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9 new things about the Tomb Kings | Total War: Warhammer 2

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Vampire Counts are SO 2016. A new group of Undead are coming to Total War: Warhammer 2, and here are nine things you should know about them. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (52)
PCGamesN (8 months ago)
Are you excited for the Tomb Kings? Let us know why! (Or why not) 💀
Falchion (8 months ago)
PCGamesN Hi! Could you guys make a video of the statistics of all the new tomb Kings units, like it was being done at 8:36 but it was stopped halfway
悪霊退散 (8 months ago)
Excellent information and presentation.
SkorpionMarauder (8 months ago)
Damn, i was looking forward to bone giants with massive bows.
Odin (8 months ago)
Wow they really went above and beyond with the fun in the TK gameplay i can't wait.
Samuli Vuori (8 months ago)
wait........ no bone giants ? :(
Toby Coy (8 months ago)
Great video. No fuss, very informative!
Mugs zy (8 months ago)
Is the black pyramid campaign part of the TWW2 campaign or is it a side campaign? (kind of like the beastmen and woodelves had)?
Mo Christie (8 months ago)
ah no apophas
Mo Christie (8 months ago)
I though is was neh heck arr rra
HitchensImmortal (8 months ago)
I have to give CA props for this one. Most of their other unique mechanics for other races are... unimpressive to say the least. Dark Elves are probably the only race with a respectable one.
lol_itsgonenow (8 months ago)
why do people do so many pointless facecams... i come for the information, you could be 600 lbs with 8 arms in the face cam and i still wouldnt care
username12120 (8 months ago)
Did the cursed prince Apophas make an appearance in the build you guys got to play? I always liked that character, had a cool model, nice enough background story, and was pretty good for harassing enemy war machines. Would be nice to see him pop up in this faction DLC as a hero choice.
username12120 (8 months ago)
A shame he's not in, thanks for the response, didn't expect one so soon!
PCGamesN (8 months ago)
No sign of him sadly, but yeah he'd look amazing in Total War, being a mass of writhing scarabs! Future free-DLC, perhaps. - Rich
Mitchell Reeves (8 months ago)
This video was better than I expected it to be.
ThreeDog (8 months ago)
I hope someone mods the unit cap to something reasonable or removes it entirely, I don’t care how cheaty it sounds
darkranger116 (8 months ago)
I am so freaking hyped for Tomb Kings. They have always been my favorite (big Egyptian mythology fan). I remember seeing a video about Turin comparing and contrasting Tomb King units cost effective wise, saying that they wouldn't really stand up stat wise to other factions units choices at the same cost. But you have to remember, that every single unit in the roster gets Resurrection and healing guaranteed with their factions's Healing Wave mechanic. Being a player that focuses on taking a lot of heroes, Tomb Kings are going to be so much fun to stomp and smash things with!!
Alexander F (8 months ago)
Biggest hope is that CA will let the modders user the Mortuary Cult mechanic. Would make a lot of sense for Empire and Dwarves.
Jambo Malone (8 months ago)
William Haward (8 months ago)
Pretty hyped , kinda wish Prince Apophas shows up
Sultschiem (8 months ago)
There are more additions here: - Necropolis Knights with Halberds as opposed to the normal Necropolis knights with Spears Also there is more missing too: - Ushabti with Greatweapons
Valericon (8 months ago)
A little heads up about the units they actually said that the real unit list in any content they had released have not been shown yet so there is still a chance for our lovely bone giants <3
mistrz912 (8 months ago)
great video awasome info
DaThingOnTheDoorstep (8 months ago)
Too bad we won't be seeing a bone/stone giant with a massive bow then.
Jebu911 (8 months ago)
Hell yeah! I want them laser eyes annihilating everyone! Looked badass in the trailer
Alexander F (8 months ago)
On the other hand Heirotitans with ANCIENT EGYPTIAN LASER BEAMS
Coach Hines (8 months ago)
i feel like my shrink just told me 9 things about the tomb kings....really fuckin weird vibe you guys choose for these vids. id maybe suggest just voice over some more gameplay instead of feeling the need to cut to yourself in a chair talking into the camera...i mean its a cool chair and all, but that aint what im here for.
discoskull (8 months ago)
You leave that beautiful, well-spoken man alone.
David Oliver (8 months ago)
Total nonsense, was a well presented, concise and informative video
blaf leblaf (8 months ago)
Then you should watch someone who doesn't do that, instead of trying to nag to this channel.
