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Assassin's Creed Origins - 10 Things You SHOULD Know Before You BUY

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Text Comments (199)
No Order (6 months ago)
Theme is ok but Ubisoft failed it. They even added dmg system for enemies... You can see dmg with every hit lol.
Chris GOONER (11 months ago)
Its pronounced "med-ju-i" not "med-jay"... I dont understand why so many people who review the game pronounce it incorrectly. They have heard it in the damn game!
Chris GOONER (11 months ago)
At 1:13 its pronounced correctly...
Chris GOONER (11 months ago)
He says "med-jay" at 0:26
Joshie Mike (11 months ago)
and the parkour is one button now and no run button
iAmStevey (11 months ago)
Played it at my brothers for an hour or so and the environments are awesome! I love egyptian architecture! Cant wait to get it delivered!
Gerry Taylor (11 months ago)
I loving the game.
Dawson Retter (11 months ago)
Don’t forget: #11, there’s micro transactions. They’re not like Shadow of War, but they ARE there. ACG already said that they are pointless, but if you’re a fan of Assassin’s Creed, don’t buy those damn micro transactions.
Zero Curvature (11 months ago)
AC4 takes place before AC3. Just saying.
zxcnjfrsfg (11 months ago)
(ay) in medjay is pronounced like eye in english Medj(eye)
john morley (11 months ago)
had it on pre ordered far whot seems a life time, roll on tomorrow.
Br1ng0ntheCr1ng (11 months ago)
Ac 4 takes place before Ac 3
Mohd (11 months ago)
Damn man you really can't pronounce arabic names : Ashraf Ismail أشرف اسماعيل Game director.. we can speak english as good as u , but u can't pronounce one name right?? BTW i like u channel and ur videos.. keep up the good work
farris sanders (11 months ago)
The series seems to start after the Persian invasion those people aren't actual Egyptians
Am Pe (11 months ago)
gonna be getting down on this tonight, you fools should have preordered, digitaly lol
Frantz Eliscard (11 months ago)
I loved assassin creed for its historical fiction but this one is a failure. FYI Egyptians are not Persians, they are black. Persians moved into Egypt after its collapse from Greece control not Rome. Alexander the Great conquered Egypt and eventually left. That's why they are grave robbers in Egypt, breaking into tombs looking for gold. Real Egyptians honor their dead. Egyptians like the Mayans are extinct.
ResonanceBlade (11 months ago)
I will play this game, but far far in the future and only because of the World/Setting. It looks fresh but many things look and feel like the old AC Games and this time even deeper mechanics from FarCry/WatchDogs found their way in.
Emil Happy (11 months ago)
The Assassins Creed Series never really spoke to me, Combat was way to easy (wait for reposte), and there was a lot of poor design choices also. But. Assassin's Creed: Origins, i must admit i am looking forward to it, I really like their new Approach to combat, open-solution-quests (no fail, if you get spotted) and Ancient Egypt is one of the most facinating cultures there ever was, so I will give them a Chance with this one, but if this fails, then i see no reason to ever get a game from this series again.
kieran tate (11 months ago)
Hopefully you can come out of the animus aswell if we're in one that is
DomingosSC (11 months ago)
Pahahahaahah "FREE" DLC?! fuck off ubisoft... the expansions ARE the dlc, not the arena and bazaar. What ubisoft has done is very simple, albeit clever: they have revamped the franchise so as to lure new players who will sponsor them. They have done enough so the core players who've been around since AC1 don't matter and can be replaced with idiots. The gaming industry has gone to shit with microtransactions and added content. In 10 years or so I will have to pay extra money to see extra plot on a movie too...
Pawanpreet Singh (11 months ago)
Sup cult of mush
Mayank Verma (11 months ago)
There better be some Aliens shown building the pyramids.
Evan Comer (11 months ago)
To late I already have it pre ordered lol 😂
Alfredo Rosado (11 months ago)
So youre telling me black flag with connors grandfather came before assassins creed 3?
Alfredo Rosado (11 months ago)
Najo explain please
Najo (11 months ago)
Alfredo Rosado Actually it is
Alfredo Rosado (11 months ago)
andy slater completley, he said that this is the first game to be before its predecessor, which is obviously not.
Andrew S (11 months ago)
Alfredo Rosado is this sarcasm
Messiah (11 months ago)
real advice *BEFORE YOU BUY* It just might /will be laggy and broken like the rest.
DJ Klose (11 months ago)
Syndicate was fine, and awesome.
