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10 Video Game Cliches That Need To Die

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Text Comments (2268)
Kevin Walker (4 days ago)
The escaping from a burning building level.
Evangelos Killer mike (7 days ago)
The biggest cliche(& franchises in general)that should die are jrpgs since they are all the same fucking unoriginal shit for virgins until death & beyond losers who jerk off to whiny anime girls since they will never see a real woman,but these are just games,they don't need to be realistic,these are facts.
E Bach (9 days ago)
Fighting enemies/bosses with 0 hit stun. Nothing else comes close for me.
Aras Humalien (9 days ago)
Doors... fucking doors.
supershinigami1 (10 days ago)
Isn't there actually a good reason Altair can't swim? Something with the Animus I think.
Sonicice 24 (11 days ago)
yes kill doors
țεħćħőżεņ1 (11 days ago)
"Gordon the lightbulb" *It's Lietvol!* "Shut up, Lightbulb!"
What about the "red bloody screen making it hard to see when you need to see more than ever in order to escape"
Stormy Weraf (14 days ago)
How about godly athleticism?
Jason The Savior (15 days ago)
Pisses me off when I can't skip a cutscene from Far Cry and especially on Far Cry 3 at the end if you... (Spoilers) ...join Citra
Kvass Man (16 days ago)
*car bumps into nothing* That’s a horror scene.
Mister onsépatro (17 days ago)
Invincible Doors are made of nokia 3310
Unbrose (19 days ago)
but that clip from mafia 2 with the door allows you to open the door.
I give zero fucks (20 days ago)
2:40 what the fuck is that game
TechGoggles (23 days ago)
So much crying of a noob
Rav 344 (24 days ago)
I think they don't like trump...
Hagondoment (24 days ago)
I failed my nofap after cutscenes you can't skip
Sanger Zonnvolt (24 days ago)
A locked door my greatest nemesis
Jeremy Stinson (26 days ago)
L0vac (26 days ago)
Checkpoints in PC games. I understand it on console. You need to pause, find the option and then save. It takes some time as well. But PC? Quick save/load?? It's really annoying.
retarded wizard potato (26 days ago)
Damnit ben. Well, if you cant skip it, makr the best of it.
Slood Gamer (27 days ago)
“We don’t like collectibles.. well we don’t like some of them.” I guess you could just skip the ones you don’t like
Varietas (27 days ago)
unskippable cutscenes. x_x I love the game Detroit: Become Human, but at some point of you playing this you just wish you COULD skip some scenes. :'D I want to complete the game in 100% of all the chapters, but I'm forced to see some of the cutscenes over and over and over again, because some chapters just stay the same. Especially the ones in the beginning of the game. :'D
HurriCnz (28 days ago)
Dafuc you said bout arma people?!
Thoeny65 (28 days ago)
Your so right about the cutscene thing. I like to replay missions in battlefield 1 but I have to sit through the very long cutscenes at the beginning. So annoying.
Sandeep Athwal (28 days ago)
Jackson (29 days ago)
Some of these cliches are just game design and balancing decisions.
USS Voyager (30 days ago)
What game is that at 2:40?
Der Gangstar König (28 days ago)
Ride to Hell
CarVie16 (1 month ago)
That's right, gamers. Doors are the ultimate evil. EVIL! EEEEEEVVVIIIL!!!
OBAMAwasSWORNinTODAY (1 month ago)
Did you just allude to The Witcher 3 being BORING???
El Cisco Kid (1 month ago)
Great list! But you left of the most ANNOYING cliche ever: GAME LOADING!!!!!! P.S: I would include the overuse of sex and violence because Im a SJW, but since Im actually joking that can stay forever and ever.
Austin Scott (1 month ago)
I love how it says "fake call to whatculutre" but cultures spelled wrong
Florian Gesa (1 month ago)
I did not want to see Donald in this 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Lol they spelled the title wrong
Lethal lettuce (1 month ago)
Don’t chat shit about ARMA mkay 😂
Helena Urajová (1 month ago)
Caleb Carr (1 month ago)
What game was at 5:23
Flufflet (1 month ago)
Everybody has see through walls and shit powers.... no... get rid of that cliche
Sir I.K Elzyy (1 month ago)
Omg and Rockstar need to stop getting Google image sticker photos as their windows in inaccessible buildings in GTA V it looks so stupid
Sir I.K Elzyy (1 month ago)
'Escort DJ solom to your nightclub' literally Rockstar added this in the After hours update couple weeks ago. Oh by the way this is like 1/100 other escort mission in GTA V
coladict (1 month ago)
Three and a half of these are done for budgetary reasons. It costs a lot to animate enemy weapons for the player when they're so different like that Katana. So does taking the effort to replace every single segment of the invisible wall with something naturally-looking. Swimming also eats-up a lot of budget.
