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Dying Light "Run Boy Run" Trailer

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Alex Escobar (41 minutes ago)
It’s funny have the game and already finished it and have the following and also finished that and now the making a new one
BrokenFilmS (1 hour ago)
So I played the game before I saw this trailer and I always thought that the brecken mission thing that made him get that head injury was nothing and was just an excuse to explain why you never see him out of the tower in the game but then I saw this vid and I was like “OMG IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW AND HOW HE GOT HURT AND EVERYTHING”. I was freaking out
Unknown (10 hours ago)
Best Game For Me ! )))
Piyush Kale (16 hours ago)
It's been 5 years and yet still i get goosebumps everytime.
Pr3Z Pr3Z (1 day ago)
Whos that fuck3r behind him!?
A Kelp Shake (2 days ago)
lmao, how you lose to all your men, just run.
Re5pect80 (2 days ago)
tak kurwa to POLSKA gra!!!!
Jolly Cooperation (4 days ago)
Rewatching got me thinking. Dying light 1 never had any other runners visible in the world. They should add Viral like AI to Npc's. Just so the world feels like your not the only person running around doing EVERYTHING. Just remove the Viral aspect of the AI. Dont need an enemy npc to be hunting you down like some brain dead super maniac.
Aaron Davis (4 days ago)
Can anyone tell me how this is game is 3 1/2 years old already? Bueller? Bueller?
zeke fry (5 days ago)
That looked like... brecken not crane
Crossfade421 (5 days ago)
5 years damn
Spirit Gaming (6 days ago)
That’s who gave Breken sesiures
Muhammad Mujahid Umer (6 days ago)
i put this song when im running from the storm in fortnite BATTLE ROYALE (ali a intro plaus)
Bassbreakerz (6 days ago)
Can't wait for part 2! ♥
Alejandro Aragon (7 days ago)
Sooooo siiiiiick
KOSTAS_ PIXEL (8 days ago)
kyle smith (9 days ago)
Gunna play the game again to get ready for the 2nd game
Vaughn Pflug (9 days ago)
0:36 best moment
Bubbles (9 days ago)
Then crane comes in with an orange tier weapon and one shots everything
Sachin Sejismundo (10 days ago)
When you lost your mom on the super market
Thick Beemo (10 days ago)
Wtf was that repairing for then?
H , Bob (11 days ago)
Who still love this game ?…
Kirill123 (11 days ago)
Я лишь щас сообразил что это Брекен а не Крэйн.
Sea doggo Ya boi (12 days ago)
It’s actually an amazing game
Michael Warren (12 days ago)
great song for a great video
I hate doing the night missions
Raul Macinca (13 days ago)
The final... :))
Esas Çocuk (14 days ago)
Still coming back every now and then to get a dose of this trailer :))
David Perevala (14 days ago)
Is this PUBG 2?
draizzer tamayo (14 days ago)
Run 🅱oii Run 😂👌😂
SnowBakes Hd (14 days ago)
Lol all that progress and bam death....well not death but bad injury
John Weil (16 days ago)
After replaying dying light do i realize that guy is breken.
Dylan Hunter Chua (16 days ago)
Man woodkid is badass
Akid Ariff (16 days ago)
Wow who is the yellow shirt guy he is not crane in my game he look differn to me
Icha Zakie (17 days ago)
Poor brecken
Jaypi (17 days ago)
dying light is like the best looking game from 2013 to 2016
Crazyfancypants (17 days ago)
Meanwhile in Harran...
Zotac 1060 6GB (19 days ago)
After all the hardship Kyle Crane has been doing on the first mission, Fixing trap car, Trap UV lamp and then Brecken got hit in the head Way to go Tower leader
Humaid Ansari (19 days ago)
Whoes hyped for Dying light 2
O C S P (20 days ago)
TwinKER Games (20 days ago)
Тут кушать российские
Dead Harmony (20 days ago)
So I set up those traps for nothing? They weren't even used wtf Breken?
King Arthas (21 days ago)
Divergent fans?
Adam Fenty (21 days ago)
This is my first time seeing this and I been playing it for years, I’m falling in love all over again
Rocio Chavez (22 days ago)
Mission failed we'll get em next time
Sanane La (22 days ago)
fucker why beyzball stick
S_Pen 87 (22 days ago)
The Example (22 days ago)
So this is what happened to brecken
xVento (23 days ago)
Who's watching this or playing this game in 2018 leave a like or comment.
josh b (23 days ago)
Ik this is the night mission but is it just me or does it look a lot like the last mission in game,?
