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10 Hidden Video Game Design Secrets That Are Total Genius

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Text Comments (482)
Ken Prime (3 days ago)
I like Titanfall 1's AI in multiplayer matches, they help immerse the players while also keeping the heart pounding fast paced action going. That's why players can always keep a good flow in it, unlike Titanfall 2.
Vlad Spatariu (3 days ago)
You're butchering the term "AI". You're talking about NPC game logic, not AI man.
Jay Dowg (6 days ago)
Did they ever fix Crash?
אילן שמעוני (18 days ago)
Content: 10/10, Annoying presenter: 10/10
lone eagle (20 days ago)
Ivy Frost (20 days ago)
I heard that with the Xenomorph, actually, one brain knows exactly where you are (which is why you always wonder how it always knows where you are) and will give hints to the other brain about your position.
ssfbob456 (21 days ago)
The Dancer of the Boreal Valley attacks at a 2/4 rhythm while the music is at a 3/4 rhythm, it fucks with your head without you even realizing it.
Buggy Bugson (30 days ago)
All this dude's hair moved south
Ayakashi Hadate (1 month ago)
i think Xcom design are bull shit. if you have to literally give false information to the player in order to make them lose then help them win after they were losing, you dont know how to design a truly hard and challenging game
Stephen Connolly (1 month ago)
The Dark Souls 3 OST having phases is not a secret at all... it was clearly there the moment you fight a boss. As they've phases.
Mauro Cigliuti (1 month ago)
7/4 is not polyrythmic, those are just irregular time signatures. Good video though!
Josiah Harris (1 month ago)
hmm never knew about that last one makes senese
TheMrWillje (1 month ago)
Jules where the fuck is your hat
casey gray (2 months ago)
that explains some moments of stupidity that i had in assassin's creed
joegt123 (2 months ago)
That last one was in Force Unleashed, too. In the final fight with Vader, he kicks your shit in down to 10% or so, then the real fight begins.
Terrence Sanchez (2 months ago)
I've owned Alien Isolation for a long time now and I can't finish it. Too scary lol
spiritwalker 5301 (2 months ago)
I hit my grandpa he's DEAD!!!
MoJo Henry (2 months ago)
Jules, Adam, Peter and Scott are all part of a reoccurring dream where they are taking turns making me the dirty, dirty slut that I am. Thanks whatculture.
Luc M (2 months ago)
lamest jokes ever!
Tom Beattie (2 months ago)
Rubber banding always annoyed me
Ken Roberts (2 months ago)
Zachary Patten (2 months ago)
most of those are not "hidden"... and very few of those are even a good idea
Matt S. (2 months ago)
The new what culture sucks. I miss the old crew, all these guys annoy me
Knight And SpaceShip (2 months ago)
I always noticed in destiny that the last bar of health was very high (aleast have what the other two bars of HP have) in destiny I always noticed my first two bars of HP drain pretty damn fast but the last bar feels like it has a different system. this is more noticeable when you use an ability that automatically regens all your health and you see the bars fill up but are separate. the first bar fills up by itself however the second and third bar are like connected and they fill up like supposed too, and the thing is that they start Regen at the same time
Kim Possible (2 months ago)
As if a xenomorph with one brain wasn't enough
Goomba Greg (3 months ago)
I don't know how I feel about these. I mean, they almost all make their respective game ostensibly easier and kind of create "cheap thrills." I don't know if I'd call that good game design. It's cinematic game design, but I don't know if I'd call it good. There are systems in games like coyote time designed to lessen player frustration and add to the game's general flow and feel, but some of these just feel manipulative and take away from the player's ability having much agency over the game. The fact that they are hidden just kind of adds to that sentiment. The one on this list that is probably the best known, Mario Kart's (in)famous rubber band mechanic is pretty widely despised and even ridiculed (and it most certainly exists in 64. Try a lap skip like in Frappe Snowland and see how fast the other racers become). They may be interesting, but do they really make their games better? I'm not sure, but I think that's an interesting conversation to have.
BAMF Busta (3 months ago)
Do you guys need a 5th person for your gaming squad? I'm lonely
Henrik Myrhaug (3 months ago)
It was super obvious that Assassins creed makes you more resilient at low health.
ModestMice (3 months ago)
The health in Assassin's Creed has been pretty obvious for a while, at least in earlier games. I would be near death sometimes and would see the screen flickering red, but then you magically take out most of the enemies. And even if you get hit again while having supposedly "zero" health, you still somehow won't die. It usually took like 2 or 3 hits close together while your health bar was empty before you actually died.
Mr. Penguin (3 months ago)
well the Xcom one is just complete bs not "total genius"
Ryan Jacob (3 months ago)
He shouldn't have made that jump... glad he didn't
Dan Erdman (4 months ago)
I utterly despise ketchup in race games.😡
witherXD (4 months ago)
I already knew the ghost AI tactic! something for once...
