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10 RECENT Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE

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This video is about 10 RECENT Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ Top 12 NEW Upcoming RPG Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p4rHcv5t2c -Follow Us - Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (1 month ago)
Top 12 NEW Upcoming RPG Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p4rHcv5t2c
XGAD (1 month ago)
Can you cut videos like this a little shorter? 1-3 mins? To have a quick overview of what it is in the current sale. would be more informative instead of watching 30+ seconds segments of a video that im not interested in. Just as a suggestion
Luck Nyu (1 month ago)
Layers foi foda
gabriel espinosa (1 month ago)
Puro juego pendejo
nel c (1 month ago)
All the games are smart phone capable of running them. Also very children oriented games with 2.5D side or top scrolling games. Is this the best that Nintendo switch capable of???
Justin Hazlett (1 month ago)
How is Mantis Burn Racing and Layers of Fear? I've been interested in those for quite a while.
Jose Torres (1 month ago)
What’s the game on the thumbnail?
Kevin RICH (1 month ago)
10 newest , recent , latest
Matuscara (1 month ago)
roberto guilhon (1 month ago)
Só jogo cansado
Rico Nola (1 month ago)
What we need is a new Pacman World, and Starfox. On the same level as Mario Odessey and ZBOTW
Rico Nola (1 month ago)
Anthony Paul switch just need more big character titles
Anthony Paul (1 month ago)
Rico Nola i would rather have another ms pacman maze madness over pacman world but agreed with star fox
Klugstein (1 month ago)
Tam Jesse (1 month ago)
Fun! Google play store stuff
Chandler Mua (1 month ago)
The only thing worth in this line up is Jack Box. Other than that, just mediocre lookin games.
Poison Felony (1 month ago)
Death squared is pretty fun if you like puzzle games, especially when playing with someone else. But yeah other than that I pretty much agree with you lol
Val (1 month ago)
Chandler Mua ty, saved me some time lol
kukingina (1 month ago)
Is outlast worth getting?
Forty 4 (1 month ago)
Synaptic Decay everyone is different, I'm not sure if the 1st one is on switch but I suggest that one is the freakiest of your a bit of a scaredy cat
Synaptic Decay (1 month ago)
oft cunt 201 scared shitless? i did not have that experience. if anything I was bored after an hour in and found nothing disturbing.
AMZ Hentai (1 month ago)
Yes I have played every horror games on Hardest difficulty and this one is great at walking around in the dark trying to save battery life.
Forty 4 (1 month ago)
It's an opinion Calm your ass down. Yeah it's not something you'd come back.to once complete
Forty 4 (1 month ago)
kukingina definitely play 1st & whistleblower which is the dlc to the 1st one, there won't be any dlc for outlast 2 btw & no problem! Great games
Craig Morgan (1 month ago)
Jack-box isn’t bad..🤔..
Craig Morgan (1 month ago)
nowonmetube oh dang.
nowonmetube (1 month ago)
Craig Morgan the only game I would be slightly interested in. Sadly I don't have friends up play it with so... 🤣 Otherwise this would be a good idea...
André Pereira (1 month ago)
What about Fatal Frame 6?
André Pereira (1 month ago)
Andrew WaiJS Cheers to you.
Andrew WaiJS (1 month ago)
Ahhh I see... As the video title states "recent Eshop sales" I was just wondering why bring up Fatal Frame when Nintendo has not even announced a new Fatal Frame game lol haha... I apologize if I misunderstood your comment. Btw, the Fatal Frame games were awesome on the PS2 and I really do hope for a Fatal Frame game on the Switch!!! Cheers!
André Pereira (1 month ago)
In fact, Fatal Frame is the best franshise of Nintendo.
André Pereira (1 month ago)
I love Fatal Frame.
André Pereira (1 month ago)
Sorry about my english.
Weegee God (1 month ago)
Great vid man
Yulisa Herrera (1 month ago)
Good video
Luis Hernandez (1 month ago)
I'm early Switch Force ! 😜

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