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Death Stranding Trailer #1-4 | A Hideo Kojima Game

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Watch the full cinematic trailer of Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima Game. List of trailers: E3 2016 Reveal Trailer, Teaser Trailer - TGA 2016-17, E3 2018. Fasten your seatbelts! List of cinematic trailers: 00:01 Death Stranding – E3 2016 Reveal Trailer - PS4 03:24 Death Stranding - Teaser Trailer - TGA 2016 08:12 Death Stranding - Teaser Trailer - TGA 2017 16:13 Death Stranding - Teaser Trailer - E3 2018
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Text Comments (128)
GAMEOST (5 days ago)
Watch in the reverse order: https://youtu.be/68Hi3lIS7Lk
Igor Sensor (8 hours ago)
Spirits within
Space ace (18 hours ago)
Has anyone figured out what the speaker voice is saying? When Del Toro is under the bridge, there is a speaker voice
Tyler D. (19 hours ago)
Walking simulator
Mr.Fardin (23 hours ago)
At 12:53 notice how the blue lighted ring on the right hand of the guy changes color as soon as the guy starts and to stab himself same goes with the guy who was under the vehicle,at 9:30 his ring looks light yellow,as the timefall (rain water) touches him and results him to age , his rings starts to turn red and when the entities (bad black entities.Notice how they all have chords connected from their *which i pressume* are gential parts to another central bad mother entity) starts to drag him
15chagO (23 hours ago)
Walking simulator 2019.
Zieleń (1 day ago)
Game looks insane. Cyberpunk 2077 and Death Stranding are the only ones I'm going go buy so far.
Taha MD (1 day ago)
could not understand a thing but seems really intresting :D
Alonso SDL (1 day ago)
is this LOSS?
EDSON ADNARIM (1 day ago)
Did this guy gave birth?
torchiest (1 day ago)
I really hope this game is a huge success so more publishers will take chances on weird ideas.
Innovate Constantly (1 day ago)
What if the lady at the end is his Daughter from the pic???????
G Q (1 day ago)
Vluonx (2 days ago)
I swear this could be a Chris Nolan film.
Zack Komachkov (2 days ago)
Death Stranding - Reedus Fetus Edition
Moeagaru Hanasaku (2 days ago)
Zack Komachkov m6b3z5f483nd /Don 28lliamß
BalADEva (2 days ago)
last one is gameplay trailer.
Almighty Dongers (2 days ago)
Nobody has any real ideas of what the fuck is going on in this game, but we're all still overly excited
stuntbounce (1 day ago)
Almighty Dongers You should look at analysis videos of these trailers ;)
AnnaMaria Belial (2 days ago)
I think that Sam and Guglielmo (pg) are the same person.
Raymond Arias (2 days ago)
20:11. That umbrella, if that is an umbrella, did really look so awesome.
Craig Fu*ker (2 days ago)
Raymond Arias 21:1*
ESDESESESERDO (3 days ago)
Ohhhh! I get it!!! (-i don't get it-)
Xantho (3 days ago)
I've this about 8 times now and still have no clue what the actual fuck is happening but I love it.
Lawrence Of Canadia (3 days ago)
A game full of metaphor, imagination, courage, brilliance. You can already see it this game will be as original as Shadow of the Colossus, or Killer 7, and as polished as everything that Kojima does.
Tyler D. (18 hours ago)
Walking simulator lol
Lawrence Of Canadia (2 days ago)
+cavalka Br mark my words, this will be goty materiel. Kojima wouldn't do something on this scale only to have it be loose.
Cavalka Br (2 days ago)
Lawrence Of Canadia the game isnt even out yet
Hamzah Patel (3 days ago)
Trailer 2 is still my favourite, the vibe and music is unreal
Ludovic Pirolley (4 days ago)
Léa Seydoux...wow!
slappytheclown4 (4 days ago)
I noticed that del toro in trailer 2 and Reedus in trailer 1 both have the same pair of handcuffs hanging from their right wrists, I wonder who had them detained.
Lesteryay Trippy (4 days ago)
Okay great trailers and all, but that blind woman who was with Sam is Lea Seydoux, the actress from Blue Is The Warmest Color!!!
The Rouge Pancake (4 days ago)
What is this game
Wandy Márquez (4 days ago)
The Mist II
Shado nouz (5 days ago)
What i can tell so far is you start as a courier then you have to deliver that body with those two others where things get side railed. You get the baby from the guy who kills himself and once theyre taken by the giant being it explodes. When you awake the baby is gone, bit connected to you. Maybe even inside you, allowing you to sense/see the invisible creatures. Those giant beings are the ones who create those creators once people are eaten. The rain ages people for some reason. Uh thats all i got so far. Also the chick in the end was the same woman in his photo
Oscar Gonzalez (5 days ago)
So its been confirmed that whenever you die, you go to that weird ocean area to pick up items, and you get a handprint on your body each time you die. And in the first trailer he is full of hand prints, so I think thats the losing screen.
