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Top 10 Upcoming PS4 JRPG Games of 2018 (NEW JRPGs for Playstation 4)

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Text Comments (770)
Jinhunter Slay (3 months ago)
Let’s face it... Tales of Berseria SUCKS !!!!! Okay, sorry, maybe that’s exaggerating a bit but still, it’s not that good. Mind you, I played it immediately upon completing Persona 5 since I heard it’s one of the “big 3 jrpgs” of that year (alongside FFXV and Persona 5), so I’m inevitably going to compare it to P5.....and if you compare Berseria to “JRPG of the year”....well....
TheCreativePanda (5 months ago)
Any news on Granblue Fanatasy Project Re:LINK?
MrSpectralfire (5 months ago)
Ff7 remake won't come out for years.
Naif Jan (5 months ago)
yeaaaah, FF7 got canceled a while back, your info is really off my man
jon Doe (6 months ago)
if they make ff13 free I'll buy it and be on that for a looong time
Kampfarsch (6 months ago)
1:26 the true running simulator
Evangelos Killer mike (6 months ago)
Jrpgs are outdated irrelevant weeaboos shit,they aren't real RPGs,these are facts.
James TwentySeven (6 months ago)
FF VII Remake in 2018? That was wishful thinking. Even more now.
Link Lannister (6 months ago)
final fantasy VII remake? pff dont make me laugh xDD that game will never see the light
Steven Carmichael (6 months ago)
Wow! I had never heard of Lost Soul Aside but that game looks incredible, i haven't been excited to play a game in a long time but that game looks impressive.
Bongosil (7 months ago)
Tekken 7 online works good on ps4 for now?
Cheng Yuan (7 months ago)
dont buy dq11 ,its boring and shit
Issa Yuji (7 months ago)
I only got a 360 for halo but now that the playstation has so much better exclusives and that halo is literal trash now bc bungie isn't with them anymore I'm back to the playstation with old ff exclusives and kingdom hearts exclusives. just like back in the day on the ps2:) playstation is back bb
Lucy Heartfilia (7 months ago)
Now I will save money for a PS4, and KH3!
Katsugaruta Tengaruta (7 months ago)
I will buy code vein god eater 3 final fantasy 7 trails of cold steel 3
Katsugaruta Tengaruta (7 months ago)
Digimon like as Pokémon
secretdrone (7 months ago)
No.. Where is Chrono Break??
Alessio Campagna (7 months ago)
the last three from top 3 to 1 awesome!!!!!!!! i hope to istant buy!!!!!
Zac Barton (7 months ago)
Lost Soul Aside was actually made by a South Korean Nibba
Max Snyder (7 months ago)
James Stinedurf (7 months ago)
lost interest in the FFVII remake when i found out there were moving to action combat. not saying it's going to suck, and i know a lot of people love that, but it's not for me
Flip Hert (7 months ago)
JRPG are the best😘
Frankie Fu (7 months ago)
lost soul aside is chinese btw
r g (7 months ago)
why do you even talk? you have nothing to say
Messiah ThomaZ (7 months ago)
I’m not impressed 😕
MrAsap2000as (7 months ago)
Already played Cold Steel 1 and 2 so might as well play 3 and Lost Soul Aside piqued my interest but those alone aren't worth getting a PS4. Maybe if they get a PC release. Well, there's Monster Hunter Worlds too but since I've already held out this long, might as well wait for the PC release and see if people still playing that game by then. Was never a fan of the DQ series. Not as big a fan of ff7 as most people are but that game is a long ways away anyways. Could care less about KH. Not enough info to have an opinion on Code Vein.
Gerdie Nurhadi (8 months ago)
4 Months, that's the time you need to think & view all the reviews of any EA games launch from now, never buy their games on day 1 EVER
Hato (8 months ago)
FFVII:R wont be released in 2018 for sure. Maybe 2019.
TRUE BRODDA (8 months ago)
MKUS 55 (8 months ago)
and ty for the video
J G (8 months ago)
lol Ni No Kuni 2: Prince Caspian...only thing I'm hyped for is DQ11. FF7 looks so sh**
اميري علي (8 months ago)
Nicolas (8 months ago)
Edge of Eternity is a French JRPG^^
Bob Hammock (8 months ago)
Square needs to focus on FF7 and not on this very dumb Kingdom Hearts game. Who likes this crap?
FinishingTouch (8 months ago)
What do you have to smoke to even hope for FF7R in 2018
Re- Meco (8 months ago)
Will we ever get Phantasy Star Online in english!?
Leo Ng (8 months ago)
Lost soul aside is actually developed by Chinese game developer, should you still call it JRPG? LOL
Look Out Its Zaydes (8 months ago)
Lost soul aside looks amazing!
Cloud Strife (8 months ago)
ff7 remake and DQ11
Juan Henrique (8 months ago)
I bought a xbox one x recently to play some games in 4k like overwatch, ac origins, fortnite among others, I think I'll get a ps4 pro in the middle of the year because I was interested in these jrpgs and some exclusive ps4 that I played in the house of some friends, despite my preference for xbox I think the PS4 will be a good buy this year
V3gan Putm4n (8 months ago)
Based off this video I'll get Lost Souls Aside & FFVII (Remake)
fumomo fumosarum (8 months ago)
I don't mind Dragon Quest - but why did that series flourish while Chrono Trigger died? ; /
Lee mcguirk (8 months ago)
How does this crap look appealing .. weebs
Kemal Erdogan (8 months ago)
Totaler Müll
Creative Ziggy (8 months ago)
List doesn't contain the far superior game to lost sphere, project octopath.
Daredevil Dare the devil (8 months ago)
Holly shit Ni No Kuni is out
unique link (9 months ago)
what's with this trend of adding generic instagram filters on the thumbnails?