Goose (1 month ago)
Silent hill is king of the bullshit door
Ian Sarver (1 month ago)
Here is one. Getting put in a bad behavior server on GTA 5 for acting as a criminal and blowing up other people's cars in self-defense when they try to run you over. I already have to pay thousands of dollars in in-game currency because I did it but is it really bad behavior when the game is about being a criminal and you act like one. What was Rockstar thinking? It was "Oh I know. We'll make a game about being a criminal with multiplayer. So we can deal with player complaints before it happens, anyone that blows up a player car, even if you do it in self defense, will get put in a server with other people that do that on purpose. We'll call it the bad behavior server." What in the names of the nine circles of fuck is that? I mean the game is about being a criminal, which is bad behavior in and of itself but you get put in a bad behavior server for what? Being a criminal and blowing up a person that is trying to kill you with his car by running you over? Man, miss me with that fucking bullshit! I don't know how many times I was warned not to blow up a car after paying thousands of in game dollars to replace the car that I destroyed. It's as if the game is designed to piss you off at all levels of the game.
dave mike (1 month ago)
I hate escort/protect this person missions. Cause the person you are supposed to escort/protect is like a bullet magnets and all enemy AI think your invisible or don't even exist and go straight for them instead. Something else I hate is when you are forced to have a partner AI that is absolutely useless, which the enemy AI also ignore and apparently never see or even care about, or they die with a single hit. The Lego games are notorious for having a partner AI that the enemies always ignores and never helps you. And the Gears games have the partner AI that can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn and constantly run out to their deaths.
Mary Stone (1 month ago)
I LOATHED the invincible door thing in games, ESPECIALLY in Resident Evil! Here's an example, (you need blue key to open, blah,blah,blah.). Well, nothing a well-placed foot can't fix! Also your'e SUPPOSED' partners' just standing there while you get splattered all over the walls because of bull-s&%# odds or what have you! Just recently, I was like, 'HEY, do you mind actually HELPING me over here'!
Mary Stone (1 month ago)
I F&*@#%# HATED not being able to swim in Grand Theft Auto! You are a criminal in that game, but not being able to swim, BULL-S&%#!
Dark Agent 47 (1 month ago)
Number 0- .... Silent protagonists: Seriously when i play a videogame with a story i mainly want to care about the protagonist, i want to know how the main character would feel in certain situations and even though the goal of the developers is that *you* are the character for making the game more inmersive i never feel like that because the character doesn't have any emotions. If they are going to make a silent protagonist at least let him speak by his actions and not making them completely silent and boring like Corvo Attano in Dishonored 1.
Dev1lm4n (1 month ago)
1k people are Arma fans
Xvortex EXE (1 month ago)
Goddammit Ben
Hot Sex (1 month ago)
Who want me
Tim Clark (1 month ago)
Was that gun up a cat's ass?
Tim Clark (1 month ago)
That's why the last of us is great. Tess helps you kill the enemies.
Tim Clark (1 month ago)
I hate timed missions or trailing a mark missions. So irritating
Ary Irfan (1 month ago)
916900th subscriber
Jack Shefford (1 month ago)
What about the tiny trees that won’t break after an 18 wheeler has gone into it at 120mph?
Jai McD (2 months ago)
Unequal damage modifires always rolling high on people who spend more money than you, and pay to win,
Angelo Lagrutta (2 months ago)
Yea that fallout 3 one always pissed me off the fact that it’s very hard and that it’s literally broken in half I have a bazooka And mines I can blow off limbs but can’t break down a wooden door
Zheng Wen Yu (2 months ago)
Regarding to invincible doors in Fallout 4 *lockpick door* Strong: Just smash the door! *Strong dislikes that* Me: I don't see you trying to smash that invincible door open!
KillkamYT (2 months ago)
We want Ben!!!
Peter Müller (2 months ago)
At least these cliches are not as cliche as your unfunny ""jokes"".
Nintendo Challenger X (2 months ago)
I feel some of these are just example of lazy excuses why game devs can't make something seem a little bit less...dumb.
1 1 (2 months ago)
Innocence lost in skyrim means much more just sleep after getting a note
SsnazZy Cat 99965 (2 months ago)
Khai Tran (2 months ago)
I can escort Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite anyday anytime, she is possibly the only character in video game that i am deeply connected to.
tyler christ (2 months ago)
thanks shittier larry bundy jr
George C (2 months ago)
Love the Vape Nash music
Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
AI - Runs through a hellstorm of bullets, standing 1 inch from a detonated grenade, and stands next to the enemy to take cover. Lives. Me - *Dies from getting hit by the butt of a gun once*
Jeffrey Productions (2 months ago)
Whats cliches ?
El Cisco Kid (1 month ago)
Things that repeatedly happens and we get to see every single time we play a game, see movie, ect.
