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We've Played Octopath Traveler on Nintendo Switch - Is It Good?

1504 ratings | 59707 views
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Text Comments (331)
Jonathan Dominguez (1 day ago)
So it's challenging? Good...
Rat 5rd (1 day ago)
Should I get normal edition or compendium edition because I am not sure
Zeroguard10 (2 days ago)
Omg!!! I said to myself I hate this game now I am freaking love it 😻😻😻😻I don’t know what happened to me but this game it’s gorgeous and the game play is amazing try the demo on the switch OMG!!! The music is also amazing FUCK I can’t wait for this game now
Benjamin Patino (3 days ago)
This could have been the next Golden Sun.
caitsith (4 days ago)
interesting, the style of tactical rpg gameplay makes it sound kind of like final fantasy tactics, without the map.
Mik Mak (6 days ago)
even the special effects are pixelated WTF!
Ultranety (8 days ago)
Please check out my latest nintendo themed youtube video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g81yAgzsyks#
Papa Bless (9 days ago)
Thanks square for giving us a game that feels like something you put out on SNES. That's all us 20 somethings wanted.
Swedish Otaku (10 days ago)
So excited for this game. Music and graphics and gameplay and story is all so very solid and good.
Phoenix Moore (11 days ago)
The harder you say the game is, the more I'm like YES!!
Keith Beamish (11 days ago)
The break system just looks like the generic rock paper scissors weakness in ff13
Ewolf5150 (11 days ago)
Ughhhh random battles.......thought that ended like 15 years ago
troy callahan (11 days ago)
Wait, they changed the way the bonus power up things work? Now blocking is tge only way to get them? Thats so much worse :( why did they do that?
ASquared (11 days ago)
Ahmxt Sxnjuu (12 days ago)
I wonder if there is actually enough content and what kind of things can you do after the story ?? Maybe a Really hard mode
Stephen Patterson (12 days ago)
Renaissance REN - A - SONCE
Stephen Patterson (7 days ago)
Or someone that speaks the language the phrase is derived from.
Johnny Revenue (7 days ago)
Stephen Patterson only if you're a hillbilly yank is it pronounced the way you did.
Kings Gambit (12 days ago)
I don't find attacking to stun your enemies to gain a damage free turn sophisticated. Hopefully the approach to combat changes with each character.
Caleb (13 days ago)
I really liked the demo, the music was so good, I'm excited to see the complete game.
Michiel (13 days ago)
Hope it really will be difficult
Patron (13 days ago)
I hope this is hard. Basically, I’m a genius, probably smarter than any two people reading this... combined. I just solve things. Every thing. It’s a curse. Imagine knowing everything instantly. What lesser minds take hours or days to even begin to understand, I know within seconds. Yes... I’m THAT smart.
cheesetown777 (14 days ago)
This looks way better than I thought it would. It’s been upgraded to a definite purchase.
Linus Magnell (14 days ago)
How hard could it be getting 60 fps? Devs need to understand the gameplay satisfaction of smoothness. Its wins over a slight graphic boost any day.
Rain / Ross (14 days ago)
whisper "sharp difficulty curve" to me one more time
Charlie Grace (14 days ago)
This is day one stuff for me - I adore JRPGs. I slept on the demo, then played it and fell in love with it. I’m STOKED for the release. I’d ideally like the special edition - and good! LET IT BE HARD!! I don’t need a game dumbing down for me. I’m 25, not 7.
El Chupacabra06 (14 days ago)
60fps is literally pointless for a turn based JRPG, I'd much rather them focus on graphical effects and resolution over 60fps.
McK (14 days ago)
There's something sweet and simple about a game that has SNES style graphics. I dn't care about graphics but I need interesting combat and a great story. Talked to another gamer today and he mentioned this. Looks interesting but I"m unsure.
Lubbie Whitmire (14 days ago)
I don’t that i’m More of a casual player, I AM BUYING THIS, NO QUESTIONS
R-virus (14 days ago)
Another month lets go!
Lucky Yolo (15 days ago)
Man did i just see you get into a random battle with some random monster you cant see? I hate that michanic so damn much.
El Chupacabra06 (14 days ago)
Lucky Yolo Welcome to Turn based JRPG's
BigTeddy26 (15 days ago)
Nintendo Life. Did you experience frame rate drops while playing the actual game? I know experienced a few in dock mode while playing the demo.
Jamie Kelley (15 days ago)
I really enjoyed the demo for this game, so I can't wait! :) Also, I have to say, the way you say "hello lovely people" reminds me a bit of Christoph Waltz. Very cool. :)
Trevor Greenfield (15 days ago)
I. Cannot. Wait. For. This. Game.
J. D. (15 days ago)
If you like such games. Try Battle Chaser Nightwar. TurnBase, good Difficult and nice artstyle. Im done with it and waiting now for Octopath. :)
Jakub Andrzej (15 days ago)
Lighting is both the beauty and a curse of the demo to be honest. Sometimes everything is so blury you can barely tell what's what. But whatever, still the game i'm looking forward the most...