Coach Hines (8 months ago)
ignore this guy PCGames^^ his opinion is different and he is clearly just a "yes man" who doesnt like constructive criticism. seriously, who likes a video game channel because they focus less on gameplay and more on showing their faces?? lmao you sir are ridiculous.
TheCoco1933 (8 months ago)
Ignore this guy PCGames. The way you do videos is what makes me like them.
rza884 (8 months ago)
is the tomb kings a bad guy like the vampire faction?
P05TPWN3D (8 months ago)
rza884 the game paints them as tyrants and conquerors but I'm pretty sure in the books they were relatively peaceful and even had a city where undead and living commerced together without conflict.
Eidolon (8 months ago)
Meh when the bad guys are quite so bad you can kinda lower the good guy standard a bit to "not actively trying to kill you/destroy the world."
Coach Hines (8 months ago)
Offbeaten i take it you didnt read past the first sentence? lol
Offbeaten (8 months ago)
Oh there's bad guys in warhammer. Plenty, just look at the chaos fellas.. the good guys are just less good than usual.
Coach Hines (8 months ago)
there really are no "good or bad guys" in warhammer. no race is "good" as high elves, humans lizardmen and dwarfs have all done terrible shit like everyone else. there are order and chaos factions. vamps are not all "bad guys" like vlad for example, is more like an anti hero and id argue the blood dragons and abhorash are straight up good guys. to answer your question though, the tomb kings hate everyone and want to rule the world (like pretty much every race in warhammer) so yeah, i guess you could throw them in with the "bad guys"
DarkGrrrrl (8 months ago)
as usual a video not so much aimed for advertising as it is for bringing the players information they actually desire. I really like that approach. Proceed :D
SyntaxErrorXoXo (8 months ago)
You had me at the first point, I'M SO EXCITED!
You can craft damn EPICS? I mean sure, it's gonna take resources from lands that are nowhere near Khemri(Like Medicinal Herbs, if I remember correctly) if you play as-say, Settra, and it's gonna be as expensive as Tradelord Greasus Tribestealer Drakecrush Hoardmaster Goldtooth the Shockingly Obese, but I can just imagine how outlandishly powerful-for example- Settra can become with the right items. I like the Mortuary Cult a lot already. Pretty excited. ..Why am I always excited for the NON-battle mechanics? I should just be playing Civ at this rate, and I can't play Civ for shit. Ah well. Thanks for the video and the information!
+Erlantz Pradanos He only gets the Crown of Nehekara and the Blessed Blade of Ptra as his unique items in this game. Unless you count the Chariot of the Gods, that makes it 3. The rest of the gear he has to either earn or craft, and I see a LOT of poteltial with the likes of Scorpion Armor.
Erlantz Pradanos (8 months ago)
Settra doesnt need puny liche priest crafted items. he has all the blinged gear he needs. (I remnber him being quite loaded with items in the TT)
Pierre MALIS (8 months ago)
Pretty informative video! But I want to know if tomb kings spread Vampiric corruption ?
Gabriele Nicoli (8 months ago)
No they don't. From a lore point of view their undead condition is a curse more than a desire for eternity as the vampire counts have. That's also why they have a cap for army and unit. Because they don't raise zombies and don't use actively dark magic like vampires and necromancers. I suspect they will have a basic diplomatic malus to relationship with vampire counts and vice versa. On a side note Arkhan is the only tomb king which plays kind like a middle man. His faction is immune to vampire corruption pubblic order destabilization and he is hated by fellow tomb kings but loved by vampire counts. Also he starts already with one of the books of nagash, which gives him the ability to build a certain building and get some vampire counts units. This reflects him being the first servant of Nagash, the inventor of necromancy (and by default vampires).
Norbert Caillet (8 months ago)
They don't. They are neutral about corruption. Arkhan is even immuned to it.
Enthused Norseman (8 months ago)
Kinda annoyed at how the voice actors pronounce Nagash as "NAGG-ash" and not as "nuh-GASH". Doesn't make him sound very menacing. :P Very informative video regardless. :)
GT Levi (8 months ago)
Could you show us Necrosphinx stats?You were going to but the video stopped before doing so :P
GT Levi (8 months ago)
Thanks you!
PCGamesN (8 months ago)
We put a bunch of the menus from our capture session at the end of our gameplay vid. Necrosphinx stats (along with all other unit stats) are here: https://youtu.be/wDNkytg_WNI?t=41m40s Hope that helps :-) - Rich

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