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What Killed The SEGA Dreamcast?

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The Dreamcast was both a failure and a massively underrated machine. Let's take a look at what happened with Sega's biggest console. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (1 year ago)
We kinda love the Dreamcast.
Braden 121408 (19 days ago)
G Man (24 days ago)
gameranx still have mine. was so ahead of its time. that and nintendo 64 were the most underrated consoles of all time.
Katarina Berno (29 days ago)
gameranx had one when i was a kid. My favorite game was fur fighters
Tom (1 month ago)
It's very simple. Sega's systems before DC sucked and ruined their fan base. DC didn't have a DVD player. I was one of the people that actually got a DC on 9/9/99. I remember friends missing out because the launch sucked.
Nathan Yager II (1 month ago)
First system I ever bought myself. Such glorious memories.
Guy8t4 (6 minutes ago)
You short cut the dreamcast for people whom did not grow up playing this they would underestimate the true run it had!
XgameS93 Games (12 hours ago)
The Sega Dreamcast.
rudiger891 (1 day ago)
I still go back to play Blue Stinger
Bendc1970A1 (1 day ago)
Dreamcast was the first Sega system I've ever owned (I started with atari 2600 so I'm old.) and I loved the Dreamcast.
DCfreakshow (1 day ago)
The Dreamcast was the most mind-blowing, evolutionary system I ever had. I absolutely loved it and miss it. The controller was the BEST and you could play online. Crazy for 19 years ago!!!!!
If xbox was backward compatible with dreamcast games.. it would be great
Sclemoid Fandango (2 days ago)
What killed the Dreamcast? The Idiotic moron's managing it. I actually bought my Dreamcast for "Incoming" awesome game. Still have my Console (a spare) all my games and accessories. Soon as I knew it was dying, I bought up multiple pad's, memory cards, rumble Pak's, etc. It was going cheap last off. I was never really a Sega fan, but Dreamcast made me one. Brilliant console! Who could forget "Shenmue" "House of the Dead 2" "Millenium Soldier" and "Crazy Taxi". To name a few.
Steep (2 days ago)
Definitely not NBA 2K2.
Jordan (2 days ago)
Powerstone is legendary wow
ZeoX TV (2 days ago)
Alex White (3 days ago)
You could play online for free!!! No lag!!! How could you not include the?
smohed sh (3 days ago)
I think sega after leaving the hardware industry microsoft buy the Dreamcast hardware and modified it and named it Xbox
Lev M (3 days ago)
If you’re a person who looks at the comments before finishing the video, just know, PS2 killed everything that console generation
M Oczakow (3 days ago)
Sega is an amazing creative company, but their over exuberance & a few bean counting execs have ruined it. They also failed not to continue or include at the beginning some of their iconic game franchises, like Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Golden Axe ect. I would love to know what idiot decided not to include a DVD with the dream cast. Sonic, Crazy Taxi & Power Stone were incredibly fun games and it showed that sega still had it. But that 32X, GenesisCD & Saturn hardware failure really hurt them a lot.
crs9128 (3 days ago)
How many what killed the dreamcast videos does there need to be?
Sexy Beard Gaming (3 days ago)
Shenmue did it.
eazy14 (4 days ago)
The dreamcast was a terrific console, it was by faaar way ahead of its time
kristian sloan (5 days ago)
That wasn't the first soul Calibur...it was soul blade on ps1
ThePetemarvel (5 days ago)
PlayStation 2
gentlegiant6585 (5 days ago)
I loved my Dreamcast. Had a subscription to the Official Dreamcast magazine also. It was larger than other magazines and came with a game demo CD each month. Was awesome.
John Vinson Go (5 days ago)
To make it short, Microsoft Killed the Dreamcast. They just used the partnership with SEGA to get the Blueprints of the Dreamcast for their XBOX. Then, they left SEGA in the gutter to die. As soon as the Dreamcast died, Microsoft released XBOX. Thus, SEGA never ever released a new Console after the partnership with Microsoft.
Lol Sike!!! (6 days ago)
The Dreamcast wasn't killed, it was murdered!!!
Makail Fischer (6 days ago)
Bro it's not dead
NEWYORK BOSS (6 days ago)
I miss that boxin game tho that was my shit soul caliber n crazy taxi
szt1980 (6 days ago)
Leave HW to those who can build it.
Peter Parker (7 days ago)
Dug Nice (7 days ago)
What killed the Dreamcast? Sony's PlayStation 2 and Microsoft's Xbox. 🤣🤣🤣
Gods Plan (8 days ago)
Ps1 did
MrAndyisReal (8 days ago)
4:37 This game was my childhood. Does anyone remember the name?
