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Final Fantasy 15 guide - How to unlock the 8 vault doors

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Hidden away in Final Fantasy 15's Dungeons are 8 huge doors. This guide will tell you have to open them and what you get for doing it. For more from GamesRadar Subscribe: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1 http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.facebook.com/gamesradar http://www.twitter.com/gamesradar http://www.twitch.tv/gamesradar
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Text Comments (110)
Woahits_Kam (3 days ago)
So dumb how you can only do these after a certain point, like you can’t new game+ and do them then?? And if you did new game+, then unfortunately you have to play thru the whole game again wtf 🤬
Vasily Krushev (2 months ago)
The most difficult part in these dungeons is... The camera.
Michael Gunnels (3 months ago)
The last optional dungeon is easy to miss when you try to find it
Danielle A (3 months ago)
I finish the game, and went to all the dungeons that you listed and found all the doors to the for dungeons that you listed in your video I went back to the old lady and the quest is still not there
alex Splawn (4 months ago)
This is bs I complete the game but her quest marker won't pop up the only reply she gives me is you keeping your nose to the grindstone
Jamal Quickle (5 months ago)
omg guys. all u have to do to keep playing after u beat the game is save the file. when u click it again it will bring u back to the moment right before fighting ifrit. all u do is go to a rest spot and return to the past to do everything u must do....after u save the game you beat when u reload it u will be in a rest spot anyway....your welcome
Candido Talavera (5 months ago)
Jamal Quickle I think most of the people who had the questions was before they had new game +
Omar R. (5 months ago)
SHADOW GAMING (7 months ago)
It didn't work for me 😫
Shawn Mitchell (7 months ago)
I beat all these dungeons before i beat the game. Now I have to beat them again? Fuck that.
Baby Teddi (7 months ago)
So I bet all four of them (also beat the story ) and I still don't get the key I'm confuse and I'm lost ;-; am I doing something wrong ? Please help
Hello, in which chapter i can get to here for the quest?
Noobie Gamers (8 months ago)
My question is why does the game have to be done? Why can't we get them before hand, to help the fight with Ardyn? This confuses me to no end!!!
Alex Dang (7 months ago)
New game+
Rod Field (9 months ago)
i've completed the game and completed the dungeons on this vid, no quest from the old woman
Demonwolf570 (10 months ago)
They take away our mini map? Bastards.
đại gia đình (10 months ago)
How to get her keys?
stillme4you (11 months ago)
Finished the game. Started a NEW+ game. Went through those four dungeons. Quest still won't show up.
itsyaboi ______ (8 months ago)
stillme4you You're not supposed to do New Game+. I forgot how you continue the game after beating the story but you did it ALL wrong. I'm sorry to say this, but you have the beat the game again...
Jasper Macfarlane (11 months ago)
stillme4you same nothing is showing up not even the super bosses I was told would show up after you beat the game it's pissing me off because there is barley any help .-.
Ahmad sama (1 year ago)
can I complete those optional dungeons before completing the game?
othellofights (1 year ago)
Thanks I knew you had to beat the game first
Deimos (1 year ago)
thank you. now I know what could be waiting for me within those dungeons.
Abd Qasrawi (1 year ago)
I've finished all of them but I can't get the quest ?
iSwiggity (1 year ago)
The dungeons aren't there for me but I beat the game?
Same here
Isostormgamer 558 (1 year ago)
Thanks I really needed help since I had no idea how to activate it and then I realized I didn't finish one of the 4 dungons that I needed to beat.
TeamWaage (1 year ago)
Can i clear them out in before ending game? Or do i have to clear in near end game?
groaning dwarf (1 year ago)
finally i could use the KEY BLADE TO UNLOCK EVERYTHING oh what its just a regular key.............this sucks
Kuzi (1 year ago)
sooo do you have to quest and beat these dungeons? or can i just clear them on my own?
mortc5733 (1 year ago)
you have to have the quest. The old lady will give you a key that unlocks it
Chigo 229 (1 year ago)
I am now upset because i had a chance to do these when i first went in the area she's in but i thought it was some tedious "go get these items for me" kind of thing so i didnt bother. Now i have to do all the dungeons again to get her back uggggh
Beau Denney (1 year ago)
whelp I'm fucked. Crestholm bugged out for me, boss never spawns so I can't finish the quest (before yall say it yes I'm in the right fucking spot ffs)
N3XT Luck (1 year ago)
how come those dungeon are not showing on my map?
