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10 Video Game Cliches That Need To Die

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Text Comments (2143)
Jeremiah Sivertson (39 minutes ago)
ADFKSJG (21 days ago)
Name the game with unskippable cutscene from video
Thatcoolmfu1 Yo (25 days ago)
I hate those AI that seem they can hit you from anywhere when they shooting at you
Ditso Kar (26 days ago)
Lmao was he about to jerk oh man lmao
Gregory Wineland (27 days ago)
Am I the only one who had no problem with Ashley's presence in RE4?
SwissCheese 41 (27 days ago)
In gta 3, the water has some deadly chemical in the liberty city ocean, so you can't swim. In gta vice city, the water is completely infested with sharks, so you can't swim. In gta San Andreas, the water not toxic or infested with sharks, so the water is safe and clean. so that's why you can swim in San Andreas.
LAZY GAMER (1 month ago)
Trees are our true enemy
Poison (1 month ago)
but Big Rigs Over the Top Racing has no invisible walls. or gaming physics of any kind really
Buster Gundo (1 month ago)
Glad to see Resonance of Fate on here.
Chase Viking (1 month ago)
most of these are you bitching over nothing
TomTubesYou (1 month ago)
"No support" is also known as "Being Ramirez'd"
MrLeviNielsen (1 month ago)
Netherwolf6100 (1 month ago)
The Lives System. All videogames need to kill this stupid trope RIGHT THE FUCK NOW
Mateo Chavez (1 month ago)
I love these videos but I feel like this guy puts way too many photos of himself in them.
Mike Warnke (1 month ago)
Thats...way more of ben then i needed to see, or know.
Mike Warnke (1 month ago)
I thought this was meant to be glitches and someone made a mistake.
Matthew Vogel (1 month ago)
what about thin sheets of glass with an NPC behind them? what's that, you have a gun that can blow up capitol ships in one shot and wipes entire cities off the map? Well this 1/2 inch piece of melted sand is sure as hell going to stop you from saving that scientist from that alien currently trying to eat his face.
Greg Taillon (1 month ago)
These aren't even the worst offenders, cliché-wise. Most of them are in story-writing or world-mechanics. Think about all the times you go to pick up a conspicuously-placed item, or grab some loot that turns out to be surprisingly valuable: 90% of the time, my first thought is now to turn around to see what's going to attack me from behind because it feels like a trap. Walking into a space with canyon-like high, open, walls? Trap. Sound effects: the spooky whisper, ' soft voices are all around me' effect to connote the supernatural is grossly overused. Protagonist design: Generic McWASPy white* person. In games where you can choose race, gender etc (not rooted in fantasy), the implied cultural background is still almost always interchangeably-similar with a vast assortment of other games. (*When race can be changed from white, white is still often the base/initial default to start the model from. Character cultural background remains unfailingly to appeal to white people.) Reliance on same base core of 80s action/thriller movies & 20th c sci-fi + fantasy lit for thematic + aesthetic inspiration. With the exception of Japanese designers and games which explicitly parody those genres, this is almost uniform across the industry. . . These are just what strike me at the top of my head (and am willing to bother with typing on YouTube, through a phone), hardly scratching the surface of what could be pointed out, here.
Gabriela Lotaryńska (1 month ago)
I woudn't really mind to have an escort
ijslandernl (1 month ago)
Number one on this list should be the idiotic idea that games have to be played on consoles and even if you're one of those inhuman creatures (within 35 seconds the voice-over already says those who play ArmA - which of course is a PC exclusive - are not real people) called PC Gamers you should still be playing your games with a controller, instead of the far superior combination of keyboard and mouse. When the voice-over asked who'd want to manually reload every single shotgun shell by tapping X over and over again I was like: "WTF? What the hell is this idiot saying? X? Who the hell binds the X key to reloading, instead of R?" Yeah, of course... He's talking about the X button on gamepads that those console "gamers" use.
Lady Caeda (1 month ago)
Now that I think about this... good guys only story mode is really lazy... I mean look at star wars knights of the old republic? great game, story line and most of all able to choose light or dark side. if you just play good guys all the time, it gets very dull!
Brayden Borrell (1 month ago)
"yank my taint" Ew
Josh Harris (2 months ago)
runescape wizard makes an appearance.
Hikkimori (2 months ago)
Give Master Chief a break, his suit literally weights a few tonnes
Rydog5392 (2 months ago)
Ben, NO
Pops4Pres (2 months ago)
Not as much to do with mechanics, but I hate so much in video games when they have that sort of cliche there is some kind of rescue on their way, but something suddenly stops it. I’ve seen this so many times and I wish they would just use something else as a filler.
