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Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain - E3 2015 Trailer

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It doesn't look like Kojima will be at this year's show, but he did send a new Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer. So there's that. Cheers Hideo. Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (3625)
Gatsu (2 days ago)
I love coming back to watch these trailers <3... This is still perhaps the best trailer ever made.
Coulda been great, instead it's just really good
Quiptipt Nyqtphimq (6 days ago)
If this game had an extra 2 years, it would have far surpassed MGS3.
still loading (8 days ago)
New world order?
n00by666 (15 days ago)
Maybe the best Trailer ever....
Naif Da Firenze (17 days ago)
Les Enfants Terribles. Zero Called it
Magnus718 (20 days ago)
I absolutely love this trailer, the only trailer that comes close in comparison to me would be Gears of War 2
Isaiah Rivero (28 days ago)
The first time watching this trailer back in 2015, i just thought it was just a bunch of random cut-scenes and stuff to throw people of, but now after playing the game again some time ago, and understanding it's story, the trailer actually sets up the type off story and it's themes really, really well. Still my favorite game off 2015, it's a shame it will never be finished. But hey just like it's name, we the players will always have a Phantom pain.
Dana Zangana (29 days ago)
the pain is real!
Zyber 0wl Carter (1 month ago)
Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Tapes
Isaiah Rivero (1 month ago)
Zyber 0wl Carter That's funny man, but i feel like In a game were talking/languages was one off it's biggest point. and how story's and it's main characters, can still work without any words, by using other means like visual storytelling in the cut-scenes, or threw your actions as the player. Was a better way off telling the story than just simply explaining it in a 2 hour long cut-scene.
Sonny James (1 month ago)
The two Elis, looking back, that was so misleading.
America (18 days ago)
Sonny James everyone thought that the other one was david
Sebby (1 month ago)
This is the same music used in death stranding E3 2018 trailer
shweta paliwal (1 month ago)
I play metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain in intel Gd graphics in low settings and it works smoothly
Isaiah Rivero (1 month ago)
"With this i rid the world of infestation, psalms lingua franca the world will be torn asunder and then it shall be free" - Skull Face. WOW i never really paid attention to that line, But it makes Alot more sense when you understand Skull Face's plan. English is one off the most spoken languages in the world, and the more people speak it, the more influence America has over the world. And the more influence it has over the people, then the people start to forget their own languages and customs, for the customs off the western culture. And this is what skull face was trying to stop from happening, he wanted to destroy the English language so other countries wouldn't be under it's control and be Free. Say what you want about MGS5 but that's some out of the box thinking from Kojima.
AirKangLocker (1 month ago)
Zach Mauro (1 month ago)
If only it let you replay the campaign....not just the missions individually. Still one of my all time favorites
Gerif Klazen (1 month ago)
2018. It's finally time to play this game.... I've been putting it off long enough... I'm going in!!!!
TheToasterOfTime (2 months ago)
Elegia by New Order. A tribute to Ian Curtis.
jeff roca (2 months ago)
I'll call my childs "les enfants terrible"
Chris B (2 months ago)
Watching this and the other trailers, I thought this game was going to be some epic tale of how Big Boss and the others became utterly jaded by revenge and the normalisation of war. That he was going to just spiral downwards into being some kind of anti-hero who just used any means necessary to win. Even if that meant killing civilians, using child soldiers, torture or any other dirty tactic. Aside from the obvious answer of Kojima vs Konami messing up the development, how the hell did this game become the disappointment it is.
Skeleton King (2 months ago)
Cada cierto tiempo veo este trailer, esperaba mucha más como juego, como historia. Quería ver la transformación de Big Boss como de bueno a "malo", quería ver que la gente que lo rodea dudarán de sus acciones. Este era la oportunidad para ver mucho mejor en profundidad a Big Boss, como tomo esas decisiones, pero no, prácticamente no me dijeron nada (solo que es el doble de Big Boss) de ahí nada más aparte del fanservice... Este trailer me encanta pero el juego o mejor dicho la historia dejó mucho que desear.
