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Dying Light "Run Boy Run" Trailer

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Text Comments (11712)
Тут показано будто герой теряет всех(Джейд,Рахим)из-за погони за антезином.А позже в the folloving.Умирает этак не догнав лечущее средство.
the_sc4r_lxrd345 908 (3 hours ago)
Run Brecken Run
CHEETS 39 (20 hours ago)
Brecken, only came to Harran to give business cards about his parkour instructions for interested parkour novice, ends up making a whole tower of parkour survivors
BigBoiFlail (20 hours ago)
Amazing trailer even though I'm watching this in 2018 it's still awesome!!
Jango Fett (1 day ago)
For some reason I thought the thumbnail was infamous
Random (1 day ago)
5 years...Still looks good
Kadyn Qualmann (1 day ago)
the zombie goes OHM NOM NOM on the humans that have no chance
DJ Starscream (1 day ago)
Music reminds of the trailer from Assassins Creed Revelations...
Armandas Jagmineie (1 day ago)
Her Heer (1 day ago)
2018! :D Love this song soooo much!!! :D And the game too , of course , waiting for dying light 2
Nicolas Perez (2 days ago)
Run BOI run!
Stream Spoart! (2 days ago)
Video game trailer always better than movie trailer imo
LeLynex gaming (2 days ago)
C'est brèken
Ded Mosh (2 days ago)
You guys wouldn't it be awesome if Brecken ends up being the protagonist for Dying Light 2? His head injury could explain why he would need to go through the process of leveling up again. Plus we never see him bitten IIRC.
Run Barry Run!
Adam Maloney (2 days ago)
5 years later still the best trailer ever 😀😀😀😀😀
The Goat (2 days ago)
When he saved that girl in the sewers did she fall to her death with the zombies when Brecken jumped for the ladder?
Her Heer (1 day ago)
Yep ;(
Country Kidz (3 days ago)
Cole McGrath? And yes I know it's brecken. But he has the yellow shirt, strap over his chest, and a lightning staff. Looks exactly like Cole Mcgrath from Infamous 2
tweed_guy (3 days ago)
this trailer best describes the weapons don't use the sledge hammer when you're starting out
Isaiah Tepichin (3 days ago)
Who still play in 2018
Lucas Weir (3 days ago)
Haha help I just bought the game and am playing hard mode. Honestly hardest fckn game I’ve ever played 😂
cheesyvin (4 days ago)
I feel like this is the best game trailer I have ever seen!!
Cesar Estrada (4 days ago)
Can't what for Dying light 2
Set11 A.K.A Setik11 (4 days ago)
Dying Light 2 HYPEEEEE
thebosswatcher 101 (4 days ago)
Well not younger but if u played the game (like me) the part where u are in the tower and brecken (yellow shirt guy) has gauze around his head that’s the part when he gets back to the tower after getting hit with the pipe. Or whatever that guy was using
thebosswatcher 101 (4 days ago)
Guy in yellow shirt is a younger brecken
ILikeTeaaaaa (4 days ago)
Now I'm watching this isn't this Brecket?
Dastan (5 days ago)
Vladi (5 days ago)
So this is how brecken failed the mission, then got hit in the head and actually lost the runners with him
ReperriGames (5 days ago)
and now we have the sequel!
Jeremy Bonilla (5 days ago)
Looks like Niko from gta 4 came
Brayden Mc slouch (5 days ago)
Is that how brecken got his he’d injured
Evil Gopher (5 days ago)
When you realise that this trailer is actually the failed Night mission Brecken went on at the beginning of the game
Kaipo Belisario (5 days ago)
Is that Bracken that got hit !!!
Christian Simpson (5 days ago)
Fuckin dipshit got killed by 2 biters
Adolf hurler (5 days ago)
There is an actually a real song in this, it's by wood kid the title is the name of the song :D
GangStar Gamer_Death (5 days ago)
it is a Brecken
Zaim Akhtar (5 days ago)
Here’s to dying light 2
BackupBickieYT (6 days ago)
why is it being recommended to me again however one of my favourite trailers so can't complain
Germanyball wörk (6 days ago)
DL2 hype bois
Aruna Babuji (6 days ago)
I. Like the. Song
Inspecteur Cacahuet (6 days ago)
*4 years later, Dying light 2 trailer*
AB Parker IV (6 days ago)
You can't fake to be me ^,..,^ only one DAYMARE
RAGING GAMING (6 days ago)
when you heard this music while running
Roberto Gomez (7 days ago)
Cant wait for dying light 2
"Xbox 360" "PS3" World's best joke
Redzoner 11 (7 days ago)
Dying light 2
donna calipes (7 days ago)
His mission is very very failed
gAmer BoY (8 days ago)
I first thought this was crane until I played that part and it was never like this it was breckens failed mission
Wackoy117 Pilar (8 days ago)
TealFlame1 (8 days ago)
Isn't this music in Divergent?