Jaden Strode (2 months ago)
Did you mean glitches
Dexter Sixx (2 months ago)
Hey dont knock carpentry...they say that jebus fella was(...is?) one
Game Soob (2 months ago)
Invincible doors are why I love rainbow six siege
LunaTwi01 (2 months ago)
Not picking up enemy weapons in Metal Gear has an explanation. MGS2 explained that guards' weapons have DNA based ID tagged locking systems. Followed in MGS3 before the technology existed because Snake doesn't trust the reliability of enemy weapons which may be poorly maintained and rather pick up fresh ones in armories. MGS4 is when you can pick up enemy weapons which are ID locked requiring the weapons launderer to unlock them and since weapons are used as currency. A real life issue in battle. A soldier can pick up enemy weapons which should be a last resort. The sound of a newfound weapon may mistake you for an enemy resulting in friendly fire.
Nick Falkner (2 months ago)
Double Dragon had you jumping across a river that you could wade across in reality.
Jar Jar Binks (2 months ago)
There aren’t shotguns in arma.....
True Evil (2 months ago)
maybe they just got tired of real doors and bought fake doors from the guy in Rick and Morty
Rory Christel (2 months ago)
Red barrels, god do I hate red barrels. One: a 50 gallon (200L) drum of gasoline (petrol) does ***not*** explode when you shoot it*. I am so sick of this trope; it either makes a fight stupid easy because you can one-shot a group of enemies for no reason, or it makes them unnecessarily difficult because the game designer assumed you'd use it at the most opportune times and missed the window. I can understand a propane tank detonation because of the pressure differential, or if there's a nearby open flame and it turns into a flamethrower, but seriously red barrels *should not explode when shot*. *I'm an American, I've tested this (j.k. that'd be expensive as hell, but the Mythbusters did test it and yeah, it just starts leaking. Didn't even catch fire with incendiary rounds half the time because stoichiometric ratios are a thing).
PandaDestroyerV (2 months ago)
Do you want them to have a wall infront of the doors?
NoLyfe Sgdz (2 months ago)
Yup, this'll do *unzips*
Angel Gd (2 months ago)
I hate the water barrier, or these highly skilled characters we play can't swim. Sometimes just going ankle deep kills a character. The one really strange fuck you was the underground in twilight princess, sure they gave us information but when they finally showed up for battle they all only killed one dude then were gone. Yeah thanks guys. Hmmm Invincible door, a good comicon costume.
Chaotic Good (2 months ago)
The girlfriend/wife/unwitting love interest/daughter/sister rescue is getting more than a little old at this point. This cliche usually results in seriously lazy story telling and very flat characters. There really isn't a good reason to continue with this lack of creativity in narrative writing any longer. For that matter, avenging refrigerated girlfriends/wives/etc. needs to go, too, and for all of the same reasons.
ComaAlpha (2 months ago)
I remember playing RE4 and seeing doors I thought Leon should be able to just kick open, but nope
HLVIII (2 months ago)
Zoka J Z (2 months ago)
Why to die a game? Just a game u hate the game then dont play and shut up pussy u can kill u self better lol play u game and shut up kid wet Kinda play games how u pussy
Tae Works (2 months ago)
"Ben NO!" Died laughing
TheLambdaTeam (2 months ago)
*HONORABLE MENTIONS OF OTHER GAMING CLICHÉS:* - There is a nuclear plant during the game. And of course, you need to blow it up!!! - Enemy fortifications are insanely well-guarded, thankfully the sewer system and ventilation shafts are always open for intruders! Guards must detest sewage and draft... - Evil masterminds always want to rule or destroy the kingdom/Earth/universe. - Final levels have very depressing sad sorrowful music. - Male rescues female. - Health gauge is marked by hearts. - Food gives back health! Hyperactive metabolism pretty much, ye? In alcoholic drinks' case, it is justified. - Civilian characters are never in a talkative mood, they always brush the hero off sayin' they're so busy right now. - Player ALWAYS begins the save-the-world quest with the absolute minimal supplies (a knife, a pistol, and a few bullets) - Player loses all his stuff during halfway thru the game (he gets captured or something) - WAY too many games utilize zombies as enemies! Oh ye, their AI is easier to program than a trained soldier! I get it...developer lazyness at its finest. - Female characters always have big boobs, and they hardly wear any armor either. Sure, a bikini will perfectly protect them from an antimatter cannon blast! - Young characters never have facial hair. Old characters ALWAYS have them! - Nazi Germany themed games always use medieval-gothic fonts. - Unbreakable windows - Traffic light switches: red and green lights are always used on them.
