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10 Amazing Facts About Escape From Tarkov

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Text Comments (212)
Dan Rashtizadeh (9 months ago)
This game is the best FPS and most realistic game I've ever played. I bought the STANDARD EDITION($44.99) and after a few months playing I noticed my stash size is too small so I upgraded to the LEFT BEHIND EDITION(74.99)......My stash was STILL too small so I got the top of the line one called EDGE OF DARKNESS which was over 120 dollars but honestly THIS GAME is worth it. Other developers should learn
The Darkness past (1 year ago)
its a new experience so ity might as well be up my thicc alley
yourmoneyismine (1 year ago)
fact 11: the servers dont work
Sillesregor _ (1 year ago)
It's not a story
Llama Rrama (1 year ago)
Good job reading directly from the games FAQ!
Llama Rrama (1 year ago)
Almost every single word out of his mouth was on the FAQ
SueMeNow Please (1 year ago)
I want it to be on ps4
Peter Semaan (1 year ago)
I doubt a console could effectively run this game.
A Ghost. (1 year ago)
it can't be on console guys. the controlle are basically half the keyboard.
A Ghost. (1 year ago)
anyone else building a PC just to play this?
Gage Kellstrom (1 year ago)
my laptop with a 950M ran this with all low settings at 30 FPS, so, im in the boat with ya.
Ecco The Dolphin (1 year ago)
dude this is so me. lol I just bought the edge of darkness preorder and doubt my laptop will even run this game lol
Insert Name (1 year ago)
………………..,/¯../ ………………./…./ …………./´¯/’…’/´¯¯`·¸ ………./’/…/…./……./¨¯\ ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’) ………\……………..’…../ ……….”…\………. _.·´ …………\…………..( …………..\………….\…
Faggio Corbin (1 year ago)
I hope it's going on console
Bill Bo Haggins (7 months ago)
And the controls... and animations.... and maps..... and everything
the graphics would be dumbed down alot
Tomish (1 year ago)
Faggio Corbin No... sorry
Andreas Thiel (1 year ago)
This game need to Come On consoles!!!
Pointtakenbrah (3 months ago)
There is always some edgy PC cunt who comments whenever someone says ANYTHING about consoles.
Mister Orgasmo (1 year ago)
+NOOB-Y-LATION maybe most of the buttons on one button like what they did on god of war on psp
Tomish (1 year ago)
Andreas Thiel Need more controls sorry
only reason it's not coming for consoles is complex controls which requires more buttons like in a keyboard
Marksman 5147 (1 year ago)
didnt juj mi by mi grammer nd my foto console games can have native MnK support if the dev chooses so ie warthunder, Paragon, etc
laura m (1 year ago)
maybe console dev's should make a keyboard controller?
Tomish (1 year ago)
Sagnik Baidya like arma
TheDurt (1 year ago)
is it gonna come on console??? I hope so
Adventure time Gamer (1 year ago)
is it coming to ps4 ?
The0riginalTwo (2 years ago)
Just as a warning some of the info is a bit out dated or just plain wrong, if you want to have the correct info i recommend visiting the games forums and browsing it for info.
Salahuddin Ayyubi (2 years ago)
Talk about realism shheeesh!!! I hope there's character customization because I don't want to be either just Marine's or Spetznaz.
Salahuddin Ayyubi (1 year ago)
I have nothing against Russian's but I will shoot them if they shoot me in this game.
Max Galehmatov (1 year ago)
anyway your character should be exmercinary of one of those organisations, cause if your character speak English guys with russian characters will shoot you on sight. while killing guys from your ex team will give you bad karma.
Salahuddin Ayyubi (1 year ago)
Great then I want to be in the middle of the fray.
Max Galehmatov (1 year ago)
there will be prorussian "mercenaries"(russian exsolidairs and USEC (united security)armed guards fighting eachother. they are two factions.
Salahuddin Ayyubi (1 year ago)
I will kill for myself and not for untrustworthy mercenaries if Marine's and Spetsnaz wishes to kill me.
Leohardson Stevenson (2 years ago)
Why the fuck did they make this only online????? I don't want to play online i want a pure realistic survival game very difficult with fatal enemies and very difficult to survive!!!! Why the can't make a serious game???? I'll made my own game and call it "there is no escape" or maybe "already buried"
412 Delinquent (2 years ago)
it's offline too...
benny lambert (2 years ago)
No offline mode isn't "amazing" it's fucking annoying as shit I feel like you lose a lot of people do that type of shit
Damn im really bummed that it isn't on console yet!
godofkings17 (2 years ago)
is this cultofmush?
Black Sun Rising 666 (2 years ago)
You lost me at MMO.
Black Sun Rising 666 (1 year ago)
Hello. HS!
