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MOUNT & BLADE 2 Bannerlord - 24 Minutes Of Gameplay Demo (2018)

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MOUNT & BLADE 2 Bannerlord - Female Gameplay Demo Part SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcH3D_e9fzxvf1ELkSeVSLQ My email for business inquiries & others: rainbowarthd010@gmail.com
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Text Comments (44)
TheKingsGuard (19 days ago)
omg this person isn't bad at all
moha glade (1 month ago)
the player is always fighting on top of the mount like a coward
GuileMike (1 month ago)
can't wait for this!!!! So will is be out withing another year? thing has been in development forever...
Mapper Polska (17 days ago)
It's still unfinished. Needs 10 more years for demo and another 10 years for release
FORZA JUVE (1 month ago)
Demo on ps4
Jake4595 (1 month ago)
That horse side step is glorious
Liranriel (1 month ago)
Why no one play with first person look mod?
Iron Man (1 month ago)
i like how she rides and fights at 7.10 with a spear in her chest))
сергей ков (1 month ago)
we have "Kingdom come" already R.I.P. Mount & Blade XXX
Ahmed Dwedar (1 month ago)
Can I download this demo 🤔?
Tekno Toby (1 month ago)
The.National.Blade (1 month ago)
What happened after 9:15? I fell asleep.
That female main character has a nice looking mongol face ^__^ Great, I will choose Russians to torture mongol woman to death in their revenging.
Nathaniel Claw (1 month ago)
Would be the mongols doing the raping tho?
Grondin Le Gredin (1 month ago)
rape them all
Nuno Siri (1 month ago)
the arrows dont stick to body anymore?? and headshots dont kill instatly?
Jonah Lane (1 month ago)
The return of shapeste, Praven, and Sargoth
Lee Jones (1 month ago)
3:02 LOL
Bolun Xia (1 month ago)
What the hell are these looters made of? 93 damage and not dead?
Bolun Xia (1 month ago)
Severna Snaga Probably, that’s what I figured.
Severna Snaga (1 month ago)
Bolun Xia Probably 100hp is new base health. In Warband its like if you did 58dmg and he had 60, one more swing, and he is dead
Bolun Xia (1 month ago)
Wow, you can receive stuff from helping out a caravan. Cool!
Bolun Xia (1 month ago)
I love how when you talk to someone, you can see everything and the conversation only happens in the top right. Huge improvement from Warband.
Reinfarcements (1 month ago)
The UI looks so good compared to Mount and Blade Warband.
Weiliang Tan (1 month ago)
Can buy now?
Yiğitcan Özmen (1 month ago)
Duy Lê (1 month ago)
Nice !
Hunnic Warlord (1 month ago)
3:02 what the hell was that voice? That "Forward!" voice is so horrible
Bolun Xia (1 month ago)
Hunnic Warlord I thought it was fine. Nothing out of the ordinary, really.
Hunnic Warlord (1 month ago)
I like her voice itself, but that "forward" pronunciation is too horrible to listen.
Bolun Xia (1 month ago)
Sounds like you don’t like Alijin’s voice.
Mathias Radenez (1 month ago)
It's a placeholder
Franz Rehrl (1 month ago)
nice Video. Thanks for sharing it <3
Mourka (1 month ago)
Best game play so far, I couldn't stop it until I saw it to the end.
Sonya Blade (1 month ago)
23:50 gay clubs? im sorry im not a native english speaker, what did she say?
Turquois S (1 month ago)
Rackie (1 month ago)
more like "geiyp cloase"
Rackie (1 month ago)
"get close". but yeah, it sounded really weird
Yzb. CutMe Orses (1 month ago)
Yes gay clubs
Radziwill (1 month ago)
I hear "gay-cops"
Sniff_Snaff (1 month ago)
nice you advanced well than part 1

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