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Hitman Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Yacht (Hitman 6 2016)

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NEW Hitman (Hitman 6) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review and Mission 1 of the Main Story for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This Hitman 2016 Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Single Player, Multiplayer, Main Story Missions, Side Missions and the Ending of the Campaign. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... Twitter: http://twitter.com//thaRadBrad Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theRadBrad Hitman is an action-adventure stealth video game that is currently under development by IO Interactive and will be published by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Hitman is a third-person stealth video game in which players take control of Agent 47, an extremely well-trained assassin, travelling to international locations and eliminating contracted targets. As in other games in the series, players are given a large amount of room for creativity in approaching their assassinations. The level-design of the game features a structure similar to that of Hitman: Blood Money, as opposed to the linear structure of Hitman: Absolution. Every level in the game is a small sandbox which can be explored by players. Levels are also larger in Hitman, in which the maps in the game will be "six to seven times larger than the biggest levels in Absolution".
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Text Comments (16381)
M.Edward Camisa (2 days ago)
i hope brads gonna have a give away ps4 or xbox really want to play this game if....im one of the winners lol 😊
Den Den (6 days ago)
Iceplayz gamez (9 days ago)
Ive never heard of this guy he so popular
Kannaya Suman (11 days ago)
play the classic of hitman 1 and 2 ,hitman contracts and blood money
Synovial schiavone (13 days ago)
ive been here since absulution
Aditya Dahiya (13 days ago)
do you play on PC or laptop?
Iceplayz gamez (9 days ago)
I play on turtlez
mikea williams (13 days ago)
Z96P (15 days ago)
Ik I’m late and idk why but he didn’t snap the necks!!
Gambler show (18 days ago)
admirable bro
randle rains (20 days ago)
What's the difference between Hitman the complete first season and Hitman the definitive edition? I'm trying to figure out which one to buy
Djilali Boss (21 days ago)
Djilali Boss (21 days ago)
Jalea Phelps (22 days ago)
xbox 1 please
Daniel Mohi (22 days ago)
This is rdiculous... Why are they giving a label oongames like this... Beta... It should be Alpha
Charlie P (23 days ago)
I won't it
cool andrew Gonzalez (23 days ago)
Xbox one,s
THE BOSS TEAM (27 days ago)
Doug Carruthers (28 days ago)
I didn't know about this hitman..... Tell me this was nothing like that train wreck absolution
Harrison Bowman (28 days ago)
That part was so easy
NAD47h Dhruba (1 month ago)
well played rad .This is true that you played too rough like a rookey end of the video. Hitman is not a game of rough playing but a special game of assassination.
ThatWeirdoTV (1 month ago)
2year late squad
Sahil Manzoor (1 month ago)
this game is classic
james dalton (1 month ago)
You suck
ThatWeirdoTV (1 month ago)
xio hunsan (1 month ago)
@14:40 Moment of learning kids: It is actually called "a bust". As in "Oh my! That is a great bust of Abraham Lincoln."
The Textinator (1 month ago)
Just saying when you go on a killing spree and all the civilians run.. do they stay in a big group and wait til they say the coast is clear and go back to what they were doing or do they run to where they are safe and not on the map anymore
game online (1 month ago)
2018 ???
Ozone The Rapper (1 month ago)
2012 squad stand up
HASSASIN ALI (1 month ago)
We need a mgs movie
supreme beam (1 month ago)
do stop motion it will look amazing on toys
Jatin Yogesh (1 month ago)
So cool
Maicon Dos Santos (1 month ago)
Essa porra pegou o jogo 1 mês antes do lançamento wtf????
Games and Apps finder (1 month ago)
See gameplay of hitman sniper- How to get more token https://youtu.be/J1oSKLEkazU
Heinne Winandha (1 month ago)
2:40 why Diana face looks diferent
Jaxzen 619 (1 month ago)
U playing this makes my cringe
Merhi Taktak (1 month ago)
Nice 👍🏻
jakiri fuller (1 month ago)
Mines won't work it sends me back in my Xbox home
ken breslin (1 month ago)
I love this YouTube channel
deliriumstrain (1 month ago)
I killed over 5 guy's it was funny
Agent47_Hitman60705 (1 month ago)
Agent 47 is awesome
Zyaan Shahid (1 month ago)
Hit man is soo cool I have the summer pack
like hitman game for its silent kills and the games garphic are so good .hitman blood money was it awesome
like hitman game for its silent kills and the games garphic are so good .hitman blood money was it awesome
Chris Pinto (2 months ago)
Hi I am watching this in July 19 2018 so hi I like this gameplay dude
OMAR (2 months ago)
I remeber when i turneed on my ps2 and started playing
Arkham Night (2 months ago)
Is it too late to get the copy of the game because I want the PS4 one
mrdrastic (2 months ago)
I love your vidz keep it up!
metaljj (2 months ago)
are you gonna play the full hitman 2?
jedai order (2 months ago)
please I want for pc
Laenthor (2 months ago)
"Guys I don't know where to go!" *ignores waypoint Typical...
