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Text Comments (17979)
Fitz (5 months ago)
Like the video if you drunk. If you're underage, like the video if your stepdad is drunk and ur kinda scared but ur still having a good time.
Wolf _-_Gamer1 (13 days ago)
IF Games (1 month ago)
500th comment (:
Isabella Wedesweiler (2 months ago)
when bappo horny he suck dicko
Miraculous Ladybug (2 months ago)
ilikemelee23 Boocelover the point is you wouldn’t have a dad loll
Miraculous Ladybug (2 months ago)
ilikemelee23 Boocelover it says stepdad
TheToodlePip2 (8 minutes ago)
Best vid ever
Kevin Andres` (2 hours ago)
I died at the bappo part🤣🤣
Techy (2 hours ago)
I ... I most be drunk to think this is funny. Lets see what did i drink today: - 1 Bottle of Water - 1 Cup of Cold Chocolate (Its Hot Chocolate but cool instead of Hot as i dislike Hot Chocolate, i am very sensitive to heat) Yeah thats about it. Never Knew our water contains Alchohol but that explains alot like why i am always looking like i am a bit ... drunk. Or its my Liver Failing to do its job correctly.
Rapsöl 88 (2 hours ago)
this is fucking the best video ive ever saw on fucking youtube XD <3
RAZPOR (6 hours ago)
-Knock Knock -Who's there? -Can i come inside?
kurre (9 hours ago)
Knock knock Who's there Can i come inside Can i come inside who You Cause im raping you
Ethan Mahar (13 hours ago)
Swagger and racc sound so much like christian bale from American Psycho
will wright (13 hours ago)
When backo goes crazy backo goes wacko
Greasey (14 hours ago)
When bappo is a Christian bappo no fappo
wolflessX/ dark wolf (16 hours ago)
Knock knock who's there not a condom
Rinaldo Van Den Bogaard (18 hours ago)
I loved the grandma joke
Bradclone34 (21 hours ago)
When bappo gets lonely, bappo needs a doggo 🐶🐕
JAKE S5 (22 hours ago)
When Bappo goes Starbucks - Bappo drink frappo
Red Shadow (1 day ago)
*Knock knock* whos there, oh nvm I'm already inside Hehehe
Connor Mclean (1 day ago)
(Bob) knock knock (Jeff) who's there (Bob) raping (Jeff) raping who (Bob) raping you
Arctic Huskies (1 day ago)
Bro I fucking died on the Bappo part FITZ IF YOU READ THIS YOUR HELLA FUNNY MAN
Megan Tampa (1 day ago)
When bappo is in a fight, bappo will slappo
DeltaArcticFox (1 day ago)
Bappo nuked the jappos was the best one yet. Bring back bappo
When bappo need to smoke vape Bappo need vapo
Daniel Grigal (1 day ago)
Is that tf2
Did swagger actually vomit on his keyboard
Mark Gab (1 day ago)
Billy wake (1 day ago)
Bappo get zappo
MR.J (1 day ago)
I lost it on 1:29 😂😂😂😂😭😂😂😂😂💀💀
Grand Modz (1 day ago)
Where’d you get that background?
BlueFoxyGamer (1 day ago)
When Bappo ask his girlfriend for blowjob Bappo get slappo.
Reuben Losh (1 day ago)
When bappo goes to Starbucks he orders a frappo
my digital world (1 day ago)
Knock knock Whos there ? Rape. Rape who? You.
Lol Lol (1 day ago)
Bappo go to cabo
Crispy_The _Nugget (2 days ago)
Bappo watch porn and Bappo Fappo
David Nasr (2 days ago)
when bappo is hungry, he eats taco with tabasco. When bappo does something wrong, he gets swatto
David Nasr (2 days ago)
When bappo bored, he smoke tabacco
David Nasr (2 days ago)
bappo go commando
Daniel ShadeSlayer (2 days ago)
Bappo needs to feel awake? Bappo drink espresso
HSTtheKID (2 days ago)
How does lt. lick me get his video age restricted but not u?
When bappo lands in a plane, bappo will clappo.
Eli (2 days ago)
When bappo jerko he always smokes tabbaco
Banana_peels123 _ (2 days ago)
I love how it’s all swaggersouls
Alvero Kryakoos (2 days ago)
Krank Turtle (2 days ago)
Anything after 8:09 had me ded
Niko[Ger/Eng] (2 days ago)
Once bappo get slappo, bappo attacko
VGN Infxnity (2 days ago)
When bappo has sex, bappo gets clappo
Dozy Gamer (2 days ago)
No-one gonna make a fappo joke?
