameCross (2 years ago)
+Skazzze It is footage from the PS4 version.
Amine MJ (2 years ago)
Which one is more difficult, BloodBorne or Dark souls 3 ? :D
Johannes Barkemeyer (2 years ago)
+Voltaire Difficulty doesn't keep the casuls away, they just summon...i hate them...sometimes i drop my summon sign, but then just stand next to the boss and don't help in the fight to teach those stupid causual not to summon people for their fights because it takes away the fun.
tehCostHD (2 years ago)
It's harder than bloodborne. It's the hardest souls game to date. And yes I've played it, beat it up to ng++
juliopiotti (2 years ago)
+MA5D Assault Rifle H5 What?
juliopiotti (2 years ago)
+Raphael W It's casual, not casul. What are you, 12?
Raphael W (2 years ago)
+Voltaire Man its Bloodborne not Bloodbourne. What are you? A Casul?
fpsgamer94 (2 years ago)
wish i had the game already, excellent review dudes
Spoonasaur (2 years ago)
Great review gc!
Ros De (2 years ago)
60$ though, how long does it usually takes for pirates to crack games after release?
Ros De (2 years ago)
+tehCostHD Well, that wasn't my word, but the word from the other guy that i'm arguing against. Good your have little sense though your parents created a dumb disaster like you. Fucking idiot. Go borrow a rope, nobody will notice or miss you the day after. Fucking clown. 
tehCostHD (2 years ago)
+UAreEasy Money easily? Wtf? You can't "easily" get 300 hours on any game. It takes EFFORT you dumb piece of shit
Ros De (2 years ago)
tehCostHD (2 years ago)
+UAreEasy Money you are fucking retarded... Can't spend 300 hours on a souls game... Tell that to my 750 on dark souls 1, 200 on demons souls, 500 on dark souls 2 and 600 on bloodborne. You sir definitely got dropped on your head
Gage Muir (2 years ago)
it's 43 dollars on g2a right now
Jason Tang (2 years ago)
I like this new review format especially the rating system at the end. But please take this as a personal channel Mush so your not just feel like your working.
marf sun (2 years ago)
Mc001Rem002 (2 years ago)
U must be a noob to souls lmao
LagoonTheToon (2 years ago)
+Iluvatar dota haha ..but duuude fat rolling is a thing..
LagoonTheToon (2 years ago)
+Iluvatar dota dident bother reading your salt after '' can roll with havy armor like you have none'' fat rolling is still very much in the game
Electro Duck (2 years ago)
+marf sun 10/10
Arbaz Siddiqui (2 years ago)
Appreciate you sir for kicking off your gaming review series.....and what about Gaming news "Nerd Report" series?
Arbaz Siddiqui (2 years ago)
+mezuki64 Nice one my friend.....
dodongo0943 (2 years ago)
ughh this game needs to hurry up
RogueReptronic117 (2 years ago)
I know right? It's so close...but I don't wanna wait!

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