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Nintendo Switch Wireless Charging!

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Nintendo Switch Wireless Charging! Wanna try this out? Here's what we used! http://amzn.to/2muLNLt Hybrid Case: http://amzn.to/2nbQYDM Social Network Things! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Martell Tha Cool (11 days ago)
I wonder if USB Type C headphones work on my Nintendo Switch?☺️☺️☺️
goman 090 (15 days ago)
TbwpgForever! (18 days ago)
The less inexpensive way is to plug in the AC adapter into the console
Harry Aspinall (1 month ago)
I wonder if you could take the back plate off and have it plug in and go into there
One THICC Spaghet Boi (1 month ago)
How the fuck is this posible
Jacob Simmelsgaard (2 months ago)
can you make a Wireless dok??? it wil be so cool.
Tricia Freeland (2 months ago)
I’ve had a switch for 11 months I only docked it 3 times
Chloe Mcholoe (2 months ago)
sadly no receivers support fast charging! afaik at least, it's muuuuch faster! the main downside is unplugging that annoying thing every time you use a dock or something!
Chloe Mcholoe (3 months ago)
1:52 looks like changing a diper
Jordan Brown (3 months ago)
Not even gonna watch this. Wireless charging has been and will always been a gimmick and is pointless on the Switch also.
MrThegamemasterlord (3 months ago)
can anyone tell me does a nintendo switch read a usb disc drive like if i put mario kart wii in it
Grainsauce (3 months ago)
Pretty cool, but I wouldn't do it, different voltages and amperages levels will mess with the battery, and reduce it's overall life.
snack man (3 months ago)
Dudley Stow (3 months ago)
I'd have to imagine it's still just easier and more convenient to just put it in the dock....
D3Mi (4 months ago)
I'm going to try to make a charging case of my own. It will be like the nyko power shell but actually gud. Any ideas? Someone pls help.
Robert Warren (4 months ago)
why didnt you just use tape lmao
Anjalena (4 months ago)
Dude, you are just so awesome! I have loved games since the mid-80's when I was a teen. And I have always loved electronics and gadgets. I hate shopping for other things but if it's a game store or an electronics or gadget store (or book store even!), I can spend HOURS in there shopping! And you make these awesome videos telling us how to do cool gadgety DIY things with our gaming devices. You're just.... *GRAVY!*
DopeMKRobro (5 months ago)
Are you and Jonathan roommates???
Taco George (5 months ago)
To be honest, I would just tape the wireless charging dongle to the back of my switch.
Arpan Prashanth (5 months ago)
hireikana18 (5 months ago)
I haven't docked mine either, its strictly hand/table for me
CATHAL MCCABE (6 months ago)
Help me my Nintendo switch didn't come with a charger
Sansdude369 0 (6 months ago)
The actual charger takes less than 8-9 hours! Trust me I have a switch and once It died (not literally) and I put it on charge (wire)...20 minutes later Charged
kxii (6 months ago)
I just keep mine docked
Sny YT (6 months ago)
Can't you make it gain power by the sun?
Younes Tenn (6 months ago)
I love Switch
Jesus Cervantes (7 months ago)
honestly it wont wireless chargers are geared towards phones and phone makers that incorporate it to there phone the switch is a hybrid not a full portable device like the 3ds so whats the point when most wireless chargers wojt even punch out 3amps and it wont work he states its a portable at 100% but it aint if it was then why still sale 3ds in market with 2ds as the switch has more power
CuffRox (6 months ago)
The Switch is tantamount to a tablet that you can just so happen to hook up to your TV. The Switch, in and of itself, is a portable device. And believe me, it will kill the 3DS within the next few months.
Papaya (7 months ago)
PLEASE tell me where to get that shirt!
Lifestyle Player (7 months ago)
i love that console
Jose Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Why in the hell does this guy look like Charmix?
Aidan Ellis (7 months ago)
I almost never use my Switch docked
Blayke Priddle (7 months ago)
I like to think of you as the V-Sauce of video games lmao, keep up the content man! Subbed
Angry Commenter (7 months ago)
Why are your thumbnails always the same?