WolF Jacobs (23 days ago)
I cant wait to see what the dying light 2 trailer gonna be
Zer0play vlogs (23 days ago)
Poor brecken :'u
Dead Sociopath (24 days ago)
Славiк спиздив картошку i тiкае вiд бомжiв.
Brody Yancey (26 days ago)
That safety roll tho!!! 0:18
Name is irrelevant 444 (26 days ago)
Watching this after playin the game u pretty much get a whole movie in 3mins
Oliver Butcher (26 days ago)
Oliver Butcher (26 days ago)
Respect the voaltiel
MysteryGunner Rbx (27 days ago)
Run boi run
AceSniper 3106 (27 days ago)
I just noticed ware the guy he saved went, down the drain
Porpus Face99 (29 days ago)
Better run boy run
Emre Faruk Küçük (29 days ago)
Well, if this mission succeeded , we wouldn't meet Gazi and his mother
Osvaldo Vargas (30 days ago)
This kinda made me sad because i saw it as a group of friends tryin to get to the drop only to all have died. Anyone? Just me? Okie.
karver walker (1 month ago)
Зачётный трейлер. В общем, все погибли.
1:48 *OOF*
KỳNam Văn (1 month ago)
5 years later, this is still the best zombie game of all time, hype for DL2 baby
GamingFire (1 month ago)
So epic music
Ultmate big mac (1 month ago)
Its Ryan from super mega 1:46
Christopher Perry (1 month ago)
It has a tru meaning to it and that is no matter what always push forward and u can achieve anything unless a guy comes up with a baseball bat and give u a concussion
Ev Something (1 month ago)
IanShen 1110 (1 month ago)
*_-EXtREMe DeMON-_*
TheRedLeaf (1 month ago)
Damn... he lost his entire tesm on that mission...
Jack Adamson (1 month ago)
Wait.. Why did this give me chills?
Axolotlist (1 month ago)
After a few years, I came back to this amazing video and it filled me with overwhelming joy. I miss this game so much, so pumped for Dying Light 2!! 🔥🔥
romekkko (1 month ago)
Fun fact is that this trailer doesnt look that much different fron original gameplay which is very rare in games this days. Polish masterpiecie
R.I.P xxxtentacion (1 month ago)
1:47 boom headshot
QuickLoad (1 month ago)
who's waiting for Dying Light 2???
Jesus Acuna (1 month ago)
Whos watching after announce of dying light 2
yuno gasai (1 month ago)
Zombie (1 month ago)
Anybody here after Dying Light 2 reveal?
Username (1 month ago)
Emi Bosch (1 month ago)
I can't believe that this game is from 2013
Who’s man is this (1 month ago)
Emi Bosch That’s the beta...🤦‍♂️
Emi Bosch (1 month ago)
Who’s man is this https://youtu.be/vl2cRLpCgyI
Who’s man is this (1 month ago)
Emi Bosch No 2015 look it up, it came out on January 27th 2015.
Emi Bosch (1 month ago)
Who’s man is this 2014*
Who’s man is this (1 month ago)
Emi Bosch It’s from 2015.
Neonic gamers (1 month ago)
Best zombie game I’ve played. At least in my opinion. Never got bored and I was attached to the story.
Seil Epigon (1 month ago)
From what I can tell Those are not biters....
Elysian 5th (1 month ago)
That wrench is pretty strong. _.
Javier Rivero (1 month ago)
Best zombie game of the Century!
# Da3si (1 month ago)
im playing it at 10 fps ! enjoyable
# Da3si (1 month ago)
Frank Caballero (1 month ago)
Xbox 360 and PS3? What the hell
Pjoter man (1 month ago)
Techland górą !
Kristoffer Ikdahl (1 month ago)
Captain Squid (1 month ago)
This vid is dope as hell
Pelfix (1 month ago)
I love that Polish game
Arlo Gaunt (1 month ago)
I have a feeling that it's Breken because Breken went with other runners and he failed the mission so, maybe Breken?
Arlo Gaunt (1 month ago)
Is that Breken, or Crane?
Michael Ferneine (1 month ago)
Arlo Gaunt brecken failed mission
slyboy500 (1 month ago)
13 reasons why anybody? 👀
Oooooo now i knew it this was brecken when he got ambushed by rais men when lena or jade told me that
Bam bam Splinters (1 month ago)
Who's here cause of DYING LIGHT 2
Kaipo Belisario (1 month ago)
It so sad that his gang died :(
Rajesh Singh (1 month ago)
this is the beeeeeeesssteeest trailer ever
Kenon Hinokami (1 month ago)
1:17 anyone else think that thing looks like something from blade trinity?

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