The Virus Tv show (8 days ago)
Jaiden Garden (9 days ago)
Who is getting the second one
Diarmuid Daly (9 days ago)
Anyone here after seeing the trailer for Dying light 2.
Nitsuj Gonzaga (9 days ago)
One of the best 2 minute moments in my life.
Jose_ DaSavage (9 days ago)
who's here after the dying light 2 world premiere
RobThe Squad (9 days ago)
Who else is watching this knowing Dying Light 2 is coming out Good Night Good Luck!
Muhamad Hafiz (9 days ago)
Yellow shirt ia like Cole Mcgrath
LikeJAvvE (10 days ago)
Dying light 2 ?!
David White (10 days ago)
is this anime
ZeroEnigma (10 days ago)
Like I said... it's complicated.
is this not the guy from inFamous wTF
General Hacks (10 days ago)
Use this in the evil within 2, instead of that he will say 'run myra'
ALiN ShAHJ (10 days ago)
Who came here after dying light 2 trailer?? *Frikking Hyped Up*
Smithylord 220 (10 days ago)
Dying light 2 anyone
PlugInsta Ckz (10 days ago)
Anybody still watching 2018 I know Dying light 2 will come out next year but love watching this TRAILER BRO!!!! ITS 🔥🔥🔥
Estevan Romero (10 days ago)
There making a two!!!!! I am not playing look it up!!!!!
Charles Felix (10 days ago)
This was Brecken's failed mission, Because when they found him they put bandages on his head and how funny we see what happened to him...
Who's here after watching dying light 2?
Matt Rowe (10 days ago)
Mei Ching Kong (11 days ago)
Who is watching this after the dying light 2 trailer is out ?
Yuri Tarted (11 days ago)
Man if they made a dying light 2 make sure to license the unreal engine 4 techland 😀
Malachi (11 days ago)
Yuri Tarted there is a dying light 2
Heinne Winandha (11 days ago)
Is that when kyle crane was bitten scene
Marco Solo 1324 (11 days ago)
Who is here because of Dying light 2 trailer.
ChubbyPanda Boi (11 days ago)
Who's watching in 2018 and just realizes that this is Brecken's night mission.
Naia Failautusi (11 days ago)
tbh... I’m just her cus Connor from dbh
Zachary Linder (11 days ago)
Anyone still playing? If so need help with any achievements?
At the end when brecken got hit by the the bat was when he got that bump on his head and when you meet raids at the top of his tower you had to jump to the ladder yeah like 😉
Kenny Southwick (11 days ago)
I got the dying light 2 trailer while watching this lol
Eleeza Mankarios (11 days ago)
Kitzberger Soma (11 days ago)
We will talk about it next time i see you! And yes Dying Light 2 is coming, but this trailer So much better than that 😏
QuatryK (11 days ago)
This is Poland game ❤🇵🇱
Alberto Vergara (11 days ago)
I whack one of Rais’a men the the back of the head with my gold bat that’s multiplied to maximum by the legend tree and nothing happens, wow.
xxawesomegamer123xx 45 (11 days ago)
And they are making Another Dying light thank god
Goku (11 days ago)
Dying light 2 is coming
ZapperZeus TM (11 days ago)
Haha airdrop
pufferfish (11 days ago)
I thought this was Crane?
Malachi (11 days ago)
pufferfish no this is breckens failed mission that jade talks about
-TryHardRat - (11 days ago)
Dying light 2 is coming out :)
TheGamingCreeper (11 days ago)
who else played the game before watching this trailer?
Dying Light 2?
Perfect Shrek (11 days ago)
Сергей Мурзин Yes!
Tiriko (12 days ago)
And now, after 3 years of waiting, we got the second game. Well, I think I shat my pants because of the hype :^)
Nimano Mori (12 days ago)
ANY1 here after DL2 trailer?
Take ur L boi (12 days ago)
Who came here after dying light 2 demo reveal trailer???
Astolfo :v (12 days ago)
Dying light 2
Godly FoReal (12 days ago)
2018 still remembered reply if u did to
siddharth dua (12 days ago)
Dying Light 2 boiz, Dying Light 2...
MemeMaster (12 days ago)
Damien Weirdo (12 days ago)
Anybody because of Dying Light 2?
JPalm27 (12 days ago)
Dying light 2 got announced
GustyLux (12 days ago)
Anyone come after dying light 2 trailer?
JPalm27 (12 days ago)
GustyLux Yes

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