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Top Fantasy Turn Based Strategy Games

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You know Turn based strategy games (TBS) sub category of strategy games same like RTS. In this video you can find top fantasy theme based TBS games. Not much video games available this category. Please share your Suggestions & comments here. Heroes of Might and Magic VI King's Bounty: The Legend Warlock: Master of the Arcane Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Disciples III: Renaissance Age of Wonders III
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Text Comments (16)
xlnt2new (8 months ago)
Disciples3 is not playable
Greatest Ever (10 months ago)
The fact original sin isn't on the list says every thing I need to know
piczasso (9 months ago)
yeah, the best game ever is being forgotten. This is more top 10 my favourite games.... by fat girl with mustache
MrBushy3000 (1 year ago)
Age of Wonders III ?? really! I take it you have never played Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic or the original game either one blows its socks off.
xlnt2new (8 months ago)
AoW3 has a fine community and there are several tournaments ongoing at the moment and some pending to start - the rest of the games are almost dead - as is proper
Kris K (1 year ago)
srsly, from all HoMM you choose VI? well i dont rly agree with this choice, sir.
JDS_96 (7 months ago)
My fav is h3 but that is the only one I've played
Mr. BeanLaden (8 months ago)
Microphunktv this is great man, thanks! I'll follow this setup. I've been wanting to play HoMM for a long time I just didnt know what to get.
Microphunktv (8 months ago)
Heroes IV-VII = Trash play Homm3 Complete with HC Mod + HotA Heroes chronicles can be downloaded as campaign custom maps as well if u wanna play them all thru in chronological order... if anyone wants i got a gog setup .. Heroes of Might and Magic III Chronology: Heroes Chronicles: Warlords of the Wasteland Heroes Chornicles: Conquest of the Underworld Shadow of Death Heroes Chronicles: Revolt of the Beastmasters Restoration of Erathia Heroes Chronicles: Masters of the Elements Heroes Chronicles: The World Tree Heroes Chronicles: The Fiery Moon Armageddon's Blade Heroes Chronicles: Clash of the Dragons Heroes Chornicles: Sword of Frost Sword of Frost ending is basicly Homm IV intro.
Mr. BeanLaden (8 months ago)
xlnt2new lol ofc not. So if i want single plyer i get 2? What abt 3? For multiplayer?
xlnt2new (8 months ago)
is this a trick question? :D ofcorpse you get HoMM3 (maybe 2 and 5 for the singleplay)
Burnitdownnn (1 year ago)
endless legend tops most of these games, you should definitely give it a shot if u like these types of games. I'm a huge fantasy nerd and Endless Legend was a godsend for me. only downside to of that game is the campaign is shit and or non-existent
Microphunktv (8 months ago)
endless legend good arstyle and ost.. but once i played age of wonders III , i realized endless legend stole every single thing from that game lol... now i view that game tottaly in a new light
LegalLordLolicon (2 years ago)
Personally, I'd put any game of the EBF series in. They're highly underrated and especially EBF 3 and 4 are amazing, given that they have more of a map and such.
Boureau Alexandre (2 years ago)
I would definitely pu Mordheim and Blood Bowl in my top 5, unless we only consider strategic scale games (not tactical ones, but then Grotesque should not be there). Endless Legend also has quite a good reputation, but I haven't tried it yet.

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