The125412365 (2 years ago)
Edgars Daronda (2 years ago)
looks sweet
Kris Meissmer (2 years ago)
looks like arma in cool :)
Mr DeBicWun (2 years ago)
i hope the game tells me to "get out of here S.T.A.L.K.E.R"
Krystian (1 year ago)
its got cheeki breeki now no joke xD listen to the scavs
SpawnPixel (2 years ago)
I can't fucking wait for this game.
HAMMAD AAMIR (2 years ago)
Tell me the background music name please ...
Jordon morrissey (2 years ago)
Im so confused is this cultofmush
FrankDaTank1218 (2 years ago)
As an Arma player 10 square kilometers ain't what I would call "Large", although I hope that means every building is enterable (or damn near every) and the game is pinned at 60fps or more with a decent PC.
burr (1 year ago)
Larger that 10 Square kms would be to large.Arma only needs to be large because it's combined arms.
CGB Spender (1 year ago)
Bunch of russian youtubers or people who preordered expensive pack and got access to alpha say that almost every single building is enterable and objects within are intercative. The world feels "alive". Don't worry.
TheMetalViking666 (2 years ago)
absolutely agree. in this day and age, nothing else is acceptable if you ask me. we have the technology, there's no excuse
JDXD43 hi (2 years ago)
how could this game not be for someone who likes any shooting game, it has just about everything!!
onehappy pepper (2 years ago)
just wait for a zombie mod.
Krystian (1 year ago)
G1ZM0T0 (2 years ago)
I want this game to be good so bad but my hopes are low til proven otherwise
Exzavior Williams (2 years ago)
I think fr just the few demos and things lile this, thisay be one of the best games for a while, future and past, just a few problems I hope they clarify
mmmmm yep I like it
Alexandru Mutiu (2 years ago)
This will be "Stalker 2"
theblack venom (2 years ago)
this seems like the better version of day z.... Im Excited
Jose Fernandez (2 years ago)
Will this release on ps4?
Danger Daniel (2 years ago)
+TheBossMan 423 The devs stated that it is too early to talk about a console release. It may come, it may doesn't. Time will tell.
Cpt. Hotah (2 years ago)
Cpt. Hotah (2 years ago)
Same. Edge of Darkness.
pinindajin (2 years ago)
+TrueGamingPassion Same... the most expensive version haha.
Danger Daniel (2 years ago)
+TrueGamingPassion Which version? :D
Adamfreeksack 03 (2 years ago)
soooo it's dayz meets cod
Krystian (1 year ago)
no its dayz meets its end.
Mitch S (2 years ago)
Cant wait for this, just hoping its optimized well..
Krystian (1 year ago)
it is i got the alpha everything runs fine for me on ultra
George Bassett (2 years ago)
I just bought the limited Edition I should be in alpha around the time the Division addiction wears off.
T0nyMc420 (2 years ago)
is this going to be on consoles?
Mordant221 (2 years ago)
Man.... sucks its online only. I can see having to deal with a lot of douchebags and cheaters.
burr (1 year ago)
It's not.
Banana Chieftain (2 years ago)
+Kcthewwechamp no joke this is Arma fucking four
REDCELL (2 years ago)
+Banana Chieftain xD Ha-Ha!
Banana Chieftain (2 years ago)
+Kcthewwechamp i pre ordered this game and also this is arma 4
Damian cruz (2 years ago)
Isn't this going to be on console to, also I know that this is supposedly a mmo but I hope there will be somewhat of offline mode
Krystian (1 year ago)
it will be offline for the alpha but after the alpha they are removing it and It wont be on consoles too many controls and if you dont believe me well i got the alpha and I can confirm that there is 12 ways your character can walk I wonder how you can implement that on a console
Jason Howard (2 years ago)
now this game is coming out for ps4 right
Adolfo Manzanares (2 years ago)
+d james yea
Adolfo Manzanares (2 years ago)
+d james they never say the release date, they only announced the year that is "2016"
Adolfo Manzanares (2 years ago)
Yep but we have to wait more time than PC players
Noriuz daymaker (2 years ago)
if its gonna look like the gameplay trailer its gonna be epic :D - go home dayz and all others :P - sadly i dont trust russians --- thanks to sergey titov
Ben Button (2 years ago)
Can you spray your weapon?
kirby 5329 (2 years ago)
+Ben Button oh. I got no idea then
Ben Button (2 years ago)
+kirby 5329 haha no sorry mate I meant to customise spray it with paint, like greens and beiges
kirby 5329 (2 years ago)
+Ben Button if you mean hold the trigger and empty your entire mag into 1 enemy then yes but i dont recommend doing that because recoil management will be vital during gun fights in this game, and if you try to spray and pray you'll not only miss most of your shots you'll also run out of ammo very fast.
Cheeki Breeki (2 years ago)
You can literally find all of these amazing facts in the trailer..