Yordy Gomez (2 months ago)
I can't believe I'm still watching the same trailer again and again ig i really like it so much
Stuart Murphy (2 months ago)
Like watching Lynch's Dune. Great game, but could have been so much more. As for this trailer... This is a master class on editing in-game dialog and iconography around a pop song. And the way he alludes to "les enfant terrible" at the end is just the icing on the cake... The man is fucking elite.
This is not xanax (3 months ago)
Coming back and watching this after all this time knowing we will never have what we once had again. Truly Saddening
song name | new order elegia
Evolve With Otoki (3 months ago)
"The greatest symbiotic parasite the world's ever known isn't microbial--it's linguistic. Words are what keep civilization, our world, alive. Free the world. Not by taking men's lives but by taking their tongues."
Evolve With Otoki (3 months ago)
If. Only. Kojima. Was. Allowed. To. Finish. This. Game.
Hollowox Hollowox (3 months ago)
MGS 5 is a stellar game no question about it . i am a fan since the MGS1 back in 1999 and this one is the real deal and definetly the best episode of the series as far as i am concerned.
Isaiah Rivero (1 month ago)
Hollowox Hollowox *WOW* you don't hear that often, I personally loved The Phantom Pain as Well. It was actually my first MGS game, and it definitely blew me away. It's story was so Great and was told by a very different way, then most game usually do. Ether by visual storytelling in the cut-scenes, or by cassette tapes which you could listen before or during the mission. And DAMN the game-play was awesome. I nearly put 3 months into this game and haven't regretted it at the slightest.
Javi Legoff (3 months ago)
Has anyone decoded the morse code 4:17
Aster (4 months ago)
and to think Konami fired Kajima for this....He practically made them, and this is what he got in return? it seems they took the ideas of scull face to heart.
asdf852asdf (4 months ago)
I never found this song in the game
Apple Bloom (4 months ago)
It doesn't look like Kojima will be at this year's show, but he did send a new Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer. So there's that. Cheers Hideo. Or in conclusion:"FUCK KONAMI"
JJ KK (4 months ago)
the spine tingling glory
number1swiftie Pourazari (5 months ago)
And go straight for the guy wearing no fucking clothes
number1swiftie Pourazari (5 months ago)
If you lay prone they walk right by you...
number1swiftie Pourazari (5 months ago)
Bro. I can make it look like he's levitating with this shit...
number1swiftie Pourazari (5 months ago)
number1swiftie Pourazari (5 months ago)
number1swiftie Pourazari (5 months ago)
number1swiftie Pourazari (5 months ago)
They aren't allowed to shoot me. ;)
number1swiftie Pourazari (5 months ago)
It's my point of view.
Kevin Langley (5 months ago)
This game is an absolute disgrace to the metal gear trilogy. You used to eat boa constrictors in the jungle for food to survive. Smoke a cigarette to lure in an enemy and silent kill. Realistic shoot outs. Now it's some final fantasy nerd boy zoom in on tits unrealistic fake garbage game. Could've pulled the millions of people interested in realistic shooters, but now they get a handful of nerds who like to get a hard on over cheesy anime girls. So disappointing, I grew up on this playing with my dad when it was a gripping game way back when it was PlayStation 1, this is a disgrace and makes me sad. He'd roll in his grave if he saw this garbage. No wonder I haven't heard any of my serious gamer friends mutter metal gear in years....
Ivo Barberi (5 months ago)
It's curious how this trailer stayed in my heart that the song bring me here qhen I listened it in stranger this
Yokai Don (5 months ago)
The game is epic but Hideo forgot about the simple things like adding JUMP button not just Jump in 1 place I mean even I can jump higher than snake also same button to climb over things as grab heavy artillery and the name is PHANTOM PAIN like really where tf are the crocodiles frogs or snakes I really miss these from mgs3 Instead of puttin sheeps or ponis put some fkn savage animals come on we all want a badass game other than that the graphics are just awesome and story is 50 50
erhe etrherh (5 months ago)
Trailers were better than the game.
MAAAAPLE (5 months ago)
This trailer is still and will be forever legendary
number1swiftie Pourazari (5 months ago)
Otacon... I lost my Native tongue...
number1swiftie Pourazari (5 months ago)
Everything was stolen from him...