Witchripper TV (9 months ago)
y secret of mana papu ?
KJ S. (9 months ago)
Make it happen final fantasy 7 remake come on now
xXcorpitoXx (9 months ago)
Atelier Lydie and Suelle is coming out march 27th. The Atelier series has me by the nuts right now. enjoying the hell out of em.
Flip Hert (9 months ago)
Code Vein❤
Ilove Strawberry (9 months ago)
Awesome, that game deserve score!!
Pau ASMR (9 months ago)
Ni No Kuni II and Kingdom hearts 3 OMG
AirRun Games (9 months ago)
Add secret of mana remake
Gigi Madao (9 months ago)
vanilla midgets (9 months ago)
bullshit list!
John Evans (9 months ago)
Mario Rabbids is still the best game on the Switch
Instant dislike, I don't want the games to be rated before release, the title should be more like "10 upcoming ... to keep an eye on"
Inside_the_ mind (9 months ago)
Lost souls aside is the rebirth of ninja gaiden
Veltix (9 months ago)
Digimon Hacker memory FF7 Trial o cold steel 3 locaised English
goutham srikanth (9 months ago)
Lost soul aside and code vein
culex69 (9 months ago)
If they release ff7 in episodes and with a bunch of dlc I will boycott the fuck out of it.
akuma gouki (9 months ago)
YoukaiBuster (9 months ago)
You don't have to say "JRPG Game", as the G in JRPG already stands for Game
GR@M@ TV (9 months ago)
these games are crazy expensive though
ALJustice0 (9 months ago)
60 which is the price of most all new games. Yeah. Expensive.
Big Boy Animation (9 months ago)
the game that i'm exited for is lost soul aside the sword fighting mechanics is great but you know if sometime later this game will come to the PC or only PS4?
Ghost in The shell (9 months ago)
ni no kuni 2 got delayed until march now
Kenneth Harris (9 months ago)
Thinking about old games I would love to see a new Valkrie Profile or a remaster of Valkrie Profile 2: Silmeria. Would love to a remaster of Star Ocean 3: Till The End of Time. Trails of Cold Steel kinda reminded me of them.
JustAdam (9 months ago)
FF7 Remake? 2018? You poor innocent child.
JCplaythis (9 months ago)
Kingdom hearts 3
SDarkOmenS (9 months ago)
who said final fantasy 7 remake was coming out in 2018
jimmicrackhead12 (9 months ago)
LOL FF7 looks like a Tekken intro
Menacingly (9 months ago)
O (9 months ago)
FF7 and Ni no kuni shouldn t be a-rpg... disappointing
Kinreal (9 months ago)
No Granblue?
nikos23a (9 months ago)
Edge of Eternity - Lost Sphear - Dragon Quest XI - ff7 i can't wait for those!
Hey Mufti (9 months ago)
EoE looks so fucking bad. Like they just bought all the Unity marketplace objects and just slammed them into a game. Lost Soul Aside just shows you how garbage FFXV was if one guy can make a similar game.
Anthony Hodges (9 months ago)
I lost the hype for the FFVII remake AND KH3 long ago. You could tell me they were coming out tomorrow and I wouldn't be excited. How am I supposed to stay excited or interested after literally 3+ years of waiting? I thought KH3 would come out my senior year of high school, now I'm a sophomore in college and we still don't even have a release date. I couldn't play those games if I wanted to now.
MC HAMMERPANTS (9 months ago)
Some of these don't even have release dates and you're saying they're coming out this year
Mike Custer (9 months ago)
lol you ripped that lost soul aside script straight from a review someone else posted. Word for word.
Justin Hong (9 months ago)
Bing yang made it!! I wonder why the gameplay so similar to an old video i watch before and realize he finally made it to release the game
Alonso Hidalgo (9 months ago)
the number 1 is suck
Haguro Rei (9 months ago)
Looking forward to pretty much all of these but mostly FFVII and KH3!
Alpha EtikaRad (9 months ago)
The Lost Souls Asides guy is like Noctis on steroids
Pa As (9 months ago)
Well they managed to ruin Final fantasy VII by turning it from a tactical ATB battle system game to yet antother mindless hack and slash...the series is dead....
elijah camacho (9 months ago)
Pa As turn based is mindless to
Guilherme (9 months ago)
wou , final fantasy graphics and devil may cry gameplay? that's perfection
Gabriel Santos (9 months ago)
I can't believe you left SAO Fatal Bullet out, and the Seven Deadly Sins one as well. Thumbs down.
Buzzy YouCantseeME (9 months ago)
i will buy that lost sphere / KH3 / FF VII remake!
Hamlock (9 months ago)
There's no way Cold Steel 3 and FF7R are coming out in 2018. lol
Abubakark Khawaja (9 months ago)
Lost souls aside look awesome 😍
He-Man 2.0 (9 months ago)
Fkn Noct on steroids, now looking forward to this year
EpiKerCovers (9 months ago)
Who is the one narrating this?? His voice is really familiar!
Yori Lowell (9 months ago)
1:17 "One person project" How. The. Fuck. Is this actually true or am I missing something? Did ONE person really create all the 3D models, animations, story, music, programming, etc all by himself? Sheesh, and here I am struggling with RPG Maker... Goodbye, confidence =_=
_ Scifro (9 months ago)
3:06 "I Am Setsuna" much?
fenronin (10 months ago)
ff7 remake have no release date so it's stupid to include it
miguel victor (10 months ago)
Lost Soul Aside is Hack and Slash
Mathew Williams (10 months ago)
Not technically JRPG, but Valkyria Chronicles 4 looks pretty promising
Michael Harrison (10 months ago)
Anderson Lee (10 months ago)
Which game is the one in the thumbnail?

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