Froddy (2 years ago)
Think i am going to buy the most expensive edition (The limited one) Even if it's like 1000 swedish kr but so far it looks awesome couse i need a whole new computer for the vive!
Michael B (2 years ago)
What was the song playing in the background?
You Dont know me (2 years ago)
Right up your ass...i thought he was going to say right up your ass....
Triigger20 (2 years ago)
Already love this game
Aniello Aprea (2 years ago)
this game will probably be released late 2016 like around x -mas time I don't see it coming out any earlier tbh.
Danger Daniel (2 years ago)
Any news on the price?
Danger Daniel (2 years ago)
+ANONYMOUS AUSTRALIA Yes little man, but don't tell your parents that you wrote an insult. That's unpolite. :)
Cheeki Breeki Comrade (2 years ago)
+Mr. Atomic Annahilation dumb dumb...really 
Danger Daniel (2 years ago)
+ANONYMOUS AUSTRALIA Thanks, but I already got an answer, little dumb dumb. :)
Cheeki Breeki Comrade (2 years ago)
+Mr. Atomic Annahilation its on the fucking website
Danger Daniel (2 years ago)
+InfernusMaximus Thanks. :D
anerjegikke (2 years ago)
Well time to get a new PC and be poor as fuck again
dead5dealer5 (2 years ago)
+Ara Avagyan no idea, but eft won't be on steam when spring sales happen
Ara Avagyan (2 years ago)
+dead5dealer5 guys do you know when are the spring sales commin? i mean spring is hsld over and no sales yet :/
kirby 5329 (2 years ago)
+dead5dealer5 for me it's not. as a matter of fact it's a big reason why had to quit arma altogether.
dead5dealer5 (2 years ago)
Aw. Well arma is a more complex game, and from what I've seen EFT will have some of the most complex controls in recent history so good luck with that. But learning can just be a part of the fun too :D
cl br br (2 years ago)
at the rate at which this ALWAYS ONLINE thing is going on skynet is not too far
Steef Goediegumdrums (2 years ago)
What happends when you die? i hope you lose evrything like dayz
Dr Bosch (2 years ago)
+DanTheAussie Oh. Sorry, didn't realise, Im stupid. D:
DanTheAussie (2 years ago)
+Dr Bosch Was kidding mate.
Dr Bosch (2 years ago)
+DanTheAussie I am reasonably sure this was only something considered by the devs in the early stages of development. No, now when you die, you lose the items on you. If you buy insurance, I am reasonably sure you can get money back from npcs though.
DanTheAussie (2 years ago)
+Steef Goediegumdrums When you die, you lose your only life in the game and can never play it again. Unless you buy it again with a separate account.
Machi TV (2 years ago)
you do lose everything
GrandAssassin4 (2 years ago)
I thought this was a DICE game.
Im Qith (2 years ago)
Easily my most anticipated game of 2016!
Jipsey21 (2 years ago)
ahmed 225 (2 years ago)
+Filip Scharin really? you sure did you watch 10 for the chairmen where chris gets qustions and ansowrs them and from what he said i think it will live up to the hype like he said you will be able to board a ship and go turn off power or life suport and there is a ship in game you can man it with 37 players so yea
Im Qith (2 years ago)
+ahmed 225 it won't live up to our expectations
ahmed 225 (2 years ago)
i dont get it?
Im Qith (2 years ago)
+ahmed 225 star citizen is way to ambitious
Joseph Tanef (2 years ago)
It is right up my alley!!!
CrabJuice (2 years ago)
i didn't know cult of mush had 2 channels!
Chris Webber (2 years ago)
+Thepa267 Ya I really like Mush and I find him really relatable. I found out he had 2 channels a couple months ago and am glad I did. I do like looking at hardware and such, but of course I love game news and thats why i've made my pc to play games
slummest (2 years ago)
I've been subscribed to both for a while now but just found out it's the same guy
CrabJuice (2 years ago)
+Jack Hagan agreed
Jack Hagan (2 years ago)
Yeah I only found out this week. If he advertised this channel on mush he would gain atleast ten thousand more subscribers.
axel raven (2 years ago)
Great video Mush keep it up
Matthew Aq (2 years ago)
This game is going to be so real that it won't be fun to play unfortunately. It would be even harder than actual life....
ugnius rag (2 years ago)
you dont know any thing about real life combat, so dont say that the game is harder then it. If you dont like it just dont play it.
kirby 5329 (2 years ago)
+cameron phillips it most likely will be but for some people thats what makes it fun.
Charles Xiong (2 years ago)
That is the point. It is a hardcore survival game, not a kid friendly arcade shooter like cod
lilsnake1 (2 years ago)
+San Mattew Thats the point of a hardcore realism game...
