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6 PS VITA Games that NEED to Come to PS4!

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In this video, we take a look at 6 PS VITA Games that NEED to Come to PS4. Which of these titles are you interested in? Comment your thoughts on 6 VITA Games that SHOULD be on PS4! These are the 6 PS VITA Games that NEED to Come to PlayStation 4!. Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order. Support us with Humble Monthly! - http://bit.ly/2DkRJjl Subscribe here! - http://bit.ly/GameCrossSubscribe Follow us on Twitter! - http://bit.ly/1QYqnTp Support Us by Using this Amazon Link! - http://amzn.to/1eQsQy2 Games present in this countdown- Uncharted Golden Abyss Persona 4 Golden Muramasa Rebirth Freedom Wars Soul Sacrifice Delta Killzone Mercenary Credit for Outro Music- Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (72)
Sabrina (14 days ago)
Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core ☹️ I’m still hoping for it, although it’s very unlikely.
Spartan Guy (1 month ago)
How to get Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice, & Killzone Mercenary for PS4? Ps Tv + PS4 Controller = PS4 game
Evil Accel (1 month ago)
thats a good idea I NEED SOUL SACRIFICE DELTA!
loktar (1 month ago)
Ugh I want Soul Sacrifice on the PS4 so badly, or on the PC (wishful thinking) would love a sequel as well, criminally underappreciated game.
solarneddy (1 month ago)
Luminies, but I understand it’s on its way soon
Music2Anime (1 month ago)
I didn't forget about freedom wars. That game is amazing!
Idiotic Tirades (1 month ago)
They should just sell these in 3 game collections call them best of Vita collection or something to that effect
Idiotic Tirades (1 month ago)
Unit 13 and Killzone Mercenary should be ported.
nope (1 month ago)
If they can only port Soul Sacrifice Delta it's enough to me. It's my favorite game and the dude that made the story is a genius. Gameplay and spells are just amazing too
XgamerX (1 month ago)
Hey EA...look at all of these great single player games that aren't riddled with micro transactions...ha
Tammara Brown (1 month ago)
Freedom wars hasn't been solently forgotten about. From Vita fans
Christian Groff (1 month ago)
Yeah, that would be fun - I enjoyed the quality of life improvements Persona 4 Golden had and actually enjoyed exploring the dungeons. It would be nice if they had a PS4 version of it.
Chebout Ridha (1 month ago)
Ezio Killer (1 month ago)
Uncharted Golden Abyss would be great to play in PS4
Daniel Bendel (1 month ago)
Silent hill book of shadows?
In Freedom wars music is cool.
Juice Box (1 month ago)
Wed Stein (1 month ago)
Soul sacrifice delta and fredom wars are the game that made me buy vita.
Diego Harter (1 month ago)
Just give me a Killzone Collection!
Dick Deepinsideher (1 month ago)
Soul Sacrafice is super underappreciated. I would love to see the franchise on PS4!
dustanglx50 (1 month ago)
Memories Of Celceta Army Corps of hell Tales of Hearts R Unit 13
JACK jcs (1 month ago)
I must buy a psvita before it disappears D:::::::
Andrewmon (1 month ago)
You forgot Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
A2 (1 month ago)
Soul Sacrifice is the best ps vita game. It is simply a masterpiece
Maximillion Roivas (1 month ago)
Although it is already on PS4 in Japan, the only PS Vita game I would like to have a North American release on the PS4 is *The Caligula Effect* that would be awesome.
MrRighteousfish (1 month ago)
Freedom wars was dope and free on ps plus a few years ago
James Myers (1 month ago)
Resistance needs to be on here too. Bundle all resistance games on one disc will be epic
Yoshi Davis (1 month ago)
And freedom wars
Yoshi Davis (1 month ago)
I'd lose my shit if soul sacrifice hit ps4
Juan Alf (1 month ago)
I use my Vita everyday, anyone else a Vita lover here? I highly recommend it if you like/love Japanese games otherwise it's probably a waste of money for you. I do want to see another handheld from Sony with lots of western support.
ZeonicFenrir (1 month ago)
I still use mine on a daily basis and it’s my favorite console!