CleetusVanDamme530 (16 days ago)
The game points out enemy's vulnerabilities and they lose a turn when exploited. How much more forgiving do you want it to be?
magicmasterfan1 (14 days ago)
nowadays if its not mash A to win its unforgivably hard...lol
newtguy (16 days ago)
Shhhh, don’t complain about it being difficult, they’ll hear you and make it super easy like all the other games nowadays!
Grayfox Art (16 days ago)
Sounds like bravely default
Garth Webb (16 days ago)
Great review
Joey Harder (16 days ago)
After Ni no kuni 2, I'm really ready for a challenge
J 87 (14 days ago)
This game should have better graphics or at least 60fps. 30fps just seems lazy. We know the switch is more than capable. Also, the artstyle/graphics are a bit silly for a full priced 60$ console game.
J 87 (6 days ago)
Tony Jenn to me, yes. If youre going to charge a full 60$ i expect graphics that you can tell the dev really put some effort into. Like i said, we live in a different decade now. The graphics in octopixel traveler would be fine in an indie game, or if this game came out 20yrs ago, but not in a full AAA 60$ game. Thats just my opinion though.
Tony Jenn (7 days ago)
J 87 so basically, the true worth of a game to you is based mainly on graphics? We have no idea what kind of work behind the scenes it took to make this game. And calling a dev "lazy" because they chose 30 fps is dumb.
J 87 (12 days ago)
Nerketur Kamachi the good things i can say about octopath is, i really like the music, story and gameplay so far from what ive played of the demo. Those graphics though..eesh..ill probably still get the game a year or two down the road if i see it for 40$ or 30$. Im no hurry. I have huge backlog of ps4 and switch games.
Nerketur Kamachi (13 days ago)
J 87 sonic 06. Enough said. 2D sonic, with only two exceptions, has always been better. For real, though. 2.5D is great to a pixel-art lover like myself. And if we are talking performance, Okami on the PS2 was slow as molasses, absolutely beautiful, and more than worth every dollar of it's price.
Amanda Pollock (17 days ago)
I typically don't play JRPG's. But I played the demo of this game a lot, and I absolutely love it. I am so excited for this game's release. I typically struggle with difficult games, but Octopath Traveler- or at least the demo- is something that I love. Aside from level grinding for Primrose's boss. But it is so satisfying to take him down!
Righteous1 (17 days ago)
I think it's stupid to put this type of graphic on a game console. If it was on a handheld system I don't mind.
Swedish Otaku (10 days ago)
That makes no sense. Why does it matter?
Christopher Murillo (16 days ago)
It's a stylistic choice. Looks good to me. Can't please everyone though.
B Smith (16 days ago)
Righteous1 the switch is technically both though, and it probably wouldn't look as good on the 3DS even though I'd love to play it on it
Emeth Delgado (17 days ago)
Its a SaGa game in disguise...I love it.
DueMagician921 (15 days ago)
Emeth Delgado reminds me of Eternal sonata where you can start as different characters
Lloyd Hallam (17 days ago)
The UI is clashing with the overall art style of the game. But looks good regardless!
amidnightstroll (17 days ago)
Gameplay looks good but the art style hurts my eyes for some reason
Alexander Khioe (17 days ago)
I'd prefer it to run 60 fps and have "softer" graphics rather than killer graphics with a lot of fps nosedive *coughxenobladecough*
Alexander Khioe (14 days ago)
El Chupacabra06 Battle chasers nightwar is one of the example of your preferred jrpg, well maybe not so japanese, but somehow locking it in 30 fps really agitates me, especially after seeing it run 60 fps on steam. Besides, that's their style of art. I doubt there's anything much they can do about the graphics. Lights and blurs got soften up and polished compared to the demo, the dev claimed. We'll see on the release date
El Chupacabra06 (14 days ago)
Alexander Khioe 60fps is pointless for a turn based JRPG, I'd rather them lock it at 30 and focus on graphics.
RoyalTrashing (17 days ago)
To me a game like Octopath looks better at 30fps, dont know why but It gives me some nostalgia retro feeling compared to the smoothness of 60fps. Resolution on the other hand should be 720p/1080p mandatory. Is the game that difficult? The demo was ok, balanced
heavyarms55 (17 days ago)
How long did you actually play it? I feel like if you only played a select portion of the game for a couple hours, judging the difficulty would be hard to do accurately. You have to take into consideration the time it takes to get used to it. Something you might find hard in a JRPG at the 3 hours mark could feel laughably easy at the 25 hour mark. And this is a Square Enix JRPG, it's not gonna be short.