IKEIKE 9832 (2 months ago)
Steve Walton (2 months ago)
Fully clothed sex senes lol
El Cisco Kid (1 month ago)
Knight And SpaceShip (2 months ago)
another game clich Good wins over evil
XPS apprentice Pablo89 (2 months ago)
Sometimess i hate mute charachters. Look at that Nintendo had huge budget but can't afford voice actors for Legend of zelda series?
RFS Gaming (2 months ago)
Escort missions? Isnt that assasins creed
jamie fernekees (2 months ago)
"Invisible walls are lazy and should be removed." Ha ha, you fucking moron. Those are never gonna go away.
Henrik Høyrup (2 months ago)
Every RPG/Hack&slash game ever: Kill a creature the size of a cat. Creature drops a 3 metre long battle axe. Me: Just how....???
Jeremiah Sivertson (2 months ago)
ADFKSJG (3 months ago)
Name the game with unskippable cutscene from video
Thatcoolmfu1 Yo (3 months ago)
I hate those AI that seem they can hit you from anywhere when they shooting at you
Ditso Kar (3 months ago)
Lmao was he about to jerk oh man lmao
Gregory Wineland (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who had no problem with Ashley's presence in RE4?
SwissCheese 41 (3 months ago)
In gta 3, the water has some deadly chemical in the liberty city ocean, so you can't swim. In gta vice city, the water is completely infested with sharks, so you can't swim. In gta San Andreas, the water not toxic or infested with sharks, so the water is safe and clean. so that's why you can swim in San Andreas.
LAZY GAMER (3 months ago)
Trees are our true enemy
Poison (4 months ago)
but Big Rigs Over the Top Racing has no invisible walls. or gaming physics of any kind really
Buster Gundo (4 months ago)
Glad to see Resonance of Fate on here.
Chase Viking (4 months ago)
most of these are you bitching over nothing
TomTubesYou (4 months ago)
"No support" is also known as "Being Ramirez'd"
MrLeviNielsen (4 months ago)
Netherwolf6100 (4 months ago)
The Lives System. All videogames need to kill this stupid trope RIGHT THE FUCK NOW
Mateo Chavez (4 months ago)
I love these videos but I feel like this guy puts way too many photos of himself in them.
Mike Warnke (4 months ago)
Thats...way more of ben then i needed to see, or know.
Mike Warnke (4 months ago)
I thought this was meant to be glitches and someone made a mistake.
Matthew Vogel (4 months ago)
what about thin sheets of glass with an NPC behind them? what's that, you have a gun that can blow up capitol ships in one shot and wipes entire cities off the map? Well this 1/2 inch piece of melted sand is sure as hell going to stop you from saving that scientist from that alien currently trying to eat his face.
Greg Taillon (4 months ago)
These aren't even the worst offenders, cliché-wise. Most of them are in story-writing or world-mechanics. Think about all the times you go to pick up a conspicuously-placed item, or grab some loot that turns out to be surprisingly valuable: 90% of the time, my first thought is now to turn around to see what's going to attack me from behind because it feels like a trap. Walking into a space with canyon-like high, open, walls? Trap. Sound effects: the spooky whisper, ' soft voices are all around me' effect to connote the supernatural is grossly overused. Protagonist design: Generic McWASPy white* person. In games where you can choose race, gender etc (not rooted in fantasy), the implied cultural background is still almost always interchangeably-similar with a vast assortment of other games. (*When race can be changed from white, white is still often the base/initial default to start the model from. Character cultural background remains unfailingly to appeal to white people.) Reliance on same base core of 80s action/thriller movies & 20th c sci-fi + fantasy lit for thematic + aesthetic inspiration. With the exception of Japanese designers and games which explicitly parody those genres, this is almost uniform across the industry. . . These are just what strike me at the top of my head (and am willing to bother with typing on YouTube, through a phone), hardly scratching the surface of what could be pointed out, here.
Gabriela Lotaryńska (4 months ago)
I woudn't really mind to have an escort
ijslandernl (4 months ago)
Number one on this list should be the idiotic idea that games have to be played on consoles and even if you're one of those inhuman creatures (within 35 seconds the voice-over already says those who play ArmA - which of course is a PC exclusive - are not real people) called PC Gamers you should still be playing your games with a controller, instead of the far superior combination of keyboard and mouse. When the voice-over asked who'd want to manually reload every single shotgun shell by tapping X over and over again I was like: "WTF? What the hell is this idiot saying? X? Who the hell binds the X key to reloading, instead of R?" Yeah, of course... He's talking about the X button on gamepads that those console "gamers" use.
Now that I think about this... good guys only story mode is really lazy... I mean look at star wars knights of the old republic? great game, story line and most of all able to choose light or dark side. if you just play good guys all the time, it gets very dull!
Brayden Borrell (4 months ago)
"yank my taint" Ew
Josh Harris (4 months ago)
runescape wizard makes an appearance.

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