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Death Stranding Trailer #1-4 | A Hideo Kojima Game

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Watch the full cinematic trailer of Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima Game. List of trailers: E3 2016 Reveal Trailer, Teaser Trailer - TGA 2016-17, E3 2018. Fasten your seatbelts! List of cinematic trailers: 00:01 Death Stranding – E3 2016 Reveal Trailer - PS4 03:24 Death Stranding - Teaser Trailer - TGA 2016 08:12 Death Stranding - Teaser Trailer - TGA 2017 16:13 Death Stranding - Teaser Trailer - E3 2018
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Text Comments (482)
GAMEOST (3 months ago)
Watch in the reverse order: https://youtu.be/68Hi3lIS7Lk
El 2 Megas (11 days ago)
noooo it not works like that
jrdn sgr678 (13 days ago)
Is this extreme quality cool 3d world?
numaTruehome 100 Yeah, you're right!
numaTruehome 100 (1 month ago)
The Regular Village ghoul I think the scene from the first trailer is actually a moment of the end.
GAMEOST Did you find out something?
TV Controller (6 hours ago)
Pizza delivery boy simulator 2019
Ex Umbra (11 hours ago)
Ghosts, nanomachines, fetuses, male pregnancy, aliens, waterbears. Anything else?
Rednat frot (22 hours ago)
What in the hell is going on?
Mugen (1 day ago)
Better than witcher?
guts dragonslayer (1 day ago)
The baby is you you know if you die in the game the baby growing up so fast so I think you understand
Laqhe Ezanjul (4 days ago)
it seems interesting, the world is full of mysteries and nothing makes much sense. babies inside people and ghosts hunting people is something new. I think the point of the story has something to do with them not able to speak when those ghosts are around, because if it was only sound then the whole thing is stupid. why send people with no masks in their faces to cancel sound, I mean at least cut their tongues if the alternative is dying a horrible death. hopefully is more complex than that
Boof (6 days ago)
Is that motherfucking Hannibal Lecter
Pengy :3 (7 days ago)
Why the fuck are they stabbing themselves?
Gotta Light? (7 days ago)
If David Lynch worked on a videogame....
I luv Animations (7 days ago)
Either this is about delivering illegal product or delivery service in a war zone.
Ashley Cortez (9 days ago)
Undoubtedly in the Top 5 of most Disturbing, Perplexing, and All-Around Bewildering Video Games of All Time. And it hasn't even come out yet. Nice.
KaiZen 88 (9 days ago)
"Pregnant man walking simulator"
bts fan (10 days ago)
the first guy look like daryl,wait! the baby is he son?
I pass, he will complain to the company again for taking 10 year to finish the next section of the saga.
Milli Hakimiyet (10 days ago)
Brian Everette (11 days ago)
so did any one see the letters in the clouds next to the big circular opening... looked like it said metal G 0
El 2 Megas (11 days ago)
1rst trailer is purely conceptual, the other 3 has direct relation with the game.
AfroSnackey (12 days ago)
at 12:03 The futuristic soldier lands on the car, points his finger and a few cords appear behind him triggering the black fluid that the inter-dimensional beings use to interact with the regular world. The fluid seems like it serves the same function as ectoplasm in a way.
Cosmic Axis (14 days ago)
Kojima is not human! lol
recklesboy (16 days ago)
weather this game suck or is amazing(which it will be) i feel it has already done a lot to bring people together to understand the trailers so in my eyes the game has already begun and we owe kojima money.
_Val (16 days ago)
The most mysterious/creepiest part of the first three trailers for me was the whole tall-hovering-figures-above-the-handprints thing (eg. 11:04), specifically because I got the impression that these things were like miles out from the characters, walking slowly and deliberately to some goal, and they seemed insanely huge and overwhelming despite the distance (like the thing at the end of that trailer, but that seems like a different fish kettle). After the 4th trailer, turns out these things are actually hovering just meters above them, and I feel that does take away some of the creepy magic I felt watching this the first time. Hmm
asdrubael1985 (16 days ago)
the way I see it it ll kick some serious asses!excellent visuals,unique gameplay and soundtrack that reminds me of interstellar...