Wesley Adams (5 days ago)
Vectorman. Both games were hard but fun.
Scott Lage (8 days ago)
Piracy killed the Dreamcast
Scott Lage (8 days ago)
Not enough security
Carlo Grotti Trevisan (9 days ago)
Just the commercials.. For Dreamcast Sega invest in USA and Europe less then Sony. And people are mainstream, prefare commons than original stuff..so prefare playstation.
Mike Jeff (9 days ago)
It would be for adults it's an accent no but I have Dreamcast 2 with the top 10 games who y'all get a hundred score
Mike Jeff (9 days ago)
They can make it look more like the Genesis
Mike Jeff (9 days ago)
Now if they could come out with that before the PlayStation 5 this time I will buy it it just has to be fun and retro would look something better graphics than Dreamcast one you going to have a hundred wrestlers that you had to defeat to win the belt high scores and stuff man Sonic let's go
S. T (9 days ago)
Sony sheeps, sorry I mean fanboys. Sony fanboys killed the DC.
Jay Cruz (9 days ago)
Mario put the last nail on sega’s coffin ⚰️
Mike Jeff (9 days ago)
I think a Dreamcast 2,, with top 10 games ,,,like Blade, Spy Hunter,Wrestling Ace combat ,,for collecting for 400 bucks,,, made with levels and boards,,, 100 levels...3 men.
Lodestar London (10 days ago)
I did. I broke mine. :(
earthxmeltdown (11 days ago)
Sega probably hated PlayStation in the late 90s to early 2000s..... PlayStation kicked Sega Saturn's ass and the pS2 took out dreamcast
Tom Allen (12 days ago)
Two words.... BOOT DISC
DRiley (12 days ago)
Answer: The PlayStation 2. Lol.
Tae Glenn (12 days ago)
It was too ahead of its time when it came out and not enough license title games and sega always tends to go bankrupt anyway
Jay Boss (13 days ago)
U know what killed the dreamcast that after market remote that wasn't made by dreamcast burned all the remote ports on it good times I burned out 2 of them figured it out and pitched the remote 3rd one never broke ended up giving it to some one when I got next gen system
Ken Rose (14 days ago)
This video is not that accurate; the Dreamcast failed(and SEGA in general) because of bad management
The first reason the game costs Shenmu very expensive The second reason is the ease of gaming piracy and the accumulation of original games in the factory The reason for Sega's failure was because she was trusted in companies that do not have anything to do with football because the big companies that produce games like FIFA and PES did not work with Sega and Sega based on companies that did not understand anything about football. Sega has put her trust in companies that do not know the design of football games The PES, FIFA and WINING ELEVEN games for PSP2, Game Cube and Xbox were released ... This is one of the main reasons why people give up Sega
Vincent Laughton (16 days ago)
The Dreamcast wasn’t a failure because of arcade. I love the Dreamcast and still own one. It was the PS2 that killed it.
wormwood5073 (17 days ago)
Crisanto 86 (18 days ago)
Sony kills Dreamcast by releasing the new PS2 back in early 2000's after their huge success sales on PS1.😡
Chris pippin (18 days ago)
Do the evolution of sega hardware
Abraham Flores (19 days ago)
They should. Make add ons for the PlayStations like guns swords be the best at that stuff
Eshawn Clark (19 days ago)
* Cough * EA
The overlordHunter (19 days ago)
the Dreamcast was a great machine it had so much potential but it went to waste
TDP RAW (20 days ago)
Ps2 killed the dreamcast dramatically and drastically dreamcast was only on store shelves for 561 days I believe wasn't that long until the ps2 took over by the wanted features it had
ΣLECTЯ0N (20 days ago)
...There already was a *Dreamcast 2* it was called the *Microsoft Xbox* (Classic Xbox) first of all, when Sega’s hardware division chained up it’s doors, where do you think those people got jobs?!? Secondly...note the thing on front of the Dreamcast consoles which mention something about *Microsoft Windows CE* (Which provides proof that Sega was already somehow in bed with Microsoft in some way although, my understanding was that Windows CE was a Palm Operating System, for the original palm pilots of the 1999-2003 era so I’m still somewhat confused about how it’s applicable to a functional video game console). And 3rd I somewhat disagree on the “Death of Arcades brought on the Death of Sega” aspect of this video...you’ve lost sight of the fact that the Sega Dreamcast was really the very first system that came with a modem for online game play...that’s where video games headed...Xbox Live, PlayStation Network...Sega’s Online Network was BEFORE EITHER OF THEM
Alaa Su (20 days ago)
Best fun and enjoying time with SEGA and dreamcast one of my best consoles
RANT OF TOYMAN (20 days ago)
I still have my Dreamcast. I miss playing it.
kamal hajaj (21 days ago)
Gïve us Shenmue 3 & Shinobi
kamal hajaj (21 days ago)
They lacked at selling a great system Over here on America. They really didnt sell it.