Najo (11 months ago)
Sten of the beresaad It was just Unity ffs
IsaiahBirdwhale (11 months ago)
sabaur petronas (11 months ago)
Game is good but i don't wanna be fooled like wildlands for the repetitive gameplay
DJ Klose (11 months ago)
sabaur petronas You must be new to gaming. ALL GAMES ARE REPETITIVE! What matters is, is it fun and interesting?
originaljawz (11 months ago)
Looks really great. I'll wait for user reviews to start pouring in though.
Eduardo O'Neill (11 months ago)
Im new to this channel but is the guy talking CultofMush??
kate upton (11 months ago)
This is obviously an ad weak shit
John Pierce (11 months ago)
the title of this video is misleading, i was expecting it to be explaining why someone might want to consider NOT buying the game....instead, it seems to just be a promotional video designed to trick viewers
William Larsson (11 months ago)
Warning: This games has microtransations, please stay away from this game. #stopmilkingus
Micheil Bryson (11 months ago)
William Larsson warning no one cares. I got the game early and can say its worth the buy.
Noah R (11 months ago)
Jackie Tran (11 months ago)
William Larsson dude... seriously. Yes. Of course the game would have micro transactions. But this game is giving options to player whether or not they want to spend money for extra stuff. U DONT HAVE TO. Origins is built so that you can work hard for the missions and grind in game currency without having to spend money. Do your research and stop being one of those people who would comment ignorant things.
Android Games Gameplay (11 months ago)
https://youtu.be/Vc85MLX1Zug ArcheAge Begins gameplay video
Sergio Maia (11 months ago)
Do you guys smoke weed lately? recommended Graphics card Gtx 760 1080p on high? who bought that bullshit?
Sergio Maia (11 months ago)
Well the only gameplay trailers before were on xbox one x i,m really surprised to see actual standard console gameplay..
Dean Parker (11 months ago)
It looks so shit. And half the game seems to be coming out as dlc.its been ten year's move on. Ezio is dead and buried
tS Tuquan (11 months ago)
Wow I really feel like Ubisoft have put their all in this lol. Ima give it a try.
tizi007gold (11 months ago)
In this game i would like to see a mission where you have to break the sphynx nose....
Zach Labuda (11 months ago)
You said it the only ac game to be set earlier in time than it predecessor but ac 4 was earlier in time than ac 3
Junior Duperval (11 months ago)
11. Skip this game and get mario odyssey.
DJ Klose (11 months ago)
No Way (11 months ago)
Yeah, I'll get in my time machine and go back to when I was 8.
Am Bition (11 months ago)
He swings that 5ft axe with one arm. Lol
big ego (11 months ago)
Hype train boarding this Friday. I hate when the hype snares me. But this game looks damn good. If it was EA or Actvision I would just ignore ( I am boycotting those 2 lowlife blankety-blanks and intend to continue till I see them make some sort of reparation for the money they've stolen from me and everyone else). However, Ubisoft is another category. True, they have released some games in an unfinished state that were essentially unplayable. However, to their credit, they did work hard to fix said disasters. Witness the patch's that made Unity a fairly decent experience or the fact that they are still supporting and updating the Division ( which has become a fun game for me) despite low player counts. In other words, they have treated us with some respect and so I will give them this chance and hope that AC Origins is as good as it looks.Nice video, by the way.
big ego (11 months ago)
Bingo! As long as people are willing to pay for the privilege of being treated like magic money machines companies like EA and Actvision will continue to fuck us all. Boycott today.
Joe H. (11 months ago)
Lol they are gonna keep stealing money from people as long as idiots keep buying Madden the same game every year
A.E. K. 21 (11 months ago)
Egypt is Greek ;)
A.E. K. 21 (11 months ago)
Goty 2017 stealth better then witcher fight better then Witcher more action more climbing. Witcher is my favorite game I played 500 hours but I love all the Ac games also. Can't wait for this. Cocktail from dark souls horizon zero black flag uncharted Witcher etc absolutely awesome games. I'm also Greek i love Alexándria etc people talking Greek. ;)
Junior Duperval (11 months ago)
A.E. K. 21 (11 months ago)
Junior Duperval play Bethesda shit and shut up idiot
Junior Duperval (11 months ago)
A.E. K. 21 goty?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
HeroineOfDarkness (11 months ago)
Tough decision but I think this will be the first assassins creed game I miss
king of games and movies (11 months ago)
What the hell is up with these haters of ubisoft why even come to this video if you hate ubisoft and if they use far cry idea just let them both them are their game P.S. no I am not a ubisoft fan I don't even have a single game made by them
DJ Klose (11 months ago)
Remember, most people are dumb. Ubisoft games borrow mechanics from each other ALL THE TIME!
frankfrankison (11 months ago)
What's with the Friday release?
thom s (11 months ago)
This is gonna be a great game. Yes, Ubisoft are some sneaky motherfuckers but I really do think this is gonna be good ... :)
DEATH TRIPS (11 months ago)
DJ Klose i just pre-ordered AC Origins like 5 hours ago and paid it off all in one go.. Hopefully it won't be a total buggy mess out of the wrapper..