BHGgaming (7 months ago)
ItsJoBoi 22 (7 months ago)
Who else didn’t read the entire thumbnail and thought u could dock it wirelessly
Karmic Lotus (7 months ago)
What monitor is that??? 😮😮
MobileDecay (8 months ago)
Why not just get a battery case. Then you can play and charge at the same time. Wireless chargers give you less freedom than a wired charger because the device won't charge if you pick it up.
A Regular Human (8 months ago)
But can I just plug the charger on the switch and charge it wireless? That can charge a lot faster if I am not wrong
keyarah shobe (8 months ago)
Can't wait I'm getting a switch on the 23 and yes I now the 23 is thanksgiving but that's when my birthday is this year. Can't wait. Thank for the awesome video Kevin Kenson
340834738 (8 months ago)
What when did they invent wireless charging
Nothing Special... (7 months ago)
340834738 years ago
Eve Smith (8 months ago)
"I’ve never docked the switch.” There’s a docked switch behind you
Sai Presingu (8 months ago)
Thats why I got my nintendo switch late because it has no problems
Mr. Nel (8 months ago)
how many Nintendo switches do yo have?
NoobyBuisness (8 months ago)
Thanks for burning my house down.
TheGamer47 (8 months ago)
Christian Olivera (8 months ago)
What an ignorant idea...just dock it...
Lucas Alves Munz (8 months ago)
your vids are awesome
Rustic Rambo (8 months ago)
You got some cool ass vids bro!!!
Not2Shabby (9 months ago)
Its also cool that the NS is a power bank
Jackson Struble (9 months ago)
I'm totally with you on the portable thing, Kevin.
Pikavee Mania (9 months ago)
I can't wait for the day that batteries don't even exist anymore. It would be *EPIC* to have a switch with infinite power so you don't need to bring your charging cable with your lap and day it down on your lap and have the part where the cable plugs in making you laugh from poking your stomach. *OOPS I SHOWED MY NERDINESS. SH*T!*
Marcel Davis (9 months ago)
How many Switches do you have?
ThePkTrainer (9 months ago)
The Piggie Center (9 months ago)
Light Blue Yoshi 99 (9 months ago)
spacekitten 87 (9 months ago)
Anyone else notice the joycons are backwards in the thumbnail?
SARankDirector minecraft (9 months ago)
One problem, I can't put my switch down.
Typical Toaster TT (9 months ago)
I wish I had a switch
Grump (9 months ago)
Anyone else notice the joycons are on backwards in the thumbnail?
Zoe Elsenova (9 months ago)
I HAVE THAT LEATHER CASE AND DID NOT KNOW THE BACK OPENED UP LIKE THAT! I just screamed mother f*cker and now my roomate is mad at me
Alyssa Stewart (10 months ago)
You have an Intel NUC. Id actually like to hear your thoughts about it. I was considering purchasing it but Im still not sure.
Plankton Chum Is fum (10 months ago)
Jeroen Bak (10 months ago)
can you make a video about wireless charging of an iPhone 5 s
Dank Matter (11 months ago)
He reminds me of vesause, but better
RiseOfTheFlutes (11 months ago)
Whats the song at 20 seconds in?
NintendSupervised (11 months ago)
in the thumbnail you put the joy cons on backwards
Brittania (11 months ago)
How retarded are gadget hipsters? Of course wireless charging will not be efficient for a device that runs on more amps and voltage. Wireless chargers on the market are currently geared for mobile phones. You seem to forget this is a full blown hybrid console, yet seem to treat it like a 100% handheld.