Gankatron 5000 (4 months ago)
Having an "AI brain" plot AI mob on the basis of knowing where you are when it shouldn't sounds more like AI cheating than genius, but one has to simulate AI somehow I suppose.
Deveesh Mehandiratta (4 months ago)
thanks for sharing :D
Daniel Spicer (5 months ago)
I noticed the asscreed one, it's really apparent in unity Where the combat is SHIT
Mike Warnke (5 months ago)
Ive missed in xcom with 100%...how, did Bethesda make xcom!?
James Martinez (5 months ago)
Thanks jewels
James Martinez (5 months ago)
Im going to go beat up some old people
idkusername (5 months ago)
Yeah, the Game Theorists released a video about Dark Souls 3 and how enemy attack patterns relate to the music. I highly recommend you guys check it out.
Ego Geo (6 months ago)
inscrutablewut (6 months ago)
con confirm MK64 had MASSIVE rubber-banding. You could watch the AI icons on the tracks map going impossibly fast in order to catch up
P. Shoe (7 months ago)
Why did he say my name?
Hurgen Nightcore (7 months ago)
The dynamic difficulty in resident evil 4
Oddball Skull (7 months ago)
Rubber banding is one of THE WORST game mechanics ever made Bar none period. Hot pursuit was the worst on PS3 you could literally see cops phasing through the map to catch up to you. FUCK YOU Omg I hate that shit SO MUCH
B.Games (8 months ago)
Just 2 weeks and this channel become my most watched one!
Jane Doe (8 months ago)
the xcom mechanic isn't genius it's utter bullshit. what is even the point of having those percantage numbers in the game if they do not represent the actual probability of you hitting the enemy... yeah if you fucked up and lost a soilder you have a higher chance of making it to the end of the mission, but if you actually did everything right and want to be rewarded for your tactical decisions the game fucks you over... genius...
jaex59 (8 months ago)
What game is at 6:24? It's so familiar
MrMe 441 (8 months ago)
Ive completed assasins creed with all of the Ezio parys and Assasins creed 4 Like all of em a couple of times And moslty never lost any health what so ever
Keamo (8 months ago)
NFSMW05 Cops catch up no matter fast ur car is
Cookie Ninja (8 months ago)
Now that I know these some of them feel really cheap. Like the xcom one. Why give us the numbers if you know they're shit? I wouldn't need the buff for having a soldier killed if you didn't debuff me in the first place for being too good and not losing soldiers. The uncharted one and rubberbanding are also just awful
L-Train 45 (8 months ago)
This guy needs to get laid
L-Train 45 (8 months ago)
Every title on the channel is the same format. 10 Blank blanks That CLICK BAIT
L-Train 45 (8 months ago)
This particular topic I've seen on other channels. I guess most of them I have
Parker Ruth (8 months ago)
Did they just tell me to murder my grandpa?
jdjfhc hdhcjd (8 months ago)
I actually fell for 1:15 ffs
Nolan Is Innocent (8 months ago)
Yo, FUCK "rubber-banding". Seriously. This encourages people to do "okay", and only give a shit at the very end of a race. EA used to make this optional in a game or two, called "Catch Up", WAY before Mario DD. Nowadays, I won't waste my time on a game containing this crap. "Genius". Get the fuck outta here with this shit.
Rogue Rogue (8 months ago)
You really really fucked gamers experiencessssss
Gcu12 /tt2 (8 months ago)
Idk about Mario kart, I sometimes get really far ahead and they don’t catch up
napolien 1 (9 months ago)
For new players for dark souls III do not think u can make a strategy out of the info just RUN
Edward Nygma (9 months ago)
Can the Dark Souls III thing be applied to Bloodborne? I am desperate for an edge against Amelia.
Yannick (9 months ago)
This video just shows how much of a genius game designers truly are...
alisos360 (9 months ago)
The heath loss in assassins creed is like my phones battery...
eroggow (9 months ago)
#8 "enemies get redirected towards railings so they fall off when they die" Doesn't show a single clip of an enemy falling off a railing. Truly outstanding work.
Ian Cabugsa (9 months ago)
6:16 It's also the same with the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune Arcade series except in that game you can turn that off by disabling the handicap mode.
Karl Taok (9 months ago)
There’s a really cool video on dark souls 3 about music theory and why the Dancer of the boreal Alley is really hard (ps. The music and attack pattern is in 3/4 insteas of standard/easy to learn pattern like 4/4)
TheDango (9 months ago)
The xcom mechanic is terrible. A good player should never be punished. A bad player should never be rewarded.
infamousdrifter1 (9 months ago)
I deleted xcom off my PS4 while watching this. Fuck rng and fuck screwing over players for being “too good”
Hunter T (9 months ago)
Hey they used my Assassin's Creed gameplay video!
Stiffisharc (9 months ago)
8:20 I'm sorry... WHAT???