Michael Harto (17 days ago)
Awww man, i don't want to buy switch just because of 1 game...
Dysth Ymia (17 days ago)
its great there's an engaging difficult JRPG even for random encounters instead of just spamming "attack" to get through each fight or only applying some amount of though for bosses
Isabella Taylor (17 days ago)
The game looks too "soft"? What?
melted dali (17 days ago)
I’m excited for this
Qeisama (17 days ago)
"Is it good?" I HOPE SO! I've ordered the wayfarer edition for God sake!
gigastrike2 (17 days ago)
What a hack video. There is no new information given, and they even go as far as to say elemental weaknesses and the brave/default system are unique. And of course they top it of with completely unsubstantiated praise just to tell the viewer what they want to hear and earn that like.
chrisovak (17 days ago)
Love the art direction. Thought the demo was repetitive and grindy though. Looking like they made plenty of improvements!
#HESFROMKANTO (17 days ago)
Honestly. I think they should call it Final Fantasy Octopath. Im buying it, but seriously, its a Final Fantasy game. It would be a good idea as that franchise itself is always changing each game, so it would be a natural fit. They could use it well...
Mike Strong (17 days ago)
Looks great, hardcore.
Xeriox01 (18 days ago)
love it
JaviSoulOS (18 days ago)
Wtf do u mean by soft
Scott Isitt (18 days ago)
Playing the demo, the battle system and menus were quite intuitive, especially if you've played turned based rpgs in the past (like Final Fantasy 6 or 7). I was pretty sure there was explanation in the game that told you that you need to break an enemy’s defense before you can attack them. It takes some thinking ahead to execute a proper victory, but it’s not as difficult as this guy is making it out to be. Anyway, loved the demo and definitely planning on getting this. Think it comes out in July.
Drallion Wolfshine (18 days ago)
I played octopath too. Demo its a great game.
dr0nzer (18 days ago)
Can’t even pronounce Renaissance correctly... this guys a joke. Hire some better pee pole to present.
Cloud Strife (18 days ago)
ok u got my attention at 2:25 😁
Pipes61874 (18 days ago)
Wont buy it if its just hard to be hard
IMRavnos (18 days ago)
is it really as mediocre and sub par as it looks?  I am a JPRG nut who dislikes mediocre crap.  This looks like Mediocre crap.
Grainsauce (18 days ago)
Ummm, did you not know that you can turn down the post processing effects, so that it doesn't look blurry......
ink bringer (18 days ago)
I played the demo and it's really not hard, it's pretty basic like SMT or Persona, but it has cool tricks and the ability per character is really cool
JaviSoulOS (18 days ago)
ink bringer I dont know if shin me gami is easy lolol
Mike Friend (18 days ago)
Any noticeable improvements from demo?
El Chupacabra06 (14 days ago)
Mike Friend Silicon Studios made a video about the improvements they made from the feedback from the demo, you should be able to find it on Nintendo's YouTube page.
Ransford (18 days ago)
Uh not worth $60 will wait for a price drop. The only game worthy of $60 was breath of the wild and Mario and maybe Splatoon in my opinion the rest should be sitting at $30-40
El Chupacabra06 (14 days ago)
Ransford So is Xenoblade 2 not worth 60$? What the hell makes a game worth 60$ for you?
Robert Smith (18 days ago)
So it's basically gonna be a turn-based Dark Souls, yah? (Because you thought that modern jrpg's are fairly easy, only a few would dare to take on those challenging roots.)
Necoroyals (19 days ago)
This game gives me such a DnD vibe
James Layne (19 days ago)
Looks good but not worth 60 imo
Tony Jenn (7 days ago)
I think we should hold off on that statement until we get some reviews
Thanks for the video Totalbiscuit
Geo The Hero (19 days ago)
The gameplay looks fun, but I wish that I liked the visuals. They are covering up all the lovely pixel art and environments with weird blurring and atmospheric filters that make it look muddy and ugly.
Arif Gunawan (19 days ago)
GOTY Confirmed!
Shut up, Shinji (17 days ago)
It really has the potential to be goty. However I agree with Jason, it will be overlooked by alot of people because of the artstyle. But the demo was amazing, if the whole game is as amazing it will probably be one of the best rpg's in years.
Jason Vue (18 days ago)
Arif Gunawan Highly doubt it. This game would have to surpass reaches that God of War placed in the playstation community. MHW and GoW are super strong contenders for that award.
Mateo (19 days ago)
The best looking 2D style RPG ever, and disappointed...to what, what looks better that it should look like? What on earth makes you play it and think soft, did you even play any RPG on 3DS. It should be better cause its Switch...its not a X, so dont know why your whack expectations are worth saying disappointing.