Daniel Duff (21 days ago)
Love the Dreamcast who remembers that loony toon racer game and if anybody knows what it was called please comment on this 😃
Kurt Wallander (23 days ago)
Almike 581 (23 days ago)
If i had the money I would buy all sega consoles especially the Dreamcast (because Uzume, if you get the reference)
Chained Unfree (23 days ago)
i dont own a dreamcast but my uncle used leave me to his friend who owns a console rental shop and the dreamcast just came out by then. i play the die hard game and powerstone addictively. i love the controller its so big and you can really grip it good
Svengali Yu (24 days ago)
Me and my brother spent so many hours on Dreamcast spawn, barely touched the PS2
August J (24 days ago)
Never know. They may make a system.
Gabriel Afonso (28 days ago)
Dreamcast > PS2..... plus the controller was way better
AUGUST PFERSICH (28 days ago)
In my opinion the sega Dreamcast would’ve been a better console if sega didn’t die cause it would’ve had more good games
Timothy Lee Topicz (28 days ago)
Fur Fighters!
The Hopeful Gamer (29 days ago)
Swigity swoty
Manaf Benayache (29 days ago)
PC is the master of all the consoles, thanks to the emulators ! i have PS 1,2, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 etc.... ! it s thanks to PC the system of consoles was programmed so ! no PC = no console !
T SexyRexy (29 days ago)
A fatal mix of fan mistrust and otherwise not being able to compete with the ps2
pranayy p (29 days ago)
I miss sega it was better than play station graphics..that time..dreamcast
John Perkins (1 month ago)
Nfl 2k and nba 2k were the most amazing sports games I think I've ever played when they came out. Nba 2k1 might be the best basketball game I've ever played. Live was always the game to have but once I played dreamcast nothing else compared. It was sad cuz no one had a dreamcast back then so no one would believe me (I didn't even have one I had a Playstation, I played on my neighbors dreamcast) lol about 6 yrs later no one played live anymore and nowadays 2k rules every yr. Haha they even stopped making live for a while
LK (1 month ago)
I remember seeing the 2K football previews before movies at the theatre and man it looked awesome. Granted I was playing Madden which had to come out early because FIFA flopped
SuperHydrow (1 month ago)
The Playstation 2. There, saved you 7 minutes.
charles1964 (1 month ago)
I remember going into Funcoland one sunday afternoon and they had "NFL 2K" playing on the monitors and saying to my girlfriend, "I thought it was a four o'clock game?" That's how good it looked at first glance. Also have fun memories of "R.E. Code Veronica", "Soul Caliber", and "Crazy Taxi". A nice system but couldn't stand up to the PS2 with games like "GTA-3" etc.....
Midnight Rocker41 (1 month ago)
Playstation is where it is at, waited for the PS2 instead, went from PS1, PS2, PS3, and now to PS4, I have the Dreamcast Emulator on my PC, so finally playing Dreamcast games after all these years, would of liked to bought a Sega Dreamcast back in 1999, but already bought the Playstation in 1998, and played it for a couple of years and lost interest for video games at the time, and finally bought a PS2 in 2004 when video games were improving, and stuck with the Playstation brand ever since
Heisted (1 month ago)
Uh the PS2 slaughtered the Dreamcast.
SabbathFan4Life316 (1 month ago)
The PS2 didnt kill the Dreamcast, Sega being run by a bunch of asshats did. All their dumb mistakes like the genesis add ons, the Saturn launch, snubbing Sony (to be fair Nintendo did the same but they made fewer mistakes) and pissing off third party developers (which is ironic considering during the Genesis era, Sega had the better rep among 3rd parties compared to Nintendo iirc) just came to bite them in the ass by the time the Dreamcast came around. So the Dreamcast was fucked from the getgo pretty much
alex_de_tampa (1 month ago)
Dreamcast didn’t just die.... it was murdered !!!
