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My girlfriend decided to pull a prank on me and destroy my ps4 by throwing it in the pool but little did she know she was destroying alot of stuff I had on my system! Click here to subscribe! - https://www.youtube.com/user/prettyboyfredo?sub_confirmation=1 New videos posted weekly. Follow me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/prettyboyfredo/ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Prettyboyfredo Be sure to follow me on Twitch- http://www.twitch.tv/prettyboyfredo My Career , Mypark , Stage , high rollers Best jump shot NBA 2k16 Vc glitch , Legend 5 Mascot , 99 overall , pro am myplayer
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Text Comments (94844)
Herbert Radner (2 hours ago)
terribly sorry
Its_ Syn (2 hours ago)
Im a HUGE FAN now i just started watching your vids like about a week ago and i already love u. You are my jesus u are what i beleive in i love u soo much and i would do anything to meet u ❤❤❤
Den Ten (7 hours ago)
are you not pissed off behind the scenes like c'mon ps4
Emmanuel Fernandez (10 hours ago)
What do you doing
First the bowcony and now this?
BloodBone223 TV (21 hours ago)
November 2018 where yall at
Michael Black (23 hours ago)
she sooooooooooooooo cute :)
MintyMango (1 day ago)
November 2018???
Horizon ND beyond (1 day ago)
Why do you do such thimgs so FREDO gets pissed.stupid GIRLFRIEND.but thare kinda fun though😆
Coco Dreamz (1 day ago)
Come on 🤦🏻‍♀️ how is that even funny anyway.
William Molina (1 day ago)
JACOB OAKLEY (1 day ago)
have a tantrum! you dont look 4
adel ourabi (2 days ago)
god girls are dump
Jordan 23 (2 days ago)
Jasmine you're a asshole
Quamari Williams (3 days ago)
Who hear 2020
いくらか (4 days ago)
よりにもよってPS4かよ 男の夢が詰まった宝物やぞ! 処刑より残酷だ
Dede Putra (4 days ago)
I got one,,yeah ps1
Damani Gibson (4 days ago)
He is so funny
Lebaron Mclean (5 days ago)
Homicide! Call the ambulance!
Thomas jarred Fronda (5 days ago)
Tinaye Mazonde (5 days ago)
he said jasmine baby you stupid kkkkk
BorkLaser (6 days ago)
What a fucken baby... 👶🏼😭
Lando Calrissian (6 days ago)
What she should have done was throw the new one in the pool pretending it was the old one.
Aadipie (6 days ago)
*Fucking Stupid* Slams PS4 into pool and dives right in to get it back
Dj shadowdustX (6 days ago)
Lucia Garcia (6 days ago)
Better be lucky that booty fat xD
Random ops Gaming (6 days ago)
I feel so bad for both of them
Lockwood Studios (6 days ago)
And that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend
Daniel Asamnew (6 days ago)
From his other PS4
Daniel Asamnew (6 days ago)
Does he not know he can transfer the data
Hyper Gamez (7 days ago)
November 2018?
Prime God (7 days ago)
You can manually put the data out of the hard drive to the pc...from the pc to the other ps4 the data was not damaged
baibhav (7 days ago)
Vương Nguyễn (8 days ago)
ngu thế,đáp ăn cẹc ak
Ady-Maryk Ady (8 days ago)
Idiot girl
Alannah Burns (8 days ago)
I now how it feels if someone does that to me but BOI how the hell didn’t she know about PS4 or any console have hardrive it has the same part as the computer
Elisabeth Suarez (8 days ago)
If only it was water proof! Lamo
WereBakedFreestyles (8 days ago)
This man Fredo got a prank video doing Drake numbers lmao
Juan Gonzalez (9 days ago)
Malditos millonarios 😤😤😤 y yo que me conformaria con una PS4 dar pero no me alcanza para comprarme
Terrell Campbell (9 days ago)
Put some Nair in her Shampoo & Call it Even...
Cypher King (9 days ago)
If you think this is fucking funny, you must be on serious drugs...
Mya United (9 days ago)
What was that song playing in the background 😍on 5:53
Lutz Beuttler (5 days ago)
darude sandstorm
Black underarm haha
Wah Wong (9 days ago)
Virgilio Jr Diaz (9 days ago)
Anne Margaret Mendez (10 days ago)
Why you couple keep pranking each other and get angry
Litflame (10 days ago)
Your gf is bullying you ps4 life
NASIRUB1 (10 days ago)
You should have been on PC, free cloud saves for days!!!
Tron Norway (11 days ago)
Never heard about backup.