Landen Keffer (2 days ago)
When Bappo is Hard, Bappo go Fappo
Christian Westbrook (3 days ago)
Why havent i heard the word "wicca" yet?
Leónárd Tóth (3 days ago)
Dat poor Grandma ;-;
Tejas Parmar (3 days ago)
so far the best one ...i spilled water thrice while watching the whole bappo thing ..omg
Bailey’s Gaming (3 days ago)
“People day I gotta drinking problem but I got no problem drinking at all”
TheNinjaKid1234 (3 days ago)
When bappo gets sick...bappo has the clappo
Bryant Huerta (3 days ago)
Bappo saved 50% or more on car insurance by switching to Gecko
Stephen Kolokithias (3 days ago)
Bailey’s Gaming (3 days ago)
Diego Arturo (3 days ago)
Bappo Trivago.
TheLastGuardian 54 (3 days ago)
Bappo get taco... im drinking everytime you guys rhyme with babbo
Livebullshity Gamer (3 days ago)
When bappo rape a man bappo is a faggo
ggmartinez opet (3 days ago)
Bappo loves his body so bappo takes a fappo
Ilia Rejon (4 days ago)
When bappo do of not share bread. Bappo is of Gestapo
Kyrie Campbell (4 days ago)
I laughed so much at bappo jokes my teeth hurts
thelegend 27 (4 days ago)
Knock knock Who's there? Rape Rape who? Rape you
TorSGaming (4 days ago)
When it goes night bappo opens lampo
pandux sebelle (4 days ago)
When bappo has girlfriend bappo no fappo
Shusank Dahal (4 days ago)
When bappo home alone, bappo just fappo
Dalr ór Vargar (4 days ago)
When bappo get horny, he gets lotion and fappo.
vio (4 days ago)
Bappo is just happo
Megalodon Strike (4 days ago)
"i hate you so Much" Oh oh ... Bappo is mado
Aiden Freant (4 days ago)
What I would give to hang out with these dudes
Mypreciousbean (4 days ago)
When bappo is horny, bappo fappo
Yousif Somo (4 days ago)
KosmoKapi (4 days ago)
When someone fucks with bappo, bappo no fucko
KosmoKapi (4 days ago)
If bappo played in terminator, bappo will be backo
KosmoKapi (4 days ago)
When someone makes jokes about bappo, bappo no laugho
Jack Brunton (4 days ago)
Swagger is fucking lightweight
Christian Mandeville (4 days ago)
When Bappo violate his parole, Bappo go backo
Dramawind (4 days ago)
bappo no pico?
Morpheus Christ (4 days ago)
When bappo converts to christian bappo no fappo
Timelord 147 (5 days ago)
When Bappos a Jew in WW2. Bappo get gassoed
Shadow 119335 (5 days ago)
2:03 is actually a true fact
Jaco Mors (5 days ago)
I'm looking for the video that swaggersouls talks about being illiterate
The Gaming Dragon (5 days ago)
My dog was in the room when you said get his agent and she left the room
Aiden M (5 days ago)
When happy gets horny nappy finds some chicks to clappo
Aiden M edit your comment and fix it because it autocorrected bappo.
SuperLitNoah PS4 (5 days ago)
Bappo touch her asso, bappo get smacko
DatLegoMann (5 days ago)
He proteco He attaco But most importantly... Bappo get taco
Me Troll (5 days ago)
bappo nuked the jappos
Nathan playz (5 days ago)
Bappo eats 20 Peace's of rock salt bappo get heart attacko
Pure Water (5 days ago)
I was fucking eating when Swagger threw up and omfg I feel sick
Leyva Kidz (5 days ago)
One word xD
Darth Vader (5 days ago)
Bappo is hilarious
Lance _0923 (5 days ago)
How does bappo have fun Well bappo go fappo
Cody Solomon (5 days ago)
Bappo go fappo
Krystal Chan (5 days ago)
When bappo has sex with someone Bappo eat Asso
Colin Johannes (6 days ago)
Blappo at 911 blappo saw crashoo
Angry Kolo (6 days ago)
Bappo is hippo
AndrewFilms TV (6 days ago)
K0BY (6 days ago)
When bappo try to rappo it goes of tracko
K0BY (6 days ago)
When bappo fappo he get whipped with a lasso
xd bL0oML0L (6 days ago)
Bappo go fappo while rapo and saddo
evil2gamer _ (6 days ago)
When bappo at a party Bappo full swaggo
evil2gamer _ (6 days ago)
When bappo out to lunch, bappo no chasho he get free wrapo
little blondman (6 days ago)
Who’s the red subtitle
9imagine Warlock9 (6 days ago)
9:29 Why am I hearing the crazy zombie laugh when you get a game over on call of duty zombie

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