psovegeta (1 month ago)
Well they didn't fail because of me. I was an early supporter of the Genesis. As soon as I started my first job, I purchased a Genesis model 2 from Walmart. Also when I started working at McDonald's, I had a friend who was a few years older than me, introduce me to online gaming on the Dreamcast. Up until then, the only internet I've ever used was the computers in the school library to look up Game Genie codes from Galoob's website. I had no idea online gaming was even a thing. But I purchased a used Dreamcast at the Electronics boutique and oddly enough, it had all the documentation and still smelled like it was newely opened. I think the first purchaser tried it and returned it immediately but it wasn't defective. It worked just fine and my first online game was Phantasy Star Online. It was awesome and I played it every single day consistently for the next few years. Even after I got my Playstation 2 to play Everquest Online Adventures. I would go between both games and play them equally. I still have my Dreamcast and it works just fine. The plastic case is a little bit discolored from age though but I still have the box it came in.
Mr.Mr. (1 month ago)
No one is mentioning how sega killed off all third party support for their console by releasing it a lot earlier than they told third party publishers, effectively betraying their trust and ending support for the Dreamcast. By the way I loved the Dreamcast and wish it would of worked out better for sega.
Robert Featherstone (1 month ago)
In my opinion sega and Nintendo should hav merged back when they released the original game boy and game gear the Nintendo switch would probably be league's ahead of everyone amagine the kind of games they could hav made 25 years ago blowing are minds with all kinds of collaborative type games
absolute royalty (1 month ago)
no noop
E erisen (1 month ago)
We used to play Shenmue a lot as a kid with Dreamcast. It was amazing that time.
Greatest Ever (1 month ago)
I think ultimately dreamcast failed initially due to lack of rpg titles. While it had some good ones and its graphics were alot better than the ps1 it just didnt have the title quantity that Sony and Nintendo had. In the long run I would say it didnt fail as its last big company title released in 2015 which is 14 years after its discontinue. How many other consoles can boast that?
Chris McCue (1 month ago)
I'm a big Sega fan, and I was bummed out when the Sega console era ended. but even if it were an option for them to get back into the console market I'd want proof they'd learned from their mistakes in the '90s. I agree with you, focusing on just trying to make good games is fine. If they worked really hard at re-publishing their old library on Steam and other virtual consoles and made everyone love their brand, with that cash they could get back into some really high quality and creative games like they used to do.
Willy TDM (1 month ago)
Sega keep making consoles and Sony made there ps2 that took down Sega Dreamcast
Michael Galleher (1 month ago)
I loved my Dreamcast. I miss it 😭
Nobbs66 (1 month ago)
Buy one on ebay. They're pretty cheap these days.
anthony Lee dickinson (1 month ago)
Lol sega Dreamcast never lived, never mind killed it. The last sega I bought was the megadrive,that shows how down hill sega went for me.
xmen9791 (1 month ago)
I love the dreamcast especially to this day even in this game called hyperdimension neptunia you get a easter egg on a game console on the 4th game you get to seee the dreamcast logog many times which is awesome also brings back many memories well this is my comment cya later
Misanthropy Google it (1 month ago)
I think the Sega Dreamcast just couldn't compete with the Sony PlayStation. I thought and still think the Dreamcast was the best system at that time. I loved the Power Stone series.
Creative Lozer (1 month ago)
Were is sega now..... Leaching off Nintendo and PlayStation
Matthew Martin (1 month ago)
BuT GAmErAnX SEgA iS MaKInG a DREamcAsT 2
Sonic the Hedgehog (1 day ago)
Adorenu アドレーヌ I guess in some way. I hear there’s petitions for an actual new SEGA console.
+Sonic the Hedgehog xbox was dreamcast 2. And xbox 360 was dreamcast 3. So Dreamcast 4 is already exists after all. And it is Xbox One
Sonic the Hedgehog (18 days ago)
Matthew Martin I don’t think they would call it that if they ever did
duell collins (1 month ago)
Playstation and Nintendo did trashbox just took their spot once they were weak enough
Roadside360 (1 month ago)
It amazes me that the same company that makes the Yakuza series is the same company that's responsible for all the crappy 3D Sonic games
jag (1 month ago)
Built Electric T.V. (1 month ago)
Bootlegging killed dreamcast
777Eliyahu (1 month ago)
I have lots of fond memories playing my Sega Dreamcast. Sadly, the system's fate was sealed by Sega's mismanagement long before it ever came out. These days we have one true gaming company left producing home hardware (Nintendo), and two mass market companies that don't have nearly the level of innovation that we saw in the 90s.
Conrado Javier (1 month ago)
Sega could have Recycled the Saturn when producing Dreamcast, instead of using Microsoft's Help.

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