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RAGE 2 - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo (Bethesda Conference)

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Presents RAGE 2 - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo (Bethesda Conference). E3 2018 Bethesda Game Trailers & Gameplay - on Meteorite Games. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe to Meteorite Games - https://goo.gl/ZXhdgT
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Text Comments (42)
TheMuck11 (2 days ago)
finally after 7 years
DIOS EXISTE. juegos commodore, spectrum, amstrad, pc, msx imbuir. liderazgo 1969-2014
BlueBerry Sansy (4 days ago)
wait nvm what happened to the guy from rage 1 then he couldnt have died
BlueBerry Sansy (5 days ago)
are you the same guy from rage 1?
G D (5 days ago)
A bit too fuckin nuts for me!................I'm gonna buy it 😁😁😁😁😁
WHY? why the F there have to be "super powers" , why the F there have to be glowing and colorful weapons,why the F there has to be funny, goofy stuff in this? Will someone ffs make a grim, sad, depressing, melancholic, miserable post apocalyptic world/game?
metro series are almost there with what i meant :)
Terran Marine (2 days ago)
Metro Exodus?
Shanos Ummesteros (5 days ago)
Call me old fashioned but pink and pastel yellow doesn't relate to feeling enraged to me. Babies, girls, gays, flowers - not things I associate with Rage.
0451 Shodan (5 days ago)
McCreep Flurrie (6 days ago)
Looks sexy
de_dongle (6 days ago)
Glad they finally patched Mad Max
de_dongle (5 days ago)
lol. still though, looks decent
legendary lunatic97 (5 days ago)
de_dongle lies!
de_dongle (6 days ago)
was only joking.
legendary lunatic97 (6 days ago)
de_dongle Mad max runs fine and is a badass game so...
mukund kaul (6 days ago)
Well it looks fun
Cole Milligan (6 days ago)
This looks so mad
G D (5 days ago)
Cole Milligan Max 😄😄
rubest 151 (6 days ago)
The best motto for rage should be " finders keepers " or " first come first served " plus the music isn't half bad.
mayakovski (6 days ago)
Meh, a couple of years ago this would have looked good, now it just looks dated and old.
Gregory Castorena (5 days ago)
mayakovski I mean for us console gamers it's good
aragos32727 (6 days ago)
So no connection to the original Rage...
aragos32727 (5 days ago)
legendary lunatic97 I enjoyed it outside of the repeat crap.
legendary lunatic97 (6 days ago)
aragos32727 First Rage was MEDIOCRE! anyway.
Frank Pastrana (6 days ago)
The future of first person shoters is here:KILLING FAGS! Things have changed...
Ape E3industries (4 days ago)
Frank Pastrana ?
alexman319 (6 days ago)
Will he feel like a hero yet?
Sharpdude1 B (6 days ago)
A fucking asteroid
Steven White (6 days ago)
To me it looks like a cross between Mad Max, Borderlands and Bulletstorm. Which isn't bad, because I enjoyed all three of those games. I just hope there are also some stealth mechanics, just so you're not just moving from one full on battle, to another.
Jody Hughes (6 days ago)
So stoked about this game!!!!
Rare Lock (6 days ago)
The main protagonist kinda sounds like Jason from Far Cry 3 at least for me.
FerreusVir (6 days ago)
Here's hoping this one actually fucking runs - Rage 1 was a buggy mess.
TheAntiEggroll (6 days ago)
Fawk that combat looks SMOOTH
MoonMoon (6 days ago)
fuck all betesdhaa games so lame, wtf like no one push their limits into making games. what a letdown.
Thomas Lam (6 days ago)
Just like rage 1, a passable game
Thomas Lam (6 days ago)
Ehhhh looks like bulletstorm 3
Mcgriffin67 (6 days ago)
Yes! Good old crazy fun.
Taloot B (6 days ago)
What's that game bilinsky made it kinda looks like that
Ghetto (6 days ago)
it looks like Doom and Borderlands had a baby
Sir Nikitson (5 days ago)
Looks rather like a threesome with Mad Max
Pim JCB (6 days ago)
Like it.. Does remind me a little bit of Borderlands.

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