Tavi Meg (2 months ago)
Ahmed Adel Sorour (2 months ago)
I been here since hitman absolution 🙌
ermahd vincent (2 months ago)
ermahd vincent (2 months ago)
Sub me
Jed McKenzie (2 months ago)
Pedro Murillo (2 months ago)
U rly took that long to finish it. I fuckin finished that one in like 10 min or less on my first try
Heather Baxley (2 months ago)
Graphics look really good weight for battlefront two
Amilcar Fernandez (2 months ago)
classic hitman!
This will sounds really weird but I am in love with 47 Hitman are amazing games. And I love the idea of characters and this will sounds even more weird but I am this crazy fangirl of 47. He is so hot, cute with his shaved head and sexy, ocean deep eyes
Esteban Padron (2 months ago)
The best hitman game was for sure blood money but absolution is under it
the one and only Youtuber that sucks so so bad at gaming ffs learn to play off camera
CryBaby Studios (2 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Slicky Kid (2 months ago)
This game looks so awesome. I love the games. I like how it tells you what to do step by step into completing the mission. That's helpful.
PowerUpVoltage (2 months ago)
Isn't this game free?
Esteban Padron (2 months ago)
PowerUpVoltage i got it cause ps plus but I don’t think it’s free anymore
Iesha Duffy (2 months ago)
PlayStation please
Super Ki Dimensions (2 months ago)
When I played this mission, some guy told me to F off so I punched him in the face and the cops were after me so I fake surrendered and shut some of them down but a snitch saw me and then I died
Beetel Blast (12 days ago)
SinfzPlayz (2 months ago)
I am taking notes cause I wanna assassinate trump
Geeta Arya (2 months ago)
You are the best in playing games
FNAF LOVER (2 months ago)
X Box 360 or X Box one
Clemens Claude (2 months ago)
amazing graphics
Robert Stryker (2 months ago)
I like all your walk-troughs and would like a game, any system, ant game.
Poke (2 months ago)
A little bit different from xbox
Jermore Fortin (2 months ago)
iitskiara (2 months ago)
I hate how slow and dumb he moves
Moon Daniyal (2 months ago)
U r the best
Voltorinz (3 months ago)
You are a really great gamer.
Trina Luckock (3 months ago)
Which Hitman game is this please?
Skidi keep Pop pop (3 months ago)
lol 14:40 it says: Pick up: Bust, because the item is a bust. Brad says " I don't wanna bust that, right in front of those people? are you kidding me?
Ground Breaking (3 months ago)
Syed Hussain (3 months ago)
HipHop-TV.Blogspot (3 months ago)
You sound like Esoteroic the rapper
Feel.s (3 months ago)
"I don't wanna bust that in front of those people, are you kidding me?" Its not telling you to bust it, its a bust...
sana suzy (3 months ago)
This is amazing!!.. It has surround sound👍
Abdou Lr (3 months ago)
system requirements please ? can my laptop DELL inspiron 5567 i5 7200 U 2.5 Ghz 2.7 GHz 8GO RAM AMD Readeon R7 M445 (2GO ) ??
Maryam Kannab (3 months ago)
Joe Tsai (3 months ago)
I like the way you explain in the game, especially the Detroit Become Human! Great job and keep it up!
warrior demon (3 months ago)
Question do u need gold to play did game cause I'm downloading right now on my xbox1
Bananaphone1212 (3 months ago)
Hitman actually has emotions, despite his generic coding. Hence helping diana in absolution, his pet bird in blood money, his pet rabbit in his childhood, his helping the pastor and gardening in the second game.
Irfan Khan (3 months ago)
I like x box 360
Harley Quinn (3 months ago)
absolutions hitman was much sexier,musculer,handsome,ruthless
shehroz Ahmad (3 months ago)
krishnam raju (3 months ago)
hitman can hit you anywere be stealthy
malak hitman sniper (3 months ago)
Da Gam3r Boss (3 months ago)
Your gay brad 31:0
muyeez kutty (3 months ago)
So boring
Samuel C (3 months ago)
Omfg i remember playing hitman back in the 2012 got me right in the feelings
Sports With Luke (3 months ago)
Didn't you get fired from Disney channel
Puffer G (3 months ago)
Would it be so difficult for square Enix to just add the damn platinum trophy in this game.. there’s 8 dlc’s, why do they keep doing this?
Geo Boy (3 months ago)
Man whoa badss man I loved watching and p,along this game man
Maddox D (3 months ago)
Yes I was there I was cool I finally I fergot about you
MasterPro in MIncraft (3 months ago)
your so great your awesome al the game that i want you have i wish i can download what do i what because some games have a error that i can't fix.

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