TheLambdaTeam (2 months ago)
Chest high walls - It's not a cliché, it's just a matter of level design, so it doesn't belong to the list. Non-collectible enemy weapons - In many cases, this can be justified (the hero is not trained to use that particular gun) Boring collect-a-thons - It can be also a feature of realism, and also can be very helpful, if the hero can spend the collectibles on new weapons, extra life or such. Achievements are dumb, tho. Unskippable cutscenes - It's not a cliché either, it's a design flaw. Escort missions - Not a cliché either, these are not THAT frequent to become one. Personally I think it's a nice change from "open door, get key, kill everybody, find exit" slaughterhouse levels. Guess what, there are lots of variations to a game level, and there are types which are a gazillion times worse than escort missions. Not being able to swim - Yup, it's a popular cliché, since the 2D platformers, where touching water was instant death. Sometimes this also can be justified, not everyone can swim after all... Invisible walls - Right on! It's one of the LAMEST, most pitiful thing developers constantly commit. "We don't want you to climb this and that wall, cuz we'd need to draw extra textures and maybe design side branches, or worse, secret areas, and that'd certainly kill us all, so we put an invisible wall there". If someone doesn't have the patience to design a GOOD level, then they should NOT work as software developers. Its bastard son, the Sudden Death Syndrome is even worse, where the game outright kills you if you wander off the intended path. Explosive barrels - They can be justified, if used on the appropiate locations. Lack of support - Also can be justified, it depends on the game story mostly. Invincible doors - Right on, once again! It's not THAT much of a problem if a door requires a key - fake doors are a LOT more annoying. You know, when there are 100 doors on a level, and 99 of them are just damn walls made look like a door. Whose stupid ass idea was this? If you don't want to design a room, do NOT draw a door, make a wall there instead of constantly messing wit' the player!!!
Greg Taillon (1 month ago)
A cliché is anything overused....type of content is not precluded from description.
Jarthen Greenmeadow (2 months ago)
*Skips the section about unskippable cutscenes*
FrostingOrb1766 (2 months ago)
Here's something to add to the unskippable cutscene segment: "MOTHERF%&*ING GAME OVER SCREENS"!!!!
Naco (2 months ago)
Random Dood (3 months ago)
Just realized it said cliches not glitches
Sensei Duffy (3 months ago)
I think every game should have an option where you can pause cutscenes. I mean, what if for whatever reason you have to be away? Like your mother's called for you because your dinner's ready? Or your phone's ringing and you need to answer it because it could be something important? One thing I hate is missing a cutscene and not being able to go back. The Metal Gear Solid games should definitely have this option. well Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5 do.
markus aurelius (3 months ago)
So many view and like bots
Heinix (3 months ago)
Haha I can relate to all of them
Kyˋ Lưu (3 months ago)
11: Shotgun has incredibly short range.
Dan McLemore (3 months ago)
This was THE stupidest list I've ever seen in my life. None of these things are bad in the slightest. Also, what kind of a complete fucking moron skips cutscenes ?!?!?!?!?!
Sparrow (3 months ago)
have youe ver tried swimming with a shit ton of weapons? you have any clue how heavy a minigun is? you try swimming with that xD
Dave Chippy (3 months ago)
MF door
Zoreo Zoishiki (3 months ago)
Ben? Ben no- NO. NO!
Jimy Mendez (3 months ago)
Mothefucking doors!!!🤣🤣🤣
Michael Cluney (3 months ago)
I agree with everything except the barrels. I don't care if they're cliche and overdone.. It's too satisfying to shoot one and watch the enemies fly into the air.
shizuwolf (3 months ago)
2:55 honestly I would probably do the same thing XD
Retroxplorer (3 months ago)
I think your grammar mistakes need to die just like these gliches
Tnx Vexz (3 months ago)
You cant on destiny then whats the point of getting weapons ???
Jose Leiva (3 months ago)
Ben no NOO Rflamao
FurredDragon (4 months ago)
Most of this is design choices and whining. Which if they did away would make most games a cake walk
Greg Taillon (1 month ago)
FurredDragon don't know what a cliché is, eh?