Orbital Dew* (5 days ago)
i have no fucking idea what the heck is going on but holy shit do i love it
Simon (5 days ago)
We have to admit Hideo have always been good for mess with us with some mysterious trailers just like he did with the Metal Gear Solid serie. :D
RamadaArtist (5 days ago)
Anyone else notice that the dripping letters from the title spell "EAT AND STING"?
Andrey Sidorov (5 days ago)
2017 trailer makes so much more sense now... kinda... Cannot wait for the game!
Blevit (5 days ago)
I think Kojima has become a parody of himself.
Jackie Farrow (5 days ago)
Blevit lol, appreciate something different for once.
唐智余 (5 days ago)
we deserve more single player game like this with such quality and details orientated
Vernon Pleboi (19 hours ago)
Well shiiit, if you're lookin for the best graphical single player out there, with amazing environment and character development, that all includes a story that just doesn't fade...look no further than Sony, my brotha. They might just bring a tear to eye every now and again. (Don't worry though, they're good tears)
IYΘSHߙKUN (2 days ago)
Apparently it'll have multiplayer interactions so... lel
Jake Painter (5 days ago)
Multiplayer games are fun for a while. But single player games. They last forever.
Jake Painter (5 days ago)
Diamond Dogs (5 days ago)
They are in the wrong order. Do the opposite order.
GAMEOST (5 days ago)
I pin the link
Ty_ teynium (5 days ago)
TheCentelred (5 days ago)
kids see ghosts sometimes
TheCentelred (4 days ago)
Andrew Prenga so damn good. Throw that and ye into a playlist and shuffle it.
Andrew Prenga (5 days ago)
TheCentelred good album
YSAmmo (5 days ago)
Theres a theory that the trailers are in reverse and you need to watch them in reverse order for them to make sense. Any chance you could edit them back to front (#4 first and #1 last) into one video for our benefit?
YSAmmo (5 days ago)
GAMEOST thankyou!
GAMEOST (5 days ago)
YSAmmo (5 days ago)
GAMEOST thanks
GAMEOST (5 days ago)
No problem, tomorrow will be done
Mean Black Hippie (5 days ago)
Why wouldn't he just slit his throat
Brandon (3 days ago)
Deathbrewer really a interesting story u have there
Deathbrewer (3 days ago)
+Brandon It looked to me like he was trying to stab himself in the heart repeatedly. But even if you get shot or stabbed in the heart, it's not usually an instant death. My friend's dad is a police officer, and he shot someone in the heart once during a convenience store robbery, and the guy managed to run 2 blocks before he collapsed and died, even after being shot straight in the heart.
Midnight (4 days ago)
Brandon (5 days ago)
Midnight slitting throat is the more painful way to go out. Your brain blocks u from killing yourself. You will always try to find the most painless way to kill yourself
Midnight (5 days ago)
Maybe due to panic and fear?
VAEIOUS (5 days ago)
12:28 why is that monster wearing sunglasses... sick shades my man
Craig Fu*ker (2 days ago)
He's got that swag B-|
Winston Lee (5 days ago)
It's a Cameo of Hideo Kojima, he placed himself in there.
Myron Wheeler (6 days ago)
17:01 I wonder if he is keeping track of whether or not he is in the same body or has died.
Myron Wheeler (5 days ago)
Jackie Farrow ah cool. Thanks
Jackie Farrow (5 days ago)
Myron Wheeler no its the five floating bosses.
crypto (6 days ago)
Watch these in reverse order (so #4, then 3, then 2, then 1) I think each trailer is a prequel to the last one :)
Deathbrewer (3 days ago)
I think the end part of 4 (when it cuts back to Sam talking to those guys on the radio) happens after 3, since Sam already has the baby, but I could be wrong. He gets the baby from the guy in 3, and in 4 he even reports in that his status is "fucked" presumably after everything that went down in 3 made the "creature" situation even worse.
GAMEOST (5 days ago)
Did :)
CJ Wang (6 days ago)
Combing all the trailers, Maybe we will have a 120 minutes movie before this game released.😆
kiwi_modz (6 hours ago)
Bet its 2019-2020 PS5 exclusive lol
Kevin (1 day ago)
CJ Wang and still doesn't understand it
A*S*Y*S official (6 days ago)
Just saw trailer 1-3 after 4 lol...but oh wow. I am totally thrilled! This is what I need: A weird game that sticks out amongst tons of generic stories and game play. Hands up!
Michael Andino (6 days ago)
Did not notice the first time watching the trailer the guy in the 3rd trailer that is under the car is aging right before our eyes, he started wrinkles and his hair starts turning white. The raining ages all.
Tyler D, doesn't feel like walking simulator though.