M&R [] (11 months ago)
You’re choking the Nintendo Switch, it doesn’t have a big fan inside it
Lumin Otryc (9 months ago)
M&R [] um, yes it does. I hear it all the time
Goomfredla (11 months ago)
Nicco (11 months ago)
Wtf with the thumbnail, the joy-cons are connected to the back of the switch 2 seconds after comment: oh it's a cover
Siddhant Srivastava (11 months ago)
Hm hm
Stephen Clement (1 year ago)
I was the same way not using it in dock mode but now I fell in love with the pro control and arms so I always use it in docked mode when I can
InteractiveHero (1 year ago)
Why the hell does he not have 3 million subs?
Exploding Teddybear (1 year ago)
Man. The switch is £280 already. Plus £80 for a couple of games, plus £100 for accessories, and now with this plus like £80. Also if you wanna get more controllers thats another £200. So for everything it would be about £800. I like the Switch an this setup, the only problem is my wallet.
Jei Jang (1 year ago)
Don't you use your Switch on the dock? haha...
Zenab Hanif (1 year ago)
why doesn't nintendo switch make their chargers at the top of the tablet
Incentas (1 year ago)
All of this effort just because some people are too lazy to reach over their bed and plug in the cable. Interesting video though. Love this guy. Just saying its a little monotonous to try this method.
_hi_nick_ (1 year ago)
1:22 Yeah you can use TAP..... oh, or that. more expensive. less efficient. pfft. whatever.
red crimson102 (1 year ago)
love your channel, love your swag (no homo! lol) love the zelda room set up.keep it up
Chris of STARS (1 year ago)
Doesn't want to stick a sticker to the Switch in case it doesn't work. Goes out and buys furniture from Ikea without knowing if it will work.
HHUUHHUUHH (1 year ago)
Wireless charging came with the 3DS
Magical Potatoe (1 year ago)
The controllers are constatenly using power and constetaly being charged while on the switch
Matthew Miller (1 year ago)
they only charge while the switch is docked
Salem Dude (1 year ago)
our you know like..... you can use the charger they give you
N1G4T 0w1_420 (1 year ago)
I like ur beanie hats man where can I get them.
icethehedgehog 7 (1 year ago)
cool megaman shirt
Edgar Navarro (1 year ago)
U can just charge it lol 😂
Mr. Unoriginal Memes (1 year ago)
Will that magnetic stand thingy fit in a switch travel case?
Juanjose Martinez (1 year ago)
What kind of monitor are you using
pbunyan568 (1 year ago)
Just charge it in the microwave DUH! 2 minutes to 100% every time son!!
AtomicSuperMe (1 year ago)
There should be a hybrid wireless and wired attachment so you can use both setups without having to take the attachment on the switch
GamingTaylor (1 year ago)
I honestly do not understand why you would want to do this instead of just setting it in the dock. You can have the dock on your nightstand, and just drop it in when you fall asleep.....
Jordan Brown (3 months ago)
khy fulmer That’s what a glass screen protector is for. Got a two pack on Amazon for $10. Cheaper solution. Or an accessory Niko makes for only $5.
Jordan Brown (3 months ago)
GamingTaylor and wireless charging takes longer... makes no sense.
Suzette Golam (3 months ago)
amanda hugnkis (5 months ago)
I would assume it is for ease of access. He could leave that case on rather than remove it to dock it so in the long run it is literally just a few finger movements less.
Aimed2Kill (6 months ago)
Gangster Hamster No.... Companies like Samsung have had it for years. It works for them amd their products
Piggasauros (1 year ago)
never docked it as in the background has one docked lol
Alkéryn (1 year ago)
Or you could have opened your switch and put a coil in it
Padaman 197 (1 year ago)
Holy shit! I have the same desk as you!
Retierashia (1 year ago)
Blue Red Blue Red Blue Red.
fluffy tony (1 year ago)
the switch matches the desk lol
ClapingCOD 911 (1 year ago)
He said he has. Ever docked it and in the background he has it docked
123because (1 year ago)
Uh you charged it with all those layers? No wonder it took so long, just use some basic tape and stick it to the back. How is this supposed to be an accurate test when you cover the wireless receiver in a thick case? Come on man.
sol (1 year ago)
Nice clickbait

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