DJ Klose (11 months ago)
Damien Bennett That happened to me with AC: Unity. Needless to say, I was pissed.
DEATH TRIPS (11 months ago)
DJ Klose and it got patched after i beat it.. I didn't bother to even restart the game
DEATH TRIPS (11 months ago)
DJ Klose i bought the witcher 3 and beat it without the day one patch.. The entire game had huge problems including no Storage chests for loot.. Chests only came in after i had it patched..
DJ Klose (11 months ago)
Damien Bennett Lol, where have you been the last decade, those days are gone. EVERYONE loves the day 1 patch [crutch] now.
Piers Groube (11 months ago)
0:32 When you forget about Black Flag and Rogue
The Legend (11 months ago)
Piers Groube he means it's earlier than ALL the games they preceded it
No Akomplice (11 months ago)
They’re calling the microtransaction market “free DLC”. Go f*ck yourself Ubisoft, I hope the DRM gets cracked within hours like shadow of war and millions of people pirate it.
The Legend (11 months ago)
Nawaf M (11 months ago)
Da fuq u talking about? It can only be bought with in game currency lol do some research before talking shit
Nahush Deshmukh (11 months ago)
Who thinks that the assassin sound like unsullied grey worm from got
Joe H. (11 months ago)
I want this but I want to save up and just buy the ps4 slim for black Friday
Admyr 6 (11 months ago)
Joe H. At least get a 1tb slim version it's worth it
Admyr 6 (11 months ago)
The Legend yes that's what a new revision is just changing internal parts( sometimes the whole look of the console "slim") to cut the price down to sell it cheaper. I myself have a ps4 cuh-1216B ( got it for 300€ back then)and looking foward to get a pro now
The Legend (11 months ago)
Admyr 6 I did some research, from what I gathered it's no objective improvement, in fact it could be using cheaper components in order to decrease current prices of the device
Joe H. (11 months ago)
Admyr 6 im not sure about that I don't understand much of the differences between the pro and slim. But I've heard pro won't be on sale black Friday sinse it's the newer one. I also don't have money to buy the tv. I'm not a major gamer anymore so I'm not looking to spend a ridiclious sum of money. I've heard you can get the slim with uncharted 4, last of us remake, and ratchet and clank all for 250 bucks. I mean you can't go wrong with that when you're on a budget
Admyr 6 (11 months ago)
The Legend what you didn't know that? You can look it up on google it will most likely arrive in december ready for holiday season. The Monster hunter edition pro is a cuh-7100 model and i think the star wars battlefront two pro is one too
Angel Cortez (11 months ago)
Is assassins creed trying to be like Skyrim now???
TrO Yankee (11 months ago)
You know a lot of games are RPGs? So it's not stealing and Skyrim didn't invent RPGs.
Flexxjay (11 months ago)
Angel Cortez Ffs
Angel Cortez (11 months ago)
Chris Sukam I agree with you completely.
Anonymous 91 (11 months ago)
Angel Cortez No. skyrim is actually good.
DEATH TRIPS (11 months ago)
Matt M if skyrim was shit it wouldn't have been remastered on ps4, xbox1, pc, and the switch for god sakes skyrim was and still is great.
Marcus (11 months ago)
All I want to know is if it's fun and is the story good id give a shit about graphics they are just a bonus
landy concepcion (3 months ago)
Sadly AC 2 was the last AC game with a good story now they focus in chage the gameplay every new chapter
Makaveli Gang (11 months ago)
marco polo might beat ac2 gameplay...MIGHT but no AC game can ever beat AC 2 or any ac ezio story
austin morehouse (11 months ago)
nice farcry 3 skill tree lol
Tyler O'Toole (11 months ago)
LMAO! COD invented guns FC3 is a ripoff!
austin morehouse (11 months ago)
TheCloudDeV no what are u talking about? I just said it looks like farcry 3s.
TheCloudDeV (11 months ago)
austin morehouse so farcry is the first game ever to have skill trees?