Princess Wolfy (16 days ago)
I gotta ask.. what are those people things up in the sky of the first trailer? Side note: what’s that theme song in the third trailer?
eser eser (17 days ago)
Kojima beautiful game 👏👏👏
Robson Bouth (18 days ago)
Veja o mundo num grão de areia, veja o céu em um campo florido, guarde o infinito na palma da mão, e a eternidade em uma hora de vida!
Elaxter (19 days ago)
the enemy is time
KpxRagDoll (19 days ago)
so im guessing the more they eat the bigger they get and when big enough it explodes and multiplies ?
Philalethes (19 days ago)
Konami was holding him back anyway
Maurizio Carcassona (19 days ago)
Man they still haven't fixed that horrible hair aliasing from MGSV... Fox Engine really needs to get updated asap
Rossco The Red Roo (20 days ago)
He's what I've noticed, Rain can be normal, Until an entity is nearby, Then water becomes time fall, And the anti gravity effect is actually more like turning the air to water, The rain never ripples the water when timefall is effect. In the limbo scene we are seeing what happens when the opposite of our world is manifested, Water life is the dominant surface life forms, While land animals swimming around under the earth in the sky struggled to evolve past much at all, With humans the only rule breaker! These are multiverse people crossing worlds and their opposite worlds are colliding, In Sam's timeline Sea life is all that could become dominant, Land animals don't exist and plants are nothing more than reefs and sea weed, There are no trees in Sam';s world or animals.
Rossco The Red Roo (20 days ago)
Ok.... The biggest question no one seems to know or ask.. Is this a multiplayer game midway through and we are seeing different players making different decisions?
yourleftnut1 (20 days ago)
what's with that stupid baby..? seems like a dumb game.
StoneyWan KenRollme (20 days ago)
Is male pregnancy/soldier creation themes? If so that's pretty damn Kojima
Armon Mitchell (20 days ago)
Guy gives sam the same thumbs up a the baby. Why only men carrying baby in artificial womb.
Yuchen Xue (20 days ago)
holy shit....
Rossco The Red Roo (20 days ago)
The rain didn't become timefall until they showed up, Then the rain become hazardous.
Rossco The Red Roo (20 days ago)
I get a strong sense that Mad's character, And the girl helping him might be playable characters when you don't have a baby in your possession and choose to come back, You are either helping or hindering Sam making different decisions on how they are playing the game, But not directly conflicting, Just triggering events, A theory, A game theory..I'll stop now, Sorry MatPat!
Rossco The Red Roo (20 days ago)
Her outfit looks 1 generation better than his equipment... Just saying..
Rossco The Red Roo (20 days ago)
Watch 7:18 to 7:25 then 20:44 to 20:49 and tell me what you think... Coincidence in a Kojima game? I think not.
Filosofada Mundana (20 days ago)
Maybe, if you die, They are going to put a life inside you. Who's hitori nojima?
Corbin Jose (21 days ago)
Who else will be of drinking age when this comes out? XD
DrTubeman (23 days ago)
Eat Standing.
Malladi Pradyumna (25 days ago)
How many of u r here just becuz of P.T.Silent Hills?
The1000Joker (25 days ago)
no many how many times I watch this he looks like Darly Dixion from walking dead
A Hideo Kojima Game: DEATH SPACITO
Green_ Demon (29 days ago)
Norman Redus 😍😭...
HG.ExtremePhaZE (30 days ago)
In the second trailer you can tell the guy must’ve had some kind of brain surgery, you can see the stitches and scar.
Patryk_IT (30 days ago)
This game looks amazing. Can't wait for the release.
Albert (1 month ago)
Every character is real person lol, now only keifer sutherland missing...maybe he will be the last boss.
Dyiawblou (20 days ago)
Being a final boss is fitting since he's the most hated man in the Metal Gear franchise (somehow).
Marcos Vinícius (1 month ago)
Espero que seja um game com ótimos desafios e bastante eventos jogáveis e mecânicas variáveis. Pois queremos uma obra de arte jogável, e não um "filme". E que, quando formos jogar, que os conceitos que constituam a obra toquem e empolguem nosso coração (assim como outros jogos de nossa juventude, como COD 1,2, 3, WAT; Fifa da nova geração ou Pes e Bomba patch da anterior; RE 1, 2, 4...; S.O.the Colossus; Dragon Ball bt3; NFS; Naruto shippuden ps2; etc). Ou seja, que não seja um jogo nonsense e sem eventos significantes.
