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15 Disturbing Moments In Video Games That You Wouldn't Dare To Watch

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The interactive medium has given us some of the hardest to watch scenes in history. Here are the top 15 most disturbing scenes and moments in video games. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-Get-a-Bolt-of-Gaming-Now-241308979564/?fref=ts FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR DAILY NEWS, REVIEWS AND MORE: http://gamingbolt.com/
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Text Comments (7201)
The Ded Authority (4 days ago)
I swear that part in MW2 was the funnest mission
Howie Twitch (6 days ago)
#12 wtf
Turbo K.O. (9 days ago)
You forgot where we see doctor Eggman in Sonic 06.
jose moncada (21 days ago)
Very delicious gore in metal gear solid 5 and the others games I love gore nudity etc I need a gore mod in just cause 3 and assassin's Creed syndicate ps4
Joshua Cormier (23 days ago)
I will never understand why the Terrorist attack from MW2 isn’t on here....
PS Johnson (1 month ago)
i was so happy to see quiet kill all of those motherfuckers
uburton (1 month ago)
14:31 Why didn't Quiet just shoot him with one of the soldiers' pistols? Is she a sadist or something?
Richard Snyder (1 month ago)
5:30 oh look, it's Mike Tyson
R4MM57EIN (2 months ago)
Most disturbing moment in gaming: dota 2 game starts and someone starts talking voice chat "cyka blyat idi nahui pidaras xaxaxa!"
Mozarel (2 months ago)
4:43 what the fuck is she???
Fangirl Survival Guide (2 months ago)
Any death scene of Matt in Until Dawn is awful enough to be on this list😂
SumDoodie (2 months ago)
11:05 scp-096 screaming
Atibu (2 months ago)
Finally ! A video for before sleeping zzz..
Maik Antunes (2 months ago)
For me the most disturbing was the girl smashing the guy's Testicles, Its makes me feel a lot of agony.
Hdh Hdhs (2 months ago)
Whats bad about rape if girls like sex
MafiaJuggalo (2 months ago)
Number 1 got to me. Having my own kid and all. The rest was mild
Baconlaymedown (2 months ago)
I watched this with a straight face. Should I be worried
Anti Age Restriction (2 months ago)
I don’t know Minecraft is pretty brutal
Chromeangel234 (2 months ago)
Downpour scared the shit out of me but I liked the game
Roblox Savage (2 months ago)
1:04 I feel so bad for him ;-; I cried as well
123perrin (2 months ago)
ken word (2 months ago)
I thought bj's dialogue was the worst part Wolfenstien; he says the same shit and it becomes boring, not even memeworthy.
Zafufa (2 months ago)
"in in video games"
TheCheese06z (2 months ago)
"The doctor" is named trager and he has a beef jerky ass. None of these are really super scary except for beef jerky ass. Because he was just a normal doctor guy before everything went to shit.
Wolfeana The RainbowWolf (2 months ago)
I want to play these games and be as bad i can to get the most disurbing shit out of the game 😅Is it just me
Warframe Crunch (2 months ago)
24:30 Well that was kind of stupid instead of scary or something. And number 1 was actually the worst in the meaning of meeeh nothing special.
Miranda Sanchez (2 months ago)
Outlast is my favorite, that scene gave me goosebumps
CyberJay1226 (2 months ago)
No wonder kids are so fucked up. I know that’s what people said when I was a kid.. blaming music and video games but damn, what is this shit?
Wolf (2 months ago)
It's not even disturbing (for the most part) The Doc from Outlast was when I first played it though
RW : V (2 months ago)
the CoD airport part is completely idiotic. the people who put that in a video game should be shot into the sun. there is no point any of that shit should be in a video game. it's only purpose is for shock value and controversy, that's it. and to let fucking lunatics live out a fantasy. i play a LOT of violent video games myself, but that part in CoD went WAY past just violence. it's fucking sick.
i dont feel so good (2 months ago)
Who took thats ladys from metal gear solid clothes, she mist be cold...but seariusly she outsands so much thats its painful XD
Rasmus Max (2 months ago)
First game Heavy Rain is free for PS4 this month!!! 😁😁
That One Guy (2 months ago)
The bomb removal one for some reason gave me child birth vibes.
ComedyFury (2 months ago)
Just watching the number 15 makes me hard to watch. Well, I think this is gonna be fun.
CodiWolvez zzz (2 months ago)
I can’t believe Until Dawn is just number 8 that crap was insane
piano lover (2 months ago)
White phosphorus
Papa Molly (2 months ago)
this list is dookie
Rheinmetall (2 months ago)
"Watch out it's a monster! Let me take care of this Jill!" Why was it left out of the list?
Jamms _ (2 months ago)
For heavy rain it doesn't have to be a saw there are other objects as well
thatdopegirl (2 months ago)
that rape and revenge scene from MGS 5 was SICK.
Madiocar (2 months ago)
11:03 SCP-096??
FUNKY MARILENE CAT (2 months ago)
Madiocar lmao it's his voice
Kevin May (2 months ago)
What about "the" scene in outlast whistleblower
Carol (2 months ago)
The Silent Hill series has endless disturbing moments to choose from (Lisa's famous scene in SH1, Pyramid Head and the Mannequins/Abstract Daddy in SH2, mirror scene/vomiting God in SH3, and so on), and yet all these 3 moments in the video are barely disturbing at all... The fetus one was a little amusing, to be honest. It would have been much more disturbing if it had a childish voice.