Let's take a minute to realise the fish in the pool.
Bangla Marvel (11 days ago)
Gf loss ps4 win 😂 That's call true gamer 😂
Reversal Roblox (11 days ago)
Do girls even know what gaming is
domba gaming Gaming (11 days ago)
Mukanya kayak tanboy kun
Iced out Claus (11 days ago)
He don’t know that he can get a new ps4 and log on his account and go to library and redownload everything stupid ass🤦🏿‍♀️
Gamer Guy Play (11 days ago)
Nycomenic (12 days ago)
All his game progress was stored in the PS 4 hard-drive so buying a new one won't get all his data back
zulfian andrianur (12 days ago)
He doesn't subscribe ps plus? Internet? Damn
Yio Something (12 days ago)
You all know that you can just let it dry right?
Adrianna Vazquez (12 days ago)
I would've lowkey done research to make sure it was ok, hell it would've been better to just throw the new one in there, better yet, get some cardboard and paint it black make it look legit lol
Nicola Basciu (12 days ago)
Like chi è italiano
unknown ghostbody (13 days ago)
bass_ slayer23 (13 days ago)
Hell my wife threw mine in a wood chipper lol it's just a game system u can start all over again 😂😂 didn't bug me any
Marcela Hernandez (13 days ago)
🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓 goon to far
Detzurai Y. (13 days ago)
i would've broken up with her 😂😂
Daniel Powell (13 days ago)
If u did dis prank and u got another ps4 u should've threw the new ps4 in the pool to make him think that his actual ps4 just got thrown in da pool i wouldve been smarter Jasmine
Simone Capitanio (14 days ago)
Ha fatto bene Juve merda
KB Pops (14 days ago)
Lmao anyone November 2018 ?
Amber-Lei Curtis (14 days ago)
The-Family-Man (14 days ago)
It WaS a PrAnK bAbY, i GoT yOu A nEw OnE
SwangBoy29 Yt (15 days ago)
33mill got damn
TimeLessHD (15 days ago)
well now we know Sony should make Playstation waterproof :DD
Janna Mhmmd (15 days ago)
I already watched this on facebook a years ago. 😂 But still love it. 😍
Son Goku-da (15 days ago)
U should activate Ui and beat her If I was in your place I've do this.
Flipp Blox (15 days ago)
November 3465???
Dimas Ramadhan (15 days ago)
Well What u can say Not all girl bright enough to learn guys thing until they really need to
What the frick
Ur cute
dragon lore (16 days ago)
Sei una puttana non è divertente rompere le cose degli altri
ELECTROSPIRIT 5 (16 days ago)
I wish I had one!😢
Ronnie Williams (16 days ago)
Best place for a Playstation
Kash kuul (16 days ago)
Whats the Matter? Its just a Ps4.
Kash kuul (15 days ago)
+Jason Marte my child dont cry about a console 😎
Jason Marte (16 days ago)
It's a gamers child that's the problem.
space Lord (16 days ago)
Damm girl thats cold but cool
SAB GAMING (16 days ago)
I would have cut with her
JPS Randomness (16 days ago)
JPS Randomness (16 days ago)
its alive… (16 days ago)
i woulda bought him a ps4 pro but i wouldent buy one just for a prank
Daamnn really funny his reaction but wow i feel bad for him all that memory and work and saved footage ouch plus having to redownload everything :/ least he got a cute gurl tho but cute gurls is alwayss cray cray lol
N1 MXRDAH (16 days ago)
You need to throw the new PlayStation in the pool wtf
Shemar Labeach (16 days ago)
HBKforever210 (15 days ago)
That's probably not why dude...
Lane Pratt (16 days ago)
I hate her
Jason Marte (16 days ago)
Shut up bro
GoldyPlayz :D (16 days ago)
Dean kappa (16 days ago)
Omg :)))))))))))
Chris Pham (16 days ago)
All he he to do was redownload it again. Everything is saved ....redownloading is the pain of you don’t have fast internet. I have fast internet so I don’t really care. I rarely play the ps4 hummmm I don’t know why I got it in the first place.
Drtič Games (16 days ago)
OH my god she Is a stupit
Andres Salazar (16 days ago)
Pero si se puede comprar otra -_- exagerado para llamar vistas
Jason Marte (17 days ago)
"I don't know what he's gonna do to me" and...... Ava was born
Foxygamer Productions (17 days ago)
In my opinion this girl is a retard
Name. (17 days ago)
2:08 lmao thats what i do to my girl
Sathish Kumar (17 days ago)
No prob is PS 4 is water proof 😂😂

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