Kevin Nguyen (1 year ago)
SilverSkyCloud (1 year ago)
I've completed the game, cleared all the dungeons including daurell but I still haven't gotten the key, daurell didn't give me a quest either do I need to go to someone to receive the quest for it?
NeoArcadia (1 year ago)
SilverSkyCloud I have a similar problem think we may have to wait until next update
CrouTheBlackwing (1 year ago)
maybe I did something wrong, but I just cleared all 4 dungeons like minutes ago, yet when I try to talk to ezma she doesn't give me the key, did make a mistake somewhere?
rattlesnake1775 (1 year ago)
I beat the game, passed it over to a new 1. I'm in insomnia used Umbra, and went to lucis. I beat all 4 dungeons and she only asks me if I came to ask about a hunt. I already beat the giant turtle. what's left dammit pls hlp
Dennis Torres (1 year ago)
so I just beat the game for the second time all dungeon are cleared but she won't give me the key do I have to reclear the dungeons I've already beat in the first play through?
DemBonesZ (1 year ago)
how do I make a New Game+ my saves are Grayed out
DemBonesZ (1 year ago)
It is XD I already used it.. I had to finish the game and click save not go back a bit :P
Taidoga (1 year ago)
DemBonesZ it hasn't been released yet
Eduardo Martinez (1 year ago)
what do u mean beat those dungous
DemBonesZ (1 year ago)
you have to complete/beat all the quests for those dungeons saying to clear them and get the magic sword/weapon from it... I think is what he mean
Jonat Rodriguez (1 year ago)
If for some reason she does not give you this quest. Simply go to Quest->YorTriangle and see your completed if you are missing any just simply got to whichever dungeon you don't have completed and make sure you get the COMPLETED at the END
CJAdams97 (1 year ago)
This is gonna be a bitch....
Garrett Seno (1 year ago)
The only one of these doors I've seen was in Balouve Mines. And the only dungeons I've yet to do are the Tower and the other one that's southwest of it. Jeez, I must be new and bad at this.
NightcoreHeaven (1 year ago)
72 hours in the game, i just spent the last 3 hours in the pitless dungeon and OMFG was it hard. Still loving the game and it took me 5 days to beat the story, not even started my 2nd playthrough yet.
Supersavage 7 (7 months ago)
NightcoreHeaven how bro I finish the game and when I go to the dungeons he said on the video the gates are closed and locked where do I go from here
Bleak Future (1 year ago)
the medal is kinda shit when you can just farm the dolls from justice monsters that make limit break spells and sell for 500k...
Extra Terrestrial (1 year ago)
ok so I beat all the required dungeons and beat the game yet she will not give me the quest....... please help me
Joefa Beats (1 year ago)
I thought u could pin the medal on the chocobo in wiz's ranch...
Ty_ teynium (1 year ago)
It would be better if Ardyn sent you on these dungeons.
Franky F (1 year ago)
I finished the game and went straight to new game+ can I still open the doors or do I have to beat the game again.
DemBonesZ (1 year ago)
I dont think you have to beat it again because you will still have the key
Jake Lluch (1 year ago)
I love you
Corey Mendoza (1 year ago)
would there be a reason she wouldn't give me the key I've completed everything
Corey Mendoza (1 year ago)
kurtahhh thank you you to
KurtahhhAnimeations (1 year ago)
Corey Mendoza ah ok, good luck on it!
Corey Mendoza (1 year ago)
kurtahhh I figured it out I missed a dungeon just finished it but after pitoss everything seems easy
KurtahhhAnimeations (1 year ago)
Corey Mendoza have you beaten the game?