Crashing Down (9 months ago)
Majority of things listed here simply infuriate me, they game treats you like a retarded child. Nothing genius about that.
Robbin Karlsson (9 months ago)
In the X-COM example:isn't that a little bit of bs to be punished because you play good?
Joey H (9 months ago)
Difficulty lowers in resident evil 4 if you die too often
Eysus (9 months ago)
No, re4 didn't invent that. Its utter brilliance is keeping it hidden from press and consumers because devs know the consequences of dynamic difficulty to players such as losing the feeling of overcoming the challenge. Only people who died a lot in that water hall level would notice it which is still more hidden than Uncharted's missing the first two hit bullshit. also fuck that xcom shit.
Chef Dean (9 months ago)
Didn't work on elderly grandad. Camping spawn point for verification.
Eric Gauthier (9 months ago)
Before watching this, their better be a mgs3 mention
Eric Gauthier (9 months ago)
Noah Pippin (9 months ago)
“You’re gonna get a new love hole punched all the way through you.” 😂 dead
that fit Asian (9 months ago)
No way that uncharted rule applies to the forth one. Gunfights in that game felt rigged
Soldier4USA2005 (9 months ago)
These aren't genius tactics by the devs. It's cheating, laziness, robbing the player of an honest experience, or outright shenanigans and lies. The player geta a false sense of accomplishment because the devs couldn't find other ways to balance the game. It's utter bullshit.
Ghoffman91 (9 months ago)
6:20 Gta Online does something similar with races in terms of catch up, but in reverse. They prefer to slow down the speed of the cars in front instead of boosting the ones in the back. It affects your car so much you can hear it revving down and dropping a down a gear, the sound is painful to listen to. I always believe if you cannot win based on your own merits, thats your problem not mine. Why bother to excel at the game if the other players will get a leg up and/or a handicap placed on you so that they can compete? It sucks losing not because your opponent was better, but because the game intentionally slows you down right near the end and they slipstream past you at the last second.
Farmer Maggot (10 months ago)
Built in wall hacks in every single 1st person shooter that every person gets except me
Bastymuss (10 months ago)
holy shit I didn't see that last joke coming, niceee
John Cunningham (10 months ago)
That elderly Granddad joke got me.
bitchasshoeism (10 months ago)
That girl at the beginning looks like a SJW from Tumblr. How is she a developer?
Hasan Syarif (10 months ago)
Which racing game is this at 6:24 ?
The Dukenator (9 months ago)
It looks like Forza Horizon 3.
Dan D (10 months ago)
On that last one, it works, that is unless you're swarmed or get a giant spear through ya or headshotted lol Source: many deaths seeing how long I can make it with minimum health/armor
JCGaming (10 months ago)
So...uh...my grandad didn't bounce back...
Chandu 27 (10 months ago)
Don't forget resident evil 4's automatic difficulty changing mechanism
MPB (10 months ago)
Why are there so many stock photos of random people in this video?
Bamboozaler (10 months ago)
Crash does have coyote time. Have you not played the game? You also clearly missed the platform in the beginning.
Neegafeg (10 months ago)
Anyone know the racing game at 6:25??
Chueko Loyo (10 months ago)
This is amazing
geoker55 (10 months ago)
** NOT TRUE ** I tried the Assassin's Creed secret. I swung a two handed war hammer at Gramps and he didn't get back up. Granny however beat the holy crap out of me with a rolling pin and a pie pan.
RetepAdam (11 months ago)
I appreciate you acknowledging that you just snatched this list off Twitter.
TheFamilyShow Kids (11 months ago)
I’ve got some wwe gameplay
Jacob McMillan (11 months ago)
Man the gameplay in Uncharted is not good
Jesujej (11 months ago)
super secret pacman ghost """"A.I."""""
J K (11 months ago)
This is a Grade A++ example as to why videogames are art. So much crafting on small details that many of us don't even see / notice
Scum Nutt (11 months ago)
I stg if he says the assassins creed 3 axe head is ACTUALLY the AC symbol (amazing ikr) I'm going to kill myself
Conor Eiffe (11 months ago)
In the case of Mario Kart, the A.I was and is faster than you
iNREEk (11 months ago)
This is awesome. Wow subbed
Nikola Matašin (11 months ago)
Rubberbanding... genius... it's one of the dumbest thing ever, if you're good, you'll lose races you should've won, if you suck you'll win races you should've lost, so basically... game is punishing player for actually being good at it. For this reason I prefer Midnight Club series over NFS, MC has AI which adjust to player's level after certain amount of races have been won or lost. So the better you are the better opponents are, but they still don't effectively cheat. On other hand NFS... you lose to shit opponents, one of the worst being NFSMW's last race, AI has car which has about 20% worse stats than yours (assuming you drive fully upgraded car). X-Com's thing is as stupid, if it worked just half way (as in, if you lose team members you get aim boost), it would be fine, but why should I be penalized for actually being good?

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