Kawkeen (2 years ago)
+San Mattew It's gonna be so real that it will be as fun AS real life. With super powers. (not) I'm gonna love the game man.
Quoc Tran (2 years ago)
will I be able to buy this on steam or only from battlestar
Harry Chu (2 years ago)
+cyberpunk2020 yea, the development team said it will be on steam, but only after the game released
PunkCyber (2 years ago)
+Quoc Tran Steam, but I think you have to pre-oder it on the offical website
RedSteel (2 years ago)
So i will not be able to continiue the game without my mate? Well, bye Escape from Tarkov...
kirby 5329 (2 years ago)
+Matteo Ferro for a onlime only video game it also means you have to be in a server, and if you're in a server you may have to deal with other players whether you like it or not. this game is like h1z1 and day in the sense that you have to deal with players when you play the game. there's no option not too because it's a always online game right now. even if you enter a dead server there's still a chance a player will come in and attack you so like dayz and h1z1 players are always there
Matteo Ferro (2 years ago)
+kirby 5329 Online means you have to be connected to the internet.
kirby 5329 (2 years ago)
+Matteo Ferro actually it does. if your required to play online that means your required to deal with players however the devs want you too. personally i think thats really shitty since the game is story driven but maybe it will work out who knows.
Matteo Ferro (2 years ago)
+Marcus Tharaldsen Online only doesn't mean multiplayer only.
JakeB (2 years ago)
You can still play probably, it's just more difficult
Lues (2 years ago)
any thoughts on ds 3?
Ros De (2 years ago)
11: The devs promised a English twitch stream but said ''fuck it'' at the last minute.
Clayton Smith (2 years ago)
The English stream was canceled because they couldn't get it working and rescheduled it and the Russian one crashed mid stream after being laggy af most of the time
reyesarsenal9 (2 years ago)
Will buy if coming to PS4.
kirby 5329 (2 years ago)
+cyberpunk2020 well according to what ive heard the game runs on the unity engine and has low spec requirements so its possible the consoles can handle it. the question is do these Russian devs care enough about the consoles to see if it is possible or not.
PunkCyber (2 years ago)
+reyesarsenal9 Devs say the might port it to console but don't get your hopes up. From gameplay video and interviews, the game is probably too much for the consoles.
ASAP Killuminati (2 years ago)
Its not
Herr. Darkstone (2 years ago)
Coming this game to PS4?
+MR. Darkstone эта забава не будет на тупом пс4 запихни свою пс4 для себя в жопу
PunkCyber (2 years ago)
+MR. Darkstone Possibly, but I woun't count on it.
Konpaku Riii (2 years ago)
+reyesarsenal9 I already got Destiny, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, FF XV Demo and BO3 on ps4
Konpaku Riii (2 years ago)
+reyesarsenal9 I asked, cuz I want to get No Man's Sky and Final Fantasy XV + X/X-2 HD + Kingdom Hearts 3 and wanted to know if 500gb is enough
reyesarsenal9 (2 years ago)
Right now I have like 6. Fallout 4, FIFA, TrackMania Turbo, Pure Chess, Division and Just Cause 3. Only Pure Chess is digital of these.
Tommy Pheap (2 years ago)
This looks iteresting.. Looking forward to it
Banana Chieftain (2 years ago)
spolier alert...this is arma 4
R W (2 years ago)
another dayz, h1z1.. hopefully this one will be better
CosmicSilence (1 year ago)
Thank god you didn't say this looks like COD.... I have seen around 10+ people say that it looks like COD smh
Discount Strelok (2 years ago)
+Tim Macdonald this feels like stalker even devs from stalker are working on this
Tim Macdonald (2 years ago)
+Raphael W I suggest you take a look at their dev process, there's plenty of videos they've made. I think this game is a bit deeper that something like h1z1.
Kehinde O (2 years ago)
+Raphael W I see this as more metro last light than dayz or h1z1
Bobby Rush (2 years ago)
This needs to come to Ps4
Lewis M (2 years ago)
If only I got a PC instead of PS4
dodongo0943 (2 years ago)
really looking forward to its launch, and great vid gc
fpsgamer94 (2 years ago)
hopefully its not a disappointment lol
Zyko n Action (2 years ago)
Just hope this game is well optimized!
LeDragonborn5555 (9 months ago)
No, just google escape from tarkov and you shouldn't have trouble finding the site from there haha
Cameron Horn (9 months ago)
LeDragonborn5555 thank you sir you should be a salesman is this a steam game?
LeDragonborn5555 (10 months ago)
not sure if you picked up the game since this comment, but mother of god does this game not only look amazing, but runs like butter. easily one of my favorite games to date
MrWheatley (11 months ago)
dirty fucking cod playing casual
Monachus Bibe (2 years ago)
+PR Headless86 they've turned quickly a lot in this video. what are you talking about?

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