Nino Tan (1 year ago)
When I speak to her she will just say "Ah,here to report a hunt","is there something you need?" And other stuff
DemBonesZ (1 year ago)
finish all dungeons and finish main story campaign
Guayo370z (1 year ago)
Same here I think we are missing something
samatic (1 year ago)
ive beat all the dungeons yet no qeust is popping up
DemBonesZ (1 year ago)
thanks for telling me how you did that cause I tried that same method and got mine working and my new game+ working :) Thank You
DemBonesZ (1 year ago)
Nice :) glad its working out for you
samatic (1 year ago)
DemBones i fixed the issue turns out i didnt make a new save, so i went back before i killed ardyn. and killed him again and redid the save im a little over half the seals
DemBonesZ (1 year ago)
Did you beat the game yet
Uzair Ali (1 year ago)
Alex Enriquez (1 year ago)
Has anyone else found secrets using their chicobo on water hint hint
John Smith (1 year ago)
Wow 0 dislikes.. It would be a shame if someone disliked it
jon Doe (1 month ago)
John Smith I'm about to dislike it cause I want these weapons on the 1st run
kickbuttme (1 year ago)
GhostZero (1 year ago)
I've beaten all of those dungeons but the quest still isn't there
Vasily Krushev (2 months ago)
omar k.smith new game + in this game is really meaningless. Square just put it because every other game is doing it.
Vasily Krushev (2 months ago)
omar k.smith unfortunately, yes.
omar k.smith (2 months ago)
Vasily Krushev wait...you mean I need to complete the game once more. Just to get the key?
Vasily Krushev (2 months ago)
omar k.smith finish the game. You started new game plus the progress is reset.
omar k.smith (2 months ago)
I'm playing the game on new game + and I'm having the exact same problem. I check my completed quests and can find all 4 dungeons there but when I go to ezma she just says so stupid one liner. What should I do? Do I need to compete the game again and go see her?
Beowulf (1 year ago)
I hate to ask, but has anyone found out what Cid's hammer is used for yet? I've seen one smartass tell everyone to keep exploring but so far, I've found nothing!
Joefa Beats (1 year ago)
Beowulf I would like to see Cid's hammer used for combining 2 accessories together. maybe dlc or something
Yago Kain (1 year ago)
my guess is that later on when they will add the new game+ there will be a new cave where you have to use the hammer to go in, and inside you will probably find something story related, or extremely cool.
Random 1 (1 year ago)
There isn't a use found so far, it's most likely a trophy item
Sepih Shaukma (1 year ago)
Wow this was really helpful. Thank you.
samuel alves (1 year ago)
How did games passed the level 99 dungeon. You cant use items and at acertain point you will have to fight 4 iron giants (level 90). *ps before those 4 iron giants you have to face other 2 iron giants
Alex Enriquez (1 year ago)
You have to make alot of spells with healing items to power threw this easily spells are the key to this one
sam crossley (1 year ago)
whats the qeustion mark item
DemBonesZ (1 year ago)
The quest -_<
Anaz Dewes (1 year ago)
can you do this before finishing the story?
Jon Idoncair (1 year ago)
Moon Door (1 year ago)
After many years I was right, Stella was and still better than Luna.
Moon Door (1 year ago)
+nick Larsen Ohh we have a badass here.
Moon Door (1 year ago)
I didn't say anything about a bartender, are you so dumb? Or are you mentally ill?
Moon Door (1 year ago)
+Sunbro Bellemont What in the actual fuck are you even trying to say? like... seriously. What a fucking nonsense comment that you have made, you are a moron, a real and special moron.
Moon Door (1 year ago)
+Heiler Der Welten Hey child that cross the limit! I will talk to your parents about that, no internet for a week! (lmfao)
Moon Door (1 year ago)
+Heiler Der Welten​ This is your point? It isn't my fault that you are a moron fanboy that accept every shit that developers make. Getting triggered for a comment about a fictional character? You must have a lonely and sad life.
Does it have a new game plus?
DRKAugumon (1 year ago)
Not until the DLC coming out this Christmas.
PsychoSavage88 (1 year ago)
qadhafi tsagif kadaroesman from wat i understand yes it does
John Thomas (1 year ago)
thank you
SkullTune (1 year ago)
Can you use this medal only once?
Yago Kain (1 year ago)
yes but as far as i know if you use it for crafting a magic it will give you 50 magic as well as the best potential in the game, so your magic will be flare or electro or freeze. you can also get this item in altissia by playing justice monster V for 10 000 gil at a certain place

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