Reclaimer (19 days ago)
i'm begging for this to have multiplayer the same way they did Final Fantasy IV: The After Years on the Wii
Jonathan Davey (19 days ago)
Yeah this game looked awesome, but I immediately changed my mind when I noticed how soft the game was. I thought I could handle a game that runs softly but the soft mechanics obviously had no thought put into them, they were much too soft. I like my JRPGs course and rough like sandpaper, so I can wipe my hardcore gamer ass with it until I bleed. I've only played the demo so far, and unfortunately I'd have to rate it soft/10
Henry Jones (17 days ago)
I understand this joke and got an excellent chuckle out of reading it. Thank you
zionich (17 days ago)
"One word to describe it and I am going to spell it out. S-A-W-F-T Sawft!!"
JaviSoulOS (18 days ago)
Jonathan Davey by soft what do you mean?
NANGSTAGRAM TV (19 days ago)
Just picked up Persona 5, I best finish this game before Octopath Traveler comes out
NANGSTAGRAM TV (15 hours ago)
I love it 😍! Best game, wish it was on Switch so I can finish it faster
DueMagician921 (15 days ago)
Just keep at it. I'll say about halfway the gameplay becomes repetitive
Robin Grimahood (15 days ago)
NANGSTAGRAM TV Good luck my friend! I completed it in 12 days; playing as much as I could straight.
Yanik Frenette (19 days ago)
I can't wait!!!
Dark Void (19 days ago)
lol difficult? Have you even played Xenoblade 2?
Johnny Revenue (8 days ago)
Xenoblade is garbage
Schrient (19 days ago)
Nice! I can't wait for this game. It looks so awesome! I'm happy you said it will present a challenge. Looks great!
Couatl (17 days ago)
Of course, without intending to be a jerk, unless you're a (J)RPG connoisseur your "steep learning curve" is just probably normal to the rest of us. I've heard a lot of people who dip into RPGs call some of them hard when I myself hated the combat because of how mind numbingly easy it was... At least I know it won't be Ni No Kuni 2 easy, I guess.
The Crystal Badge (19 days ago)
Reminds me so much of Pokémon in terms of adventuring and the music. SOooo excited for this release
criticalhard (19 days ago)
Bravely default and 2nd are masterpieces, and this will be one soon.
ArturoPR84 (19 days ago)
Damn does it stutter on every attack?
Graham Martin (19 days ago)
It seems to just be me but I hate the art style of this game. I played the demo and enjoyed it so I am still looking forward to it but I have really always hated pixel art style. Is it just me?
Jordan Grosz (19 days ago)
Alex, maybe sometimes we just want to waffle, you ever think of that?
MisterTellius (19 days ago)
Does anyone know what the story is like? After playing the demo, I can say I LOVED what we saw of Primrose's story so far, but Olberic's seemed very generic. I'm worried about how expansive the stories might be (very much I hope), but also by how character interactions will work. o you pick one main chracter like in the demo? How many cutscenes of the other characters' own stories do we see?
Press Play (19 days ago)
This game looks really cool. The art style is sick!
Hero Knight (19 days ago)
Yes I love classic jrpg my favourite was all ways dragon quest 5
Stoop Floy (15 days ago)
Dragon Quest 5 is my favorite in the series as well, although 11 might top that this year
Anonymous (18 days ago)
Try Phantasy star IV,then It's so Good
EruYagami (19 days ago)
Seems only playable for the more diehard JRPG players. Looks very nice, but the will not be my cup of tea.
Donkey Kong Jr. (19 days ago)
Square plz make it hard. Tired of new Gen weak games. I grew up on nes. Silver surfer. Mega man one pixel jumps! I want hardcore lengthy, smart game play. Ni No Kuni 2 is a huge fail as its for 1st graders. Square please don't change this if your reading
JugueTesoros (16 days ago)
Donkey Kong Jr. OMG you played Silver Surfer and actually enjoyed it??? YOU SIRE, ARE MY NEW HERO
Sandman 89 (19 days ago)
I like the art style
Johannes Grün (20 days ago)
soundtrack is soo good already :)... hope they not messing anything up but this is my most wanted game atm
Aeladya (20 days ago)
The battle system is extremely reminiscent of Bravely Default, that is for sure. This is a game I am looking forward to, I've been wanting this since the demo.
Drunken_Jedi (20 days ago)
It's going to be hard, good... I like a challenge :). Already on pre-order... the demo was fantastic and it's nice to know that it's not going to be riddled with micro transactions like everything else these days.
Dash Rendar (20 days ago)
My only problem with the demo is that I had to do a lot of grinding! And I don’t like grinding for hours and hours in a game. Looks great though.
Stagnant Lasagna (20 days ago)
Kinda worried the Switch is gonna become a JRPG Machine. Which is frightening because JRPGs are terrible
Maria Rodriguez (20 days ago)
I knew this one was on the SaGa hardcore difficulty . Very hardcore.

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