Tyler D. (19 hours ago)
Walking simulator
Deathbrewer (3 days ago)
The rain is called "timefall" for a reason. Lea's character in the latest trailer even explains in her dialogue briefly how it accelerates (in time) everything it touches. That's why you see plants growing and wilting over and over again in a loop when the timefall rain is hitting fertile ground, fast forwarding time.
True. Also seems like the slugs stop the timefall while the babies reveal the form of the ghosts to the user. If you notice the slugs seem like fetuses but with 8 arms instead of 4. Could it be that each slug grows into 2 humans with the one remaining a baby to be used and aged in case timefall strikes the other? They probably share the same consciousness too, in order for the mission to continue.
Avi Kohl (5 days ago)
OneShallStandOneShallFall It seems that consuming those slug creatures gives temporary immunity to timefall. In the third trailer, Sam vomits a bunch of them at the end.
buntado6 (6 days ago)
Now I'm actually glad that Silent Hills was cancelled, since Hideo could get on doing this right away and so far it has creeped me out 10x times more than anything shown in P.T.
Lotus Abagander (6 days ago)
buntado6 I still wish we got another silent hill tho
garoto desespexrtinho (6 days ago)
Alguem mais ai percebeu a semelhança desse carinha com aquele de the walking dead
Jonathan Goes (6 days ago)
O Daryl né? É a mesma pessoa mesmo, ele foi escalado pra fazer esse personagem no jogo. O ator se chama Norman Reedus
lazode22 (6 days ago)
love the music!
Guillermo Ahrens (6 days ago)
Has a release date?
Cody Adams (6 days ago)
Guillermo Ahrens no
Lex (6 days ago)
There's only one Sam in the gaming universe and that's Fisher
Tyler D. (19 hours ago)
It's ok nobody will remember this walking simulator
unknown (4 days ago)
serious sam
imafuckinbird (4 days ago)
Oh fuck, I wonder if he named him after Sam Fisher now. Splinter Cell and Metal Gear would get compared non stop back in the day.
Lex (4 days ago)
You're probably a millenial that's why you didn't even get it
Jojo (5 days ago)
Lex who
Gugge (6 days ago)
A game that looks truly original. Can't wait!
Majed Al-Yemeni (6 days ago)
Best gamer
rambabu dwivedi (6 days ago)
Most mysterious game of the century award goes to ...... Death stranding..... I am still unable to get how would actually the gameplay be?
Costas En Garde (4 days ago)
rambabu dwivedi You misread that.
rambabu dwivedi (5 days ago)
It's not about e3's previous games ....... It's about this particular game.
Costas En Garde (5 days ago)
I pity anyone who thinks the actual game and the recent e3 gameplay are even remotely relevant to one another.. Welcome to Kojima.
knightofficer (6 days ago)
looks like walking baggage train simulator 20XX
Sweetie Love (7 days ago)
Omg that was Mads Mikkelsen
a. seya (7 days ago)
Sam Porter Bridges.. Porter: he caries life inside (the baby, the cross on his belly button is probably the surgery that puts the baby in) and death outside (dead boddies).. Bridges: he is the bridge between life and death.. he is at the same time life stranded and death stranded..
PastIconoclast (6 hours ago)
a. seya I think that that all this is actually a way of kojima manipulating us. I think these characters are dolls puppets. 1st trailer he is weeping then the baby disappears while his face instantly goes emotionless. 2nd a doll gets pulled on a string towards mads the baby has scar on belly being pulled on a string that is attached to him. Seems to be saying norman is a doll on a string. Why is he covered in hands? I think them crying blank face is clever way of actually making them seem even more empty. The baby has a silly personality while this super mournful music is playing... We are being manipulated into not seeing emotional and tone changes. I think we are being manipulated into helping him make a game. I think he is the marionette pulling the strings, and we all have a hand in this... wink!
IYΘSHߙKUN (2 days ago)
genius, thanks man !
amittoibis (4 days ago)
And Sam is short for Samuel which was a prophet and leader
Jackie Farrow (5 days ago)
Its probably a Japanese take on "Port or Bridges". They do love language puns.
GAMEOST (7 days ago)
AuronnBE (7 days ago)
This is what we need... I would accept 2 more hours of trailers in the next 2 years :p!! The first one is the most memorable one imo. Remember when we saw Norman Reedus again + a song that has haunted me since then. Amazing
sandeep tyagi (7 days ago)
GAMEOST (7 days ago)
00:01 Death Stranding - Reveal Trailer - E3 2016 03:24 Death Stranding - Teaser Trailer - TGA 2016 08:12 Death Stranding - Teaser Trailer - TGA 2017 16:13 Death Stranding - Teaser Trailer - E3 2018
Tymoteusz Gancarz (7 days ago)
damn i really wanted to see boondock saints 3 legion
Tymoteusz Gancarz (7 days ago)
yeah he reminds me about that and i miss rest of the actors too especially for Willem Dafoe as Paul Smecker and soundtrack
GAMEOST (7 days ago)
Wow, that's because Norman?

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