Bir Adam (1 month ago)
SolidnyZmei (1 month ago)
кодзима гений
superrobotmonkey (1 month ago)
This game better have at least a bit of gameplay.
Lorenzo Giorgini (1 month ago)
Is that a jojo referece??
Vernier Boss (1 month ago)
Since the reveal and until now i have now fucking idea what this game is about which makes it so fascinating
EuroFight 38 (1 month ago)
its pathetic how people that have suffered bullying blindly support kojima for the simple fact of getting fired...... they support a game so fracking badly explained, the point of every single trailer is to tell konami (look what you made me do, look what you lost, look all my technical muscle) istead of talking to the players and telling them wtf is going on. Of course all of this is happening on the sony comunity... it has never been so clear why we pcs are called the master race. #puresmoke #walkingsimulator
Nardo (12 days ago)
“Walking simulator” lol dude did you miss the skeleton soldiers and crazy floating ghost creatures? The reason that he only showed the characters walking in that trailer is because it’s centered around a theme. Anyone can see that the whole game isn’t gonna just be delivering packages.
Dyiawblou (20 days ago)
That's the whole point of this marketing campaign to tell as little as possible to increase interest on the game. With MGSV, the trailers showed all of the good parts of the game so when you played the game it didn't feel fresh or new since you already saw it on the trailers.
Bob Kane (1 month ago)
lol cry some more
zhuoyu luang (1 month ago)
what song so good
Dyiawblou (20 days ago)
The song in the first trailer is "I'l Keep Coming" by Low Roar and the song in the last trailer is "Asylums for the Feeling" by the Silent Poets.
Sonic Mania (1 month ago)
I danced at dat INTRO
Legacy Cat (1 month ago)
This something and so intaresting , I wait for your game
Ed Kazarajy (1 month ago)
the audio quality in this compilation is much better then other uploads on youtube
ChiaraElena (1 month ago)
I'm not a native speaker! At 21:56, where the man says "Sam, if one of the things eats you-" how does the sentence continue?? I can't understand it! Please help! D:
Dusk Rotani (28 days ago)
Sam, if one of those things eats you, it will cause a void out. You'll, come back, sure, but the surrounding area will be a crater.
TriALiZ (1 month ago)
16:14 Don’t thanks
Dude the Reptilian (1 month ago)
This is some trippy shit
Split Pea (1 month ago)
Goddamn man it's been too long since a new idea has shown it's beautiful face. Kojima gets it.
Rauch [Redacted] (1 month ago)
Massive scp vibe
Rauch [Redacted] (1 month ago)
I suppose you're right.
missymuffin (1 month ago)
Rauch [Redacted] Other than for a bunch of weird shit there is little for which one could correlate this game to SCP.
SpartanX (1 month ago)
I don’t understand this..... help me please
Jordan R (1 month ago)
14:35 Has anyone else noticed the position of Norman Reedus and the baby is the same as in the first trailer?! 😃
ZeroGaiaForce (1 month ago)
Maybe I'm wrong, but things are not floating in the air... they are sinking upwards. I mean, when he's in the water, all fish are swimming upside down (even the whale): 14:04 Maybe it's related to another world somewhat overlaping ours (we have never seen the sky, just upside down rainbows). Maybe those are rainbows from the "other world".
Night Wing (1 month ago)
Really do love ur MGS
Lemon Tea (1 month ago)
each time i see the 5 peoples in the sky. it reminds me the God hand from beserk
Everett (1 month ago)
I don't want to buy a PS4, but...
LudicrousKid (10 days ago)
There's WAY too many amazing games out on the Ps4 for you to try out so I gotta say your missing out. It's defiantly worth it.
Iqbal Khan (1 month ago)
Gimmick Trailer Honestly
Anthony Perez (1 month ago)
If you notice the baby at 5:45 only has its right open and the doll baby has only its right eye open when at mads feet
Vin Torvaldo (1 month ago)
baby canister reminds me of the movie called "american cyborg: steel warrior" and plants reacts to the "beings" like to the nightwalker in the "princess mononoke"
newsynthetic (1 month ago)
It's probably like metal gear solid v but with more sci fi elements, less action with more horror.