Tyler Haley (11 months ago)
+Frostii Bolete nigga Ubisoft made far cry 3 you act like they copied that skill tree from another game that's not made by them
kept you waiting huh? (11 months ago)
it doesn't matter how it looks. what matter is what the skills in it.
Greggy D (11 months ago)
Ability tree looks a bit too simple, they really need to add more depth to these games, it's an insult to our intelligence.
Daniel Flores (11 months ago)
gstylez0107 Lmao have you seen the previous ac games, this is a masterpiece
OompaLoompa (11 months ago)
Guys don't start world war 3 here
Greggy D (11 months ago)
DJ Klose And neither have you, dipshit. So how would you know if that's "exactly what they did"..?
DJ Klose (11 months ago)
Thats exactally what they did. You haven't even played it.
Theredemption03 : (11 months ago)
It's a shame how Ubisoft can work so hard on amazing game and people still have to jump on the bandwagon and hate on it
Emmett Ruskowsky (11 months ago)
You are one to talk about bandwagons mr assassins creed profile pic
* LiutenantAviary * (11 months ago)
We're Just Giving Our Own Personal Opinion, That's The Whole Purpose Of Why They Making Us These Games Right?
Ducatimatty (11 months ago)
DJ Klose Agreed
Daquain Flood (11 months ago)
Frankiee unity was trash I agree there but syndicate gets unnecessary hate that game was actually good I’ve only seen people complain about the bugs that was it
Flexxjay (11 months ago)
Theredemption03 : Ubisoft is the reason why people don’t pre order games anymore lol
Anthony Dunlap (11 months ago)
I’m a little interested in this game. I’m not one to support Ubisoft, especially since they like to bait and switch the players. So I’ll wait until this is used and pick it up.
tS Tuquan (11 months ago)
Anthony Dunlap I may do the same. Not gonna lie, this game looks really interesting
El Jefe (11 months ago)
I swear everything I see I think they took far cry primal and put it in the assassins creed universe and VOILA!
DJ Klose (11 months ago)
Ubisoft uses mechanics developed by their studios across all their games all the time, dErp.
nava. (11 months ago)
El Jefe kys, if you dont like it dont buy it its easy
Ponds908 (11 months ago)
I Am Excited for Assassin's Creed Origins and i guess i am most excited for the Horde Mode coming in 2018
GM GAMEPLAY (11 months ago)
Hunting NZ (11 months ago)
Great video
Nick Davis (11 months ago)
who else pre ordered the gold steel book edition and can't wait to play on Friday?
Anthony Connors (11 months ago)
Am Pe I know what you mean I wanted the digital copy but my internet is so shitty it would take till tuesday to finish downloading lol
Am Pe (11 months ago)
Nick Davis shoulda got the digital copy, i play tonight at9pm
Ivan Campos (11 months ago)
Veil Of Karma (11 months ago)
God's Edition for me, and it's my first AC 😂
Sceaser 1788 (11 months ago)
Donald trump vs Bayek (WWE2K18 TLC match) https://youtu.be/ohsxm6dmNbY
Fernando Abiel (11 months ago)
Not buying these even if they pay me to do it
king of games and movies (11 months ago)
Junior Duperval cool I want to play but sadly it is still too expensive in my country compared to the other console it is I think a 150$ more might be 2-3$ more so I bought ps4 slim
Junior Duperval (11 months ago)
Getting a better game called mario odyssey that will overshadow this game.
king of games and movies (11 months ago)
Admyr 6 well good idea thanks for the advice
Admyr 6 (11 months ago)
dhruv girotra well then just let them hate it and enjoy it for yourself this game is going to sell millions regardless
king of games and movies (11 months ago)
Admyr 6 I just get frustrated when people just have to hate a game when they haven't even tried it like really let it, come out and get all the ratings and then say whatever you like but hating on a game before it's even out and hating about it on a video about that game when you clearly came to say your comments is irritating
Donald Wilson (11 months ago)
Im soo getting this game on XBox One X along with Wolfenstein and Mario
Golden Sperm (11 months ago)
Lol it is fine playing it on ps4 slim.
Kevin Strom (11 months ago)
Donald Wilson they did the Black Friday trilogy a few years ago that basically hit on this.
Donald Wilson (11 months ago)
Kevin Strom - Is there a South Park episode on something like this?
Uganda Knuckles (11 months ago)
That's the definition of a fanboy
Kevin Strom (11 months ago)
Donald Wilson You're not allowed to have more than one system, don't you know the rules? You get one toy box and you hate the others with an unhealthy passion.
The_Drop Bear (11 months ago)
I wonder how many people are going to claim first

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