Tide Pods are yummy (2 months ago)
i liked to see this
Vartic Darius (2 months ago)
yosri GGX (2 months ago)
little nightmares is the worst for me
sym667 (2 months ago)
2:55 I would have thought of a more surgical precision!
Samuel Patchin (2 months ago)
You choose a Silent Hill game for your #1 and it's Downpour? Your list is bad and you should feel bad.
Yaygen Mills (2 months ago)
Oh wow I forgot to cringe sorry 😉
Edmund Slayer (2 months ago)
Why is the one with a bitch so fucking long. Literally am I the only one getting of these shit unrealistic games that portray females as somehow more capable than men due to social stigma that surrounds them so this sort of this is the kind of game we end up with?
BL1TZKRI3G (2 months ago)
8:03 *Nani?*
Justin Driscoll (2 months ago)
The most disturbing was when the narrator says " button compilations"
VentusLoire (2 months ago)
metal gear is just too fucking weird, never got on that train
Oniyx2 (2 months ago)
*snaps child's neck* If you like what we're doing, press the like button and subscribe to our channel.
Chaitanya Mashelkar (2 months ago)
how the fuck did I end up here again???
Chelsea Joss (2 months ago)
what about celemtine when she odes her own stitches in season 2 gameplay
myoriginalname (2 months ago)
The part in silent hill homecoming when you have to shoot your own mom should have made this list.
Miguel tvid (2 months ago)
clickbait welp back to deep web
Mehmet Bekir Birden (2 months ago)
MSG V with that many scenes? It is lame.
Kyo Chan (2 months ago)
Until Dawn looks like SAW!
Minh bựa Gaming (2 months ago)
The outlast one :)) "No ,not my fingers! I play yatzy with those" :))
basic bich (2 months ago)
Where's clem sewing up her own arm? The silent hill drill moment is not even disturbing compared to some that you didn't even put in the video.
I'm Slavic ! (2 months ago)
Number 12 was the stupidest thing I ever seen
Hyperactive Hero (2 months ago)
The voice acting is what makes the first one. Holy shit.
Darkchild0079 (2 months ago)
Quite forever after that scene!!
Sam Hudson (2 months ago)
This guy hasn't played alot of games has he?
Har Oun (2 months ago)
it's not disturbing for me i think i waste time watching this
I actually quite enjoy the GTA torture moment. Trevor makes it enjoyable, or I'm a psychopath.
deminybs (2 months ago)
IMO the gta V one should be way lower or not on the list at all lol
LNCRFT (2 months ago)
GTA V was the absolute least disturbing one compared to all. Dead Space 2 was the most shocking one for me.
Tomi Vehviläinen (2 months ago)
It's an okay list. Nothing too bad.
NASCAR Wolf 2003 (2 months ago)
Im just gonna stick with NASCAR, Madden, and Minecraft
vapors (2 months ago)
Black ops 1 nova gas scene was pretty bad
JUL IEN (2 months ago)
Where is Manhunt?
Christiann1 (2 months ago)
I was expecting the whole list to be Telltale games Walking Dead Death scenes..
RealMuthaF (2 months ago)
Christ that Metal Gear scene is absolute cringy anime-style trash
Reddome Jodeci (2 months ago)
I remember when the COD airport shooting came out and ppl culd possibly have ptsd flashbacks if playin that
zion (2 months ago)
the most distrbing was the spec ops one since italso shows a mother and child who were killed by the burning.
zion (2 months ago)
god...i actually didnt even watch the whole thing i just want to watch the wolfenstein one.
ProtoType4588 (2 months ago)
ehm bad ending kids neck got snapped then "and if you like what we are doing go ahead and click that subscribe button" thats the most disturbing part of the hole video
Harold Bauer (2 months ago)
This video has a clickbait thumbnail.
Chad Adaza (2 months ago)
I would save ashley, since I respect whamen
Purple Kid (2 months ago)
After the Boogieman killed the kid you end the video with: If you like what we did subscribe. WTF is wrong with you
xXDaddy PoolXx (2 months ago)
If we wouldnt dare to watch, why did the people that played the games watch. And why does this video have so many views? Get your shit together
Slenderman Forest (2 months ago)
I want to sex that girls ass my god i want to stick my penis there
Josh Beebe (2 months ago)
I want the commentator to talk me through sex.
DubelG6 (2 months ago)
Rule of Rose? If you've played it, you know what I'm talking about.
Matt Youyou (2 months ago)
The number 1 is absolutely NOT disturbing AT ALL while the number 14 is disturbing AS HELL !!!!! There's NOT THE SLIGHTEST LOGIC in your Top15 !!
Zonex123 (2 months ago)
eddie gluskin
cordez warner (2 months ago)
Should be a try not to laugh challenge😂😂😂
Doggo 5567 (2 months ago)
When it comes to Wolfenstein the nazis did that crap
Young Gentleman (2 months ago)
Cod and gta should not be on the list
Zer0Gravity21 (2 months ago)
I watched all of these in their entirety when i firat played these games.
Otaku Craves (2 months ago)
False, the most disturbing scene in PT is the fridge scene
Reaper_ExD (2 months ago)
Yo that last one tho...
TomozukiII (2 months ago)
Where is the Punisher?
psycho sinical (2 months ago)
Boobs are pretty lazy sometimes, like if you agree
Competitive Gameplay (2 months ago)
Skip to here if you don’t want to see the first one Start 0:48 End 2:14
Asics Basics (2 months ago)
Why would make something like this for god's sake
Expired Poison (2 months ago)
I hate this...;-;

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