Sedona Crouch (1 month ago)
nearly 30 minutes of content and I still have no idea what the fuck this game is about
Quartzout (1 month ago)
Кодзима - гений!
Jimmy Bob Slaighter (1 month ago)
Yet another great game that’s not for the xbox😩
Dyiawblou (20 days ago)
Buy a PS4. Xbox has no exclusives and that's Xbox's fault, and PS4 has 5 big games coming soon (Death Stranding, Spiderman, The Last of us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone) plus a bunch of other exclusives. Switch to the right console.
Kaity (1 month ago)
Really interesting trying to piece this together! I'm liking the strong themes of life/death; with the babies who can detect the floaty-beings (bringers of death who seem to walk the line between living and dead worlds), all of the imagery around black cords which look umbilical in nature (dark like the oil/dark like a corruption of life?). There are black lines everywhere! Breaking up the United Cities of America on the Bridges logo, attaching the soldiers to Mads Mikkelsen's character, floating up into the air, flowing from the giant, Lovecraftian humanoid's hands, a giant umbilical cord connecting them to the ground in the 4th trailer. I also noticed the damaged, plastic baby doll in the 3rd trailer has the same "+" marked scar as Sam Bridges, stapled back together... maybe the "+" scar is something a lot of people have, which a child might've put onto the doll to make it look more like them? I don't know how that related to Sam Bridges, but it's clearly something! I'm excited to see what story Kojima tells with this theme.
Kaity (1 month ago)
Really interesting trying to piece this together! I'm liking the strong themes of life/death; with the babies who can detect the floaty-beings (bringers of death who seem to walk the line between living and dead worlds), all of the imagery around black cords which look umbilical in nature (dark like the oil/dark like a corruption of life?). There are black lines everywhere! Breaking up the United Cities of America on the Bridges logo, attaching the soldiers to Mads Mikkelsen's character, floating up into the air, flowing from the giant, Lovecraftian humanoid's hands, a giant umbilical cord connecting them to the ground in the 4th trailer. I also noticed the damaged, plastic baby doll in the 3rd trailer has the same "+" marked scar as Sam Bridges, stapled back together... maybe the "+" scar is something a lot of people have, which a child might've put onto the doll to make it look more like them? I don't know how that related to Sam Bridges, but it's clearly something! I'm excited to see what story Kojima tells with this theme.
Legolass0 (1 month ago)
I dont understand anything, but it looks amazing!
Akairo Creative (1 month ago)
Mario Alberto (2 months ago)
Cambio Xbox One por un PS4
Paul McEvilly (2 months ago)
will this be available on Nintendo GameCube?
中村航輔海 (2 months ago)
When one of those invisible things aproaches to you, you´ve gonna hold the breath as they do in the cinematics, of course this also gonna happen in the gameplay, i´m sure many people gonna hold the breath feeling the preassure of the enemies, again breaking the 4th wall.
MIDD-Night Club (2 months ago)
i think i get it but im too lazy to say what it is.
MIDD-Night Club (2 months ago)
the rainbows are upside down
Cameron Bartlett (2 months ago)
Idk I guess I’ll be the only one disappointed if this has anything todo w silent hill or is some kinda silent hill/ metal gear crossover just sounds dumb and this game looks to weird for its own good.. don’t like it
Dyiawblou (20 days ago)
This definetly has nothing to do with Silent Hill(s) or Metal Gear. Konami owns those IP's, Kojima doesn't want to work on Metal Gear ever again and Silent Hill(s) was never his true creation, so there is no way this game will have anything to do with either those franchises.