Catmanmlio / Lunny77 (4 months ago)
What if there was a boss made of doors :o
Yolito NB (4 months ago)
FatesGaming (4 months ago)
ben? no NO!!
Ben Donovan (4 months ago)
Invisible walls are actually good because there might be something hidden that you need find with hacking or something like that.
IX-DontHide-IX-C (4 months ago)
Phoenix7786 (4 months ago)
You left off that to this day still use silent protagonists.
Boi boi boi boi boi Boi (4 months ago)
“”God van dam”” A wrestling reference to the Wrestler “rob van dam”
TRIPPLE_AC3_GAMING z (4 months ago)
I don't know y Batman is on lack of support ain't he a loner that does not need anyone but himself
TRIPPLE_AC3_GAMING z (4 months ago)
Jesus no one knows how to spell it lol
TRIPPLE_AC3_GAMING z (4 months ago)
I'm stupid lol my bad
TRIPPLE_AC3_GAMING z (4 months ago)
Red Paint Spray (4 months ago)
You want to talk about cliches? Stop making Donald Trump jokes when you are a video game commentator. You are going to lose viewers, and yes before people call me a snowflake, I don't give a shit. People can be offended by the time of day nowadays, so I'm just giving you some friendly feedback -- I love your videos, but every time you throw your political opinions and views in a video that has nothing to do with politics, it makes me shut your videos off. I watch stuff like this to get away from politics, not remind me about them. Thank you.
Driver Nephi (4 months ago)
1 youtube clitche that needs to die: Top 10 videos
Bandits Cheek bones (4 months ago)
1:54 what game is that pls reply if you know
Bandits Cheek bones (3 months ago)
ok thanks dan i sub to you
Dan McLemore (3 months ago)
Metal Gear Solid.
HPR Videos (4 months ago)
I can think of only a few instances where escort missions have been fun but as for swimming, I can't think of a single one. I'm fine with games not making you able to swim, you're not missing much anyway.
ThatWeirdDuckie (4 months ago)
How about the cliche where the game has a lock picking skill, but those doors mentioned at the end can't be lock picked and a message appears at the top of the screen. "This is a locked door."
Joshua Romer (4 months ago)
When I saw the title, I thought it was supposed to be "Glitches" but yeah, cliches work too.
CREATIVE AXE (4 months ago)
Продаю акк Steam: Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Day of Defeat: Source, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
LLgamer addiction (5 months ago)
Hey guys subscribe and like to me if u want to see how to get gold armor on bo3
DISS24 (5 months ago)
This is hilarious
Austin Matos (5 months ago)
Supressors need to stop sucking
BaconSteak DIYs & More (5 months ago)
The title was misspelled
Mister SatisfieD 満足 (5 months ago)
The doors in Quantum Break requires you to climb some construct or/and rewind time.... seriously wtf,.
Jack OfSpadez (5 months ago)
3:39 Did he just... Did he just rick roll me?
Chad Pugh (5 months ago)
Cool vid. But what game was that?! The one that had a shotgun in the cats ass? Haha lol.
Richard Harris (5 months ago)
Oh god Ben bout to wank to ride to hell cracked me up :)
Adam Baker (5 months ago)
why a ww2 soldier would rather a boring pistol than a Katana is that a Katana like any other sword would be virtually useless in a shootout as you would have to get right up and close to use it and we no longer live in the medieval period meaning melee combat is no longer the norm
LegenDarius13 (5 months ago)
Whats the game at 3:49?
Knight Tank99 (5 months ago)
Well... I play ArmA so Im not a real person? And ArmA is better than 50% of current games.
Odbarc (5 months ago)
Invisible walls are like the friend-zones of gaming. You can't leave no matter what you do.
Alejandro Hernandez (5 months ago)
3:59 do you knoe de wae
Deadly Raver (5 months ago)
Number 5: not being able to swim. I'd like to go a few steps further by asking you Warframe players a question that has bothered me since I started playing the game: WHY IN THE NAME OF THE 29 HELLS IS HYDROID PRIME DROWNING!?!?!?!?
Icywings223 (5 months ago)
Mike Hunt (5 months ago)
Call of duty
J K (5 months ago)
GTA: Vice City main character: -Trained in multiple firearms -Fantastic driver -Skilled in aviation aircraft -BORN IN A BEACH PARADISE CITY -Can't fucking swim...
Greg Taillon (1 month ago)
J K to clarify, he was from Liberty City and sent to VC to expand the family's business, and keep him out of their way during operations up north.
Adolf Stalin (5 months ago)
hey Arma is great fuck you

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