Idiotic Tirades (1 month ago)
Juan Alf I use mine everyday too. Play Asia and Limited Run are still supporting Vita. I have over 100 retail games and another 50 or so digital. Persona 4>Persona 5
nope (1 month ago)
Juan Alf Not really a waste of money. Even tho the vita doesn't get big AAA titles anymore it still has a huge library of amazing games. Enough to distract you for a few years
Resla Ega (1 month ago)
yup i still using it to play danganronpa v3 :D. btw my vita is Henkaku so i just can download the game that i want
Gentlemen Gamer (1 month ago)
Juan Alf we do not need another PS handheld
Ryan Straub (1 month ago)
I loved all these games. It makes me sad they are abandoning the Vita. It’s my favorite handheld of all time. It could have been so great if they just would have advertised more and supported it with more frequent game releases. RIP Vita.
tomateLopes (1 month ago)
I just want that Soul Sacrifice.
Locii97 (1 month ago)
jo adore (1 month ago)
Soul Sacrifice on the switch? hmmm 2 joy cons... one save the other sacrifice (and fate as well). A man can dream
Mars Fab (1 month ago)
Its funny i own all those games! I'll say this, some of those fames would require some quality of life changes.
hellgun (1 month ago)
Give ps vita a monster hunter with online features and u will bring it back from the dead.
DEADPOOL (1 month ago)
God of war collection
SSJ_ Aryaan (1 month ago)
There's a ps4 game made on the freedom wars engine called Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet
TomatoDragonPSN (1 month ago)
Loved Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, Valkyrie Drive. Would double dip on ps4.
Al J (1 month ago)
Hi Game Cross. Do you know anything about GTA Liberty/Vice City Stories coming to ps4? I remember ages ago the ESRB here in U.K gave it an age rating but then there has been nothing? Loved Vice city stories. Really want to platinum them both and also Max Payne 2.
Swaggy c (1 month ago)
what about PlayStation all-stars they can put a lot of new characters in the game. i think that would be nice :)
Antonio stratos (1 month ago)
I would love crisis core on ps4
Abu 635 (1 month ago)
Wtf is the point of ps vita if these games come on ps4, y would anyone even buy ps vita
loktar (1 month ago)
Sony doesn't care if anyone buys them anymore. The Vita is effectively dead.
Joaquim Hodder (1 month ago)
I actually kinda wanna buy one
Joaquim Hodder (1 month ago)
Abu 635 for portable gaming
Original Juice (1 month ago)
Killzone Mercenary just might be better than Killzone Shadowfall, they should port it over to ps4. $10- $15 price point it would sell
referral madness (1 month ago)
6 ps vita games that need to come to the ps4 ? How about 6 ps4 games that need to come to the vita or at least I wish would come to the vita even though they obviously never will :( 1.mass effect andromeda 2.Any yakuza game 3.persona 5 4.God of war 5. Monster hunter world 6. Tekken 7
Devin West (1 month ago)
I really want p3, p4, and uncharted golden abys
Marechan28 Gaming (1 month ago)
They have tear away on the ps4.
Gentlemen Gamer (1 month ago)
Most of the vita games I want on PS4 are already on PS4 I really want a persona 3 and 4 remaster collection
purelelez (1 month ago)
Gentlemen Gamer That would be dope asf, i just hope that Deep Silver will publish the game in europe like they did with P5 😕
James Whelchel (1 month ago)
I would love for uncharted golden abyss to come to PS4 it's by far my favorite vita game and my favorite series
James Whelchel (1 month ago)
I would love for uncharted golden abyss to come to PS4 it's by far my favorite vita game and my favorite series
pop2uno (1 month ago)
You forgot Resistance: Burning Skies. It was good.
nope (1 month ago)
pop2uno Meh. It's good but not good enough to be on ps4
Kratos (1 month ago)
it's sad to see such a promising handheld system to get abandoned by its own father, but at least I still got plenty of games to dig through even though I bought the vita since launch day. I don't think I would buy them again on Ps4, but it would be great for people who never own a psvita to play them on the big screen.
Boom Daddy Cool (1 month ago)
Kratos as long as vita doesn't do to playstation what u did to your father Zeus Vita will be alright😎
DimensionGhost X (1 month ago)
Remember them PSP days tho
Matthew Mayo (1 month ago)
But but... NT! Jk, i miss it too
Mohamed mudei (1 month ago)
DimensionGhost X final fantasy dissidia
ACE OF SPADES (1 month ago)
I love soul sacrifice, is a good game, the gameplay with the time can be boring, but the story is amazing and give you some emotions
NON GRADA (1 month ago)
jo adore hahaha lol i see what you did there, MHW
jo adore (1 month ago)
Dude the story was amazing! Definitely better than going to an island and killing a bunch of monsters who were living peacefully till savages arrived.
HECTOR HERN (1 month ago)
thats another succesful episode nice done bro greetings vro x5🔔

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