Dan S M (5 months ago)
This game is going to stand the test of time, and I guarantee you the story will be appreciated the same way mgs2 was. Right now it’s clouded by its high expectation, and relatively less cut scenes. What is here is haunting, and very deep. The real under pinning here is the medics team are all rejects and survivors with ultimate brotherhood and loyalty to each other. Big boss actually screwed over every one of them, he screwed over the player. The message at the end isn’t we’re big boss, it’s he f—ked us over. That’s just one of many things that were taken the wrong way about this game. When people do deep dives and analysis on it it’ll stand up as being ahead of its time.
WrenchNinja (5 months ago)
Dan S M Nah
Ross Sneddon (5 months ago)
A masterpiece.
mcryan07 (6 months ago)
I still thought that was Solid Snake at the end
Ship Toast (6 months ago)
The music kind of ceases to be epic once you realise it was in Pretty in Pink
Braylon Mayeaux (6 months ago)
What a great ending to a legendary game franchise
Braylon Mayeaux (6 months ago)
Your pretty good 👉🏻👉🏻
JPalm27 (6 months ago)
I could watch this trailer all day.
LoL don't know what this has to do with MGS but really, I want to break every one's words, no more words. Sorry. Do the rest of the animals use words when they think? I doubt that, oh and have people thinking the grass is blue and the sky is green. LoL
Dawid Kowol (7 months ago)
soon 2018 still love this trailer
Aram Shakkour (7 months ago)
>words can kill wow sounds deep >playes game yeah fuck me
Tower of Babelling. loL
momo (7 months ago)
Everyone here is feeling the phantom pain.
KGaming (7 months ago)
Why couldn’t this game have been better then the trailer...
WillPG1212 (8 months ago)
Definetly the game with the greatest trailers ever... but damn, did it not live up to them.
Bipin Adhikari (8 months ago)
This is the best game i had ever played.
Colton Fondrick (8 months ago)
Phlegmatic Lymph (8 months ago)
This trailer has noting in common with the actual game plot
Kyle Kidwell (8 months ago)
Paz is a pain because the medic had a chance to save her ( small one at that) and couldnt thats why shes a pain ( phantom type) he cant recreate what he had so his mind created it for him, from his standpoint, he wont be able to cope
Penny Sheldor (7 months ago)
Kyle Kidwell the entire game is a phantom pain.
Myles Porter (8 months ago)
This looks like a fucking horror game not metal gear wtf
t40364 (8 months ago)
Wow they managed to fit every cut scene into the trailer
Big Dave (8 months ago)
RIP josh
Cc C (8 months ago)
Best trailer in the world
His Snake is Solid (9 months ago)
*When death stranding releases* "The world that the boss envisioned shall finally become a reality."
mac88white (9 months ago)
This trailer > MGS5
AEY Gaming (9 months ago)
Should have had Morgan freeman narrate it
Tanner Wolstein (9 months ago)
Mgs will never die
Happytreefriendsfan3 (9 months ago)
Fuck, I'll never get over what this game could have been, what a tragedy.
The Keeper (6 months ago)
The game isn't bad it's still very good
MrManBuzz (9 months ago)
Happytreefriendsfan3 I know. Watching these trailers again is bringing up the painful disappointment I felt after finishing MGSV. Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
Armaan Chowdhury (9 months ago)
The best video game of all time. Coming from an MGS fan
Semibrucelee (9 months ago)
The game that could have been.
Mr_v00d00_risin (9 months ago)
Damn i need to play this game again...
Joseph (9 months ago)
Imagine if this game was released?
Dark Jedi Knight (10 months ago)
When I heard this song in stranger things I remembered this trailer
StarLord61297 (10 months ago)
skullface, although a terrible villain by mgs standars, has one of the smoothest voices i have ever heard
Blister Monde (10 months ago)
"les enfant terribles, Zero called it" - And Kojima did absolutely nothing with it...
codeagent47 (10 months ago)
Analysis of Verbal Behavior
MFA Castro (10 months ago)
This trailer is amazing, and the game is just as amazing as this, it's the most deep and complex game of all. People who complain about the game didn't really understood the whole geniality of it (I used to do it too, so I can say for myself). MGSV doesn't show you the story in prepared cinematics that explains everything as in the other games, you have to interpret the ambiguous scenes and really feel Venom Snake's experience as he turns himself in the legendary Big Boss (and when you understand everything, YOU become the Boss too). I hope one day everyone can see how awesome and complex TPP really is, It's Kojima's philosophical masterpiece, with one of the greatest gameplay mechanics of all time.