Louis Roth II (2 months ago)
Yo, Im fucking tired of this ad popping up and FOLLOWING ME as I scroll down bulbapedia! Im fucking done! I do not want to see this fucking baby in a tube ANY LONGER. I DONT WANT TO SEE THIS ANY LONGER!
captaintaco2345 (2 months ago)
So I had some questions about this game before I saw the trailers. Now I have about 100 more
Isaack Donadel (2 months ago)
Asylum for the feeeeeliiiiiing
Sam Dobrowolski (2 months ago)
i just realized the little things that he pukes up are tardigrades or water bears. I did a paper in college on them. they can come back alive through cryptobiosis. inanimate death and they can become animate after inanimate. and he puked them up after he came back alive. she also eats one of them and says "cryptobio" a day keeps them away or whatever. pretty neat cause there is some cool research for those things, they mechanism of how they do it isn't understood yet. but it has applications for food storage and stuff
Nardo (12 days ago)
Yes, she says “a cryptobiote a day keeps the time fall away” if you don’t know the time fall in death stranding is the rain that fast forewords everything it touches, you can see that the man who is pinned under the truck rapidly aging in the 3rd trailer. Maybe you could tell us something new about time fall and cryptobiosis??? You might have some answer broski!!!
Kevin Walter (2 months ago)
"A cryptobiot a day keeps the timefall away."
Armon Mitchell (20 days ago)
Of all the mysteries in this thing the biggest for me is why they would resurrect a relic like the Bionic Woman to be in this....? When I was just getting over my boyhood crush on her.
Dyiawblou (20 days ago)
Kojima FUCKING LOVES Bionic Woman and believes that she is a Godess, so naturally, he decided to put her in his game. (He even said that she's the only one that can play the characters she's playing, he didn't know what he was going to do if he couldn't get her to play the character)
The more often you die thru doom, the higher your extinction factor gets, and a hand mark will appear on your body
The "next" explosion is the reason this game exists🙊
luv.ayiii (2 months ago)
Weird question in trailer 3 is the reason that the man shot his friend and killed himself is to keep from turning into one of them? Or am I crazy, though sam seems like a special case ya know? Or is it if you are carrying a baby then you can be brought back to life and you lose said baby and must find another or you keep said baby and that would be your endless cycle? So in the game the baby is like your "extra life"
Aiden Foxx (17 days ago)
Apparently something bad happens if that things captures you but doesn't kill you. That guy who tried to kill himself was brought up to the mouth of that thing to be, in my view, captured... and... i dunno... maybe some torture? Turn the people into a creature like them? But it's definetly something bad if you should go to the extent to kill yourself in order to escape that fate
luv.ayiii (2 months ago)
Kevin Walter thank you for such an amazing explanation you actually caught things I never did and told me things i never knew 😀 woah~ 😂 well all I know is this game will be something I'll never forget, hopefully it doesn't let us down!
Kevin Walter (2 months ago)
We don't know yet. Sam can clearly come back to life somehow. Don't know if anyone else can. It would seem the guy who shoots the other guy and (tries) to kill himself is just trying to save his friend and himself from an otherwise gruesome death. It would also seem as though he's incapable of dying... at least at first. He manages to kill his friend, proven by the fact that the friend stops moving after being shot, and isn't moving when gravity is flipped. He repeatedly stabs himself over and over though, and the indicator on his bracelet turns color with each stab, until it's red, and even though he does this, he's still clearly alive and conscious when he's eaten. So maybe he was only able to save his friend from that kind of death because it happened before the big one showed up? Also, it's clear that the explosions caused when the guy who stabbed himself was eaten, are the same that will be caused in-game if Sam is eaten. But for whatever reason, Sam gets to come back. AFAIK, Kojima has stated that craters are permanent in-game scars. So if you get eaten, the game isn't over... but the landscape is changed for the rest of the game. Whether or not this will truly have an impact on the game... who knows.
dis you know that when this game gets released every egg in pokemon go will have a mf baby inside like bitchass
Jeef Jeeferson (2 months ago)
mind reader : Kojima : mind reader : what in the actual fuck?
BluSpykz (2 months ago)
Could "Trailer 1" take place directly after "Trailer 4"?
Dyiawblou (20 days ago)
Apperantly Trailer 1 isn't canon and was just promotional material. The location is clearly canon though.
operayl (2 months ago)
12:00 Mads Mikkelsen I’m calling it rn
Luciano Cardoso (2 months ago)
R.I.P Silent Hills.
JERSEY LOVE (2 months ago)
Kojima genius!

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