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Beyond Good and Evil 2 NEW Gameplay Trailer (Massive Open World Game 2018)

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Beyond Good and Evil 2: NEW Gameplay Trailer (Massive Open World 2018)
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zeland luli (21 days ago)
I still play beyong good and evil😂anyway,i like the idea that in the new game we can JUMPFFF ahahhahaha😂
LIANG YO (26 days ago)
Ten years for making the suck game
lsian Волк (2 months ago)
all about aquarium (3 months ago)
game setted in I N D I A
Sky People (3 months ago)
This is No Man's sky ? LOL
Aaron Rodrigues (2 months ago)
ReDragon fortnite in sales
ReDragon (2 months ago)
no game could surpass Star Citizen
1nterruption (3 months ago)
Sky People No. They're aiming to be better than Star Citizen. Hahahaha! Idiots 😂😂😂
Dome (3 months ago)
I Just hope this game has a character Editor.
Black Parade (3 months ago)
It does
Frederique Hocquet (4 months ago)
J'adore 💕 écouter des français parler anglais, le top. Sinon continuez les gars super taf j'ai hâte de pouvoir le tester. Allez la french team :)
Bryant Jr (4 months ago)
It's the same gameplay lying mfs
Fardad Hasanzadeh (4 months ago)
12 years for this???
Achilles ! (4 months ago)
tought it would be more realistic .. sad there is no blood or damage signs :(
Achilles ! (4 months ago)
Castle Road Official allright dude .. you give me hope that they will Change some things :')
Castle Road Official (4 months ago)
Achilles ! It's pre-alpha
Akeem Perez (4 months ago)
Pre alpha...jeeze so release 2020?
A random dude (21 hours ago)
Its in 6065
Ferencs Salvoski (1 month ago)
Akeem Perez (2 months ago)
M AS stop killing my dreams it's all i have left
Jack Sparrow (4 months ago)
so they just taked the alpha sections from the original bg&e and they turned them into the pre-alpha this game just sucks
MrMaffia41 (4 months ago)
Jack Sparrow its pre alpha they are working on expanding the universe. And the origian bg&e was mostly a water world. Here you get to go into space explore the cities fly around the globe etc etc
Si Filey (4 months ago)
I've always found Ubisoft games very boring to play. Never been a fan of the Creed series.
Mike Oxlong (3 months ago)
Si Filey I would recommend playing Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. You get to sail your own huge ship with your own crew of pirates, around a huge open world. The sailing is nice and smooth and it also has ship combat if you're into that sort of thing.
Tatienou orest (4 months ago)
space pirates!!!
Joey HeidtGray (4 months ago)
the real detail need to be down on city level! u want to be able to walk into every building, pick things up, I want it to feel like a living city..
DidaxS (3 months ago)
I don't think it would be possible to walk into *every* building, but considering the great work Ubisoft has done with the worlds of some of their latest games (particularly Assassins Creed) I think the world will be amazing. What worries me is that they focus more in the world than in game mechanics or the story
The Vigilante69 (3 months ago)
That's way to ambitious for a game I don't think they can do that until next generation consoles
Bro9650 (4 months ago)
Joey HeidtGray that’d be amazing but keep in mind this is Ubisoft we’re talking about. It’s best to keep expectations low.
Mr dynamite (4 months ago)
Im pretty sure its coming out late next year like August
Sanglierification (4 months ago)
Michel Ancel is the mastermind behind Rayman
Sevi Sky (4 months ago)
Best game ever!
Marian Of Cintra (4 months ago)
This is pretty good! :D
Doesnt Exist (4 months ago)
They need to focus more on the single player aspect but combat does look awesome
Pol Freixes (4 months ago)
Llevo es petando esto ace años
Jordan Pringle (4 months ago)
1:35. so you can *JUMPFF*
The H (1 month ago)
2:09 Space... SpaceS*
Wyfix_ Animation (1 month ago)
Jordan Pringle the french accent X)
Baptiste Dru (4 months ago)
Sexy l'accent français 😁
Wyfix_ Animation (1 month ago)
Baptiste Dru mdrrrr
Alvin Wallace (4 months ago)
Not too heavy on the 'gameplay'
Alvin Wallace (4 months ago)
Infinite one haha, u right. Really I'm just focused on State of Decay 2 right now.
Infinite one (4 months ago)
Seriously, red dead 2 is out in a few months and you wrote that comment for this video lol.
Talwick (4 months ago)
That was exactly my point.
Alvin Wallace (4 months ago)
Talwick My brother, the title of the video is misleading then.
Talwick (4 months ago)
The game is still a long way away. This is just pre-alpha demo footage from a livestream with the devs ...not a "trailer" like the title of this upload claims.
Fapped to the new main character
Luke (4 months ago)
Jade where is jade ? This is just not right
JairN Williams (3 months ago)
Luke how about now?
retrogamer244 (4 months ago)
Luke it’s a prequel to the first game.
Luke (4 months ago)
Explainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lol
WHODATBOi NAV (4 months ago)
Luke you sir are very late indeed this game was mentioned a year ago i think and it was already explained......have you ever met jades mom? thats a hint

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