Gordon (11 months ago)
I started realizing something was wrong with Phantom Pain only after 3-4 hours of playing. I first realized...wait, why isn't Snake saying anything? Where are all my cool characters giving imput on the story. Wait! is that story all on these cassette tapes? WHAT!!!! You want me to listen to 20 min audio fucking recordings!!!??? Where are the bosses??? What is happening? NOOOOO!
Gordon (11 months ago)
After the disapointment of MGS4 (yes i know, some people seem to think it was great, i thought it was quite bad) I was hoping for a great MGS5. After playing ground zeroes whose style of gameplay seemed unsual at first but which actually gave me a great impression in terms of atmosphere and sneaking, i was actually thinking that the Phantom Pain was going to be the greatest video game experience in a decade, i was wrong. It's sad to say but the thing i liked the most was just running around and doing some cool jumps and exploding stuff, but unfortunately without a solid storyline and incentive to use that cool gameplay, it just gets boring very fast and i felt i had to force myself to try and CREATE some cool situation in which i could do something cool and also manage to remain stealthy somehow. In addition you learnt quickly enough that all that sneaking you overdid in ground zeroes (because you felt you could get spotted so easily at first) is actually not really necessary. You learn the tricks really fast and in Phantom Pain its just too easy to take out everyone from a safe distance. Why do i need to get close when I can do everything from afar? What's the incentive? Just challenging myself for the sake of challenging myself? It doesn't seem right. That hard mode where you don't have any weapons? Why shouldn't I have weapons unless it's special mode (those mission were repeat but actually considered real storyline missions) ? Why can't the game be hard as fuck without any conditions such as no weapons or game over when spotted? I think it's because there were almost no confined areas in the game which was the case in ground zeros (the tent area, the outdoor prison, and mostly the base) and that would have balanced the game better.
SF (11 months ago)
Long live New Order.
Let It Rip Sports Show (11 months ago)
To me at 4 minutes and 46 seconds , Skull Face signifies signifies signifies that we all have our role to play. That's just me though
Joker_Kat13 (11 months ago)
River Webster (11 months ago)
According to Hideo Kojima's notes in the Piggyback Collector's Edition Guide's art gallery, Skull Face's role is that, while he is indeed the story's villain and antagonist, his character is not simply about Good and Evil: He has lost something, which results in him suffering from the phantom pain. He also states that his absence will leave the player with a sense of lasting phantom pain. He also explains in the same source that the reason he doesn't have a standard boss battle is to further promote the theme of a chain of revenge, a phantom pain, the continuous chain that one experiences when a target of vengeance is gone, something that would not have been possible via a standard boss fight, unlike most stories where good vs. evil encounters are given in Hollywood movies to satisfy the audience.
Daniel Spotswood (1 year ago)
Still haven't finished the game
FΞLIPΞ PALHA (1 year ago)
this trailer is basically describing Venom's life. Skull face and Venom have a lot similarities
InconspicuousTrex (1 year ago)
The perfect trailer to generate enormous amounts of hype. It still hurts to this day what this game has become...some sort of...phantom pain.
carlos carlos (28 days ago)
VOCALCHORD PARASITES. I was very disappointed by this silly plot. The trailer makes it look like a more profound take on language. But nope.
Justin Martinez (1 year ago)
Adam Miller (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ (1 year ago)
Fuck gtav. Fuck the last of us. Best game hands down combined with ground zeroes
Ivan Trevino (1 year ago)
No game and the ending for said series ever had as much hype as this.
King Notsh (1 year ago)
All the E3 trailers this year have nothing on this vid
Donatas Gelumbauskas (1 year ago)
In his eyes the greatest symbiotic parasite the world ever known isn't microbial its linguistic (rashan) language

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